An 80’s Theme Party and a Closet Reorganization Project

Oh yeah, the 80’s called and we answered! Every Saturday at 7:00 a.m you can get the call too. Another week another video! We had so much fun pulling our 80’s theme outfits together. I also worked on on that horribly unorganized hallway closet that serves mainly as a linen/bathroom closet. I tackled it and will show you how I organized it. As usual, your favorite side kick (George) gives you a bit of humor. He shows up some places unexpected – even by me – until I do the footage! lol. You’ll see.

You can watch this week’s video HERE. Be sure to Subscribe so you don’t miss a week.

Oh and there’s some cute Dexter and Maddie footage as well.

11 responses to “An 80’s Theme Party and a Closet Reorganization Project”

  1. Thanks for giving us a good laugh today. I just loved your outfits !for the 70s party…! Glad also that you’ve got your cupboards sorted out, they are looking so much tidier now…good to see the wee one having her Bath. Looking forward to the next one as always. I particularly love seeing the deer running around just outside the house. It’s such a lovely setting to have your house there….Hope your enjoying this weekend and all will go to plan tomorrow at church etc,,,,night night xx

  2. I am thinking of a Italian New York lawyer character who is in The Bayou Heist. I am continuing with his character in my second book. He is of our generation. Tell me which song of the 80’s might play on his phone?

      • I don’t do Instagram but I will think about it. Remembering Giorgio in the 80’s and his character, I was thinking corny “Celebration.” He was definitely a product of the 80’s.

      • Yeah more people would remember that one. Pat Benetar – hit me with your best shot. Or Madonna’s tunes. Or just google or use a music site like Pandora or Spotify. Lots of good ones out there. The 80s music was great!

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