Hurricane Strength Storms, Quarter End, Mom’s Birthday, and Mechanical Dogs

Much to my surprise, we had not just the summer thunderstorms but a full on extreme weather event with hurricane 1 winds of 90+ miles per hour. I think we had 30+ trees down in our own immediate neighborhood of 4 streets or so.

Just complete trees blown over from the roots. You can barely see it but here is a base of a tree in our neighborhood toward the middle right of the photo here .

Wind Gust caught on camera

The wind gust was caught on camera but it doesn’t seem to be so bad in the video. It was behind us in the streets behind ours that was so bad. However, as usual, we did have another limb to go.

Quarter End

I made some headway into quarter end yesterday. I’ll not be able to work on it again today as Mom has an eye injection appointment and I have to leave around Noon. She also has an appointment next Thursday. So I really only have a few hours Monday, and a few hours next Friday to finish up. And that is really not enough time. It really hurts having the appointments the last two weeks of QE but it is what it is and if I had information sooner, I could have started working on it sooner. I only can control what I can. I will do my best to rush through it with whatever time is left.

I work over on Tuesdays and often many other days. But I work over on Tuesday’s to support Mom’s eye appts so I don’t have to burn all of my PTO on that. And I also have about 10 OT hours in my bucket to put toward this other eye appt next week. I”m salaried, but any time I go over or under 40, I note it so I know where I stand. I don’t ever want to cheat the company and I also don’t mind using the time and getting that back when I go over. I used to not track it but being gone for Mom’s appts a lot, I needed to start tracking so I can prove what is going on if tongues wag. People see you leaving early but never notice that you came in at the crack of dawn or that day you worked 10 hours instead of 8. So since I’m gone for two people’s doc appts all year (mine and Mom’s and one day for George) I just keep up with it. I took PTO for George. I have another PTO day planned for Mom to close her lock box. If I’m gone all day I use PTO.

Mom’s Birthday

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It was Mom’s birthday yesterday. She was sad because of Fancy’s passing. However, we had a good evening. She enjoyed getting to hold Maddie and Dexter wanted in her lap and she gave him some big hugs. He loves his Nana. He wants her to himself. He doesn’t want Maddie to see her so I had to hold him off so she could sit in Mom’s lap too. Maddie wanted my lap anyway and didn’t stay long. But she did give Mom some kisses.

Dinner at Olive Garden was nice. We had a nice waitress. They gave Mom a free dessert. I tried to get a Sangria and it was too sweet. George took my Sangria and I ordered a Cabernet and it was so much better. I got the Tour of Italy and ate a little over half. I’m taking the rest for breakfast this morning, lol. I’ll be heading out to get Mom at lunch time. We will eat after her appointment and I’ll take her home. I hope there will not be any more storms today. I don’t want to ride around in the likes of what we had yesterday.

George has a half day today. And a half day Monday. We are both looking forward to the weekend. I have a few household projects (drawer clean outs) that I want to do and will soon be starting the basement project. I will be doing some filming tomorrow too.

Well, I need to get ready and get to work. I am thinking that I work 4 hours to make up for being gone each Tuesday, but I work more than a 4 hour day the day of the appt. I’ve been cheating myself an hour or so!!!

Mechanical Dog

I ordered Mom a mechanical dog. It was $125 on Amazon. I was going to get her a cat, but she wanted the dog so I’m glad we discussed it. It is a Golden dog and it will bark and interact with her and move around. Yeah it is not like a real dog but she can talk to it and project her feelings on to it. I know this kind of thing works for grief, because I have a sloth that I hugged and talked to at times when I lost Tugie, Maisy, and Roger over a period of a year. We were without a dog for a while. And God knew that we were not needing a dog at the time because of what we were doing for Mom. Once we had her settled we could have dogs again. But Snuggie the sloth (who looks like Tugie. Helped me out so much during that time. I pretended in my head that he was my dog to sleep with every night. I totally psyched myself out with it. lol In the meantime, I told Mom to name one of her pillows and talk to it. lol.

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Mom doesn’t need another dog. Her place already looks better as she has been able to clean some and not spend all of her energy on the dog. Maybe she will be up and moving around more now, which will lengthen her life if she does. She always sat so the dog could sit in her lap, til recent days.

The mechanical dog comes to her house next week!

Here’s a pic of the well worn (hugged) sloth, sitting by Little Bit on my bed. Snuggie is in my closet now because Dexter would tear him apart.

Maddie vs Monkey

Check this out….This occurred to me this week when I ran across a picture of Monkey an on-line rescue center dog I wanted so badly.

Do you remember this dog I wanted so badly? Her name was Monkey. I fell in love with this dog on line. Something about her spoke to me. I prayed to God about Monkey. I asked for the dog. But He had something different in mind for me. But look what God did. Don’t they look a bit alike? Not exactly of course, but they do favor pretty significantly with their coloring and their eyes.

God is good. Yes He is. He heard my prayers!

OK off to work!

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  1. So glad you were there to take her out for her birthday ….and being near when Fancy was ready to go. Just imagine how she would have been without you and George. What a terrible storm that was, I’m glad that big tree near your house didn’t come down…. It’s a nice idea to get Mum a dog….better name for it than mechanical dog ! Well I think so anyway ….it’s amazing how alike the wee dogs are..your Maddie is just a bit smaller than Monkey would have been, but just as adorable. Hope you have a really lovely weekend. Try to have some fun, you and George both need it after this hard week. God Bless

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