Making a Breakfast Skillet and Making the Dogs Get Along

Hello friends,

Just a little peek into our holiday weekend on the fourth. And some footage of the doggies! George works with the dogs to get along and I make a breakfast skillet. We have a lot planned for the day. Do we get it done? You can watch it here.

Hope you have a good weekend!

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  1. Sorry I’m a bit late getting the Vlog watching done today. Don’t know where the day has gone, I do know I have been extra tired and whenever I’m Sat doing nothing I find myself dropping of to sleep….Anyway thanks for todays update on the 4th July celebrations. Your breakfast looked real good and I’ve no doubt Georges Chicken/ Turkey dinner was equally good. Glad that the dogs have improved over the month and seem to be tolerating each other now….That was some wild storm you had knocking all those big trees down…just pleased that none near you came down…..must go now I’m already half asleep. Night night. Xxx

  2. Maddie is a feisty little girl. I was hoping she and Dexter might make friends. Dexter’s eyes shows his emotions so clearly. He is still jealous. It has been almost too hot to go anywhere. We made a trip to Home depot to get a few things we need around the house. They have a really good selection of flowers and plants.
    Then instead of cooking I stopped by five guys. They have a really good burger.
    I am glad your mom likes the mechanical dog. It is cute. I know she must be lost without fancy.

    • Yeah he’s better but still jealous at times. She is playing more. They chase each other a lot. He wants her to play like a big dog but she can’t.

      Five guys does have a good burger. I forget about it. We have ML Rose and they serve you and Burger Republic so we end up going there.I’ll have to go there though.

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