“From the Sea” Theme Party with Octopus and Shrimp

We had a fabulous time with our dear friends Don, Lisa, and Dillon (whom we claim to be family) on Saturday. Our theme this time was “From the Sea”. George made two kinds of shrimp. So very tasty for our appetizer. And of course the mug in the back there held some cocktail sauce. The shell dish is one that my Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken gave us. It’s perfect for holding ice for things like this.

Don and Lisa and Dillon were wonderful hosts and had a beautiful “From the Sea” table. Don served Octopus. Lisa had made some appetizers and several dishes that went with dinner. Don made a sorbet and Dillon made a cake.

I picked out the wine and brought it. Nice label huh? Complete with Octopus! We had a wonderful times visiting with the dogs too. Here is Reese.

Here is dinner! You can slightly see that it includes Octopus. It’s an Italian dish with veggies served on top and a squeeze of lemon.

I cannot believe that I failed to get a pic of the pool. But we were enjoying ourselves and the conversations. We grabbed a noodle and floated around and talked.

After dinner we had coffee, cake and the sorbet. Oh it was all so good.

But let’s back up a bit. Upon arrival Lisa and I swapped some “girlfriend gifts”. Just little gifts that say I love you, missed you, have been thinking about you. I bought her a cup towel and a little creamer pitcher for coffee. She bought me a smell good candle. And bless her, she bought a coffee cup with white poodles on it to give to Mom because she lost Fancy girl. I gave that to Mom yesterday before church and told her Lisa sent it and she just loved it and was very thankful for it.

We were laughing here because George spilled cocktail sauce on his shirt and so I hugged him to cover up the stains. lol I look awful in this picture. First of all my hair was frizzy and second of all it seems that I’m losing hair. I have to remind myself to use the collagen I bought. But whatever I looked like, we still had fun.

I guess George changed shirts, lol! George made some oyster pizzas. Everyone loved it but me. I’m not an oyster person.

This is a much better picture!

So we got home about 9:30 or maybe even later. We got home just before the storms came. Then we got up and went to church Sunday.

After church and Sunday school, we had life group. The meal and the fellowship was fabulous. My favorite thing was the squash casserole that our minister’s wife fixed. It was so good. She made it with Rotel! I’ll have to find the recipe.

We didn’t get home til 4. We took Mom home and she was adamant that George move boxes around in the garage and find her cookbook so we spent 30 min looking for those. Found them!

As you can tell we were not home much on the weekend at all. All I managed to do was get the laundry done and work in the kitchen some. I was able to set up my Notion account though for August because I knew that would make me feel good to do that. It did. But I still feel a little helpless at not being able to do the thirty something things I really wanted to do yesterday. Plus I was pretty much exhausted.

George fixed a good meal for us. And we had left over pork kabobs (which I put on the sticks at Don and Lisa’s. At least I helped with that, lol!). So we had so much to eat and it made a lot of kabobs.

The kabobs have red pepper and also pineapple. This was my idea! I love these! We also have been enjoying some round wheat bread made by the Publix near Mom. It was so good!

Mom’s mechanical cat came in. I’ll try to get a better video and pic for you soon. I took one but we were in a hurry and he wasn’t doing much.

It’s the last day of quarter end. I have several returns to do but first and foremost I have to get ready for tomorrow’s payroll. So most definitely I will not get finished. If I had been able to do more mid month, it would be better but I get the stuff I need later in the month and it doesn’t spell success. So it is what it is and we’ll have to pay a fine or penalty.

Also I am off Friday on PTO to take Mom to Columbia to close her lock box and eat with her friends so it’s a 4 day week for me. She has also asked that I check into some legal things for her so I will be doing that this week also.

My plate is overloaded, but I can only do what I can do. Mostly I just rearrange the to do list for future dates. I think it’s my favorite thing to do – figure out which day to do XYZ because it is never today! lol

What did you do over the weekend?

14 responses to ““From the Sea” Theme Party with Octopus and Shrimp”

    • Thanks. Lisa sets a beautiful table. She’s always an inspiration!

      The weekend was fun but it’s stressful when trying to get my weekend things done. I’ll get over it! lol 😂

  1. I love the platter. The shrimps look good. But I would pass on the octopus.
    I just couldn’t eat.
    Sounds like a fun time though. Have a good week ahead.

  2. Oh my Sonya, I’m quite exhausted reading about your busy…very….busy weekend. I’m ready to lie down in a darkened room !! I’m so pleased though that you had such a lovely relaxing day. I know just how much you enjoy your friends friendship. Sorry that you’ve so much to fit in this week including Mums day on Friday….I had a very quiet weekend ….went as we always do with Peter-to our local small town Chippenham for breakfast…well big English breakfast for him but tea and toast for Mary and me !!…..when we got back to the car Peter called me round to the back and pointed to my ramp and indicated I should lift it ? I tried only to discover I coudnt apparently the “ things” can’t think of there names …like levers that have gas I think in them so that as I lift the ramp instead of a dead weight these side…things…take the weight and help to ..lift the ramp. I coudnt as the ..things! or at least one of them had broken. It means I can’t get my wheelchair out if the back of the car. Thankfully I don’t need it indoors only if I’m out and about shopping etc etc…upshot is that today I’ve heard someone will come next Monday think that’s the 7th to do the repair….so I’m stuck as to where I can go. Went to church yesterday then my niece and husband arrived to take Mary and I out for lunch which was very nice. So my weekend was VERY QUIET compared to yours. Hope this week goes well for you at work and. With Mum on Friday. God Bless xx

  3. You and your husband would fit in well in Florida with your love of seafood and entertaining! Over the weekend, we enjoyed the home, reading, getting the garden taken care of, and another few days before I return to work.

  4. Looks like looks. Glad you found a way to use the shell dish. I would look good with the ice overed in large lettace leaves and then the shrimp on top. I bought it and I finally decided we would not every use it, but thought you and George love to have fancy spreads so we thought you all would use it.

  5. What a fun get-together! I wouldn’t be brave enough to try the octopus though. lol. Those pork kabobs are more my style. Those looked so yummy! I thought you looked cute in that picture with George, covering up his stain. Your faces are both lit up with laughter at the humor of the moment. Those are the best kind of pictures!

    • That’s so funny. You brave stepping along steep cliffs but won’t eat a bite of octopus lol! Thanks for stopping by. I loved your pics and your recent adventure. That’s brave too!

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