Gold vs White, but Worried about the Blue

Don’t laugh. Sometimes comfort overrides looks. I had a soft white comfy cushion added to the toilet a while back as I knew that asking for bathroom remodeling is next in line to asking for a divorce. Quite literally. You get used to things – mainly because you have to accept them I guess. But I didn’t really realize just how bad it looked til the new white toilet was installed. The better news, it wasn’t even my idea. I mean I still have blue linoleum guys. We are back in the 70’s here still. So to me, the flooring and kitchen is more important – til the potties and sinks back up. Oh well. So they have been out here working on completely redoing our pipes and of course installing the new toilet. As with many redneck Tennesseans, the old toilet did not stay on the front or back porch after install, or not kept for planting flowers in the side yard. But don’t think I didn’t think about it. It was wrapped in a trash bag and carried off as if it was dead. It kinda was. I guess the trash bag was so germs would float off into the Hiller van and catch itself up someone’s nose and cause COVID-like conditions. Good move.

Before I go on to grace you with the new white potty, I did want to show you my new shower curtain. I like it, but it’s really only there to hide the ugly sliding glass door that I’d really like removed along with the “gold tub”, but as previously mentioned – I just don’t ask for stuff anymore. Best to just go get on the computer and scurry up a blog post, watch a show, and forget the gold tub, blue linoleum and the other long list of “it’s gotta go’s”.

And now here is new white potty. The seat closes slowly – no slams. Now if it can just remind the Hubster to actually CLOSE it so it can close slowly instead of leaving the seat up. Do you know how many times I almost grabbed a black marker and wrote on the back of the toilet seat “Please Close me!!” Instead, I myself would slam the old one closed as it made me so mad. So the sign on the back of the toilet seat will still be an option – however, it’s so nice I might order a label machine and make a nicer little sign instead of one with a marker.

And I notice the tile really needs to be cleaned. Now that there is whiteness in the toilet maybe I’ll be in the mood to clean the bathroom more often. And yes, my efforts at cleaning the kitchen have waned because my distaste for the kitchen has grown. I really don’t even like to cook anymore b/c I hate the kitchen. I tried to renew my efforts at liking the kitchen by redecorating with cacti to give a southwest Texas kind of flair, but I guess now with all the expense here, will make my kitchen redo and floors – further down the road. If we’d not waited so long to remodel things – they wouldn’t all come up at once. But who can complain when I did want the new living room furniture as I was tired of the 15 year old itchy and scratchy. And I wanted the big TV. So again, when I get disgusted with the way things look, I just go watch TV and poof it’s gone again. I have always said – the house may fall down around me, but I’ll always eat well. George loves to cook. But I’m not giving up hope. I may one day have to risk divorce. But I’m wanting the flooring and kitchen done.

Insert your Survivor music here: (Here I did it for ya).

I had to change the soap basket. I love my little basket of soaps. Only appropriate since I’m on a Soap Box apparently this morning.

I am grateful for the new white potty though. But seeing all the work done makes me realize my floor and kitchen is further down the road. I think I really have given up hope on all my dreams but what I can create on the computer. No travel in an RV. No new flooring. No dream kitchen. There are a few things on the horizon to look forward to though at least. Til then we hide away in a sea of Netflix adventures, YouTube adventures, and getting around learning curves to video what small excitements we do have in life – like white toilet installs and sewer line redos. Yeee Ha.

Sorry, purging this morning. I am truly grateful for the new changes. But I’m worried about my floor and kitchen!!!!!!

Katy and Cody arrived last night. We got to see them for about an hour and we provided some appetizers of potato skins and meatballs. They had a dinner to go to at Cody’s Mom’s. Wedding festivities and prep happen for them in the next few days and they also visit with friends. We get to see them again on Sunday before they take off on Monday. I didn’t get pics. I was just happy to see them. They had been on the road all day and I didn’t wave cameras in front of them. But Katy says hello. lol

So the hay was put over the dirt in the yard at least. But the BIG problem right now is quickly turning away from the floor and the kitchen because the washing machine broke and it’s been several days of no laundry. Things are going to get critical really quickly. We may be using the new toilet for reasons other than it was intended.

What? It has a great spin and rinse cycle?

Anyway, the place George called yesterday will not service a Whirlpool. What? So now George has to call someone else. I just want to hear that “we have an appointment” and someone is coming to fix!!!!

I agree I am definitely testy this morning. For some reason I am tired and cranky and should not be. But I am. I am trying to figure out why. I am blessed and grateful.

Truth be known, I guess I am just over the work week already. There is so much going on and I just really wish I could be home this week. Maybe I should put in for another vacation day. I don’t know. I definitely need to work on my attitude. So in preparation for that, I went and got more coffee.

Findlay has arrived. She is a sweetheart.

The Blue Angels fly over today. I wonder if we get to see them. If not, we may at least hear them.

OK, so all that said. I am thankful and happy over many things. I am just a bit of a perfectionist sometimes. And I’ve really been very patient for MANY MANY things over a long period of time. And I know that God has plans for those that have patience. So I will continue to press on although please understand that these little eruptions will burst through the surface periodically as they have today. But I choose to remain married and I will accept the white toilet and hold on to the hope of losing the blue linoleum one day.

And that is all she wrote today. Off to work we go. And in a hurry.

Tulsa Girls Weekend in Video, White Toilet, and Busy Week Ahead

Enjoy our Girls Weekend Video

Here is my labor of love regarding our girls trip in mid-March right as the COVID-19 began to unravel. I hope you enjoy. You have most likely seen all the photos before if you have read my blog about that time.

Well, this has been a wonderful weekend. I did a bit of cleaning yesterday and laundry. And then we headed out to Lowe’s to pick out a WHITE TOILET to replace the gold one in the bathroom. And yes, I still have a gold tub but it’s now behind a shower curtain. :=)

Let me tell you. EVERYONE WAS OUT YESTERDAY in Mount Juliet! Look at this! Traffic backed up all the way to the interstate. There were also some neighborhood family get togethers I saw in our neighborhood with 8 or so car loads around. And so I’m thinking that about 2 weeks from now the numbers of COVID are going to explode and we’ll all be back in lockdown again. People are going wild. It’s easy to think things are normal but they are really NOT.

And look at LOWE’s

Everyone lined up yesterday all the way around to the side of the building at Lowe’s. Of course doing their best to social distance, sort of.

So we get in there and when you first go up and look at the toilets – they just all look alike. LOL

Then I saw some were elongated seats and some were round. Elongated made them stick out a couple more inches and I didn’t want it to take up extra room. So I went with round. Most all of them had the potty seat that closes really slow and doesn’t slam! That is nice, lol. But mostly they still all looked the same. So we picked out this one.

And George says “Look it comes with a biscuit”. If you look at the label at the bottom of the photo it says “white” and “biscuit”.

So off we go to the car, toting a toilet on our cart bed. LOL. It’s kindof embarrassing toting a toilet through a store. But, I am not sure people noticed. Everyone was busy watching to see who had on masks or just going after their own agenda’d items.

Then we went to Aldi’s to get a few things for “Appetizer’s” for when Katy and Cody arrive. What a busy week ahead. Plumbers, roofers, and Katy and Cody all on top of working! And we get to see Mom today.

Katy and Cody are staying with his Mom and Dad but Findlay is staying with us. So George went ahead and planned all the work this week. It won’t impact the kitchen so we should be good.

Once home, I had worked up an appetite. I fixed a ham sandwich made in the pan with ham and Asagio cheese melted in and also spinach leaves.

And I added some chili fritos into the sandwich also.

The kitchen looked like a “terror” so I set into cleaning and rebooted dishwasher and washed the big pans up from the night before.

It’s always nice to get the kitchen clean.

Meanwhile, George was working on those final tree trunks from the big bad storm last week. He pulled the RAV4 around and loaded the backend of it with the logs and then drove them up to the front. Way to go!

I went to wrap Mom’s gifts and I guess I have used all of my nice big flowery gift sacks. I thought we had plenty so we’ll have to stop and get a bag. We had to stop for something else anyway so no biggie.

Also my nails look a bit better than yesterday.

Worked on laundry and took care of doggies and before I knew it, it was dinner time already. George had fixed beef stew.

We are VERY VERY close -like maybe 2 or 3 shows away from finishing Ozark. We will be anxiously awaiting the next season! So we’ll have to pick a new one. However, “Dead to Me” is also pretty good and it’s back out now.

As usual, I didn’t get too far on the To Do list this weekend. I’ll blame it on the video creation.

Just in looking at the all the details – there are some things I need to add to my list. I want to completely redo my YouTube – maybe even another channel and connect it to the blog but need to look at copyright content and things like that. I want to do everything right. But I want the YouTube to be my Blog’s YouTube it will be an extension of the blog – eventually.

I’m thinking of also redoing the blog’s logo to something a bit different. Similar but different. Before I do all that. We’ll see how it goes. I have a vision. I’m working toward it, as best as I can.

So – busy week ahead and headed to see Mom shortly. Be back soon! Should be an interesting week.

And today I leave you with a pic of Findlay’s Bed Head. Just got a text from Katy that said “Findlay gets BedHead too” (See blog entry from – I think two days ago). This little cutie gets to come see her Grandma!

And I wish all the Mother’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day.