Tulsa Girls Weekend in Video, White Toilet, and Busy Week Ahead

Enjoy our Girls Weekend Video

Here is my labor of love regarding our girls trip in mid-March right as the COVID-19 began to unravel. I hope you enjoy. You have most likely seen all the photos before if you have read my blog about that time.

Well, this has been a wonderful weekend. I did a bit of cleaning yesterday and laundry. And then we headed out to Lowe’s to pick out a WHITE TOILET to replace the gold one in the bathroom. And yes, I still have a gold tub but it’s now behind a shower curtain. :=)

Let me tell you. EVERYONE WAS OUT YESTERDAY in Mount Juliet! Look at this! Traffic backed up all the way to the interstate. There were also some neighborhood family get togethers I saw in our neighborhood with 8 or so car loads around. And so I’m thinking that about 2 weeks from now the numbers of COVID are going to explode and we’ll all be back in lockdown again. People are going wild. It’s easy to think things are normal but they are really NOT.

And look at LOWE’s

Everyone lined up yesterday all the way around to the side of the building at Lowe’s. Of course doing their best to social distance, sort of.

So we get in there and when you first go up and look at the toilets – they just all look alike. LOL

Then I saw some were elongated seats and some were round. Elongated made them stick out a couple more inches and I didn’t want it to take up extra room. So I went with round. Most all of them had the potty seat that closes really slow and doesn’t slam! That is nice, lol. But mostly they still all looked the same. So we picked out this one.

And George says “Look it comes with a biscuit”. If you look at the label at the bottom of the photo it says “white” and “biscuit”.

So off we go to the car, toting a toilet on our cart bed. LOL. It’s kindof embarrassing toting a toilet through a store. But, I am not sure people noticed. Everyone was busy watching to see who had on masks or just going after their own agenda’d items.

Then we went to Aldi’s to get a few things for “Appetizer’s” for when Katy and Cody arrive. What a busy week ahead. Plumbers, roofers, and Katy and Cody all on top of working! And we get to see Mom today.

Katy and Cody are staying with his Mom and Dad but Findlay is staying with us. So George went ahead and planned all the work this week. It won’t impact the kitchen so we should be good.

Once home, I had worked up an appetite. I fixed a ham sandwich made in the pan with ham and Asagio cheese melted in and also spinach leaves.

And I added some chili fritos into the sandwich also.

The kitchen looked like a “terror” so I set into cleaning and rebooted dishwasher and washed the big pans up from the night before.

It’s always nice to get the kitchen clean.

Meanwhile, George was working on those final tree trunks from the big bad storm last week. He pulled the RAV4 around and loaded the backend of it with the logs and then drove them up to the front. Way to go!

I went to wrap Mom’s gifts and I guess I have used all of my nice big flowery gift sacks. I thought we had plenty so we’ll have to stop and get a bag. We had to stop for something else anyway so no biggie.

Also my nails look a bit better than yesterday.

Worked on laundry and took care of doggies and before I knew it, it was dinner time already. George had fixed beef stew.

We are VERY VERY close -like maybe 2 or 3 shows away from finishing Ozark. We will be anxiously awaiting the next season! So we’ll have to pick a new one. However, “Dead to Me” is also pretty good and it’s back out now.

As usual, I didn’t get too far on the To Do list this weekend. I’ll blame it on the video creation.

Just in looking at the all the details – there are some things I need to add to my list. I want to completely redo my YouTube – maybe even another channel and connect it to the blog but need to look at copyright content and things like that. I want to do everything right. But I want the YouTube to be my Blog’s YouTube it will be an extension of the blog – eventually.

I’m thinking of also redoing the blog’s logo to something a bit different. Similar but different. Before I do all that. We’ll see how it goes. I have a vision. I’m working toward it, as best as I can.

So – busy week ahead and headed to see Mom shortly. Be back soon! Should be an interesting week.

And today I leave you with a pic of Findlay’s Bed Head. Just got a text from Katy that said “Findlay gets BedHead too” (See blog entry from – I think two days ago). This little cutie gets to come see her Grandma!

And I wish all the Mother’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day.

5 responses to “Tulsa Girls Weekend in Video, White Toilet, and Busy Week Ahead”

  1. Hi Sonya. Well well well. Mary and I have just been sitting here watching your video, it is really great you would believe that it was your first one. We loved it the music you had as background was really well chosen it lent a great atmosphere. Now looking forward to your next one. I think it will be even better as there might be more movement in it with the dogs and George maybe even Kate etc. oh you are so clever. Mary thinks you can soon change your job for one in broadcasting!!
    I’m glad you got your new toilet like you I hadn’t realized there were so many different shapes and sizes I’m just so pleased for you to be starting to get some things for the house you have wanted for so long. You deserve everything Hope Maisy is getting better on her new pills. Glad to see your nails are looking better,,, I hope you stick to putting on various colours of nail varnish I really think putting those “ tops” on do damage the nail in the long term. I laughed and laughed at your beautiful hair do yesterda. Sorry that there were so many daft people shopping at Lows etc I. Do hope you will be safe for any new outbreak of the virus… A friend was saying they were going to be ok as the virus will die in the heat they get…. I’m afraid I pointed out to her that despite the heat in Africa and India the death rate was still going up and up she didn’t quite believe me Have a lovely day at mums

    • Yes, the tub still remains. It’s very old style. I’m ready for a kitchen and a bath remodel. Right now I only get the toilet, lol. I may never get the other. lol

  2. Your video turned out good. I enjoyed watching it. Sounds like you had a busy weekend.
    I am glad to see you got to spend some time with your Mom. I know she enjoyed seeing you. My family came over we had lunch on our deck. It was sunny and nice outdoors.
    We replaced our toilet last year in our master bath. My hubby put it in himself. I want to get a bath remodeled and garden tub removed and a big walk-in shower put in.
    Our house was built in 2000. So we too are needing updates. Maybe, after all, this is over.
    Enjoy your time with Katy. I know you have missed her.
    it felt good to see my daughter this weekend.

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