My New Avatar, Solving Household Woes, and Eating Out Again

Here’s what it looks like to work on a video – the little bit I worked on last weekend. Everything is in the timeline I just have to tweak each pic and video, and add transitions, add in layers and text, and then the last thing is the audio. It’s quite the project. And it’s fun until things go wrong. It’s been good to get away from it the past day or two. I’m not sure I’m totally happy with the logo page. And I grabbed the wrong logo to remove the background from. So I had to fix that.

Did you know you can go to “” in your browser and remove the background from a pic? So far it’s been free. Now my logo can work on more than a white background. But I’m learning how to do “picture within picture” and that is how I was able to layer on the logo. All that said, once invitations are done I can whittle away it.

I should have been videoing some this week already – like our adventures to buy the washing machine and our going out to eat again for the first time in weeks. But darnit, was just not in the mood and in a hurry I guess. I did at least get photos but I should have video’d a bit while picking out my new washer. I will get in a better habit of capturing our week. For the most part right now these videos are in “test mode”. I mean really other than everything breaking, we really haven’t had anything exciting or videoworthy to share. But I figure those of you that read the blog when there is nothing to share, will delight in our videos as well, lol! I’m really excited about it but I will say it pushes the edge a bit with still being in the learning curve with Mac and iMovie and trying to do big projects instead of itty bitty ones. I dive in always.

So – I got ahead of myself. The washer repair guy showed and said “it’ll really be just as cheap to buy a new one with parts and labor”. George checked and it had been 5 years we had the washer. Warranty just expired. So we went to Lowe’s last night and bought another one. I got tickled yesterday that George told me “the repair man said to just buy a cheap one”. I figured he thought he needed some leverage so I would not go in and pick out the big charmer that sparkled and sang to me in the florescent essence of Lowe’s. I get it. I’ve always wanted those spaceship looking appliances that make you go “woah”. But they were always too big to fit the spaces we needed so he lucked out. I didn’t see many of those by the way. There was one set – the rest looked more normal. But I really liked the glass top. I did not pick the most expensive, but I did pick one that had a fairly good size tub so the comforter could be washed in it. I picked a mid range price. I didn’t get caught up in all the buttons. We purchased extended warranty this time. There once was a day when these things would last 15 to 20 years. Five? Really Whirlpool. It was a part that used to be metal and now is plastic and it broke. Whirlpool die hards would go buy another and Whirlpool gets better sales when they have quicker turnaround sales. But I didn’t play that game. Whirlpool let me down this time so I passed it over. I won’t forget it either. They are tarnished in my book.

So we’ll try the LG from Korea and see how it does. I wanted to buy American but there were only Whirlpool and Maytag and Maytag was the most expensive on the floor. And I wasn’t playing that game either. So they outpriced themselves. And I also passed over a China one I liked b/c frankly I’m just mad -rightly so or not- that there is so much “hype” over how they do things over there. No one can get the facts or the real scoop and they are secret and sneaky. Yet every product we touch was made from there. And I have developed a distrust over the years. I don’t have facts, just suspicions on nearly everything. So I kindly passed the Chinese washer by. “Bless it’s Heart.” lol

Oh and here is a good place to mention that the new toilet wasn’t working properly and kept running. And the downstairs repair work didn’t work right around the downstairs toilet and it leaked. They had to remove the carpet in that restroom. Why was carpet in there anyway? It needs to be something different. lol So plumbers were back yesterday and fixed the toilets, we think. The roofers on the other hand were rained out to fix the leak in the sunroom and to block off the chimney and concrete over and all that. Geez.

Katy and Cody came and got Findlay aka “Little Stink” as George calls her. She is a sweet baby and we will miss her. I was sleepy before coffee when they arrived and I realized later I forgot to hug Findlay bye. She still has so much energy but not nearly what she had.

Here’s a pic of Sunday with Katy working on something for the shower in June. Findlay loved sitting on the sofa in the sun room. We ate dinner in there Sun night. Dinner was Sushi and Chinese. (Yes I know, I’m fickle – I like my Chinese food – most of it was made in America though, lol).

Here’s my Facebook Avatar. I went with heavy set. You’d think I’d pick a skinny one, but I chose to do the plump version. lol. I don’t think it looks like me though. I did the best I could. My hair now is also going to kindof gray and really dark brown/blackish. The brown is almost out with the last cut I did this weekend. So eventually I’ll redo my Avatar. This will do for now.

A duck flew in to say “hi” yesterday at the office.

It was a dull gray day for much of the day. I tried to lighten it but when I did you saw the window reflection. I think I have a duck friend. lol

We had dinner at the Lost Cajun last night after Lowe’s. Our first sit down since the Corona mess in March. Much of what they have is fattening. So what appealed the most was the fried shrimp and catfish platter.

I wanted potato salad and red beans and rice instead of slaw and fries. The potato salad had one diced potato in it, the rest was just the sauce, lol lol lol. George gave me some fries and I cut it up and put it in there and called it a day. That was kinda weird. Otherwise it was all excellent. The red beans and rice was really kind of a main dish or a big bowl anyway and was an upcharge. They should have it has a side option as a cup of gumbo. Other than having a “side problem” the fish and shrimp were great, the service was excellent. The staff was happy to be there and serving and in a great mood. And they serve beer – not much – they could improve by offering local brews to support the community. Their choices were Bud products and Abita and something else. Not a lot of choice but we went with the Abita Amber. (I think). Yes you get honest reviews from me. I will even give pointers on how they can improve their business in case they read, which they won’t. Unless some skimmer program picks it up. If so “hello there”. lol

Speaking of people who read, I’d like to say hello to the following Countries that have visited the blog:

I know some bloggers/readers from Australia and UK and I know someone who is in Singapore but it doesn’t mean that is who is reading. Someone from Canada has been reading for a while. And India has been showing up for some time as well. Sometimes China will. We’ll see if they show up after this post today. They were reading as I posted and blogged about the pandemic, for sure. I thought that was interesting. I think France, Denmark and Uzbekistan were just mistakes? lol. Anyway, welcome to the blog!

Well it’s payroll day and I need to get a move on. I am happy knowing that the washer is on the way.

I am worried about getting the invitations done and having time to do that while working FT. I want to mail them over the weekend or at least by first of next week.

I have to put two inserts with it – it’s why I made sure to get an envelope type. Anyway I plan to work on this some tonight, but I’m taking Friday off too. I just need a long weekend to try to get some things done, get laundry done, do some home projects and geeky projects and have a great long holiday weekend. One step at a time.

I joined the premium Zoom for the shower and now I need to see if I can add Ellen as a user and host – if not I’ll let her have the account and I’ll sign on as a guest. I think. I also need to go and shop for a few shower gifts and decor, in coordination with what Katy is doing. So we can get that in the mail. But one thing at a time. Invitations first.

So I’m glad to be taking a PTO day Friday.

It’s payroll day so once again…I keep typing, but I need to go! I am in a much better mood knowing the washer will be delivered Thursday. And it did much for my morale to go out to eat last night.

Roger says Hello. Bless him. He’s getting old now and his feet and legs are so wobbly. See you in a day or two or three as life happens.

Ya’ll have a GREAT couple of days!

Mood and Morale Much Better Today

Well, when I woke up yesterday, I was in a HORRIBLE mood. It seemed like every where I looked there was chaos. Last checked there was no full moon. I never was able to put a defining reason for my bad mood other than NOTHING was in my control. And everything just compounded upon itself. And EVERYTHING frustrated me.

There were so many things I wanted to do but didn’t have the time. There were so many things I wanted to say, but no one to talk to really. I just needed time to absorb everything that was going on I guess. So many good things happening but I think I was just on sensory overload.

Of course when the washer is not working – that kinda sets a precursor for my mood and morale right there. The one thing I usually can control is the laundry. And it’s now removed from my control by it’s chainsaw sounding noises. George was having trouble finding someone so it’s been 5 days we have been without it and we won’t have it until at least next Monday, IF the guy even fixes it Monday, has any parts or whatever. So that tanked my mood from day 1.

As per my entry yesterday I also began feeling this week that my flooring and kitchen upgrades were out the window for a long time. I can assure you THAT has done NOTHING to upgrade my morale. And it also brings back a flood of memories of my dreams of RV’ing/exploring being squashed as well. And so yesterday I began to feel my life was just in a box. Not able to make many plans and would all be out of my control anyway. I’m something of a free spirit and I just felt like I was contained, deflated, and mashed into a tight box with lid going on and strings tied all around. So repair people everywhere, family in town and we don’t get a lot of time with them, Maisy going through some stuff (but better). And on top of everything going on around here, we have to work.

At work you think you will calm down and be a little less frustrated. But still nothing goes as planned. One of our pet peeves is not being able to access something with you need it. Only one at time can be in certain things. I have to fight every Thursday morning to get the garn checks run. Often you get one out and have to chase people across the country begging for 5 min to do my little 8 checks. lol. This also did nothing for my mood.

While waiting for my turn at the system, and ready to pounce on it before someone else jumped in, I decided to find a theme for my computer that gave me some “peace” in my day. This helped.

I also had my “Ionix Tea” and that helped. It’s not really the fault of any one person or any one thing. I think I was just tired, had a lot on my mind, had sensory overload, the list of to do’s were not working, and my mind began to dig up everything I could think of that irritated me. EVERYTHING!!! And to top it off my nails were HORRID and the pants were tight.

So I ordered Cracker Barrel – a good healthy meal. Grilled chicken, carrots, broccoli, and pinto beans. I checked “No Bread” on my order. I was sorry I did that though because I really really wanted a buttered up biscuit for dessert, but that is why I didn’t order it. The pants are tighter and I have to curb it! So I ate a couple of crackers instead.

So I will say that today I woke up on the better side of life this morning. My hope and patience have returned. My ability to be happy in most any circumstance has returned. And I can tell you that it being Friday has a lot to do with it. I realize though that even though it is the weekend, and the COVID mess is still going on, we are busy. I have a virtual shower to “go to” Saturday, we hang out with Katy and Cody on Sunday and I have a shower of my own to plan and do the invites for and a video to create (yessss). And all sorts of things to do. I won’t be doing laundry so I’ll have extra time there.

George send me this pic yesterday of all the dogs sitting by him in the dining room while he worked. He said Findlay “REALLY LOVES” her bed. I mean REALLY loves on it!!!!! Like very intimately loves it. lol lol lol She’s a mess. Poor Maisy she just prefers the regular floor and leaning against the wall. I fix her beds but she usually avoids them.

Oh and I need to cut my hair and the dogs need trimming. I’m going to call the groomer and see if we can get an earlier appointment somehow. Maybe I can take them and George could get them picked up at lunch.

So many things on my to do list. So many things not meeting my standards. And so much to do. And working FT on top of so much going on. No wonder my mood was charred yesterday.

I’m better today. I have hope that all things will work out and I will do the best I can at getting some things accomplished this weekend with the little time I have.

It didn’t help to remember I was supposed to be leaving for Florida this weekend. Boy did those plans change. We probably would have been alright to go as things are opening back up again, but I’m not sure we would have been totally ok with a FULL ON vacay at this point. I need to plan out my PTO time for the rest of the year and into next year.

One of the bad things about my job is that quarter end takes up nearly all of a month after a true quarter ends. So July, October, January, and April are all stupid busy. None of those months are good vacation time, but there may have to be exceptions based on what is going on. And payroll has it’s certain days of the week that have to be avoided. The problem is, LIFE does not stop for payroll. As Mom needs me, or other things going on – I’m afraid there will be more people inconvenienced other than me. Family has come last in many instances over the years, but with life altering things happening here and there, there will have to be times when it’s WORK’s turn to be inconvenienced. I try very hard – even to family’s disliking at times – to be conscious of my responsibilities. So much so it drives me crazy too. But yeah – I realize with the new job and some planning things that are going on or will happen – there are going to have to be some compromises because I can see it now – LIFE and WORK are probably going to clash.

Yes, I worry too much and I need to get off of here and get to work before I stir up more crises as I think aloud on the screen. Happy Friday, Happy Snooping and Sniffing if you are one of those, and Happy Everything b/c we probably missed your birthday, your anniversary, your graduation, your ______________. But it’s Friday and we are happy to celebrate it all right now! lol

And off to work we go!

Gold vs White, but Worried about the Blue

Don’t laugh. Sometimes comfort overrides looks. I had a soft white comfy cushion added to the toilet a while back as I knew that asking for bathroom remodeling is next in line to asking for a divorce. Quite literally. You get used to things – mainly because you have to accept them I guess. But I didn’t really realize just how bad it looked til the new white toilet was installed. The better news, it wasn’t even my idea. I mean I still have blue linoleum guys. We are back in the 70’s here still. So to me, the flooring and kitchen is more important – til the potties and sinks back up. Oh well. So they have been out here working on completely redoing our pipes and of course installing the new toilet. As with many redneck Tennesseans, the old toilet did not stay on the front or back porch after install, or not kept for planting flowers in the side yard. But don’t think I didn’t think about it. It was wrapped in a trash bag and carried off as if it was dead. It kinda was. I guess the trash bag was so germs would float off into the Hiller van and catch itself up someone’s nose and cause COVID-like conditions. Good move.

Before I go on to grace you with the new white potty, I did want to show you my new shower curtain. I like it, but it’s really only there to hide the ugly sliding glass door that I’d really like removed along with the “gold tub”, but as previously mentioned – I just don’t ask for stuff anymore. Best to just go get on the computer and scurry up a blog post, watch a show, and forget the gold tub, blue linoleum and the other long list of “it’s gotta go’s”.

And now here is new white potty. The seat closes slowly – no slams. Now if it can just remind the Hubster to actually CLOSE it so it can close slowly instead of leaving the seat up. Do you know how many times I almost grabbed a black marker and wrote on the back of the toilet seat “Please Close me!!” Instead, I myself would slam the old one closed as it made me so mad. So the sign on the back of the toilet seat will still be an option – however, it’s so nice I might order a label machine and make a nicer little sign instead of one with a marker.

And I notice the tile really needs to be cleaned. Now that there is whiteness in the toilet maybe I’ll be in the mood to clean the bathroom more often. And yes, my efforts at cleaning the kitchen have waned because my distaste for the kitchen has grown. I really don’t even like to cook anymore b/c I hate the kitchen. I tried to renew my efforts at liking the kitchen by redecorating with cacti to give a southwest Texas kind of flair, but I guess now with all the expense here, will make my kitchen redo and floors – further down the road. If we’d not waited so long to remodel things – they wouldn’t all come up at once. But who can complain when I did want the new living room furniture as I was tired of the 15 year old itchy and scratchy. And I wanted the big TV. So again, when I get disgusted with the way things look, I just go watch TV and poof it’s gone again. I have always said – the house may fall down around me, but I’ll always eat well. George loves to cook. But I’m not giving up hope. I may one day have to risk divorce. But I’m wanting the flooring and kitchen done.

Insert your Survivor music here: (Here I did it for ya).

I had to change the soap basket. I love my little basket of soaps. Only appropriate since I’m on a Soap Box apparently this morning.

I am grateful for the new white potty though. But seeing all the work done makes me realize my floor and kitchen is further down the road. I think I really have given up hope on all my dreams but what I can create on the computer. No travel in an RV. No new flooring. No dream kitchen. There are a few things on the horizon to look forward to though at least. Til then we hide away in a sea of Netflix adventures, YouTube adventures, and getting around learning curves to video what small excitements we do have in life – like white toilet installs and sewer line redos. Yeee Ha.

Sorry, purging this morning. I am truly grateful for the new changes. But I’m worried about my floor and kitchen!!!!!!

Katy and Cody arrived last night. We got to see them for about an hour and we provided some appetizers of potato skins and meatballs. They had a dinner to go to at Cody’s Mom’s. Wedding festivities and prep happen for them in the next few days and they also visit with friends. We get to see them again on Sunday before they take off on Monday. I didn’t get pics. I was just happy to see them. They had been on the road all day and I didn’t wave cameras in front of them. But Katy says hello. lol

So the hay was put over the dirt in the yard at least. But the BIG problem right now is quickly turning away from the floor and the kitchen because the washing machine broke and it’s been several days of no laundry. Things are going to get critical really quickly. We may be using the new toilet for reasons other than it was intended.

What? It has a great spin and rinse cycle?

Anyway, the place George called yesterday will not service a Whirlpool. What? So now George has to call someone else. I just want to hear that “we have an appointment” and someone is coming to fix!!!!

I agree I am definitely testy this morning. For some reason I am tired and cranky and should not be. But I am. I am trying to figure out why. I am blessed and grateful.

Truth be known, I guess I am just over the work week already. There is so much going on and I just really wish I could be home this week. Maybe I should put in for another vacation day. I don’t know. I definitely need to work on my attitude. So in preparation for that, I went and got more coffee.

Findlay has arrived. She is a sweetheart.

The Blue Angels fly over today. I wonder if we get to see them. If not, we may at least hear them.

OK, so all that said. I am thankful and happy over many things. I am just a bit of a perfectionist sometimes. And I’ve really been very patient for MANY MANY things over a long period of time. And I know that God has plans for those that have patience. So I will continue to press on although please understand that these little eruptions will burst through the surface periodically as they have today. But I choose to remain married and I will accept the white toilet and hold on to the hope of losing the blue linoleum one day.

And that is all she wrote today. Off to work we go. And in a hurry.