Newborn Adjustments and a Walk on the Ranch

Sneaking in a blog post while I can and while I feel like it!

It’s been a “tough go” all week of taking turns holding and watching the baby, figuring out if he’s getting enough milk, waiting for milk to come in and watching jaundice. And mostly lack of sleep between Katy and Cody and I. By morning we are comatose. lol

Little Buckaroo did not like his bassinet and preferred one of us hold him. I knew yesterday this needed to change. We leave Saturday and if we can’t get this figured out they will never survive without having extra people in the house.

So yesterday I was able to transition him from being held to the bassinet during one of his naps. It took! It was a big win for the household! Last night was the most sleep any of us have had. So a big relief and a big step towards routine.

Today they take him back to Abilene for Pediatric visit and his 1 week check. He’s still a little jaundiced but I think he’s much better. We let him get sun through the window yesterday.

I’ve also tried to keep the kitchen up while here and pick up some and fold laundry. I’ve been too wiped out to try to even think about a blog post. I have played mindless games to relax. Or have sat and just rested. I can’t do good naps during the day very easy as my bed is the sofa in the main room.

It was 64 here yesterday and I went out for a walk which revived my soul. It was quiet, peaceful, and I loved the warmth hitting my face. Katy’s friend Shelby came over and they went for a walk a took the baby who enjoyed the stroller.

Kate is looking good for having given birth a week ago. She is losing weight pretty fast with the breastfeeding. She’s had a tough time getting in enough calories. Has had weak spells, but says she is learning what her body is asking for. Rest, sleep, and more nutritious eating likely the answer there.

Testing out the swing below! He seemed to like this. So this is good and will be something to occupy him and hold him while they eat or do tasks, especially while one of them is alone at the house. Notice Findlay finally gets to sniff and check out the baby.

Findlay has been my little buddy this week! I’ve seen to it she has what she needs and take her potty outside. I keep asking her if she wants to go home with me. lol She let’s you know when she wants something by come up to you wagging her tail and going in a circle as to entice you to follow her by saying “come on”. She frequently sits with me when her Mom is nursing the baby and gets shewed away.

I’m going to close and get some more sleep before the household gets up. I hope to get some good baby pics before we head out. Surprisingly I hadn’t already. We have mainly just been surviving the moment with little sleep or rest.

George coming to get me and we are doing some things in town today, hitting some boutiques and general stores, and getting a breakfast burrito or lunch out. Not sure.

Only today and tomorrow left. Gonna be hard to say goodbye to my Little Buckaroo. Maybe I call him Little Roo! He and I have bonded to the point that he knows my voice and touch and I can calm him even when hungry. I noticed that yesterday. It’s gonna be hard leaving him and not being here. But what can you do? Pics and videos and FaceTime not the same as being able to hold him.

But it is what it is. And we will head towards Hot Springs Saturday.

I feel like George and I are dating lol. He leaves at 9 or so and we kiss goodbye and comes back the next day! lol

Anyway better go grab another hour of shuteye while the getting is good and before sunrise!

Random Pics from Texas


I miss my daughter’s dog Findlay, aka “Little Stink” as called by George, or “Fin Fin” by any of us. She is a sweety pie. She would often lay in my lap while I worked a crossword.

I miss the ranch window. Love to sip coffee and look out at the morning glow and the evening sunset.

We cooked a lot for “the kids” as we call them, although they are very grown up. And each evening I would change up the centerpiece – just from whatever Kate had setting around for decor. I hope it didn’t bother her. I tried to make it different night to night.

See the dog ears on the napkins (paper towels)? LOL

Findlay loves to sit and run along the back of the couch. It’s hilarious. She looks for her Daddy to come home.

My daughter is an excellent decorator. I always enjoy her flair.

George with Findlay

I could take pics of the dogs all day long. She was good to pose for me, and has calmed a bit from our previous trips. Before it was hard to get her to be still for long.

Sweet Roger

There’s something about these mesquite trees that I love.

Miss Maisy wanting some attention.

George at the helm cooking up some din din!

A cook book I looked through at Kate’s and I put some lemons in a bowl. Katy enjoys her fruit. There was some liquor George had bought in the background. I thought it made it pretty picture.

We did try to do this, Cook with Love! I love the spoon holder message.

George began making pizza dough one day. I was practicing using the camera.

Mr. Roger, doing what he does best! Except for scaring the deer off. He loves to scare the deer away.

What a great message to see every morning before taking your shower. I love this. And I also loved doing laundry there. If anyone put a load in, I folded it. I washed a couple of loads of towels and also a couple loads of our darks so we could rewear our “comfy jeans”.

Every laundry center needs one of these. I find change nearly every time but I don’t have one of these. This is cute. I guess it pays to do the laundry.

And that pretty much sums up the “extra pics”. I still have some Graham pics to share and also some Gender Reveal extra pics as well as some sunset pics.

So, for the daily update:

Work has been extremely busy. I think I’m sortof caught up from vacation now. But I’m not really caught up from last week yet, lol. I didn’t take a lunch yesterday but just ate what I could find around my desk. I was pretty full anyway from all we’ve eaten lately.

I came home and fixed chili yesterday, after talking with my sweet friend, Lisa. Have been in the mood for some chili for about a month.

Also saw this wallet on Amazon.

I’ve been wanting a thinner one. This one keeps people from getting your card information. Apparently people can get your number just by standing around you. But this has that protection so your information cannot be read by those special devices. This above is an example of an ad that pops up. I didn’t order it yet. I will wait. I need to check it out further and make sure it’s what I want. I like mine now but it’s just soooooo big. I need something a little flatter. And I would like to have one of these RFID wallets.

Amazon has perfected their ads to the point that they are showing me ads of what I’m thinking about. How scary is that? I’ve not written, mentioned, or spoken of a new wallet. But thought about it a few days ago. And there it is. However, I did speak with someone over the phone that had their account broken into so perhaps it recalled that conversation. But there have been numerous times lately when I thought about ordering something and the ad shows it within just a few hours. Like some blue casual sandals – bam – there they were. lol. They may have already discovered a way to know what we are thinking? lol lol lol I’m not worried about it. I like having ads that suite me rather than ones that don’t. Less having to hunt for things. Whooop, there it is! That item I needed. lol

Well I better go get ready and go. It’s payroll day. Once payroll is done, I sigh a big fat relief sigh and just process everything from the payroll run the rest of the week such as pay taxes, upload and pay 401k, pay the garnishments and then get ready for the next payroll week. I had a lot of garnishments come at once last week – I want to say like 15 or 18 – so I had a busy day yesterday of taking care of those and getting them set up on top of everything else going on.

Anyway, I hope everyone is safe from the Hurricanes. I know that our area is awfully muggy today. I think the southern mugginess from these storms is being sent our way. I had to take out Roger last night at 11:30 and it was horribly muggy then.

OK off for more coffee and figure out what to wear today. I’m not sure I’m happy with the line up I picked. I need some more pants! I’ve focused on the tops way more than the pants but I’ve got to order some I guess and then see if they fit.

Ya’ll have a great day out there. Is the hurricane going to impact you any?

Burgers for Breakfast and A Little Trip to Graham, TX

We hung out at the ranch house drinking coffee yesterday morning.

Findlay, Roger, and George

We took our time getting showers and getting dressed. One of the perks of vacation.


Findlay discovered treats on the table. She jumped up in the chair and put her paw on my shoulder to let me know she wanted one. She might’ve gotten one! Her “Nonni” loves her! lol

Coffee and a View

We headed out for a breakfast burrito in Breckenridge which are extra special but we were too late at 10:30 as they were getting ready for lunch. So we had a burger. No arguments from me!

The place is called the water store.

Water Store, Breckenridge TX

They have a drive thru too but we sat on front porch as it was not too hot yet. But we waited inside for our order.

We stopped at The Tattered Pearl. I bought some cute cactus earrings. Their decor outside was cute!

This shop was on the outskirts of Graham as you come into town.

At this point I took a lot of photos on my camera instead of phone. I mainly took shots of the square. I was able to find some tops – all at good prices. Cheaper than home and some were half off! Then we went for tea at the tea shop, Oh My Tea and Coffee. Well, I had tea and George had coffee. We sat a while here.

George always the humor clown….

Then we headed over to United for a few things. George needed some things for pizzettes tonight. Those are little personalized pizzas that he makes. He made the dough last night. We also just like to go in grocery stores in other towns to see if there’s anything different.

On the way back to the ranch we stopped and got tacos at Taco Casa.

We stopped under a shade tree to eat. The temps hovering around 103. I will say that Taco Casa’s surpasses Taco Bell by far. A lot of meat, a lot of cheese and it was real good beef and fresh ingredients.

Then we headed home to see doggies and do a few things. I set the table, put up dishes, and folded laundry, and mopped the floor. George vacuumed and made the pizza dough.

Maisy and Roger
Roger and Maisy

We had the Pit Stop BBQ – take out. I had steak as did Cody. George and Katy had beef BBQ and also peppered turkey And after dinner I had to catch the sunset!

Today is Wednesday and we are halfway thru vacay. It goes by so fast. Always.

It’s George’s birthday today and we plan to do some more shopping around in Breckenridge today for places George wants to go. Like the general stores. And a couple more that I like. And we will have the little pizzettes tonight.