Losing another Family Dog | A Tribute to Findlay

I’m sorry to say that Ms. Findlay (my grand dog) did not make it. She had a blockage in her intestines. They did surgery. Her bloodwork wasn’t good so they did a plasma transfusion (?) and that did not work and they went back in for a 2nd look and found 8 inches of infection in and around her intestines and put her down because her survival rate was next to nothing. Bottom line, she just couldn’t heal properly from this. Everyone is a bit devastated. They didn’t get to have proper good byes or be with her like you usually do. No one knew it was going to be this serious. Everyone prayed. God had other plans. My daughter recognizes that and knows God knows what He is doing and knows the reasons why. It’s been a hard year for dogs in our extended family. It’s been a hard year for everyone in many different ways. As my daughter and I talked yesterday she said “God is building character within us”. “The end times are getting closer” and basically the heat is being turned on so that the focus is applied where it needs to be.

Our hearts hurt however, at the loss of our very unique and loving little Findlay. Dogs have such personality, each one. Findlay was playful, loving, funny, and sometimes had us scratching our heads as she loved her dog beds just a little too much, lol (she humped them, lol). She loved to chew on things including her beds. She wanted the stuffing out of them. She was curious. She was smart. She was energetic. She was mostly potty trained and would run around in circles in front of you to let you know she needed to go out. She was mostly obedient. But most of all she LOVED Little Roo. She was a good little girl and learned to say she was sorry when she made a mistake (Katy taught her, lol). The kids (they’ll always be our kids) will be sad and hurting for a few days. The pain will get better. The fond memories will remain. But they will miss her. And we will too as she will not be there to greet us when we arrive in Texas in November.

I’m asking my blog buddies to leave comments in today’s entry for Katy and Cody to give them love and encouragement after the loss of their little sweet Findlay girl. It’ll be a hard few days. But it will help them so much to hear your words of comfort.

I tried to find the video where Findlay was chasing bubbles and Little Roo was laughing. I could not locate it. But our thoughts are with them today and we will all miss our little Findlay. She has been a great pet. I’m glad Little Roo got to meet her but he probably won’t remember her when he grows up. He’s just too little.

Thanks in advance for any comments and encouragement you can leave for my daughter and son-in-law and Little Roo. I appreciate you and I know they do too.

Bye my little Findlay girl. You rest within our hearts always. Give my love to Roger, Maisy, Tugie, and all our little fur baby friends when you see them in God’s “Rainbow Bridge”. And thanks for being the wonderful little being that you were!

Stormy Afternoon, Sangrita, Findlay’s Emergency Surgery, and a Maisy Dream

Thankfully the storms were not too bad. However, this little monster outside the window did NOT make me brave. I waited til it had time to pass and go on before I left. There was not enough “sheer” in the atmosphere for a full development of a tornado. It wanted to, but the ingredients were not there to finish it off – thank goodness. I drove home from work in a mostly dry situation but as I neared Mount Juliet the gully washers came upon me from the next rain pocket. I knew I probably wouldn’t have enough time to get home but I was ready to be home. I knew at least on that end I’d have places to stop if I got bad. Not so much on the highway b/w here and there. It was raining so hard it was hard to see if I was going into the garage correctly. Don’t worry, I was going slow and made sure. I had to turn the windshield wipers off to keep from throwing water all over everything on the sides of the garage as I pulled in, lol. Wow.

George made us a “Sangrita” of sorts with tequila, margarita mix (one with the least amount of sugar I could find), and sangria. It was really good. I teased him that there was no salt on the rim of my glass. lol. That always makes it extra special. But we can get that in the restaurant. George’s meal he fixed was out of this world. Better than any Mexican restaurant. He cooked some kind of beef roast and made slices of it and wrapped it in tortilla and had a sauce in there with it, and we had black beans and a tamale. No pics as we snarfed it down so fast and jumped into our video as we ate. It was so good. The best part – no crowds!

I think we are on Season Two of Downton Abbey. Trying to get through as many seasons as we can before Netflix yanks it. We’ve even been watching it over Ozark. But Ozark is not being yanked yet – as it’s a new season.

Well, I wanted to pop in and do a quick blog post. Now I’m headed over to work on the videos. It’s been so many days since I’ve worked on it that it is hard to dive into it. But I’m gonna do it. Sometimes I wonder what’s the point, then I remember “because I enjoy it, that’s why”. It’s just that sometimes selecting which thing to do in the short time we have is hard- something fun, something responsible?

These days of April and May I have been so tired. And need more rest and down time. I want another PTO day for myself but I don’t think I can have one right now. We have Memorial Day and I think I’m going to claim that as a Self-Help Mental Health Day.

I was able to vacuum and iron and get laundry done after work this week. And the last two nights were a little more relaxing. Wednesday night I worked on the puzzle I’d wanted to do at Christmas, lol. (Yes, I’m about 6 months behind in my to do lists, videos, and in life itself). And then last night I talked to Mom for a bit.

Pray for this little girl. Katy’s dog Findlay had emergency surgery after being sick for 3 or 4 days and not getting better. I got word last night as I went to bed that she had gotten through the surgery fine and was recovering and could be picked up today. She had a blockage in her tummy.

This girl below, my little Maisy, came to see me in a dream last night. She was there by my side, her little warm body with it’s black and white spots. I could hardly believe my eyes. I held her, and could not believe she was there. Yet she was. It was a brief moment and then the dream ended for whatever reason. But back in her body she was still not feeling good and something was wrong with her foot. Just as we were inspecting her the dream was gone. But I was so happy in the dream for those brief moments to be able to see her again. I miss her so so much.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. May you have fun, get things done, and enjoy it. Hoping the same for me on my end. Today I work til 2 p.m. and take Mom to the primary care doc to be able to continue thyroid meds. Mom has the doctor under scrutiny to see if he will give her the proper attention (last time they didn’t take her temp nor listen to her heart or take BP, which was quite odd, but their computers were down). Her insurance is so limited and she sees him so little, I’d say she probably should just stick with it for now. There are not a lot of choices in docs close by. Best leave as is. But it’s her decision as long as it’s within driving range. If she wants to change she can find a new one she wants and I’ll make the appointment when she finds one.

Ok off to the videos. Not much time left now. lol. Time…what a concept, a luxury, a piece of gold, a priceless piece of a concept. Life moves way too fast for me now. I cannot keep up anymore. I’m fizzling out. Quickly. Muscles and brain capacity also are dwindling. But I keep pushing through. Going to have to work on the self care pieces, eating less, eating better, rearranging the supplements, walking more before I can’t any longer. I might have used “Icy Hot” several days this week to push through.

Enough on that. I’m really gone this time and will check in probably on Sunday. I’ll get started on laundry in the morning and sleep as late as I can before my Mother’s Day outing.

Newborn Adjustments and a Walk on the Ranch

Sneaking in a blog post while I can and while I feel like it!

It’s been a “tough go” all week of taking turns holding and watching the baby, figuring out if he’s getting enough milk, waiting for milk to come in and watching jaundice. And mostly lack of sleep between Katy and Cody and I. By morning we are comatose. lol

Little Buckaroo did not like his bassinet and preferred one of us hold him. I knew yesterday this needed to change. We leave Saturday and if we can’t get this figured out they will never survive without having extra people in the house.

So yesterday I was able to transition him from being held to the bassinet during one of his naps. It took! It was a big win for the household! Last night was the most sleep any of us have had. So a big relief and a big step towards routine.

Today they take him back to Abilene for Pediatric visit and his 1 week check. He’s still a little jaundiced but I think he’s much better. We let him get sun through the window yesterday.

I’ve also tried to keep the kitchen up while here and pick up some and fold laundry. I’ve been too wiped out to try to even think about a blog post. I have played mindless games to relax. Or have sat and just rested. I can’t do good naps during the day very easy as my bed is the sofa in the main room.

It was 64 here yesterday and I went out for a walk which revived my soul. It was quiet, peaceful, and I loved the warmth hitting my face. Katy’s friend Shelby came over and they went for a walk a took the baby who enjoyed the stroller.

Kate is looking good for having given birth a week ago. She is losing weight pretty fast with the breastfeeding. She’s had a tough time getting in enough calories. Has had weak spells, but says she is learning what her body is asking for. Rest, sleep, and more nutritious eating likely the answer there.

Testing out the swing below! He seemed to like this. So this is good and will be something to occupy him and hold him while they eat or do tasks, especially while one of them is alone at the house. Notice Findlay finally gets to sniff and check out the baby.

Findlay has been my little buddy this week! I’ve seen to it she has what she needs and take her potty outside. I keep asking her if she wants to go home with me. lol She let’s you know when she wants something by come up to you wagging her tail and going in a circle as to entice you to follow her by saying “come on”. She frequently sits with me when her Mom is nursing the baby and gets shewed away.

I’m going to close and get some more sleep before the household gets up. I hope to get some good baby pics before we head out. Surprisingly I hadn’t already. We have mainly just been surviving the moment with little sleep or rest.

George coming to get me and we are doing some things in town today, hitting some boutiques and general stores, and getting a breakfast burrito or lunch out. Not sure.

Only today and tomorrow left. Gonna be hard to say goodbye to my Little Buckaroo. Maybe I call him Little Roo! He and I have bonded to the point that he knows my voice and touch and I can calm him even when hungry. I noticed that yesterday. It’s gonna be hard leaving him and not being here. But what can you do? Pics and videos and FaceTime not the same as being able to hold him.

But it is what it is. And we will head towards Hot Springs Saturday.

I feel like George and I are dating lol. He leaves at 9 or so and we kiss goodbye and comes back the next day! lol

Anyway better go grab another hour of shuteye while the getting is good and before sunrise!