A Modern Haircut, A Lighted Toilet, and A New Filing Cabinet

Good morning! Got the hair cut. Love it. I went in showing her the cut I wanted but I told her I needed layers. And the back was heavy and I said “at this point, I just want a cute cut”. She asked me several questions and said that she wanted to make sure I had a cut that went with my face. She was careful to make sure she went with my goals in mind. She said she wanted to go much shorter – so we did. She said it would look a little different from the pic I showed her. It looked very different. But it ended up being one of the exact cuts that I had liked in the beginning, lol! And because I prayed over this (it takes a long time to grow your hair out), I completely put my trust in her scissors. She cut it very professionally and different from anyone I’ve ever seen.

Here is the BEFORE:


Keep in mind you cannot begin to know how heavy the back is. I mean three or four big fists full of hair in the lower back. Even the hair stylist (they all say it) said “oh my gosh woman you have a lot of hair on your head”. It’s thin at the top but oh so heavy. So I loved the feeling of the lightness when she was finished.

And here is AFTER:


I had fun doing a little photo shoot. Keep in mind it’s the end of the day, make up worn off from the 5 o’clock hour.

Now, take stock because it will likely not look like this again, lol! She did a lot to it to get it so straight and it had a lot of body. I’m not going to spend that time on my hair in the mornings because I like to blog and enjoy my coffee, do a devo and rush out the door. But I can see that I’ll probably be able to at least make it presentable. I will TAKE IT! I’m so happy to get rid of all the hair! I think I proved yet again that I do best and look best in a shorter hair style. Some people will say my hair was short to begin with. And yes it was a long bob but the hair, oh my gosh – I have to have layers. It will look completely different tomorrow most likely. But that is ok. I love the way it feels! The long bangs on the side got on my nerves by bed time so I will likely stick a pin in it, lol! It always goes back to whatever you had before after about two weeks anyway, lol. Gravity and we just can’t take time to style it like they do for 30 minutes!

I loved the new salon though! Imagine my glee when she said “would you like a glass of wine?”. It was very cold and very good.

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

When I got home I also squealed with joy. I actually screamed! George had bought me a potty light because I said I liked his and wanted one. I figured he would mental note it for Christmas but he bought it and surprised me now. The light comes on when you walk in the room (if it’s dark).

It warmed my heart that Hubby would give me a toilet light, lol. He totally missed my gleeful delighted scream as he had his headphones on recording music.

Other happenings:

The Calm app. I’m enjoying checking in every night. I get an alert asking me how I feel. It will also show you your history. It only takes a sec. It’s kinda fun to asses yourself and ask “good question, how do I feel”. There are other things you can listen to on the app – free things after your mood check in, to help with whatever your mood is but I never have time for that as we are usually watching a show.

Someday I’ll listen to those when I have “the audio time”. Audio time is hard to come by for things like that. It is short enough you can’t listen in the car, loud enough you can’t listen when around others unless you have ear plugs in, and you need to be able to concentrate on what it’s saying, so it’s not like you can listen at work (I do listen to music though at work).

The File Cabinet

Back when Mom moved, she said she no longer wanted her filing cabinet and was getting rid of it. Excitedly I said I’ll take it. I have a metal one downstairs and also a plastic one upstairs as the metal one is just so far down in the basement. I knew when I put my office together – we spent so much money on my Mac, my office journaling chair and table, and I spend some money making my videos and the software for it. So a wooden filing cabinet – I didn’t ask for. So when we moved her we moved it here. And I was even more excited over that than the new china cabinet. Finally this week we moved the bed out of the office and this weekend was going to move the wooden filing cabinet to my office for my files, along with a little black book case we had down there.

So Monday I get a call from Mom asking for the filing cabinet back as she needs it now. What are you going to say? It was hers to begin with and yes she gave it to me, but was I going to say No. NO way. So we have to somehow get it back to her house. George thinks it will fit in the RAV4.

I told George about it and he said, “First of all before we do anything, you buy yourself a filing cabinet for your office like you want”. He knew I was excited about it so I will take him up on it and get a brand new one. Mom offered to pay for a new one for me, but that didn’t make sense. So I’m ordering my new one. And so it works out great because this way I’ll be able to get one to match my current furniture. I’m grateful to have a supportive spouse.

He has also agreed for us to do some upgrades on the kitchen once the flooring is paid for. And we are also in agreement to drop the cable and do streaming, so we’ll be working on that project soon doing some research and pricing and so forth.

I am happy to say that despite how busy we have been, I’m doing a pretty good job toward my 2022 goals. I’m making strides in a lot of areas and we have 75% of the year left! 😉

Oh not only was the Easter items found but I found my pink jacket. It was at work! I was so happy to see it.

I’m very behind on this week’s “to do” items though. I’ve been using my iPhone reminder app and it’s worked perfectly for me. But Monday night, I just needed some time to sit and drink a glass of wine and read and just chill before we set into our couple time of dinner and a movie or show which we do every night. It’s our thing. Our one and a half hours of the day we spend together.

And so I have a mounting list of items that need to be tackled. Last night was hair cut. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to get some things done. It is supposed to storm today.

Anyway, that is about all I know. I am feeling so much better these days. Every time I say that the devil tries to knock me down at the knees but then God makes it better again – sometimes even better than before.

Praying Out Loud!

I’ve been spending my morning drive time talking OUT LOUD to God. When I cross over the lake, it’s His turn. lol. I’ve really spit out some angry stuff – just getting it ALL OUT! I had not realized the power of praying out loud. The devil himself must be very frightened. lol It’s very cathartic. I talk to God like he is a friend, a father, a savior, and just whatever I need at the moment. WOW! That is all I can say.

George has been battling an ugly sinus infection this week from being out in the yard. It happens to him a couple of times a year now. Even though he consumes some local honey. He has not felt well this week. He felt the worst on Sunday. I knew he was quiet. He’s feeling better but still struggling to breath through his nose and deal with it.

Ok I’m going to work. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. I want to go hurry and get ready and see if I can’t get to work before all this rain comes! I’ll be back on Friday morning I think. I’ll work on video work tomorrow. I’m pretty far along on this next one so it’ll be ready to upload before long. Final Cut has been much easier and more enjoyable this time around, and much less frustrating so I’m getting around the curve – enough to easily get videos done like I want them. I have only touched the surface of what it can actually do but to be able to get them done and how I want them done, is good at this point.

Ya’ll have a good week and let me know what you are up to!!!

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’m sitting here with the sun shining through the window and it’s lovely and warm, then I find your Blog making even my heart warm to know that your feeling better and that you’ve had your hair cut. I’m only sorry that for some reason the photos don’t show up, maybe you will put a page on Facebook and I will see you then…I’m pleased that your getting a new filing cabinet the one you can personally choose….look forward to seeing it in place. You ask what we are up to this week….well not a lot, my car is in use as a taxi service I took a lady from church this morning for her Covid booster jab she was pleased as she doesn’t drive. Then this afternoon a friend came with her husband to collect a single mattress and the bedding that went with it, also lots of duvet covers and sheets that Mary gathered together and some towels….They are sharing their home with a family of refugees from Ukraine who are arriving Saturday…They are having a Mum, eldest Son 16 and three little ones 6/4/2 plus a baby !! Some commitment for them but so desperately needed. Anything we had we were delighted to help ….we also gave them an envelope that we put some money in to give them as they are arriving with only the things they are standing in…friends have given Margaret and Peter some clothes mostly for the little ones but as I said to Margaret it would be nice for them to have some money of their own to buy things THEY want…..Tomorrow I have the church cafe in the morning and in the afternoon Mary and I have our Booster Covid over 75 vaccination…….That’s me for this week….God Bless

    • I put the hair cut pics and toilet pics – lol- on Facebook last night. So nice of everyone to help those from Ukraine. You have been busy! And all doing Gods work too- so wonderful!

  2. Wow! That is a great haircut. It’s like after all this time “they” finally got what you were asking for! Very becoming on you.

  3. ❤️ LOVE the hair!!
    That’s a good length and I think you will be able to work with that cut. Nice and flattering. 😍
    I like the potty light.
    Your office is all yours again. A new filing cabinet of your choice will be the icing on the cake.
    A rainy blah week here in the mountains. But there has to be some sun somewhere. Right?
    I’m sure you are getting compliments on your new “do” today. Enjoy 😉

  4. I like the new haircut. I know it will feel much better this summer! I am heading out for
    a manicure. I get my hair cut next week. Self-care is so important. It helps me feel better.

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