A Modern Haircut, A Lighted Toilet, and A New Filing Cabinet

Good morning! Got the hair cut. Love it. I went in showing her the cut I wanted but I told her I needed layers. And the back was heavy and I said “at this point, I just want a cute cut”. She asked me several questions and said that she wanted to make sure I had a cut that went with my face. She was careful to make sure she went with my goals in mind. She said she wanted to go much shorter – so we did. She said it would look a little different from the pic I showed her. It looked very different. But it ended up being one of the exact cuts that I had liked in the beginning, lol! And because I prayed over this (it takes a long time to grow your hair out), I completely put my trust in her scissors. She cut it very professionally and different from anyone I’ve ever seen.

Here is the BEFORE:


Keep in mind you cannot begin to know how heavy the back is. I mean three or four big fists full of hair in the lower back. Even the hair stylist (they all say it) said “oh my gosh woman you have a lot of hair on your head”. It’s thin at the top but oh so heavy. So I loved the feeling of the lightness when she was finished.

And here is AFTER:


I had fun doing a little photo shoot. Keep in mind it’s the end of the day, make up worn off from the 5 o’clock hour.

Now, take stock because it will likely not look like this again, lol! She did a lot to it to get it so straight and it had a lot of body. I’m not going to spend that time on my hair in the mornings because I like to blog and enjoy my coffee, do a devo and rush out the door. But I can see that I’ll probably be able to at least make it presentable. I will TAKE IT! I’m so happy to get rid of all the hair! I think I proved yet again that I do best and look best in a shorter hair style. Some people will say my hair was short to begin with. And yes it was a long bob but the hair, oh my gosh – I have to have layers. It will look completely different tomorrow most likely. But that is ok. I love the way it feels! The long bangs on the side got on my nerves by bed time so I will likely stick a pin in it, lol! It always goes back to whatever you had before after about two weeks anyway, lol. Gravity and we just can’t take time to style it like they do for 30 minutes!

I loved the new salon though! Imagine my glee when she said “would you like a glass of wine?”. It was very cold and very good.

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

When I got home I also squealed with joy. I actually screamed! George had bought me a potty light because I said I liked his and wanted one. I figured he would mental note it for Christmas but he bought it and surprised me now. The light comes on when you walk in the room (if it’s dark).

It warmed my heart that Hubby would give me a toilet light, lol. He totally missed my gleeful delighted scream as he had his headphones on recording music.

Other happenings:

The Calm app. I’m enjoying checking in every night. I get an alert asking me how I feel. It will also show you your history. It only takes a sec. It’s kinda fun to asses yourself and ask “good question, how do I feel”. There are other things you can listen to on the app – free things after your mood check in, to help with whatever your mood is but I never have time for that as we are usually watching a show.

Someday I’ll listen to those when I have “the audio time”. Audio time is hard to come by for things like that. It is short enough you can’t listen in the car, loud enough you can’t listen when around others unless you have ear plugs in, and you need to be able to concentrate on what it’s saying, so it’s not like you can listen at work (I do listen to music though at work).

The File Cabinet

Back when Mom moved, she said she no longer wanted her filing cabinet and was getting rid of it. Excitedly I said I’ll take it. I have a metal one downstairs and also a plastic one upstairs as the metal one is just so far down in the basement. I knew when I put my office together – we spent so much money on my Mac, my office journaling chair and table, and I spend some money making my videos and the software for it. So a wooden filing cabinet – I didn’t ask for. So when we moved her we moved it here. And I was even more excited over that than the new china cabinet. Finally this week we moved the bed out of the office and this weekend was going to move the wooden filing cabinet to my office for my files, along with a little black book case we had down there.

So Monday I get a call from Mom asking for the filing cabinet back as she needs it now. What are you going to say? It was hers to begin with and yes she gave it to me, but was I going to say No. NO way. So we have to somehow get it back to her house. George thinks it will fit in the RAV4.

I told George about it and he said, “First of all before we do anything, you buy yourself a filing cabinet for your office like you want”. He knew I was excited about it so I will take him up on it and get a brand new one. Mom offered to pay for a new one for me, but that didn’t make sense. So I’m ordering my new one. And so it works out great because this way I’ll be able to get one to match my current furniture. I’m grateful to have a supportive spouse.

He has also agreed for us to do some upgrades on the kitchen once the flooring is paid for. And we are also in agreement to drop the cable and do streaming, so we’ll be working on that project soon doing some research and pricing and so forth.

I am happy to say that despite how busy we have been, I’m doing a pretty good job toward my 2022 goals. I’m making strides in a lot of areas and we have 75% of the year left! 😉

Oh not only was the Easter items found but I found my pink jacket. It was at work! I was so happy to see it.

I’m very behind on this week’s “to do” items though. I’ve been using my iPhone reminder app and it’s worked perfectly for me. But Monday night, I just needed some time to sit and drink a glass of wine and read and just chill before we set into our couple time of dinner and a movie or show which we do every night. It’s our thing. Our one and a half hours of the day we spend together.

And so I have a mounting list of items that need to be tackled. Last night was hair cut. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to get some things done. It is supposed to storm today.

Anyway, that is about all I know. I am feeling so much better these days. Every time I say that the devil tries to knock me down at the knees but then God makes it better again – sometimes even better than before.

Praying Out Loud!

I’ve been spending my morning drive time talking OUT LOUD to God. When I cross over the lake, it’s His turn. lol. I’ve really spit out some angry stuff – just getting it ALL OUT! I had not realized the power of praying out loud. The devil himself must be very frightened. lol It’s very cathartic. I talk to God like he is a friend, a father, a savior, and just whatever I need at the moment. WOW! That is all I can say.

George has been battling an ugly sinus infection this week from being out in the yard. It happens to him a couple of times a year now. Even though he consumes some local honey. He has not felt well this week. He felt the worst on Sunday. I knew he was quiet. He’s feeling better but still struggling to breath through his nose and deal with it.

Ok I’m going to work. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. I want to go hurry and get ready and see if I can’t get to work before all this rain comes! I’ll be back on Friday morning I think. I’ll work on video work tomorrow. I’m pretty far along on this next one so it’ll be ready to upload before long. Final Cut has been much easier and more enjoyable this time around, and much less frustrating so I’m getting around the curve – enough to easily get videos done like I want them. I have only touched the surface of what it can actually do but to be able to get them done and how I want them done, is good at this point.

Ya’ll have a good week and let me know what you are up to!!!

Short Hair Cut, Paula Deen’s Nashville, and a Fever Side Effect

Ok so here’s the hair cut. I love it’s simplicity. And this is without a “filter”. I look better with a filter as I have on no make up here on my face. But I will show you the real me. I recently saw where a couple of people made fun of those who use filters and one of them was bragging about how she never had to use one because her natural beauty shone through. LOL.

My first thoughts were: “The fall is hard from a prideful haughty spirit” and the 2nd thought was “Beauty is sometimes only skin deep”. And the third thing I thought was “How unkind those words were to those like me that look better with a filter” as I had a lot of trouble with acne in my teen years. And the 4th thing I thought was “God seeks revenge on those that are unkind and make fun of others”. And my 5th thought was “Bless her heart!”. ha! And the 6th thought was “I’ll keep using filters if I wanna as it doesn’t matter what an ice queen thinks”! And my 7th thought was “I’m no better b/c I just called this person an Ice Queen” and then I had to repent.

The cut feels sooooo good. I should have done it sooner.

Paula Deen’s / Nashville

So, Thursday, a coworker (my immediate boss) and I went to Paula Deen’s as it is in our area. We had never been. Normally this would be packed but in Covid times has left it a bit thin in numbers. Plus it is a bit pricey at $18.99 per plate, the least plate in the house. The menu is currently limited. The online version of the menu showed you could order by plate but that was not the case when we got there. All that said, the food was great. Of course it was no Buffett style like the one I went to years ago in Savannah. I’m sure the COVID times have squandered that. But they had Southern Family style serving which is to bring bowls and platters to the table for all to eat “family style”. Well ok. So that is what we did only we pretty much separated our food. There are no to go plates b/c of the fact that it is “all you can eat” of said items. So we wasted food and had to leave what we didn’t eat on the table to be thrown away. I really wish there was a system that if it’s your first and only serving you can take to go orders. But no.

So would we go back? You betcha. The catfish was awesome. I had the grilled chicken and that was awesome too. And you get a free dessert, but….even for that price the tea was not free and we had to pay for that. I got the unsweet peach tea and it was divine!

I made a mental note to go back and Christmas shop here as there were some nice things in the gift shop. We didn’t have a lot of time to peruse it as we were on the lunch hour but we did a little walk through.

Here was my view at lunch that day. Wide windows and a view of Opry Mills Mall in the distance. This Paula Deen Restaurant also sits beside the General Jackson Showboat, which gives you entertainment, dinner, cocktails as you wind the way down the Cumberland River. George and I did that several years ago on our anniversary.

The restaurant is a gorgeous place with lots of “chandelier” type lighting and big flower vases. We woofed our food down and I didn’t get pics, but I did get the bread. It was “out of this world”.

Normally, in cafeteria or “meat N 3” restaurants in the South, you do not see alcohol served. I was impressed that they included the local breweries. It was not on tap but in cans, etc. And the variety of teas was extra special. I can’t wait to take Mom and George here.

I saved my desert for later in the afternoon. It was just the right amount and they DID let us take the dessert to go. Thank goodness. I got the banana pudding, if you couldn’t tell.

We’ve had the sunroom open some this week. And I noticed just how pretty and green the yard is looking out the sunroom window. I took this photo b/c I like the colors, the spikey plant, the little rag doll, and the binoculars. This is just a cozy setting to me. I love it when I catch myself admiring a “spot” in the house that I have put together. There are so many eyesores it seems, so when you get good “chi” it’s always a good thing.

George brought in some lavender from outside. I’m not sure I know what to do with it. Make lavender bouquets? I’m not always very crafty in that way, nor do I have time, but we’ll see? Let me know any ideas you have.

So this little boy Roger, was just beside himself Thursday night as George had a guys night meet up with Ron and Jack that he used to work with at Ron’s house. He got home about 10:30 and I normally go to sleep at 9:00 or 9:30. Of course I couldn’t sleep til he got home and then Roger was howling b/c his Dad was not home yet. I would NOT put him in bed with me b/c I knew he would not stay there. I didn’t want him to break a leg.

Here is his howling in the video below. It’s at the beginning of the video so once he stops there’s nothing else on there. You can stop watching. I didn’t clip it. It’s such a sad howl. It was hard to capture as when I would video he would stop and I only barely got some of it. I felt sorry for him. Above you can see where he is looking for George but he is not finding him. At last they had a grand reunion once he did get home and then we could all sleep. When I do girls night, I’m home at 8:00 just saying! I did cook dinner for him though and it was waiting on him when he got home. Had I known it would have been soooo late, I’d have stopped and got something to eat for myself. Never dreamed he would be that late. But he said that they caught up, laughed, and had a big time.

My Reaction to the Shot

Well, I got my shot Thursday at 5:40 p.m. I was restless Thursday night overnight, with just random pains and aches in different spots. I didn’t sleep well at all.

Friday morning, I was moving slow, had to drink coffee BEFORE I could even get in the shower. I debated about going to work as I really wanted to go back to bed, but I didn’t have a fever and I needed to go and get some things done for payroll related matters to prep for next week. I also need my PTO time. And I never like to wake up and just call in. On Friday’s I also have to sign checks and it really messes things up if the alternate is not there. I didn’t know her schedule so I pushed forward.

I began to feel worse and worse. I was trying to push through but after I got the most important things done I just made the decision that I had no choice. I was miserable and at that point could think of nothing else. Our thermometer at work usually registers me at 95 lol, so it wouldn’t know a fever if you lit a candle under it. I figured if it showed normal I probably had one. My eyes began to get dizzy – well you know that feeling that you get when you start to get a fever? If you move your head too fast you feel dizzy and fuzzy. I get that way when it hits 100.

So I went home and on the way there I thought I could not stand it until I could get in bed. I listed the things I had to do before I could get there. Pull in garage, pull myself upstairs, change Roger’s diaper and give him a snack, go potty, take my temp, change into jammies, text George and let him know, then crash.

Crash I did. I woke up two hours later with 102! It got up to 103 and I got scared and took acetaminophen. At that point my knee caps were about aching off. That was weird. It was like my knee cap was about to give birth. It hurt. I’ve never had a fever hurt so much. The acetaminophen knocked the pain out and took the fever down to 100.

So this morning, I feel more normal. My fever is down to 100 now even after it’s been several hours with no acetaminophen. The last one was at 4:00 a.m. I was so tired of the bed! I kinda feel like the fever is breaking as I woke up in a sweat.

Anyway, I had been warned this could happen. Some of my coworkers experienced this and others did not. I was hoping it would not bother me so bad. But I’m glad that is over and I hope the fever does not return today. At least I feel 10 times better. I can sit and do this blog entry where as yesterday I would not have been able to sit here and type anything worth reading.

My little buddy slept in his bed beside my bed yesterday. At 4:00 he began his howling because he knows his Daddy comes home. Funny how they just know – I guess by the sun. George came home and mowed. Roger howled the entire time, even when I showed him I was here. He knew it was time for his Dad to be inside. Finally he felt the vibration of the garage door when George shut it down for the night and his Dad came through the door. Happy dog to have him here the rest of the night.

It’s a God Thing!

Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you! You know the cot I need for my office so I can sleep in here when Mom comes? I was going to order that Thursday night. Well Thursday during the day, we got an email that there were cot bases they were going to give away at work – due to a plant move. Can you believe it? The exact day! Heck yeah! So my boss let me go over and get one before they were gone. While there they gave me some foam that had been constructed that was not the right size and unusable and they said they were giving that away too if I wanted it, but it would have to be cut. George thinks he can cut it to fit the cot. So I saved $300 ish. I was so excited. What timing. This only can be a God thing! So I’ll be working on the office “again”. lol

Much to do this weekend as normal. I’ll post my to do list tomorrow. Did pretty good this week though. Although I’m moving kinda slow today, as long as the fever is below 100, I can function. So I think this is passing.

Did any of you do this on your 2nd shot? I think it’s worth it though. So we can begin to live somewhat of a normal life. I requested a lifting of the mask mandate at work because most have had their shots that are going to get it. The rest are basically saying “I don’t want it and will take my chances”. And so we should not have to continue to wear the masks at work if we are fully vaccinated and beyond 2 weeks as CDC recommends. And certainly not have to continue to wear masks just because others don’t want to get it. Let them wear the masks. Just sayin’. I’m done with the masks after two weeks of this vaccine. I’ve paid my dues. I’ve complied. Now Let me free! I can hear them now though, the one that wants to not wear masks is the one that left with a fever! ha. Can’t you just hear ’em now? But it was a side effect of the shot, but you know how people love to talk and make issue of things. I’m no fool. I know how it goes down. But again, I’m done with the masks now that I’m fully vaccinated.

Mother’s Day Update, Contract on Mom’s House, and Upcoming Hair Cut

We had a nice Mom’s day. A few more errands to run and George had booked us a Mother’s Day Buffet at MoCara’s in Lebanon which used to be one of our favorite restaurants until they shut down in Covid. Now they do catering and events only. It’s an event venue now. Hoping the restaurant comes back, especially as we will be spending more time in Lebanon. We were already spending time in Lebanon anyway before Mom picked a house to be built there. We are on the edge of Mount Juliet and Mom is on the edge of Lebanon so we are going to be 15 min away once the house is built. I’ve grown to love that area more and more.

Here was a pic I took inside MoCara’s. There were people all around but there was this one spot I felt comfortable taking a pic of.

In true Tennessee fashion, we had a build up of storms that came across in 3 waves across the day. Our radar has been lit up like this off an on all spring. I’ve mentioned before that I’m just “over it”. We have paid our dues! We managed to avoid having to drive in the big storms but here was a snapshot at the radar Sunday evening. Gotta love the Macy’s underwear ad at the bottom, LOL. Go figure.

Spring Storms Continued on Mother’s Day

My gift from Katy came in yesterday. A coffee “tea towel” and a shower spritzer tablet which I used this morning and it made my shower smell so good.

Are You Ready for the News? Contract on Mom’s House!

Mom got 6, maybe 7 offers on the house – I think one came in at the last minute. All or most of them I believe were over asking price. And two of them were SIGNIFICANTLY OVER the asking price, one was cash and one was not – one was with home inspection and one was not. Mom decided which she would take. It was a different choice than George and I would have taken, but she had to pick as it was her decision and she has a good argument for the one she picked. So we were all pleased.

I had tears in my eyes when I saw the offers. The Lord answered our prayers. He is taking care of Mom and seeing that she has what she needs to make this move and to be able to meet her needs. I shed a few tears at the numbers and that God was seeing Mom through. I also shed tears as I know it was a hard day for Mom. While she keeps saying she knows she has to do this and it was her choice, it’s still the place she shared with Dad and had many memories. So a bitter sweet day for sure.

So we are ON to the next steps of planning as we have an idea of closing date and date to be out of the house. We will be reserving a cargo van – if we can get one to increase our load capacity. The packing can now get serious as the house doesn’t have to show anymore so long as this contract sticks. And we can schedule the storage unit now. And begin to see how big of a U-Haul we will need.

We also have to schedule the “Plan Review” on Mom’s new house. We think it will be Monday and this one can be on Zoom. I’ve told them any time and we’ll just let that be our lunch hour. I’ll have to see what time they give us but it needs to be Monday or Tuesday and Tuesday is my payroll closing day so that is not good for me. I mean I could stay later by an hour or come in early – I could make it work if I had to, but it makes it harder of a day as Monday is so much better. I just don’t want the headache of having to deal with it Tuesday. It’s best to just focus on payrolls on Tuesday.

Misc Updates

I bought this sign – the “home sweet home” sign. It comes with 4 different messages. The slip in and out of the side. I was so happy with this find at Tractor Supply for $16.99. I used the ship to store method and didn’t have to pay shipping on it. I wanted it to make Mom feel more special as she stays with us while waiting for her house to be built. I want her to feel welcome here for the time she is here with us and I want it to be a special time for her. I want us to have fun, eat well, laugh often, and be worry free, anxiety free, and we get to enjoy having another dog in the house. Fancy is up there in years. But not in as bad of shape as Roger.

Roger has intensely been sleeping a lot more lately. For two days he has hardly walked, but slept. 😦

He had a little bit of energy when we got home last night. He ate and then crawled back in the bed. I need to wash his blankets again and refresh them for him. I will focus on that tonight.

George fixed little pizzas last night using Naan bread crusts. Oh my gosh they were so incredibly good. They were pepperoni and green pepper.

We have continued to watch “Designated Survivor” and will continue until it is finished. Just a few more shows. Then we will find another to get caught up in. What do you like watching on Netflix?

I get my hair cut tomorrow after work. I’m going shorter! Significantly shorter. I just don’t have the styling time and I need a cut I can just blow dry and go. I’m having to put mine in barrettes and it doesn’t work well. It’s so thick in the back. I’ve taken several screen shots of the ones I like but I’m thinking something like this:

Or like this

I just want to do away with the bob for now and then let it grow back again. I always enjoy the growing out stage from a cut like above to the bob again. And I will schedule the follow up cut for 12 weeks. lol. It seems that it does better when letting it grow out some and cutting it again rather than continuing to keep it shaped. I don’t know why. My only explanation I can think of is that it just gets too choppy with too many layers and as it grows it thickens and just looks better.

This one is nice too but not sure my hair will do exactly that. And honestly not sure I want that much stacking going on in the back. So I won’t show my hair stylist this one so she doesn’t get confused. But I like the sides and top. The stacking thing does not style as well on the sides when it grows out. So I nix this one but I do like body this has below. I’m ok with going back to 90’s hair styles. lol. I just want one that works. I don’t want a “birds nest” though and I don’t really want curls either. Nor frizz. But a cute short cut seems to be back in style some. I’ve been seeing people get them as they come out of Covid.

Here’s a pic of me as I grew out of a shorter cut but before it went into the bob stage.

Makes me want to color my hair again! But I likely will not.

Whatever cut I get, I figure it’ll end up being like the above. I always end up with a Laura Bush cut as that is just how my hair does. lol

Video update? Yep, it’s almost finished. I just have to go through it one more time and check audio levels and lighting levels, do the thumbnail and post. I think I’ll have it up and loaded by the weekend. Yippee Yay. Warning though. It’s about 22 minutes. That is about all I could cut for the video to make sense. So get your popcorn ready and your patience, lol.

Then I’ll need to go through and set up some more video files. I have lots of videos to do, but my iPhone photo/video file is getting full and I need to drag them over and get some off my phone!

Ya’ll have a good Tuesday. Be back in a couple of days. It works well to share video/blog time in the mornings – every other day. That way I get my video fix in.

Take care. Thanks for reading my updates!