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The gift of having a Saturday with no obligations has become a rare thing around here and I was blessed at having such a day. George had asked of our schedule a couple of weeks ago what we had planned and said “let’s don’t plan anything for that weekend”. So I kept Saturday pure and clean and nothing on it. Sunday we had to get out for church would probably take Mom to get something to eat and a store run. So when she asked us to have chili at her house after church I accepted so we’ll do that. But it’s been wonderful yesterday to have the gift of a day off. It had been three weeks!

I had a lot built up to do here to catch up and to get ahead. Maybe that should be my motto, “catch up and get ahead” – lol. I began the day with coffee. The video went live yesterday (see yesterday’s post for link). I always post the links on social media when it goes out there. Honestly my heart was not in that one. But I did the best I could with the coverage I had and with what I could find in my photos for what happened at that period of time. I think I have one more video (maybe two though considering how foot footage) before Dexter. My appearance has been yuk as I try to find the hairstyle for me as it goes through this salt/pepper stage. And just not wearing a lot of makeup. But I refuse to color it anymore. I don’t want the chemicals in my body and I don’t have time for the upkeep. So looking at me in those videos I was so disappointed and also I need to lose gobs of weight.

I’m considering taking a break on the videos through the holidays – although I hate to do it – to spend any spare time – which won’t be much – on starting a new way of doing the videos. It will take a while to get it going as it will have to be more scripted, more planned, more intentional, but it would be more helpful and more interesting I think. I will do these next few videos and then decide from there what to do. It’s just time to take the videos to the next level. This whole thing has been an experiment and a learning game. I’ve learned a lot but I’m ready to move forward with some things and try some new experiments. I will still have pieces of our lives mingled in but want the videos to have more meaning and be more of a help than just about our lives. But thanks to those that watched it. It was George’s day to get to go on the Brew Hop. And he enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too, but wonder if there is a Nashville Shop Hop Bus? lol

I have just missed reading, puzzling, computer games and other types of relaxing as I’ve felt I needed to try and meet my goal of having a video every two weeks. YouTube suggests weekly or even twice a week for them to suggest you. Crazy huh? You almost can’t do that unless you are unemployed. So I am going to step back some and just video as I can after these next few. It’s one thing if you are enjoying it but when it becomes a chore, then it has done just that. I DO enjoy doing it and I DO want to continue it but I will have to develop the new way of doing it and get into a new rhythm with that in 2023. I need the rest of the year to plan and prep. But I will continue until we get to Dexter! 😉

So What did I do with my day yesterday?

Well, I got the remaining tub of fall clothes out. I used to have two, but I’ve dwindled it down. It seems like there should be one more but for the life of me I can’t recall anything that is missing. I think normally I put my scarves up and some of my winter shoes and purses but I never had time to pack them this past year and now I have room for them so I just left them out. And so I really only needed to pack 1 box of summer stuff back. I put in my tee shirts (keeping some heavier favorites out), and some less favored sandals and summer shoes and summer purses. I kept favorite sandals out and put in a little basket atop the shelf in my closet for early spring wearing before I get that spring and summer tub out.

As for my clothes, I started hanging sweatshirts and I just swap seasonal things back and forth between my bedroom and office closet. Bedroom is current season and office is off season and I honestly switch it back and forth as I start to need things.

I’m glad to get the scarves easy to reach. I’m a big scarf person. Often these take the place of sweaters and jackets in keeping me warm. I tossed a few on to Good Will that I rarely wear that style.

I’ve also missed being able to care for my household, organize it, and love on it. So in 2023 I want to a better job of taking time to organize pantries or cabinets and jewelry armoires (that’s a project I didn’t get to this year), or organize the basement (that was a project also). I miss being able to do these things.

What else did I do?

  • Christmas shopped – I got a LOT done. It was an expensive Saturday. But I’m trying to finish earlier this year. This took most of the morning.
  • I cleared out Final Cut Pro and updated the Mac. I never do a major system update until I finish with a video, lol.
  • I updated all my apps on iPhone and iMac too as I forget to do that.
  • I vacuumed all over the house.
  • I did all the laundry except I need to fold the last load. And probably need to wash Dexter’s blanket and my shower mat. I’ll do that this afternoon.
  • Tried on some winter jeans and most fit as I swapped out my fall/winter clothes and summer clothes. I think I’ve gained a little so the smaller pair of jeans did not work any longer. They were already tight when I bought the newer ones and the new ones still fit fine.
  • Reorganized my closet/shoe cabinet/baskets for dressing quickly in the mornings.
  • I worked some on the puzzle.
  • Worked in the kitchen some.
  • Cleaned up after the dog as always.
  • Emptied trash cans across the house.
  • Took a page long “mind dump” and cross referenced it with to do lists and/or did it!

George fixed salmon for dinner on a bed of rice along with corn and roasted broccoli.

We have a lot going on this week.

Today we are heading to church and having chili with Mom afterward. On my to do list for today I have: look for some important documents, order some photos of River and Dexter, do ironing, restock my work bag for tomorrow, get a few grocery needs for the week, do the bucket list for fall/winter, update ipad, vitamins in their case, family birthdays, begin working on a gift box for a special person, begin using my new calendar and transferring everything over, cleaning the sunroom.

So as you can see there was a lot I have to do before starting the work week.

This week. I have a hair cut Tues night. And I’m going shorter.

These are the photos I clipped so far. I like this one for the front. A messy short. Almost a pixie but not dove the ears.

And the back to look something like this.

It won’t turn out anything near like that as my hair and the stylists efforts likely will not comply, but will at least shoot for that. I’m just tired of the bob and the layered bob and ready to do something else for a while then I’ll go back to the bob again, lol. I have done this all my life.

So speaking (writing) of hair, I need to go do my hair now for church.

But oh! Dexter gets his little snip snip on Thursday and I have a PTO day on Friday to take care of him. Then next weekend is Fancy’s trim and Mom’s day out for breakfast and we get our toes done. Next Sunday she wants us to go to a thing Sunday afternoon and evening in her neighborhood for which I will bake a cake and so likely I will not get to go to church on Sunday morning to be able to get our laundry done, grocerying done, and get this cake made and do things here. I will have Friday and that will help.

I hope you all have a great day and I’ll be back soon.

What did you all do this weekend?

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  1. Oh my Sonya, you have me quite exhausted when I read about everything you manage to pack into your weekend…then I begin to feel guilty/sad when I think of how little I am able to do now. Mind you even when I was young I don’t think I ever did as much as you do over a weekend. I’m glad though that your able to keep going. I think your idea of having a wee while to rethink your Vlog it’s lay out etc. it’s no good doing its if you don’t enjoy it and get something out of it. Maybe when you restart you should make a complete break with what you’ve been doing ….perhaps starting by saying……”Three months later”…..and then bringing Dexter to be introduced and follow on with whatever you’ve decided to film about etc etc….just an idea…..You know better than any of us how exhausted you get over or even before Xmas period at work. I am praying that you never get as bad as you were last year and that your bosses have got things more evenly set out…..Hope your enjoying church today and that Dexter is not to unhappy being left on his own again for the day. He really has been a great little !! dog hadn’t he…..Well I’m away now it will soon be dinner time, I’m making a chicken and pasta stir fry….oh to have George here with us great meals……I can dream LOL. God bless

    • I’m older and can’t do what I once could. And I tire quickly mentally and physically. And with more demands with our time I don’t have extra to give to work but they got extra for ten years. It will be what it will and what can’t be done in a normal FT week simply wont be done. I don’t have extra to give and I’m done worrying about it. Life’s to short and stress only causes health issues.

      Dexter has been pretty good. If I had blogged daily I’d have more stories! I get so spread thin with anything and everything I can’t go into detail or get much focus on life. It’s a life of almost “ADD” by default. I’m pulled every which way

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