Saturday’s Strange and Erratic Schedule

Friday, I had a pretty severe craving for a steak and baked potato. I don’t usually have cravings for things anymore. So when it hits, I usually allow the splurge. Although probably erroneous thinking at times, I think that giving in to a craving maybe something my body needs. So I went to Logan’s and got the smallest steak, 6 oz, that they had. It was Friday and most of the week for a couple of weeks, I had eaten at my desk. A little treat out was what my psyche needed. I just needed it to be the weekend already, with so much to do at home. I had made a lot of progress at work, starting out the week a little behind and very busy, but quickly caught up to where I should be.

Saturday was very busy. And I was anxious to get things done at home and be able to make some progress on my list, but we had a mix of appointments, visits, and a couple of fun stops. Here’s kinda how that went.

*Dropped Fancy off to Groomer’s (8:00)

*Nader’s Donut Shop (8:15 Sausage Biscuit and Apple Fritter for later). Went in and got it to go.)

*Paul and Judy’s Yard Sale (8:30 Sadly, our friends are moving to FL soon)

*Farmer’s Market (9:30 Fresh tomatoes – they didn’t have the kind of beans Mom wanted)

*Car Wash – (9:45 got Mom’s car washed at a dance team’s car wash event)

*Bone Density Test (10:15 – Yes it’s a Saturday appt – done and over with).

*Houstons Butcher Shop – (11:15 Needed some chicken for the freezer and theirs is reasonable. Got a hamburger to go with fresh ingredients and like home grilled -very thick and very good)

*Home to drop off chicken to freezer, eat burger (12:00 ish and Mom is getting concerned because they have not called for us to pick up Fancy from spa).

*George and I went back to Paul and Judy’s to get a musical item Paul talked George into buying for a good deal. (12:40 ish and thinking the spa will call soon)

*Catch 22 (1:00 for a beer while killing time waiting on Fancy – hoping they will call while we were there. They didn’t)

*Home again (2:15 ish and set into laundry and vacuuming the house and working on things in my office. Now I’m getting concerned about Fancy and called to check – went to voice mail! :-O)

*Back to Pick up Fancy (3:00 ish – Got the call finally – last time it was 10:30 a.m. when they finished is why we were worried.)

*Fix popcorn for Mom and I (4:00 ish as rain rolls in and I’m tired and dinner is 3 hours away. Watch Hurricane coverage).

*Hang out in office (5:00 p.m. and also do some more laundry, plan next week’s wardrobe, reload my weekly vitamin container, clean up a bit, download iTunes songs I’d saved the names of to add to my iTunes.)

*Dinner (7:00)

*Watch Flip Wilson (7:30 watched the DVD pick after playing a game of elimination. Don’t tell anyone but I snoozed.)

*Texted with friends (8:30 One friend has two family members sick with “the dreaded” and another who lives in the neighborhood heard a loud boom or gun fire and wondered if we did too – No I didn’t hear it, Yes George did).

*Bed (9:00 ish – Laid in bed and watched the pet videos, OCD stocking of fridges, and other funnies on Tik Tok til my eyes were so heavy they couldn’t stay open.)

Normally when I type in bullet fashion, I’m tired. But I had a good night’s sleep! Here’s some pics!

Fancy was one excited girl to get picked up. Her report card said she did good. She said hello to everyone in the lobby. And she gave me a hug in the car. We made it home just in time for the rain which mostly missed us.

George’s Cornish Hens
Cornbread Salad

So there you have it. A very busy Saturday. And you know what we are doing today? GOING NOWHERE! I was expecting to have had 1/2 of the day yesterday to get a few things done. While I made progress in sections, it was not as productive as I’d imagined. So I’m going to see if I can progress today.

Already this morning I’ve changed the sheets. I’m partially finished with cleaning up of my office. I am hoping to consolidate some notes. I am really feeling scattered as I have notes I’ve taken for about two months, maybe three – blog ideas, Christmas ideas, things to research, vlog ideas. And it’s driving me crazy having so many pieces of paper. So I’m converting it to Evernote and/or creating spreadsheets on the Mac so it’ll be across all devices. I think I started this project once not to get it finished. I have to look on my computer and see. It’s frustrating to start and stop so many projects and then try to figure out where you are when you pick up again. But I’m going nuts until I get this DONE so I can relax my thoughts and quit moving this stack around my office! lol.

As you get into your upper 50’s it’s especially important to write things down, I find. I won’t remember it later if I don’t. These lists keep me going. They keep me energized, in forward motion, and make life more fun. I like to plan and think things through. That said I’m not as complete with that as George is. He has a lot of lists that he likes to make too. A lot of what he focuses on is: our dinners, our excursions, and yard work. He also focuses on the finances and his hobbies of music and reading! Ya’ll know me and my hobbies!

I slept til 7:11 this morning. It’s 9:20 and I’m thinking I’m still not awake yet after 2 cups of coffee. So I’m going to go grab breakfast, a shower, devo, do more laundry, ironing, and then working on consolidating those lists.

Ok so I’ll do a blog tomorrow morning – that is the plan.

Are you having a good weekend? What is up with you? And what is your weather like there? Hoping none of my blog readers are in the path of this big monster below. We are supposed to get rain from it Tuesday/Wednesday.

Ok off to work (at home) and play! And tonight we have Fondue for dinner!

Sacred Saturdays and Productive Downtime

Good morning! I thought I’d jump in for a quick hello this morning. I’m excited to say I had another full day at home yesterday and that plus my day off Thursday has put my psyche in better shape, not to mention the house. It’s still not perfect and honestly I worked on other things yesterday. I mainly got my to do list for the day completed and that made me happy. I was even able to work on files and start the next video.

Saturday’s To Do List was Completed

I wore Alexa out yesterday giving her my grocery list. What started out as small has vastly increased. I wonder if she is able to carry on with the strain on her memory now, lol. Please note Mom’s medicine basket and vitamins, and Fancy’s meds in the plastic bag. And the treat basket for the dogs. I managed to store all the dog food underneath the table from Mom’s Chewey’s order. I was hoping we could eliminate the table as the kitchen looked great without it but it’s a quite useful table. You know how horizontal real estate space is. It’s in short supply and we are all itching to find some and cover it up.

I worked on my “wellness company” order which ships on the 12th. Added a couple of things for this week. And making a list of things I might add next month. I’m needing some “snacky” items so I’ll leave potato chips alone. I love a good crunch.

George has a birthday coming up, also on the 12th. I managed to get his birthday gifts wrapped. I have a few more things to add, but I’m not going to the store again until Tues night.

I also changed George’s sheets and got those washed. I ironed a few things. I have been putting off wearing my linen tops and they are so comfy in this hot weather. So I got those done and pressed some wrinkles out of some pants.

I tested the alarms in the house for their batteries for fire and carbon monoxide. I didn’t check the one downstairs though. We need to check that one too.

Restocked my vitamins for the week.

Made Brownies to take to Don & Lisa’s.

And gave George a hair cut.

And then……Yay……Got to work on my videos.

So, yeah, I’ve got the files pulled in for this video which includes St Patty’s, Mom’s Visit at Easter, and the finding of her house. So I’m feeling better about being behind. That covered a lot of the year right there. I have files for about two more videos after this one. I always want to be a little bit behind, lol. Do you know how happy this made me? Yes I’m very happy to be able to do this.

Why Do I Want to Do So Much with Such Little Time?

I guess my aspirations in life far outweigh the time I have. I was thinking about that yesterday and wondering why I have so much I want to do. What inspires me to want to do x, y, z, z1, z2, z3? lol My immediate conclusion was “because I don’t want to be bored!” I almost wanted to argue with myself. Really? That is why you put so much on the list? Well, that was my soul’s answer. I’m not sure it is a good answer. But I ALSO KNOW that I get deep satisfaction from accomplishing anything I set out to do. It gives me glee. And that’s all I really know without digging down into the surface. But there is definitely something that I enjoy about doing the videos, and creating something with the photos and video I’ve taken.

I’m looking forward to 2022 because I want to upgrade to Final Cut Pro! :-). I can do more with it and take it to the next level as far as what all I can do. iMovie is limited. But it has been great to learn from. And YouTube is great for teaching. I can have more layers within the video settings and various fonts and other things to add more special things to the videos. That said I’ve still not mastered iMovie to perfection nor done all the things with Canva that I could. But I’ve about tapped into what I wanted to do and I am finding myself wanting to do certain things now that iMovie won’t let me, so that to me is a sign I’m ready. But I know there is a bit of a learning curve. I’ve not even taken my camera lessons yet. I just keep going with the flow. I need to focus on that *somehow*. I’m going to have to push it to make it happen. I need to schedule it. But it’s like my health. I never find time to get the walking in.

BBQ Grilled Chicken by George! Love that Grilled Taste!

Much to my delight, George grilled yesterday. He has a sudden interest in grilling again and that is what delights my soul. I’ve missed grilled food. It used to be something one looked forward to as a child and a teen and other times in my life when the ingredients were gathered, the fire was started, the mouth watered. So grilled chicken and Brussel sprouts and it was so good.

He also had made homemade slaw and we had a corn salad he made. Yum yum. Dinner was excellent.

Saturday’s are Sacred

Photo by Maria Orlova on

Things are starting to feel a bit more normal now and falling into a routine with Mom and with the house now that flooring is down. The only problem I see really is that Mom is not getting out enough. And I think she has a time adjusting to our meal times.

We work all day and are ready to be home in the evenings and then on weekends I like to have at least one full day at home to get laundry, housework done, orders done, get ready for the next work week, take a glance and what all needs to be accomplished for the next week, and so forth. And then the other day is errands, grocery, going to church, or going other places. I can deal with a mix of the two if I get a “morning” time to get things done. If I’m going out in the mornings then I’m not near as productive when we come back. So Saturday morning is really critical and important for me in many ways. It’s the only day I can truly sleep until I wake up with no alarms. It’s the only day I can hang in PJ’s all morning and sip coffee.

Mom used to eat out every Saturday morning. So we are completely opposite. I cringe to think of giving up my Saturday mornings. But I can give up some. So I guess we just have to plan it. I also do not eat big meals at the beginning of the day anymore. So we have that difference. It’s not like I can’t periodically though as I love breakfast. I just like to wait til I’m hungry to eat it though. Mom likes to eat with a few minutes of getting up. I probably don’t eat until after I’ve been up 3 or 4 hours. I get up in the 4 a.m. hour and eat around 8 at my desk at work. And it’s never a huge deal.

So Mom on the other hand sits here all day and is ready to get out and go somewhere. She is not driving up here so she can’t get out safely by herself. She can’t see anyway so it’s really a blessing that she is not driving so she doesn’t hurt herself or anyone else.

She skipped church last week and we really didn’t have appointments this week so she likely is stir crazy. She laid down yesterday simply because “there was nothing else to do” she said.

Getting Mom Out of the House

So we have a lot of things going on this week that she will get out of the house for. Then she will likely be ready for a rest. Church, eating, and appointments seems all that she really wants to do. She doesn’t get anything out of shopping anymore – mainly cannot see I guess. She can’t walk very far either as it seems to hurt her to get up and move at all some times. I hear her saying “whew” over and over as if it has just taken all of her energy to get across the room.

So we have church today, George’s birthday outings this week, and her eye appointment on Friday. We will then plan an excursion one Saturday for breakfast out and a couple of other stops and take her on a tour of Lebanon. But she really doesn’t seem to want to be out for very long.

That is the only thing we need to work on I guess is making sure that she gets out some. This past week has been exceptional though being that we had the flooring put down and just really needed to be home more. The fact that she skipped church didn’t help. Anyway, like anything, we’ll keep trying to perfect to what she needs just like we do for what we need.

So we invited her to go with us today to D & L’s but the length of the day I think was going to be too much for her and she is not exactly a social butterfly. So I think she prefers to be home much of the time anyway. Like I said she mainly just wants to go out and eat and to church. I think this move and change has taken a lot out of her. I also think she is sad about the whole thing. I know she is looking forward to her house, but I’m sure she is worried over her heart and overall health and the ability to keep living on her own. And well, that is another story for another day and another venue.

Ok so over an out. Going for some pool time and friend time after taking Mom to church and through a drive through of her choice. Looking forward to seeing our friends!

Shopping Again, Easter Decor, and my Furry Friends

Just a quick pop in to say good morning before diving into the day. It’s a BUMPY little start to the day. Storms all around, mainly with lightning, but enough to get severe t’storm warnings.

Yesterday at work went pretty fast. Got a lot done there and went out for lunch at Logan’s for a salmon Caesar salad. It was heavenly. I like to get away for lunch as it gives me some thinking and planning time. Got my planning done for Mom’s visit with us on the Easter weekend. We are cooking part of the time and going out some too. I also made my list for the weekend of things I need to get done and wrote up my grocery list and all. That was productive. I hate going into a busy weekend knowing I have things to do but if I don’t have my list made I end up being a “feather in the wind”. BTW, I found a cute animated “feather in the wind” for the end of my videos. I don’t know if you noticed it in the last one. But I thought it was cute. I am often like a feather in the wind, but have to reign myself in! LOL.

It’s getting LOUD out there! And it is supposed to storm all day and all night, with some of the worst stuff this afternoon and in the overnight. I don’t like it when it storms at night. I don’t like anything messing with my sleep. LOL

Shopping at the Home Store

I got the idea at the end of the day, that I wanted to stop at the Dollar Store and also the Home Store to see if there were any inexpensive Easter decor I could set about. I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME! Do you know how much I miss shopping and hopping about? Everyone else was out too.

Sometimes I take pics of things I like but didn’t buy. This vase would be cute to put flowers in.

I don’t have a need for any more beachy things but I LOVED THE SAYING! So often I’ve gone to the beach, left the world behind, and come back with a renewed spirit, and always always always wanting to do more of the same! How can I live at the beach? lol. How can I move here? And so forth. Love being around the water!

I came home and unpacked my goodies. I’m looking forward to setting them about today as I do some cleaning.

It’s not much but enough to set about to give a Spring and Eastery feel! Looking forward to setting it all out.

Personalized Coffee

The new coffee came in. It’s pretty good. It has the undertones listed. I think I can taste it sometimes but mostly it tastes just like really good dark bold coffee. There are no flavors as such. I was worried about that. I would not be a fan of flavored coffee as they call it. But the “undertones” have a hint of flavor. Think of it like wine. I love my wine but I can never identify the flavor notes, lol. We mostly just make fun of those that can by sticking our noses up in the air, sniffing, rolling it around and saying “mmmmm that tastes good”. LOL

Little Bit hung out with us this morning as the storms began rolling through. And it’s official. I’ve asked God to bring me another furry faced little lap dog to love me. I miss having a little follower. I know we probably really don’t need another one right now so I’ll try to hold off until after we get a few trips to see Grandson under our belt so we can fly. Either that or the next one we have to get used to boarding. I just can’t bare to break a little pets heart by boarding though. That is the problem.

I love my Saturday’s and immediately after my prayers for an animal to love me….I was joined by these two. I’m honored that Roger is seeking me out lately and that Little Bit does too.

Little Bit STANDS on the PROMISES of GOD!

And plants himself firmly in the Word!

Ok so that is all I have today. I am officially kicking in the BUSY time to get the following done:

Today’s Clean up:

  • Clean up bedroom
  • Surface clean (windexing, cleaning counters, dusting)
  • Vacuuming
  • Laundry
  • Iron/wardrobe for the Work week ready
  • Clean up my Office
  • Put out Easter Decor
  • Clean up Sunroom
  • Check for Grocery items (what we have/don’t have) of the recipes I’m making next weekend.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do some of my OTHER to do List too! We’ll see. I’ll try to share pics as fun things happen today. Yeah I know I’m cleaning. But I like to make things fun!

Have a blast of a day yourself! What are you doing today on this fine Saturday? And pray for our storms to subside as it could get bad later. Risk for tornadoes. ::Sigh::