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We had a fabulous day at home yesterday. I got up early instead of sleeping in because these days I have two days of stuff to work into one day. Just grateful to have a Saturday at home. That usually doesn’t happen. We usually have about 5 or 6 hours to get all the stuff done we need to if we are gone most of the weekend. So yeah, I had about three weekends of stuff built up. And so did George.

I did the obvious things such as our laundry, tidying up the kitchen, refilling dog supplies, picking out the clothes for next week, and got the Amazon order done. We opened up all the windows in the house and the blinds and let the awesome breeze come in and air the house. I moved my journaling chair to the bedroom. I’d been wanting a chair there that was comfortable. It makes the room seem small. I needed my table back for the office (b/c of the dog) so I can have some room to put Christmas presents on. I’m running out of room in my closet. And the dog gets into things that are not put up. (Having a part beagle/golden retriever really means you need to have lots of shelving in every room. If I could do that I would, but it’s not feasible at this point. lol

I got all the rooms vacuumed except for the living room and sun room (George did that earlier when he was messing with the rosemary harvest.

We opened up the sunroom and ate dinner in there last night. Dexter is scared of the sunroom and we had to bribe him with a Digester (ice cream for dogs). Then after that he didn’t want to stay out of there. I was afraid he would get up against the throws and blankets folded in there and pee all over them. While he usually does not pee anywhere other than pee pads, he will occasionally pee on a throw if he smells any new or different scents so I have to watch him. He won’t pee on anything with my scent on it and usually he is used to my laundry scents, but he can create some laundry for me to do if he wants to. I never change the bed anymore with him in the room b/c he has pee’d on the new linens twice. ::sigh:: So we closed the sunroom off so he couldn’t get to the stack of clean throws. I grab them as needed and when needed, but probably should put some of them back up in the closet. Some of them were pet bed covers when Maisy and Roger were here. This dog doesn’t use a dog bed either much. He has a folded quilt and he doesn’t chew them up is why he gets those. He chews a lot on the others but I think he is about over chewing on blankets and such.

Dexter enjoyed the end of my video. He loved seeing the deer in the yard and didn’t even have to go outside to see them. He recognized the scene. It was so funny. And as always he goes to his paper pad to pee so they can smell his scent. Cracks me up.

At least Dexter enjoyed the video, I was so disappointed but at least this morning 36 people have watched. It’s so hard to break through to get any traffic from YouTube and I’m dependent upon Facebook which usually won’t let links be seen, and I get a few from Instagram stories. It really wants to make me give up and if I didn’t love it so, I would. I’m not giving up yet.

All the YouTubers say that it takes a long time to do it (it’ll be longer for me because I’m not beautiful and I’m old and don’t have a lot of time to market it and any improvement and training time is so hard to come by). So I’d like to keep hacking at it until I can retire and see what I can do then. But while on YouTube I thought I’d quickly look at upgrading my cover photo on that with a little help from Canva. I figured it’d take 20 minutes tops. Oh no. I think it took about an hour and a half. As it turns out you have to have a huge photo but only a very small section of it can be seen on Youtube and it’s different for every device. But there is a common ground on the “canvas” that can be seen for all. I found a Youtube video that explained how to use guides for that common area and I found the guides and somehow got it to work. I came up with a cute one but only after designing 3 others first.

It’s not perfect and honestly when you look at the whole thing I’d pick a different background, but the background kinda matched my logo. I had to add the paintbrush stroke and make it big to really get a more solid background to make things stand out. But when I look at it on my phone it looks so good. So I’m happy with it. I can mark something off the list. Still disappointed in the video.

The YouTubers that are successful say that your family and Facebook friends may get you started but they are NOT your niche and never will be. You have to tap into your niche of people and they say they are out there, not to give up. A lot of my videos end up getting 100 views and one is up to 400. So someone gave me advice that said “imagine that” if they were all in a room watching your content. That is still an hundred people which is a lot of people. So I’m going to keep going. I will keep improving and will keep trying.

Right now success to me is getting 100 subscribers and getting 100 views on each video and that is pitiful, lol. I lost two subscribers the week I said I was changing things up.

Anyway I knew that would happen and also it’s ok because it means I’m going down the path of making changes toward pulling in the right crowd. I really want to do more of just documenting what we do but I will have to offer to how to’s and here’s how I do this kind of thing to get the reach out. I will continue to define my niche. It’s not totally defined but I’m trying to leave it open so I don’t get totally backed into a corner of doing one type of content. It’s a lifestyle blog/vlog and has to be whatever we are doing and I’m sharing it, just adding some tips and explanations. So it’s a Southern lifestyle blog/vlog. Anyway, I get discouraged every week but I’m not quitting.

Gotta go hurry and get ready for church. We will go to the grocery today and get our things and Mom’s things and then back to Mom’s for hamburgers in her neighborhood to meet her neighbors, but it’s supposed to rain so we may just eat them inside Mom’s house. I think Dexter is going.

Leaving you with George’s dinner last night that he fixed in the clay pot. So good. And also Mr. Dexter.

Busy week ahead with quarter end. May have to work some extra here and there. But we are all very behind in the department so it will be what it will be. Usually I don’t get stuff from everyone til the last minute that I need to file but I’ve learned not to stay and work a bunch of OT just b/c I’m getting it late, it’ll just have to cost the company in late fees. I have a life too outside work with a lot of responsibilities now and just can’t stay much and I certainly don’t have weekends to give. They can fire me and fine someone that doesn’t have a life I guess that can just live there if need be. I’m just doing what I can. And don’t have a lot of time to work late anymore just because we are unable to get the data sooner. Tribe spoken. No one can help it though as everyone is busy. I’m just the last person in the row so it makes it look like I’m behind only. Only it’s all of us. Back later. Wish me luck.

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  1. Oh Sonya, please try not to get discouraged with fewer subscribers than you would like…I’ve no idea how to increase your following but I know I enjoy reading then watching what you’ve been doing. I know, counting as one of your friends, that sometimes I might seem critical of something you’ve said or done but I promise you I never mean to be discouraging…..keep going once you retire you will be able to take us on dream trips, visit places never even heard of, and enjoy fun….it’s just going to seem a while away, but it will come quicker than we imagine….keep smiling 😊. God Bless

    • It’s disappointing but people that give up never see success. I’m usually resilient. I enjoy it so I’ll keep going. I’m like a kid in a candy shop when I work on these. Finding time is a bigger challenge but it’s ok. It’s all like a big puzzle and if success comes it’ll be a few headaches with it so God knows what he’s doing with His plan for my life.

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