Making Decisions and Solving Dilemmas for Thanksgiving Holiday Plans

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Whew! These days they do fly by fast. We are enjoying the cooler temps in the mornings and evenings and have a freeze warning out for the overnight. I switched over some of my warmer clothes. I do it a little at the time as needed. I sent some of my summery things back over to the other closet. And we opened the sun room up for a bit. George has harvested what he can so far.

What on earth do we do with Dexter?

But amid the cooler temps and pretty trees, there are some issues swirling about as to how to handle them. These are not new decisions to make. The dilemma of having a dog always brings the problems with “what to do with them when you travel”. They become family members so you are concerned for their care, their well being, and their happiness. Do you take them or do you leave them? What do we do with Dexter with this upcoming trip to Texas?

Our Plan A has already been dismissed which was to let him board at Camp Bow Wow. We knew he had to be neutered and we knew that by the time he got an appointment at Camp Bow Wow and was approved for boarding – there may not be any boarding spots left as he was just neutered a little over a week ago. We were surprised though that the appointment to get approved would take a while. So that appointment is set I believe with George. He took on the role of finding doggy a place to stay.

Plan B is that a friend from work offered to take the dog in if the spouse agreed. He forgot to ask this weekend but is to ask tonight. He lives on a farm and has a lot of space for him to play. And would enjoy taking him in, but we have to see what his spouse says. I don’t know that I would be agreeable to take on a big dog in my house. lol. So George is already looking at Plan C just in case.

He has prayed over this so I know whatever happens will be the best thing. Plan C would be to board him there in Texas in the town we will be staying as they are open all the time, according to their Facebook page. So there are also places here and places in nearby cities, so we just have to do what we can.

I normally plan these things way in advance but George was really wanting to use Camp Bow Wow (and we hopefully will in the future for doggy day care and also for boarding as they keep them active and playing). But his neuter and everything kept us waiting b/c these places want to see that paperwork before scheduling them in. So we were kinda strapped.

All this remains to be seen. It would be fun if we could take him with us and board him there and get to see him some and travel with him some. I’ve checked and the hotels we use for pets take big dogs.

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When to Have Thanksgiving with Mom?

Conversation number one, mainly was “let’s decide what dishes we want”, because we always celebrate Thanksgiving with Mom regardless of whether we will be at home or in Texas. This year it’s in Texas on the ranch with Katy and Cody and we are so excited to be going.

Mom suggested we do something different and have crock pot chicken and dressing. Followed by “mmmmmmm” noises coming from George. So we will do that. Mom also hopped right in and said she make the green beans and also the sweet potatoes. She said for me to bring dessert and I offered to bring the dressed eggs. George said to devil them, lol. Today she said she froze the half of the dessert I left her last night and we’d just have that. OK. That works. It was coconut cake. Here it is before I added the coconut. It was that Dolly Parton cake mix and it was great.

So today I discussed possible dates to do “said meal” and it was kinda like….ehhhh when is the best time because the weekends are so busy. I gave him his choices of our available/possible time slots and he picked one and then I called Mom to make sure it would work. So we have picked a date for Thanksgiving meal with her.

Other conundrums and ooopsies!

***The Rx issue. I went to fill my Rx box yesterday and discovered that I only had like three blood pressure meds and I’d not been texted by Publix that the next one was ready. I looked at the bottle and it said ZERO refills. Dang it! It seemed like I just had this doc appt in July or August, but I guess he wanted me back in October for a recheck before prescribing more of the same. Darn, it’s quarter end and I am already gone for Mom’s doc appointment Friday afternoon. But my doc is on vacation and so he can’t just call it in. I have to go see someone. They said I could walk in but then they also said they will close up and be gone by 5 with last appts at 3:30 or 4 and I have no guarantee of an appointment if I get there at 4 pm. So I just called and made an appt with the regular office for Thursday afternoon at 2:40 making me leave about an hour and twenty minutes early when I really need to be staying over. I just can’t seem to get ahead and everything tries to hit me at quarter end always. It is what it is and I’m over it and have to do what I have to do because I need my blood pressure meds more than ever during quarter end. Don’t need to stroke out before the quarter is over.

***Last night’s meet your neighbors meal in Mom’s neighborhood. So there was a cookout in Mom’s neighborhood from 3 to 7. There was a rain date if it was raining. So Mom said she would buy the burgers and make a bean salad and I was going to make a coconut cake. So we all did that. We later found out that from 3:00 on was appetizers and drinks which we didn’t know til we got to Mom’s so we were unprepared for that. Mom was probably thrilled though and never intended for us to do happy hour I guess, but that was ok. Ice tea is fine.

It began raining when we pulled out of the driveway from home. We had Dexter with us since we would be outside. We got to Mom’s and she said instead of a rain date, they had moved it to inside – oops, we had the dog. George offered to take the dog back home or we could switch up at the party, but Mom just said “no let’s just cook it here, I don’t want to go inside anyone’s house anyway” so we did that. Just stayed at Mom’s. The rain just kinda came and went. And I laughed at Mom’s crooked plant pole.

Dexter did pretty good at Mom’s. He’s a little bit more controllable now and he responded to no no about 60% of the time lol. Fancy is not feeling good these days and she wants no part of him. Mom is a great sport when it comes to Dexter though. She loves dogs and even though he is big, she still loves Dexter and is more patient with him than I am. Patience usually has no part of our family lol lol lol. But Mom says “he’s ok, he’ll settle down” and “he’s a good sweet dog”. So that makes me feel good. He even snuck behind Mom while seated to give her a kiss in the ear. I have to watch it though b/c when he greets someone he likes to jump on them. He will knock her down if we aren’t careful.

We had a nice little burger meal just the three of us and two dogs but didn’t get to meet the neighbors.

We had very little time yesterday b/w church and being at Mom’s – just enough time to get Mom’s groceries, our groceries (put Mom’s cold things in our freezer and fridge til we headed back over) and we changed clothes did a couple of household things and that was it for yesterday. Except that we did get home early and I put my PJ’s on and read several chapters in my book and just chilled.

Today back at work – it was a pretty good Monday. At least we are staying on top of things. Well maybe not quarter end but I’ve got a lot done anyway and still checking off boxes. Everyone is behind so I’m not the only one.

Dexter and I took a walk around the block today – about 15 minutes or so. I heard a huge tree crack and fall in the woods. I never could tell where it fell. The wind was gusting as this next cool front comes through.

I have a painful crick in my neck. I’ve put an ice pack on it and now have heat on it. I’m having to take acetamenophen because it is getting more intense. I don’t know if sleeping in a weird position caused it or if it is something I lifted. I’m not supposed to take Advil as that works against my BP meds supposedly. The acetaminophen barely takes the edge off.

Well, over and out. I have a few things to get done. The next video is uploading. It’s an older one – like I said I was going to be throwing some new in there among the old to catch up with Dexter. I already had it about ready when I did the last two videos at present time. I gotta get you to Dexter in the videos and then I’m done with the old ones unless I decide to do a little “summer catch up”. I’ve not really been filming a whole lot new. But as I do I will throw them in with the current video segments either at beginning, all through it or at the end. lol.


To Do’s this week focus on getting Dexter’s boarding taken care of, getting our reservations made for our bookend stay in Hot Springs. I need to return phone calls about helping at church and being involved in a couple of ministries.

I need to call Comcast and see why our TV box in the kitchen is not working. I need to order my Christmas cards and also order a couple of extra photos – of Dexter and River.

Trying to get caught up on my email.

I also haven’t had time to do my ironing for this week so I will have to iron each night to have something to wear for work. I usually do that on Sunday’s but didn’t get time.

Need to work on the new Intro with Dexter. It’s going to be short and sweet. I have the song picked out and I have a vision for what I want it to look like. I just need time to work on it.

We are planning our weekend as well. Early voting and shopping the local shops. I need to dust really bad. I may wrap some things but may hold off to the following weekend. I just need to get a head start in some way as time is ticking fast.

Was hoping to get time to work on my jewelry project as that has been on my to do list this year. It’s kinda like the basement project. I need to just do a drawer every weekend. It’s just a mess. I thought about videoing it, lol. It’s mostly costume jewelry and I’m not sure if it would be boring or not. Maybe mixed in with other stuff, in and out in the video. lol

For relaxation. Reading, working puzzles, and watching Sister Wives and some You Tubers.

Mood. I’m doing ok. Despite some discouragement on the video front, and questioning if God really wants me doing this or not, but I always end up with Keep doing it, just keep improving, and being more helpful and the timing is going to be right and ripe one day and I’ll just know. So I’m keeping at it and keeping the faith. Other than that my spirit is up and excited for all the things coming. I’m trying to remember I can’t do it all in the same day. I’m embarrassed I have not called the church folks back. I’m sure they are busy too but I want to hear about this ministries and then I’ll decide if I can work it in or if I need to wait.

The sun is going down into a beautiful purple glow and the window is open and the rustle of leaves makes me smile. I have a warming pad on my neck now and about to heat it up again. A glass of wine is calling my name.

I’ll be back later on in the week. Til then I’ll try to get done what I can and still try to have some time to just be quiet and let my soul speak, read, or work a puzzle or just beeee.

So how is your week going??? I love hearing from you. I feel all alone here, lol.

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  1. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. I guess I am the elected cook this year. Daughter is doing Christmas. Yours sounds good. I love using the crockpot. Such a easy way to cook a hot meal .It sure turned cold last night. It was 31 degrees this morning. My husband got the propane turned on for the fireplace. We will be using it tonight.
    I bet Dexter loves going to your Moms house. Sounds like they are fast friends already. She has a pretty house. Her neighborhood looks like it is growing fast.
    We just got home from the beach. We went with daughter and grandson. We had pretty 75 degree weather most of the time. We missed all the crowds and it wasn’t too hot to enjoy walking around and enjoying the sights.
    Hope work is going good.

    • Oh the beach sounds fun. Haven’t seen a beach in a while! Glad you had a great trip! Enjoy the fireplace. Work is crazy right now. It’s busier than it’s ever been – lots of issues here. And not giving much time for quarter end for putting out fires. 🙄

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