Quarter End Crunch, Dexter’s Dog Boarding Dilemma, and So Over Life’s Issues

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It’s that time again. The quarter end crunch. I think this is the most behind my work has ever been. I’m behind too. I left the house this morning for work at 5:50 a.m. and got home tonight at 6:05 p.m. I kept working because I felt pretty good and I also felt I needed to at least make an effort to get *something* done toward quarter end. So many things (mainly inefficiencies – of multiple varieties) have taken up so much time of everyone’s and we spend so much time putting out fires. So I did it. I worked over.

I have a doc appt tomorrow and Mom’s eye appt is Friday and we have some plans for Saturday personally. I already had enough hours in my “worked over” bucket to cover both tomorrow and Friday. I work over every Tuesday to cover Mom’s appt and the hours for tomorrow were gathered from staying a little late here and there. I keep up with it mainly so I know I’ve put my time in with all the doc appts there are and vet visits and such. And today I’ve aded a couple of more hours to the bucket. I don’t include commute time as it’s technically not considered time worked, but I tell ya, it definitely makes a difference.

I have decided not to worry about quarter end getting done. I could see this building early in the month and I’ve learned from previous quarters it is not worth worrying and stressing. I always think we are not going to get done and we usually do but we didn’t last quarter and we are further behind this quarter. I don’t ever get the data for it until the last minute and it’s just not a good success story for me at all being the last person on the totem pole that touches the data and when I’m late it looks like it is all my fault. It’s not. But that said, even if I’d been given the info earlier, I doubt I’d had time to work on it. We are all busy and have been busier than we have ever been even though we haven’t been doing so much hiring – I think it’s mainly system inefficiencies and people’s mistakes and just trying to correct them and putting out fires.

I’ve also been harassed this week by a custodial parent over a garnishment I don’t have yet. The person calls repeatedly and is illegally representing herself as government agency personnel but I can see on the caller ID who the person is and I actually recognize the name from a wage assignment a year or two ago. She forgot about caller ID I guess and I said “are you Jane Doe” (used her real name). Then I heard *click*. ID it’s like magic. lol. I mean yes, if she is due child support she should get it. I’ve contacted the state and let them know we have this employee on board with us and if there is anything they can send it and verified they have our address. I can’t enter it without having an order. Anyway, this person has been annoying to say the least. There’s a way to be and harassing is not appropriate. I even had to unplug my work phone the other day because I was trying to have a meeting in my office with someone and this person kept calling over and over again. It made me so mad. I just unplugged the damn thing. I’ve called her like 4 times now and told her the same thing over and over 3 times, one time she wasn’t accepting calls. Anyway who can work with people harassing you like that?

Dexter’s Boarding Dilemma.

George has been working on sitting on this issue for the week, waiting on a coworker to decide to keep our dog or not while we will be gone on vacation. He said he feels it is an answer to God’s prayer when the guy said he’d do it, but then later said “but let me ask my wife” and then forgets to ask her. Meanwhile all the other families are making their plans for that week and the later we wait, the less openings there will be for our dog, as well as the crappier options.

I’m grateful that he has taken on this project, but am hoping for a follow through. I’m never a last minute person when it comes to plans because I know you get the crumbs if there are any when you don’t book in advance. We were having to wait because of Dexter’s needing to be neutered but now it feels like we are waiting for no reason (in my mind). I don’t know this person and I don’t want to hurt feelings but if they can’t remember to give us an answer will they remember to feed our dog or take him for a walk? I told George I’d rather have a signed contract with a company at this point. Of course, I’m the bad guy. I’m going against God’s will b/c after he prayed the coworker offered so he thinks it is God sent. Not necessarily. It’s also not going to be easy to leave and pick up the dog either.

And, I can’t book our hotel because if we don’t have the dog I’m going to book a different place. So I need to know what is going to happen. If I push it too hard he’ll have me being the one to do the research and I don’t have time to with quarter end going on.

So we may be 1) carrying the dog to Texas with or without boarding 2) Staying in a tent lol 3) And he will be living with an absolutely livid wife.

Some days I’m just OVER life.

Healthwise, I’ve finally got my neck to quit hurting and now my hip and leg decided to hurt today and I’ve not had that happen before. I’m not sure what is happening with my muscles, but I’m sure it’s stress from everything in life – not JUST work.

George keeps mentioning maybe I should leave this job and get one closer to home with less stress. I don’t mind the job so much but yes the quarter end/year end stuff is just pretty bad. He’s seen so much in my job over the last ten years. He knows what I’ve been through. But I only have two more years left or 2.5 or something like that. And I really don’t want to leave and lose my FMLA and disability and 3 weeks of PTO each year and then have to learn a new job. Yes it would be fabulous to work from home like so many jobs offer now, and be able to lose the commute and get more time in my schedule but all that sounds so stressful when two years passes by like nothing. I think it’s mainly just life stresses as a whole that gets me – trying to do too much with the time that we have. It’s just a lot of responsibility and then I DEMAND to have *some* time to myself because self care is very important and being able to do *some* things you would like to do in life is important. But I sewanee sometimes I just feel like I want to fall into a deep sleep and sleep for a year, or just let God take me now. It’s always such a fight to try to find time for things and protect my schedule and I get mad as an old wet hen when we can’t get time at home.

Sorry I always melt into the time issue but that’s because it never really gets resolved. I’m ok and will be ok. As long as I can whine about it while drinking wine. Yes, pinot noir right now. Just a box wine but pretty good cold. Just a table wine.

You Tube Creators. I see a lot of YouTube creators are in Spain. I’m so happy for them. I can’t imagine being successful enough to get to go. Sometimes I wish I were younger and prettier and had more personality for the videos. I don’t have a lot on my side. But that is ok. I also don’t have time on my side either.

Everything else aside. I think if I just quit everything, I could be happy just sitting and reading books and trying new recipes and playing computer games and working puzzles. It always helps to have a plan B, C, D, and E when it comes to living your best happy life.

I’m not sure why we put up so much in trying to do Plan A. Geez. I just need to lighten up already. Screw plan A! Life is full of surprises and none of it really matters so much any more. lol. Whatever! Just let me blog and vlog and travel some and I’m good.

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  1. I don’t think you have to be younger or prettier at all to find a niche that people love and follow. My favorite is cooking with Brenda Gantt, she just popped up one day, bored isolated with Covid showing people how to make her no measuring southern biscuits and wow. She doesn’t dress up, has her Jammie’s on at times and cooks in her small not updated kitchen with no fan fare!! She doesn’t have to wait, set things up just so but just turns her phone camera on and cooks, talks about family and Jesus. You’d love her. She has over 3 million followers and is on her second cookbook. I think she started in 2020! And she is just herself. Sometimes I think life’s as complicated as you make it. My life is settling down as I retired and work part time. As a RN on a psych unit it’s tough, when you talk about working a little late, for some reason (never happens this bad) 7 of the pm shift staff called in sick today when I was working, in nursing jobs you’re mandated to pick up that 2nd shift so working 16 hour days. (I’m intermittent so I didn’t have to). I think it’s pretty normal for people to have to work full time. I see my two oldest kids who each have 6 kids with work, school, sports, dance, gymnastics…. Then they also had to bathe kids, make meals, keep house, take care of pets wowzeee now that’s busy. I guess that was kind of me too as I only had 4 kids but I was widowed at 40 when my youngest was 5. I guess I’m just saying we all have to find the best in our life.

  2. I’ll have to check her out! Thanks for the info! Yes we all keep doing our best! As for work, for me, I’ve set boundaries as to what I want my balance to look like and I’m not wanting to work more than 45 a week tops. Most Americans work way too many hours ands it’s become a way of life.

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