Needing rest, Slightly Dehydrated, Much Accomplished but Never Enough

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It’s Friday night, and I realize as the life just slips out of me, how truly tired I am. I am also dehydrated for some reason and I’m drinking back to back water and cranberry trying to quench my thirst. I’m not sure how I got dehydrated but I guess I’ve been too busy to drink anything since coffee this morning.

It’s been busy every minute since…….since….yeah. I think we had last Saturday off but we were scurrying then trying to get things done here because we have so much happening.

Work. Quarter end, enh, didn’t really get to work on it all all except for the 2 hours I worked over on Wednesday. Maybe a little bit last Monday, but that’s it. The work load is busy, lots of garnishments, lots of questions, lots of needs, lots of calls, lots of interruptions. Still don’t have all the info I need either, but some of it coming my way. Wouldn’t have had time to work on it anyway. We only have a week left to work on it. I hope I have better luck next week because it’s a month worth of work to do in a week and that really doesn’t smell of success does it? I can’t fix it. It is what it is and it will be what it will be. Oh and guess what. After this payroll it’s month end again, lol. Can’t win. So we’ll just go ahead and call it a loss.

Dexter. Got him partially set up for boarding for our trip, as long as he passes their test. Have to jump through some small hoops but I think we have a plan. I say small hoops, but he has to go to a dog park this weekend and we have to report what he does. I have to take him in Monday for doggie day care intro visit from 4 to 6 hours but they said he could stay til I got off work and could get there around 4. So no working over that day as I’ll have to go get him. We have to do two more visits before boarding time. So we have time to do that and I have to get them the records, but he has a spot. Yay. So I guess I can go ahead and book our hotel for Hot Springs on the bookends of our trip.

Mom. Got her to her eye appointment today. It was a horrible day to leave. I’m so behind at work with quarter end. It’s never been this far behind. I don’t think we have ever been this busy. Anyway enough on that as nothing is going to right itself there. So Mom and I went out to eat after her eye appt to a place called Lincoya. It was pretty expensive for just a mom and pop type restaurant. For the two of us $52 with the tax, and a 20% tip. Too much. We will have to go eat fast food I guess as restaurants are just getting too expensive for this economy. Mom always likes to buy mine when I take her to the doctor. I told her she doesn’t have to. I understand. I work and she doesn’t, but she insists but just says we’ll have to look at prices. That was crazy for a casual restuarant.

Look at our meals though. lol

Mom’s meatloaf, potatoes, and fried green beans
My fish and chips

I’m so full that I am miserable. And all that fried food is not good. I must make better decisions but there was not a lot of non-fattening food choices. I was thinking fish would be good for my brain, lol – maybe not the oils though it was fried in.


I had to leave early yesterday to go get my Rx filled and in order to do that I had to have a doc appt. Such a waste of precious time that I needed at work but my doc was on vacation so no one could approve a call in w/o a visit. My BP was a little high since I’d not had my meds in 24 hours and it was past time for it. But the nurse practitioner took care of it. I went home, called Mom and gave her the times for today and then went back out to Publix to pick it up, we watched Somebody Feed Phil, and then I crashed. Alarm went off this morning and I’ve been running since. Up at 4:30, out the door at 5:50, at work by 6:33, left work at 11, to Mom’s in Lebanon by Noon, then off to Hendersonville for our 1:30 appt but we got there a little early, then to eat a mid afternoon meal, then to Lebanon to take Mom home and then back to Mount Juliet and to take care of, walk, and feed the dog.

My bedroom had come open somehow and he chewed up some papers that were on my desk. So I had to vacuum that up.

Then thirst. I drank a bottle of water, then a bottle of cranberry juice, and about to go find something else. I can’t get enough fluids all of a sudden. And I’m very very tired and just want to lay down. I as determined to get this post done though.

Dexter slept in bed with me a lot this week. He is snuggling and sleeping good in the mornings. I love the morning Dexter. lol I think whether he stays is whether it is cold or hot. It’s been colder this week. But also if I put mentholated lavender ointment under my nose, he often won’t stay, lol. Their noses are very sensitive.

Church. God’s work. On my lunch yesterday, I returned calls of two people regarding the two different ministries that I am interested in. One with the assisted living facility that our church supports and the other with World Bible School. It was nice meeting and talking with each on the phone. I will at some point tour the facility and then also will meet the World Bible school lady in person. For both I told them I didn’t think I could commit to much during the 2022 year. I think in February I will be able to do the online World Bible school, but want to see more of what it is like before I truly commit. Once you get into something it is often hard to get out but I think they are both something I would like to do or help with eventually. I also consider Momma as “God’s work” b/c it is like having a PT job.

So, I’m going to close now and go lie down and get some rest. It’s only 6 p.m but I’m pretty exhausted. I am so glad I didn’t have to get groceries today. That will be after church on Sunday. Tomorrow we also are taking Dexter to the doggie park and then also going to some local shops for Christmas shopping. I also have to get laundry and all that done this week.

There will be another video tomorrow – just some honest taco talk and also some other clips in my photos. This is still in May. Then there will be the colonoscopy video, lol, and then the final one, the Dexter video and after that I will have a new intro, maybe a final summer catch up of random clips. And then I’ll be caught up to current time. I’ll post the link in here tomorrow morning around 7.

Gotta go rest. I’m zonked.

I’m so thankful it is the weekend.

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  1. Oh Sonya, I say it again I just don’t know how you manage to keep going with so much on your plate what with work and Mum and Dexter…I was so praying that by this time this year you would have got some more help with the quarter ends and even worse if I remember year end ? It’s clearly just to much for you to do on your own. If you continue at this rate your going to do some real damage to your health. I’m glad though that it seems you’ve got somewhere for Dexter keeping 🤞crossed that he behaves today ! Did Georges plans fall by the wayside ? Or did you just get fed up waiting for a definite decision ? Anyway love please try to get rest this weekend…….God Bless….

    • He started strong with taking on the task and I was so relieved but wasn’t getting anywhere and time was passing so I do what I do in a crisis and when I get anxious and took the bull by it’s horns lol 😂

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