Celebrating at Paula Deen’s and a Taco Talk on Why I Complain about Not Having Time

Hey guys! Here’s the latest video live at 7:00 a.m. this morning. We have a bit of fun back in May – sharing a few clips and then have a “taco talk” with you guys. This one is set back in May and as of final count, the first of three last videos that gets you to Dexter and from there life will change a bit on the videos. Life is good. I hope you enjoy. Click on “Watch on YouTube” for the best experience.

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Have an awesome weekend!

2 responses to “Celebrating at Paula Deen’s and a Taco Talk on Why I Complain about Not Having Time”

  1. Hi Sonya, that was a good Vlog thanks for sharing. Just wish I could find others who would enjoy your day to day life but I’m afraid I really don’t know that many people who actually watch Vlogs. or even Blogs !! But don’t worry I’m sure if you can just hang on in there once your retired and you have more of that time your always running after you will see your viewers take off…..I know your life is very full you always have something to do and something you said about filling in your….to do….lists. Struck me….if you ever do find an empty space ! What do you do ? Rush to fill it in ? Can’t you try to just leave it blank then when you do get to that space that you’ve not filled in…..just delight in having nothing to do……it might just work
    Take care. God Bless. Xx

    • I just put things I want to do on a list and when I get time I slide them in! Yes if the videos took off I’m not sure how I could handle it. But it would be a good problem to have. God’s timing! It’s all good!

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