How I Plan Ahead for the Holidays | Fall Planning and Christmas Preparations

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Here’s all the things I do when fall hits! I love October. Not only do I enjoy the events, the foods, the decorating, but I also enjoy the planning and I spend some time getting ready for the days to come. Having done a little extra this month really helps me during crunch time of the holidays.

This is new way of vlogging for me. I hope you enjoy it. I DO NOT intend on abandoning the old way completely as I will enjoy opening our doors and sharing our lives with you as either threaded through the video or at the end.

In this one, you get some tips for fall and the holidays, some recent clips (YES recent) from our anniversary and shopping in the Green Hills area of Nashville. And some added relaxing music at the end with the deer in our yard.

Even Dexter liked this video. I hope you will too.

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  1. Hi Sonya, love your new design of flogging. Even though it is past my sleep time when I opened up my iPad to check the Mail and I saw your flog was..out…I decided I just had to see how you’d done, my verdict….for what it’s worth !!……is it was just grand. If I had to make any adverse comment it might have been the first part telling us all about your lists etc was just a tad to long….but perhaps only because I already knew what you’d been doing..!! All the rest was excellent. Loved the colours in your pictures,, and the ending of your lovely surroundings, I can hardly believe how calm the deer are they are so nice and your choice of music was lovely… I’m about to go to sleep. so it’s Night night God Bless

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