Dexter Dog Tales, Summer Bucket List, and Success at the Winter Bucket List

We are spending time getting to know Dexter, and him getting to know us. We have been back to Pet Smart (Sunday) to get the rest of the supplies that we didn’t have time to get on Saturday. And also got new tires on my car, but we have to drop my car off to get new sparkplugs soon. It’s starting to act funny again.

So, night one, he ended up sleeping with me all night. And slept great! But last night, he got sick and then had a couple of runny poo’s unfortunately on the new carpet – he did the latter while I was stripping the bed from the throw up. (Sorry, gross I know but it happened and this is a reality blog, lol). Trust me I am leaving out some parts. I had to have help – I had to wake George up and ask him to hold the dog while I got up the messes. He wanted to get in the way of it and do what dogs do and also wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t mess again and I couldn’t keep him out in the hallway as he darted back in the bedroom every time I opened the door. I think this was at 12:30 in the morning. I did not have another sheet protector so I couldn’t remake the bed and didn’t want a repeat to soak the mattress. So I put him in his bed in the living room and slept in the recliner beside him. (Insert arms held in air emoji!) We had to do what worked.

I really didn’t sleep much at all and when it was about 4:30 I actually snoozed a bit. George got up around 6:30 this morning and at 7 a.m. my video went live so I put it on social media to get the word out.

Some of you watched it, and I thank you so much. It was a fun video to edit. If you missed the link see the previous entry. Subscribe if you don’t want to miss any videos. I’d love to have you. Or click on this link for may channel’s videos—–> It’s Less Hustle More Coffee on YouTube.

So, yeah, we have a little intestinal issue, but one that is often in puppies and should be easy to control with treatment plan. We are going to see the vet tomorrow, we hope so he can go ahed and be treated.

I am so tired right now I can hardly think. I knew what all I wanted to say on the blog earlier but now all I can think of is how I need a nap.

This doggie is going to get bigger. Look at his long legs. e’s like sleeping with a baby deer, lol. I’m not sure if I told you we found out he was not just a beagle mix but a beagle golden retriever mix.

So the week is busy ahead. Vet Tues after work and then on Wednesday I told Mom I’d take her out and George will stay home with dog dog. We decided if we both went it would be too long for the dog to be by himself. There is still a lot of adjusting to do and I’m really nervous about what he will do tomorrow in the hallway. Will he scratch the finish off the doors? Maybe. It’s just going to be what it’s going to be and we’ll have to deal with it all once he gets acclimated.

So he is more used to his surroundings now and no longer feels the need to follow our every move but tomorrow he is going to be so sad and lonely with us gone all day. It will be a shock to him. But he will have to be used to his new routine. It’s going to be hard on me too.

Amazingly beside the intestine issue that we have, he is pretty much house trained. He prefers to use the paper or go outside. What a shock. He has not started to mark anything but I’ve heard that can come later.

So we have a series of new to do’s. Training tid-bits like learning to sit, come when called, and getting a chip, getting all our shots, getting neutered, and then getting a 2nd dog.

Here’s the bed I bought for my office or bedroom. He likes his beds.

But the cute comforter from the bedroom is not going to be kept on the bed anymore. It’ll be for company only. I just have a blanket on there for now, towels under that and sheets and a mattress protector. The room won’t be fancy anymore for a while. There is so much to figure out. And to make room for. My house is a mess right now so that will be part of the process I guess.

So, other news:

Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken are not coming up. They are under the weather. We are disappointed and hate we cannot see them. And Mom also was not feeling too good either since the graduation last Saturday. She said that wore her out that day. I knew it would be hard on her. It was a long day too as she also needed things from the store. Plus we stopped for 20 minutes to look for a dog (she stayed in the car). But yeah, she’s not felt great since then. She says she is only out of bread but I’ll go get her Wed night and we’ll head out to dinner and then get some groceries.

Big day tomorrow with payroll as I’m doing two days into one since we had the holiday. I don’t think we have any doc appts this week for Mom or myself. Our hairstylist left and we had to reschedule for the following next two weeks. But Fancy gets a trim next Saturday so that will get Mom out of the house for a while then. I think she also wants to go to Belk and Lowe’s.

Bucket List:

I did our Summer Bucket list. I know just how geeky we are when you read it through. I put some goals on there just so it keeps us focused but we also put things we want to do on there as well.

Here is the summer list:

You may notice repeat things on there. Some I do every time – like reading 3 books, or doing Canon photography lessons. And one thing we have tried to do for like 4 or 5 years and it never happens.

I put “—–” dashes where I can insert check marks. So I want to use Canva more since I pay for it. And I have put a lot of dashes for # of times to get in the habit of using it more for blog purposes. The photos are really nice on there. I am also putting some blog goals on there.

I am proud of us for all we did from Winter into Spring (until now) considering how busy we are. Much of these things actually kept us busy I suppose, but considering we are busy with Mom a couple of days a week, we really did do a good job of knocking it out of the park.

Let’s just take a review. These are things I’m so happy about. Not in order of importance, but just as it caught my eye.

  1. Downloaded and learned to do videos with Final Cut Pro.
  2. Decorated my new office at Work
  3. Went to Hot Springs with Katy, Cody, and Little Roo
  4. Got the colonoscopy out of the way.
  5. Did the Hermitage and Wine Tasting
  6. Went to Knoxville to celebrate Kevin’s birthday
  7. We had dinner/brunch with a couple of sets of neighbors
  8. We went to Texas to celebrate River’s Birthday. Yay!
  9. We watched a lot of good Netflix shows
  10. We ate at some new places
  11. I almost did 3 Canon lessons, didn’t practice much, but I did get some focus in.
  12. We had a foodie day with the Irelands twice!
  13. I read three books.
  14. I had some planning time to write down some goals.
  15. I worked that dang Christmas puzzle finally! Finished it yesterday
  16. I did a few videos! ;-). Wasn’t on there but I’ll claim it.

So for someone that doesn’t have much time, I did pretty good – we both did.

Here’s the next puzzle I’ll work:

So I guess it’ll be Wed or Thurs before I’ll be back. Gotta take care of little doggie, Mom, clean up after the video I just did and get the next one started, clean my house, take some time to breathe, get things done at work, and do a bit of reading, or personal goals. Just seems pretty busy.

It’s seems crazy to take on a dog right now but at the same time it felt so right. There was a huge gaping hole missing after having the fur babies for 20 years. It’s something George and I did together was love them and care for them and hang out with them. Dogs bring such joy – a lot of hard work and dedication, but so much joy.

I will enjoy sharing him with you in the days to come. Our Dexter. We are trying not to call him “Little Buddy” but he looks so much like Roger sometimes. We have to make a point of calling him Dexter before he quickly becomes Buddy instead.

George’s roast beef burritos are ready, so I need to go. I think we are watching Jumanji but I may fall asleep and secretly that’s quite alright, lol.

More later. What does the week hold in store for you? I love hearing about your lives out there. I wish more of you would comment and let me hear about you and think about you!

Take care.

What it’s Like to Order Hello Fresh Meals | Jif Peanut Butter Recall | Weekly Update

Ok, so the Hello Fresh came in! I know some of you were interested in what this was like. We ordered three meals a week for 2 people. I think it’s reasonably priced. I loved it! So George could have used some seconds and we could up the meal number if we wanted but I think we’ll just add a side and it will hopefully it will be enough for him. He said he would try to get by though.

It was wrapped well and with two large ice packs that we can use again and again.

The recipe cards are so easy and they are huge. You can save them and make the meal again on your own if you wish. Our first meal was a chili pork cabbage dish. It was a sweet and sour kind of dish and was atop rice. It was very good. I think I’ll be learning how to cook better with this.

The best part was that all your ingredients, just what you need, was right there. There are some items though that you need to have on hand and when you go in to your app or on-line account, you can see what items you need to have. Usually it’s things you would already have like sugar or vegetable oil, salt, pepper, etc. We really enjoyed our meal. And most meals are 30 to 45 min. It was a quick “come together” and it was fun!

The meat was packed right next to the ice packs and the ingredients for each meal were packed in a brown bag and labeled, so you don’t have to separate or figure out what goes with what meal.

I snapped a pic as I emptied out our meal for the evening.

Some Things to Remember About Hello Fresh

  • If you know someone with it, ask them for a code to get a discount on your first box.
  • Even after you start, you get rewards down the line here and there.
  • You can increase your meals if you want seconds or are having company
  • If you are busy or gone you can halt your meal a week or two – up to several weeks at a time if needed. (We stopped ours for next week as we have company coming to town. If they don’t come we’ll just eat out of the freezer.)
  • You can add on to your meals – like salad or deserts
  • You can change the style of eating if you want a lower fat version, vegetarian version or pescatarian version. I believe you can change it for each order.
  • Why waste food by buying a whole thing of cabbage or a whole thing of scallions if you only use a portion for one meal. Less waste and it’s all gathered together and ready to go.
  • A great option for busy people (or lazy or let’s say otherwise focused folks, lol, who don’t want to have to worry what to throw together for dinner)
  • There are other products you can add in like oatmeal cups, granola bars, chocolate, and a few breakfast and lunch options. I threw in some things on the next order (week after our company comes – if they do) just to keep from having to go to the store.
  • Your length of time in a grocery store will diminish. You’ll still have to go to the store periodically (or order it delivered) but probably pop in for your fresh produce – apples and berries and such for other meals, but your recipe search and ingredients list will diminish along with the boring repeats you end up cooking every week. (I take Mom grocery shopping and so I often don’t have time anymore to study and think and search for my own items and study labels and take my time, so this is going to help us.)
  • The more meals you choose for each week, the lower price per meal is. We opted for three as it seemed a better price and give us almost half of our meals for the week. The other half of the week we’ll still get to be normal cooks being creative and eating from our freezer.
  • Keep in mind what you normally spend at the grocery for your meals and you will see the price is fairly reasonable in comparison.
  • I use Target and Amazon for offsetting the household items and eliminating those from the grocery list. Keeping my store runs even quicker.
  • Get ready to enjoy cooking. 😉
  • You can download their app!
  • You can go in and modify and change, or suspend your order for the upcoming weeks
  • You can cancel at any time.

That is all I can think of for now. I’m just thrilled over it honestly. And the menus change each week. And you can peek weeks ahead and modify several weeks at once. I love it! This is NOT a paid advertisement. It’s just me sharing and enjoying it.

Peanut Butter Recall

Well darn it, after talking about not having to go to the store again….there’s a peanut butter recall. I had just bought mine and eaten a 1/4 of it. The product code is on the back where the date is. Go to the JIF site. I’ve attached it here —> JIF RECALL INFO. If you need to get a coupon for another, they will send you a free one. You can file your “quick” claim here, but you have to provide the product code to prove along with your name and address. Both Mom and I had bad ones.

JIF CLAIM FORM. <——Here’s the online claim form. It is truly a quick process. I didn’t get sick or anything with mine. I started not to throw it away but I went ahead just in case salmonella appeared at the bottom, lol.


So Monday was Mom’s eye injection appointment, the one I go in early for on Tuesday’s every week to make the time up so I don’t have to use PTO time. That seems to work out well. I got to work and had to rush to get everything done because I had been off on Thursday and Friday for my colonoscopy. So it took a while to get it all under control and everything ready for Tuesday. I was prepared to work a bit over until about 6 p.m because I was really behind in non-payroll related duties but George called and said that he could not start his car. So at some point in the 4 p.m. hour I had to leave and go to Gordonsville, TN and get him. My journey on this day was this:

From Mount Juliet to Lebanon to get Mom, to Hendersonville for eye appt, to Lebanon to drop Mom back off, to Antioch to work, to Gordonsville to get George, to Mount Juliet to open the Hello Fresh Box and cook dinner while George went to buy a car battery.

Search for a Fur Baby

I was notified that Monkey was still available and they checked our references on Monday and I’ve not heard anything yesterday. ::sigh:: I emailed and thanked them for checking our references and considering us for Monkey and asked what the timeline might be for our meeting her. Maybe I’ll get a response today. It was late in the day when I sent the email. Monkey had several applicants. I’ve prayed for her. This way of trying to get a fur baby is breaking my heart each time. I want to do the right thing to adopt one from these shelters, but it is so hard to get through the system. I feel like an applicant looking for a job, or trying to adopt a child. I know it’s an important system but I feel like a number and it’s impersonal and there is not much control and we are at their mercy with not much choice. So I don’t know. I’m starting to question the routes we are taking to try and find our forever pet. I have a family member that circumvented all this –but paid a large sum– for a puppy. I never dreamed it would be this difficult or that my heart would break over and over. I’ve been told no because we work, no because we don’t have a fence. Everyone is shocked at our experience with this so far. I just thought if you wanted a dog you went and got one. I have asked God numerous times. I know He is in control but of all the things I get sentimental about – my fur babies are up there on the charts. I miss ours. We’ve always had one for the last 20 years or so and I miss having them. Who knows why God says no or allows our hearts to break over and over. I’m sure He has a reason.

So last I came back from Antioch to home in Mount Juliet and George wanted to go get his car so we headed out to Gordonsville. Then we ate Greek out at a new place in town. It was wonderful and also they “deliver”! It was really good. Sometime we are going to order the meal for 4 and eat for 2 to 3 days, lol.

Also here is an iPhone wallpaper if you want to save it for your own. I made it for a “pool background” for my iPhone backdrop. Also you can’t really notice the “seams” when it’s underneath all your apps. Just thought it would be fun for summer. I make these on Canva.

Puzzle. Did I show my puzzle the other day? If I did sorry. Here it is again. I made a lot of progress while taking it easy with the Colonoscopy prep and recovery. This is the Christmas puzzle I wanted to work at the end of the year last year. Yes, my whole life is behind it seems. But this has been fun and when it’s over I will set out another to work.

Exercise program.

Got up and did a 13 minute program of lite cardio this morning. Yay! So I’m working into it. And I still had time to do this blog! Woooooo Hooooo!

I’ll be back on Friday with updates. I’ll share the YouTube lady I’m using for free exercising and also will tell you some Alexa tricks I set up this week that are amusing. I have these written on an index card so I won’t forget. I’m out of time and need to head to work. A lot of extra things to do this week to make up for last week and also it’s “month end” which means I pay all the states that we pay payroll withholding taxes for monthly.

I am curious if you have ever tried Hello Fresh or any other meal prep delivery service? Do you think you would like something like this? Anyway, I’m over and out. Ya’ll have a good rest of the week. We are sliding into the weekend from here. And guess what! We don’t have any plans and want to keep it that way. It’s been many weekends ago since we have not had plans. So shhhhh don’t tell anyone!

Graduation Ceremony, Getting Energy Back from Medical Procedure, and Upcoming Goals

Well, here she is, Columbia Christian Academy. I graduated from here, formerly CMA, Columbia Military Academy. I went to the school the first year it opened as a Christian school. It was a truly wonderful experience, for the most part. I loved the fact that it was small and there were few of us. I only had 14 in my graduating class.

So we were back on campus and to see my niece graduate. Mom was determined to go and I wasn’t sure we’d be invited, but we were. I am thankful and grateful to my sister for sending us an invitation. Not only did she send the invitation, she saved us seats, gave us directions, and even told us where to let Mom out that would be easy for her to walk. My heart is full. She followed up by text and thanked us for coming. We were all so glad to see Kadon and Ella again. I wish we had been able to see them all these past few years as they have grown. Kadon, quite literally has grown up! I guess it’s the first time my Mom and Kerrie have spoken in years. So it warms my heart. At least it is a start. With Mom being increasingly immobile as each day passes, and the situation at hand, I’m not sure how much time there will be for words to be had between them in the future. It will remain to be seen the efforts that are made or not, but at least Mom had some closure today to see her grandkids again.

The day was probably more than Mom was up for, but she was determined to be there. It was 85 degrees in the sun, during most of the ceremony. But it was within the 10 to 11:15 a.m. time frame, so it could have been worse if it was in the afternoon. There were slight breezes and sometimes a cloud would come over. It was doable for me but there was a couple of times I wondered myself if we needed to get up and stand under a tree. If Mom had written the ceremony it would have been indoors, no one speaking, and rush of names with no credentials or future college and career mentions, but sprinting up and getting diploma and rushing back to seat. It was really more than she could bare but she suffered through it and reminded us of it several times how shocked she was about how long it took with the “long winded speakers” and the “hot sun ceremony” as we headed home. I knew that would happen. I knew all along what she was in for. But I thought she knew what graduations were like. I reminded her these kids have all worked hard for their moment to shine, let them have it. Perhaps Mom is right, they might need a grandparent version of a graduation though, lol. Bottom line. She went, she wanted to go, and while she was put out about the outdoor ceremony and its length, she was overjoyed to see her grandkids. And it really was a beautiful day. I think you can see it in the pictures. I think the Vitamin D soak up did me some good.

Her hat fell off when one of the professors leaned in for a hug. lol. Look how tall Kadon is. It was a joy to see them. I’ve missed them so much. My heart hurts that we have not been able to see them much through the years.

Mom is happy. I think everyone was. Afterwards, Mom had arranged for Barbara, her friend, to meet us for lunch in Columbia at Applebee’s. We had a nice lunch and then headed toward home. I noticed how pretty West 7th street was with its lamp posts and straight shot to the court house.

George and I stopped at Animal Control in Nashville as they were having an adoption weekend. Probably the worst time to go as any small dogs would have gone first. And true, there were only big dogs left, some of them very scary and we were told not to put our fingers in the cages. There was one dog that was sweet and wagged tail but he was a puppy and already big. He’s not what we need. I can’t have a dog that will drag me down the street. I want a lap dog. Twenty five lbs or under – preferably less than 20 and one that I can pick up if needed.

Then we took Mom to the grocery, gathered a few of our own groceries and took the chance on a hot day that it would be ok until we could get her and the groceries dropped off and get home and get our own put up, but I just didn’t want to have to go back to the store. It’s hard to get my groceries and Mom’s at the same time. She needs help, but we kinda tag team it. George was with me. The smaller the store the better. I’m hoping to go to the store less as I do this Hello Fresh thing. I’m ordering from Target, Amazon, and Hello Fresh and then will hopefully in the future only have to stop for fresh ingredients. The Farmer’s Market will be opening soon.

Fur Baby hunt.

Received an email back about Monkey saying that she wasn’t adopted by another family and they would check our references and schedule a home visit with us. That was Saturday morning. Her adoption has been taken down off the website. I don’t know if it was because of me or if someone else adopted. Usually they say “pending”. This is the one that gets sick in the car and has nervous peeing. But I’m in love with that face that needs love in return. God is in control so I’m not sure what will happen.

There was this one, that I loved because of her permanent smile. Her name is Mimi and I’ve not heard back from this one. I hope she is not older than we are looking for. But look at that face!

Even if I can’t have either of these I will be ok. But I will be forever grateful to Monkey as she started me looking. So we have a bond no one can take away even though she has never met me, nor me her. Somehow our spirits still connected so I will hold on to that. I will be strong until the Lord provides.

On the Mend and Taking an Extra Day to Rest

I’ve been a little slow to come back from the colonoscopy. I think I know why. I didn’t get to take my supplements last week so I’m probably low on D and B complex. Also it takes a while for your stomach to rebound from the trauma.

My exercise was to start this morning and guess what! It did. I chose a 10 minute low impact though for this week. It includes stretching, light cardio, and balance. I started to do it twice but decided 10 minutes was probably good for today. It was kinda hard to get up and do it. But I did it. So tomorrow will be easier. And as the week goes on, I will pick longer versions – at least 20 minutes for a while. Putting it first, everything else will just shake out where it will.

Sunday, I took the day off. Bouncing into Saturday’s full and busy day was a little more than my body was up for, but I pushed through. I needed yesterday to be a down day. I still had laundry to finish and light housekeeping, but mainly had a restful low energy day getting ready for the work week, ironing, refilling vitamin case, changing my sheets, cleaning kitchen. I worked on video a lot, editing where we fixed beef bourguignon. That will be coming out soon.

I’ve decided to schedule my videos for Saturday mornings at 7:00 a.m. While it may not be EVERY week, it’ll at least be a regularly scheduled upload time when there is one. So whenever I’m through with one, I’ll schedule it for the upcoming Saturday, regardless! I made good progress and hopefully can finish for upload this Saturday, but I’m not pushing myself. I DO feel this is a good decision though and not sure why I didn’t think of it before. Maybe eventually I can get to where I get a little caught up in the videos.

I enjoyed working the puzzle during moments when my mind was just not up to par to be creative. I really didn’t want to think about anything Thurs and Fri and even Saturday. Yesterday my mind was gearing up a bit and better. Every day it’s better the further I get away from the meds for the colonoscopy prep and get more of my supplements and nutrients back in my body. The day did my soul, body, and mind some good.

What will this week bring?

Hmmm…well for starters, the work week will go off with a bang. I have to take Mom to get her eye injection this morning. So off to Lebanon, then to Hendersonville, back to Lebanon to drop her off and then off to Antioch to work and then back home to Mount Juliet. After being off Thursday and Friday, and late coming in today, I will probably have to work late to get what I need done to be organized for payroll. Then I’m supposed to cook tonight because George is working in the yard. And Hello Fresh is to arrive today but not sure if it will be here in time. Delivery says by 8 pm. Heck, that might even be when I get started, lol.

  • Cancelling Comcast cable
  • Working on the Bucket List for Summer
  • Finishing up a Couple of Bucket List Items for Spring
  • Order some things from LTD
  • Work on Video
  • Sign in to old blog website and email so I don’t lose it
  • Plan Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken visit (Mom grocery run, what restaurants, have a meal here?)
  • Research on fish oil/salmon oil as I’ll start to take it
  • Read “The Best of” for Mount Juliet
  • Work on the puzzle. :-).
  • Read some 🙂
  • Blog some 🙂
  • Schedule my Drivers Lic update for the REAL ID
  • Get my Birth Certificate (George has locked away but need it for the REAL ID)
  • Continue to find a dog and check for updates
  • Make GYN appt for check up
  • Car wash
  • Jewelry Project (getting rid of unwanted items, polishing silver earrings that have tarnished, and organizing it, and ordering a couple of pieces – we are talking costume jewelry here – that I have a need for).

That is probably enough for this week. lol. It won’t get all done but maybe a little bit of everything will get touched in some way. I’ll be back mid week at some point with updates.

What all you got going on this week? I love to hear your “to do” lists too.