Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad Recipe, Messy House Pics, and Moods

Healthy Taco Salad aka “Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad”

Oh ya’ll. I was looking for a taco salad – you know the traditional kind. And I said aloud “oh cilantro lime chicken” and both Mom and George said “yeah yeah yeah”. So I saved the recipe to Pinterest. (Mental note to go back and look at all those recipes I saved so long ago!). Well I fixed this last night. And let me tell ya. It was so good.

I had forgotten how good the George Foreman grill worked. Six minutes ya’ll to get the chicken done. I had marinated it and let it sit out for a few minutes NOT to room temp but just to let it warm and let the COLD COLD get off of it. Note: I would NOT make a good recipe writer. lol

It looks simple and well it kinda is, but it takes longer than it looks. The chicken was easy marinated for a bit but only 6 minutes as it cooks both sides at once. I washed and cut up a head of lettuce (you could use spring mix to save time), and I made the homemade vinaigrette that went with it (Fresh cilantro, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and lime – maybe a spice or two, but I’ll share link here in a sec). So yeah – that had fresh cilantro which meant using a food processor – which I had to find as we’d moved it into the sun room when we did the flooring. Everything is an Easter egg hunt these days! I also had to chop tomatoes, and well – that avocado that was supposed to go with it? Yeah it was too hard. George fought with it – no one – I repeat no one eats white avocado. Mom was in the background going “a white avocado? What’s wrong with it?” lol Oh well. Walmart was out of the “just right” and either had “gone too far past it’s prime” avocados or “not ripe enough yet”. So we wasted the money on that one. In the trash it went. The rest was just popping tops of cans. The yellow corn was great with it as it added a sweet flavor. We sat down and George said “where’s the tortilla chips”. I said “oh I don’t remember the recipe calling for it – go get ’em if you want ’em”. But we ate with out it. It was awesome!

So, it was really good and the link to this fine wonderful recipe is here. I hope to visit this site some more:

Cilantro Lime Chicken

It’s “The Stay at Home Chef” and looks like you can subscribe to have recipes to sent to your email. I will refrain for NOW though until I can get my email in order. I already have to many emails and not enough time to enjoy the fun ones. But I’ve pinned her site to Pinterest and I’ll be back.

Morning hazy sunrise on the way to work

Long Day at Work

I need a car wash. Not even on the “to do list” but I guess it oughta be at some point. This morning the sunrise was bright orange. Of course this did NOT do it justice. It was a BIG orange ball when I left my neighborhood. I had to do a triple take.

Today was one of those days where I really needed to sleep longer. But it was “go in early day” (Tuesday) to kind of make up for time that I’m having to spend taking Mom to appointments. And I just felt kinda off all day. I was sleeping so good when my alarm went off. And of course I didn’t get to do my blog nor work on the video and I always feel mistreated (lol) when I don’t get that time. I “lol” but it’s true. At least I also got in a bunch of extra hours due to quarter end when I got the reports late and had to rush to get things done. But it’ll all work out in the wash and I’ll have to use some of that time – we even out usually. I don’t keep close track but I try to make sure I get my hours in and my job finished. If I do that I know I’m heads above water.

Finally when I was near the end of my 10th hour today I said “enough”. My “to do” list is so long and we had to finish moving things out of the bedrooms tonight. Here I sit blogging getting my blog time back. Mom has fixed spaghetti for us and we’ll eat soon.

Reality Blog at its Finest (or not)

Often people say that blogs are not real. They only show you how perfect things are. Well here ya go. You can see this REALITY blog for what it is. I also did some video shots (finally) for an upcoming video segment.

I still don’t have everything back in place from the luxury vinyl flooring that looks like the barn wood below. But we had to move the bedroom stuff out from atop furniture and clothes that hung down in the closets and such. So here is how messy my house is right now!

I’m considering a day off, but I have so many things “begging” for my PTO days but in the end we will have seen who/what gets it. Trips, putting my house in order, moving Mom again, my doc appts, Mom’s doc appts, those three or four or five trips we have been wanting to take the last 2 to 3 years but keep having to put off, the holidays, long weekends, what? Who knows. It makes my head spin to think about it so I keep saying “no PTO now, hold off”.

I’ve cried, stomped, and plotted over how to use the PTO this year and I finally just kinda gave up and prayed and hung on for dear life. It’s like this year is three times on steroids. But God has not given us more than we can handle. We only have so much time and we get the most important things done and then when we are totally exhausted we end up some how getting a few minutes of down time just enough to keep us spinning and hoping.

So then when the spare time comes do you read, watch a show, do something non-essential on the To Do list, work on a video. It’s up for grabs. Usually it depends on how much brain power is left.

How Our Moods Work

It’s noticeable that how much I sleep and what all I eat – can give me a good outlook or a bad one. Yesterday I was content and happy and on top of the world. Today I was just trying to get through the day and had to try and force a good mood. I really think it was sleep and I am considering that when I drink my greens my outlook improves. ha. So maybe I need to drink those daily.

I was born a serious person and take everything to heart. And when you add all of the “other circumstances” up which I won’t go into – I end up being a kindof melancholy sort with bursts of energy here and there. I am just an introvert with extrovert tendencies. But I usually have to force the extrovert side. I can talk if I’m genuinely into something – then get me to be quiet is hard. But a realist is what I am and I have robotic tendencies if you have noticed to push through my to do lists. I guess somewhere along the way I was taught we were good people and not lazy if we did our list. So I keep trying. I keep hoping.

But the best thing lately about each day is that feeling when I lay flat in my bed with lights out and the bedroom fan (side fan -not ceiling) and sometimes the ocean sound machine on too – it’s the best reward. I fall asleep in gratitude for the day, for what God allowed me to accomplish, and to watch over us as we slumber. It’s a grand and glorious feeling to fall asleep in such peace. So no matter what kind of day I had – it ends the same way – peaceful and restful.

But yeah – the carpet people coming tomorrow! ;-). Soon I can begin the process of putting it all together.

“Be Calm and Carry On”, Build Site Progress, and a Lighter To Do List

We went to church Sunday and ate with friends and then went by the build site for Mom’s house. The concrete slab has been placed. We were very surprised that the houses next to it were already framed and on their way! How exciting is that? Watching it become real! I think it was important for all of us to see after all the hard work we’ve done getting Mom out of the house and into our own, as we await and watch the progress. How exciting!

As for the church visit? Well Mom said that churches of Christ with the name that has “Hills” in it was code word for being “liberal”. I had never heard that. She fears getting into a church that “allows anything and everything” and allows “certain types of sinners to attend”, which obviously led to discussions about how not everyone in any church is going to be perfect and that we all sin and those with sin obviously need Jesus the most. So a little drama before and after as we held these discussions. Mom has a tendency to raise her voice and get visibly angry when explaining her views, which is not really necessary, but I allowed her to say what she needed to say about it, and then I did as well in a much calmer voice.

If a conversation gets too loud or ugly I boundary it with people, not caring who you are. I don’t like to be yelled at and I will table a conversation if someone starts yelling no matter who you are- whether you are my Mom or an executive. Anger scares me but most of all I don’t want to be talked to that way, and I refuse to be. Luckily with Mom on Sunday – no yells -just raised voices and a “tone” over it.

Unless I get angry too and one will know that I am and I am not quiet either at that point. You don’t want to go there or provoke me b/c I can unleash it. When I get angry will expel everything about you that has bothered me in the past 5 years that I have kept quiet about and it comes out fast and its unarguable! And I will win the conversation. I really don’t like that side of me and I don’t want it to come out. So I will walk on eggshells around people to avoid both them and me getting angry. It’s just not the way to solve things. I have really had to work on that all my life as we have a tendency to react like our role models that we had. It is hard to tame oneself of these tendencies. But now these types of tendencies are perceived as bullying, gaslighting, etc. So we all need to be calm and carry on! lol lol lol

Mom said she didn’t see anything unscriptural taking place but was not particularly happy about the Sunday school discussion which I will refrain from going into as I don’t necessarily see scripture the way my mother does. I DO feel that God’s word is for all sinners and not just a few. I Do feel his word should be open to all. But I do agree that none of us should let our sins be a foothold and I do not feel that God wants us to freely continue in that sin but to continually shed the sin. We agree on that point. But to me, it’s not about agreeing with my Mom. My Mom is not going to judge me in the end —oh wait, what am I saying, Mom’s judges me and others all the time – lol – let me rephrase that – My God’s judgement of me is the one that matters. Like I say I worship Him everyday not just on Sunday. So as far as “the church going” goes, I have given her the church going card to hold her in hand. I really don’t care what she does with the card. It would be nice to be able to go to the church we were used to when we went and where there are so many people we know already but that would too easy right? And that would be what I would prefer to do. It’s never about me though, lol. It’s what Momma wants. I don’t have to take her but I have given her the church going card. That means I’ve promised to take her where she wants to go. I will sacrifice my time and effort to take her where she wants. I want to keep that promise. So like I said, if she wants to worship a corn stalk, I’ll take her. lol lol But I don’t hold any expectations that she will like our church. She had preconceived opinions about it before ever trying it and really already had her mind made up and told me no, until finally she agreed to try it after I told her the person she didn’t like wasn’t going there anymore. Since then she has found another couple that she was told “gave up the Lord” for attending there. Lord, help us all.

I don’t make this stuff up ya’ll. This is my life. This has been my life. It’s a wonder my eyeballs have not stuck permanently as they roll back into my head sometimes at some of the conversations. Most of them ONE WAY until as an adult I realize I have a voice and I’m allowed to have and form my own opinions and I do not have to agree with another person if I don’t want to. That said I want to keep my promises. As long as it is healthy to do so. If it becomes a unhealthy thing, I will boundary it. That is not being rude but that is protecting oneself and keeping oneself safe.

So I put a fun little July 4 decor on the table. I didn’t have a lot of red to choose from. This seemed to be an American kind of centerpiece. Children, worth fighting for, worth having Indepence for. A little Red Wagon is iconic also!

To lighten up the mood from the “church going” tension (isn’t it a shame that has to be the source of tension?) I ordered a puzzle for us to start on the 4th weekend coming up as we have an extra day.

I ended up with this one. How perfect! It’s a larger piece puzzle and a Ravenburger I think if I’m spelling it right. I thought the larger pieces would help Mom to see them. The picture is just so cozy. I look forward to working it.

I only have ONE Reeses left at work and I’m going to have to give them up. When I eat one I immediately want another. So I’m going to have to go to my wellness program chocolates or migrate to only the dark chocolate. Otherwise I will continue to eat two a day. ::sigh:: This is not the new habit I was hoping for, lol.
However, I allowed it during the stress days of moving Mom. We were using more calories anyway and I needed the comfort!

I’m a conflicted bag of horse poo though, because I bought brownie mix at the store last night when I did a big staples run just for me and what I need (and a few things for Mom). I was considering making light trifle cups with blueberry and strawberry, graham crackers and whip cream, this weekend for dessert since it’s a holiday. But no, we’ll go whole hog with brownies and chocolate mint ice cream scoop on top! Not very 4thy but very American! lol

And that is my story and I’m sticking to it!

I also began editing and doing voiceovers for the next video, yesterday morning, keeping with my “every other day blog/vlog” schedule.

Off to work. I’m not going in as early today as I worked early all month to get extra work in so I can take off one afternoon a month to take Mom to the do appt, but instead of taking an afternoon off I ended up burning a PTO day. So I am not going in early today.

I also have made her heart appointment with the new doc. Same group as far as hospital records so they had all her data, just a different doctor so that he is nearby. So that is later in July on a Monday morning. My desk does not get critical until Monday afternoon so I will be ok and rush through it and still get the work done.

I got my to do list done Sunday that I mentioned in the blog – almost all of it! I was so happy. My to do list is lighter this week. Thank goodness. I need to work on my wellness program order, work on dusting, changing out the bathroom rug and washing it, doing our Bucket List calendar (probably this weekend now that summer is half over), and set up the card table and chairs for puzzling.

And I better finish getting ready and get on the road!

Finding My Happy, Pushing thru to a Good Mood

As angry skies gathered, I took myself out to lunch yesterday. I allowed myself to have the salmon, although it was not as good as in the past as they didn’t use the same sauce and herbs. But I needed the fish for my psyche, the baked potato was for my soul, the salad with ranch dressing was my splurge and the iced tea for my energy. The staff was unmotivated, as was I as their customer, just exhausted from recent days and still a bit of anger lingering within my stirred up emotions.

Much as the day cleared after the storm, so did my thoughts and so did the issues. We secured the extra weekend in June to move, Mom signed off on the addendum to allow it, I ate a Reese’s cup mid afternoon with coffee, texted with my sister who agreed to try and sell some furniture for Mom as she’s had success listing on her FB page and also wanted Dad’s desk, and is going to get a couple of Dad’s fiddles.

I texted with a friend, and was face timed by Katy and River, and grabbed a white wine and watched “Sailing Project Atticus” on You Tube, and so happy that Desiree got her cute puppy dog to take onboard. Was fun watching them with the puppy.

And I ate an entire pint of Halo (270 calories) after our dinner last night as we watched two back to back Lillyhammer shows, the 2nd of which I snoozed through. Once it was over I quickly got in bed and snuggled next to my little “Snuglet” or “Snuggie”. The little thing has had several names. I call it whatever comes out.

I’m 58 and without a dog or human in my bed (due to hubby snores and an old Roger dog that can’t sleep and is needy all night- long story) – but I’m 58 and totally ok with having a “fake doggie” in my bed even if it is a sloth. I don’t know why, but it gives me great comfort to pretend I have a dog in bed with me. Yes, I’m 58 and sleep with a stuffed animal in the bed. My dogs have been so important and I miss them. So as I sleep, I just simply pretend it’s my dog. Somehow it works for sleep! I have a favorite “blankie” too, ha! It has a picture of Tugie on it (former poodle) and it radiates body heat back to you. It is the warmest thing. I keep it on the bed and if I get cold I use it.

So all that said “It took a village and lots of food, favorites, fun, and sleep” to get my happy mood back. But I’m a bit de-stressed, de-flated from my anxieties and anger, and feel happy this morning.

Knowing that today was Friday helps. I have managed to get caught up through the work week from being a HOLIDAY Monday by a couple of days of going in early. I already have in 2 extra hours of the four I will need to take Mom to the eye doc later this month. I don’t want to use PTO so I’m going to work earlier 4 days of the month to get the 4 hours worked so my work does not suffer and so the hours are reworked before I reclaim them back for the doc appt. I think that will work well and will be fair. I will be able to get my work done so it’s all good.

Facetiming with River. I look awful! And he looks blurry. But this was the best I could do in a screen shot.

The night before last George fixed us a comfort meal, breakfast for dinner. Forgive me if I already posted this. If so what harm does it do to post anything with bacon twice! But this was so good.

And texting was pretty funny. I dislike auto correct. I think it does more damage than good, lol.

So I wanted to pop in and say that everything is alright. We are all just tired and exhausted but we get about 2 weeks off from the move details and can concentrate on River and seeing our friends and having a little bit of fun in our lives again. It has been work, work, work nearly 24/7 except for sleep. Our stamina held for so long but it seemed to unravel the last few days with morale tanking on EVERYONE’s part. So having a break will help.

I might even get to clean and do SOMETHING in my house. It’s all gone to total disarray here. Things need a complete cleaning, house needs to be picked up, laundry needs doing again as it is already Friday. Trash cans need to be emptied, bathrooms need cleaning and so forth. It’s good that Katy and Cody are not staying here. It’s a mess!

I also have my follow up today at the Urgent Care place. The place on my back is not better by much but I think that the antibiotics are keeping it from getting further enflamed. I think it is trying to dry up and heal in spots but it’s just not there yet. It might be a little less sore, but yet it still is. So subtle difference in two days. I’m just wondering if this wasn’t a spider bite on top or next two a place that was already there. It seems like there’s two things going on. Anyway, I think the cellulitis part is not as bad. It no longer seems like blisters are around the edges.

This has been the weirdest year. lol. I think I liked 2020 better. It was at least easier! ha. No I don’t want to go back into a Pandemic state, but I am looking forward to not spending my every moment on the moving Mom project. Again, we love her and are glad to do it, in case my words are mistaken as people LOVE TO DO, but I mean I think we all agree that we are all exhausted trying to do this on the weekends. But we have had no choice as we can’t quit our jobs and don’t have enough vacation time to do it any other way. And didn’t want to pay $17,000 for a complete move job which would have been complicated as some things are going here and some in storage. And it all has to be done again in Oct/Nov. But…that move should be easier! It’s already packed! The unpacking will be fun! I love that part. I’m looking forward to helping Mom with all that.

Ok over and out. I have to deal with putting a dressing on my back. I figured out how to do it on my own without help. And we get to see River the next two days. We pick them up at the airport tomorrow. I am so excited! So prayers for their travel. They have to travel 2 to 3 hours to Dallas from Breckenridge and then pray that River is good on the plane. Their first time to fly with the baby. And I hope his ears do well on the landing. Babies can’t chew gum or pop their ears.

I’m so glad it’s a weekend! And a weekend of fun.

What you all doing this weekend?