Store Run, Keeping in Touch, and To Do List

Well, I have wanted to blog most of the day but it’s been a bit busier than I thought. But that is ok. Much of my “to do” has gone out the window. It’s still been a fun and relaxed day – so that is ok. there’s always tomorrow right?

Here was yesterday’s confirmed COVID cases for our county which includes two cities: Lebanon and Mount Juliet. It’s a pretty big county. I’m sure today is a bit higher.

You can also get your COVID-19 report from The Weather Channel app.

George and I watched “Ringo at the Ryman” last night. It’s Ringo and the All-Star Band. The music was great. I think my favorite was Richard Page. I love his voice! He was in Mr. Mister. I’ll have to add in his music to my iPod now.

So I guess we have chosen Friday’s as “Concert Night”. We have several more to watch and need to pick it out so we can “think about it” all week.

In honor of the Seniors week for 2020 – everyone is posting on Facebook their Senior pic. Bless the hearts of those graduating. They do not get to experience it I guess. Here is my pic.

Sleep was grand last night and then this morning Maisy woke me up around…I’m not really sure what time it was – sometime around 5:30 or 6:00. I was really groggy. I was dreaming. So it took a while to wake up. Coffee was good and I played around on the iPad looking a Webcams and such. My favorites are either not there anymore or they are closed, lol. So no fun there.

Then after we had a cup or two of coffee, we decided we’d run on in for a quick store run at Publix and beat the later day crowd.

My masks came in a few days ago and I washed them in Dawn and let them dry overnight. So I was able to wear this in the store. I’m so glad they sent a cute turquoise design. That is perfect for me. They also sent another one that is off white and has watermelon or something on it. I really can’t remember. But I am so happy to have these. I also have two on my desk at work that I’ll bring home Monday and I will wash them as well.

I was shocked at how much we spent at the grocery. We keep going every weekend. I guess we are just eating more though and needing more. I was almost completely out of things to take to work. So of course my Target order came in last week and it had peanut butter, canned tuna and chicken, and hand soap and laundry stuff. I was really thinking we wouldn’t go to the store much but….my RX meds were refilled for my blood pressure so I needed to run in and get that. And we were getting low on Fresh Pet. And we are completely out of fresh fruit and veggies. So we bought a few of those things.

George nudged me as they were ringing up the purchase. It was up in the 200’s – like high 200’s. We bought a few packs of chicken b/c we don’t have any in our freezer. We eat it up too quickly. We also bought some frozen beer battered fish and I’m looking forward to that as we put malt vinegar on it. We’ve not had that in a while. We bought a couple of frozen meals to have a few quick meals during the week. We like chicken cordon bleu, for example. It’s a frozen thing we get from time to time.

I bought watermelon which I’m looking forward to, some fresh apples, and now that my peanut butter is in, that’ll be a great snack. I did get yogurt. We also bought a couple of Cornish hens and a big fryer chicken. I bought some canned soups. And we have decided that we like the LeSeur Carrots – so we bought 4 cans of those b/c they are healthy and we like them. Wow they are really good. I never thought I’d like canned carrots.

So yeah, surprisingly the store was good for morale and we can add some fresh things to our meals at night. Still no toilet paper. I mean good grief.

George updated the “chalk board” in the kitchen.

As you can see we have eaten well last week! Looking forward to this week.

So several in our family tried out ZOOM today for a shower in the family. There are two having babies. Susan is hosting one and I’m hosting the other. I’m thinking that mine will still be social distancing – it’s in June. Just not sure this is all going to be over. I’ll be glad to host it here as long as I know a month in advance which way it will be. And I bet we won’t know by mid May. I will need to be able to get invites out and also need to get the house ready. I can throw it together quickly I think. I need my “Kate” in times like these. I’m scared to death b/c I’ve not solely ever done a shower before. But I’m excited to do this for our “Ellen and Justin”. It’ll be fine. However we do it. But it was fun to get on Zoom with the family for a test run for Susan’s shower she is doing for Hope. I spent nearly the entire time though trying to get the iMac to cooperate. The “App Store” for the Mac did not have zoom available. However, I was able to download it from Zoom itself for the Mac, which I did. So I think we are good now. But I didn’t have it figured out for the Mac while we were on the call. I had to use my iPhone.

Then later, during this process, I discovered an app called “Houseparty”. I downloaded it and invited Mom, my Sister in Law Susan, and Katy. I chatted with Mom while sitting on the front porch and then also chatted with my SIL while sitting on the floor, as my phone charged up again. Katy said she would join eventually after she cleared some stuff off her phone to add a new app. You can also play games on there with it. So it’s kinda cool.

So this is kinda cool.

And I went for a walk mid day. I also have done laundry. I’ve swapped over the summer/winter clothes in the tubs. But I have a huge to do list for the weekend. At least it was part productive! So here’s what is on the list for tomorrow. There is no way I’ll actually get it all done.

Sunday’s To Do List

  • Finish laundry
  • Give myself a pedicure
  • Study up on Virtual Baby Showers
  • Start working on the plans for it
  • Watch a dog trimming video (Can I do this?)
  • Maybe order a dog trimming set?
  • Dog baths
  • Look up next week’s weather
  • Get next week’s shirts picked out and ironed according to the weather.
  • Make gluten free bread for me. (This has been on every weekend’s list, lol)
  • Vacuum
  • Reset my Isagenix Auto Ship to an item I can use next.
  • Fill my little medicine box with Rx – blood pressure meds – yes I’m old enough to forget if I’ve taken it or not – “was that today or yesterday?”
  • Pick a recipe to fix
  • Pack my work bag for next week (vitamins for 3 days, peanut butter, oatmeal packets, crackers, etc.)
  • Get on my old laptop and make a signature on PSP – maybe some other graphics.
  • Check on a friend
  • Save photos from my iPhone to file and delete. I don’t always want to keep them on my phone together. So for the last month I need to save the ones I’ve saving to file and then delete from my phone which also deletes them from my iCloud photos. If I have drug the ones I want to save to my computer file, I’ll still have a copy.
  • Watch my shows. I did watch one today but would love to have time to watch some others. YouTube and Sister Wives.
  • Magazine Project
  • Audible books
  • Read some books – my gosh we just need to declare one night a reading night!
  • Do a crossword
  • Play candy crush
  • Order a set or two of PJ’s for summer. Mine are getting all crummy.
  • Might order a summer purse eventually.
  • Might order some more flip flops for summer.
  • And I’ll stop there. But notice how fun the things are at the end.

Enhhhh, it’s kind of a cheesy little list there but it feels good and “normal” to make lists. I reserve the right to skip ahead to fun stuff if I so choose. But by doing so, that means that tomorrow I have to make another list and make sure I do the important stuff first.

So, we have some severe weather coming in tomorrow afternoon and evening and possibly into the overnight. They have been talking about it for days. So I kinda dread tomorrow but at least we have a basement and we don’t have to be anywhere.

You can see my gray coming through in my hair now and I’m considering giving myself a hair cut to cut some of the brown out. I might let it grow a bit longer. Not really sure what to do. My hair cut is due the end of April but I’m sure it’ll be cancelled. I think I can survive 1 hair cut by moi! However, two, and it’ll look even more homey!

Well, I’m going to get off of here and treat myself to a show. I understand I have an hour and a half to goof off before dinner. ;-). I’m so glad George loves to cook. How did I score that? I like to cook too but not all the time. He loves it! He’s good at it!

So how are you coping these days? I’m hoping that you all are doing ok. You can do this. I’m hearing better things in the news. But…we just gotta get through it the best we can. A few weeks longer I think.

How to Make a Mask in a Minute

Yesterday was a much needed “take care of home” and “take care of self” day. I actually was awake at 4:30 and got up and began the day. I guess because we are home more, we are running out of things like jeans, gym pants, and gym shorts, jogging pants – as we wear those a lot around the house. Also I have been lacking on being faithful at getting George’s work shirts done (a golf shirt with their company logo). But they have video conferencing so he has to wear it still as if he is at work this week. So back at doing a mid week load. They didn’t give them enough to get through a whole week. It’s not a problem – I just have to remember to be sure and wash up another load of darks midweek.

While catching up in the laundry room, I listened to iTunes, and just had a huge peace wash over me, and also began to have a sprig of hope that this will one day be over and our lives will be back to the normal normal. Although I did find that yesterday I was quite happy to be at home with no where I had to be. An introvert’s dream. Much to do here and I rarely ever get bored. I think we’ve prepared our whole lives for such a thing – so much to keep our minds occupied. My only fears now are being exposed at work and when we shop.

My sister texted me – thinking about Mom- that many of the stores are delivering now and Publix was even delivering free and will drop to your door step. This sounds appealing for when this thing begins to peak. I think we are slowing the curve so it’ll take a long time to get over this period. We do like to go to the store though as we like to see things and get ideas, catch sales and so forth. Anyway, in case we have to get out, I want something over my face. So I had seen how people can take a bandana and pony tail holders and make a mask. Well, I tried it with a linen dish cloth and rubber bands and it took less than a minute. So this will do. You can probably see here how I did it.

Just fold the towel lengthwise, and slip on some rubber bands about 1/3 of the way through on each side. Then tuck in one end of the towel into the other.

And then pull the rubber bands to the outer folds and it’s ready to tuck behind your ears. Yes it’s a little bulky but with linen it was several layers but I could still breathe.

I also realized that my masks I’ve ordered from Etsy has been shipped. They will arrive mid-week. I’ll let it sit in the foyer for several days when it gets here. I really don’t want to wear a mask to work but as the virus gets more prevalent I may wear it in the common areas.

I worked in the kitchen yesterday and cleaned the surfaces. Made the kitchen pretty again. I dusted the den area and gave our coffee center some attention, replenishing k-cups, emptying the little k-cup trash bin I have sitting on the counter. I have a cute stainless steel “mini trash” thing set up there with a coffee filter on the bottom to catch liquids. So that is ready for the week.

I played candy crush til my heart was content drinking coffee yesterday morning. And I caught a few of my shows (usually little 20 minute You Tube shows) while eating left over peas and potatoes. Probably should have been doing liquids but since it’s a lighter case, I think light foods are ok. I do have some pain this morning a bit and will try to mainly do liquids most of the day. I guess I should have kept at my cleansing and shaking, because when I did this I had very little diverticulitis trends.

Thank goodness I’ve not developed a fever with it b/c I can’t work or be around others these days with a fever. I have to figure out what is happening but I just can’t fret over this right now. It’s just going to be what it’s going to be. It is too difficult to figure out what triggers it. It’s just a gut situation as a whole, probably with the muscles tightening triggered by stress and eating too much faster than digestion can keep up ad no doubt having too much sugar as we’ve increased our intake of bread and sugar. All those things I believe interconnect to make the perfect storm. I also sit intensely bent over peering into the computer screen in times of intense work with no breaks and this seems to kinda block my lower left intestinal quarters and shut it down. I also sleep on my left side as well. So all of these things play a part in my opinion. I’ve had exercise this week, but obviously many hours of sitting in a row without much movement is no good – even if you exercise at the end. I cannot just concentrate on my stomach 24-7. But apparently I am going to have to figure it out or this will be my life forever. The stand up desk worked at work. Since I’ve been home I’ve been sitting more for increased times.

At home, in order to be able to do this blog without pain this morning, I’ve had to create a standing desk. At least I could do this as the iMac will swivel. I think I remember the sales guy saying something about this when he sold it to us. I’m thankful for that.

I found the perfect basket to turn upside down and with the swivel on the iMac it’s perfect. I have to reach down for the mouse but it’s doable as it is totally within reach. I am also missing Tugie, our poodle of 17 years as she passed about a year ago. This little Sloth reminded me so much of her. I have found that I need to have this little Sloth around sometimes. So I set it over by my computer. She would have been by my side at this time if she was here. My Maisy girl is though, but nothing is a replacement for my beloved Tugie.

I found this posted in one of the Facebook groups I joined.

However, you have to be careful. Some of these folks are taking things like colloidal silver which has not had a lot of studies on it and its impact. It can permantly turn your skin tone blue/purple. I will refrain from that. It’s actually “silver” in liquid form, I read. I also wondered if that is where the term “blue blood” came from. hmmm. As it refers to wealthy people. Perhaps.

As I went through the house yesterday, I made a list of supplies we were getting low on, but made it in terms of what we would need after 2 weeks. I wanted to do a Target order and see if I could get it in. But I figured it may take 2 weeks to get it. So if I shop and give bigger lead times, I just have to really watch that when I open one household item, I need to go ahead and order the next one so it will be here by the time I need it again. I figured I wouldn’t have much luck on the Target order without having to sign up for Shipt but it let me order several things. At the end I had a message that I needed to edit my order as some items were not available. What? Had I wasted all that time as it let me put it in the cart. I was willing to wait for it – even if it took 3 weeks to a month. (I also have to wait several days before opening the box in case that darn virus is on it.) So I removed the items that were not available to the “save for later” feature and moved them back one by one watching to see if the “edit cart” notice came up again. It didn’t. So it let me place the order and said that it would come in three shipments as it was slow since supplies were in great demand. They did not have toilet paper. But I was able to get almost everything I needed, including canned tuna, canned chicken, applesauce cups, fruit cups and various things I can take to work. As a reward for them (Target) and me, I shopped for tops and bought 3 of them. I really usually don’t ever find anything at Target for me, especially on line, but there were 2 linen tops, very similar to tops I’ve had before and loved. And also a long sleeve cute top I can wear to work.

Then I got on Thred Up where I had some credit. Not much but a little. I ordered two more tops from there that were “New with Tags”. So I have some things coming in.

I also got to open boxes that came in – in the last week or two. We let things sit before we tear into them. We bring it in but leave it in the foyer for several days.

Took the dogs out and we walked around some. It was just an overall pleasant and much needed day. I also trimmed and filed my nails as this “dip” grows out. It’s not gonna be pretty. I had a similar color. Mine was darker, so I “did” my nails yesterday the best I could.

Today my plans include putting sheets on the bed, cleaning the bathroom, putting up my laundry from yesterday, checking on Mom, doing my magazine project, and watching some shows. I had said we might give dogs a bath. They did not get their grooming yesterday of course. So I may begin looking at pet trimmers and watching videos on how to do this. I don’t think we can wait til July. Also want to do some on line church today.

Plenty of things to do around here today. I’m a little upset that it is Sunday. Mainly b/c work is tomorrow. It’ll be ok though. I’m just needing more of a break from everything I think. Quite frankly, I’m just having a hard time wanting to have to go back into a COVID state of business and be reminded of it. But it is what it is and with God we can get through anything.

I will say this, during this time of ________________ (whatever it is you wanna call it) you really start to think about a few things. I imagine we’ll all be different, with different goals, different priorities, a boundary as to what we are willing to settle with or put up with, and just an overall sense of doing things differently when this is over. There are things that I have decided will definitely be different when this is done. There will be things most of us will rise up saying “oh no this will never happen again”. We’ll all be prepared for a long time as to how much toilet paper we stock, what kind of people we are around and how they handle stress or not, what resources we have, and on the flip side we’ll likely not take for granted things like gatherings, seeing friends, church worship, going out to eat, and so forth. And when you realize that there are only a few things in life that REALLY matter, when things get in your way that stand b/w you and what really matters – that means making some life size and life style changes. In big ways. Big enough ways to make a difference in meeting your expectations of life or not. So yeah, there is a LOT of thinking going on in our world right now. When we emerge, it’s gonna be a bit different. There are some things I’m thinking I’ll definitely not be going through again or putting up with again. And I have some goals now that I’ve decided no one or no entity is getting in my way of. I’ll mesh with life until I get it the way it needs to be. Family is most important – over everything else. That is just the way it is.