First iMovie on the New YouTube Channel

Well, it was another labor of love, this iMovie! I’m going to have to start tracking the hours. I worked on it every day of this 4 day weekend. Not all day long but a few hours each day.

Since life happens so fast and I am only capturing bits and pieces of it, the media (pics and videos) I have had to work with was minimal. So piecing it together is interesting. But I enjoy it. There were some clips where it was hard to get the audio consistent no matter how hard I tried.

I wanted to show pieces of the pandemic and the issues with Maisy and the washer going out, and George’s good cooking saves the day!

So much improvement to be had but I look forward to continuing to learn:

To film, to tell a story, to provide value and not just entertainment. I’m already looking forward to the next one. They will always be behind the blog though.

So I’m going to take a break this week and work on getting ready for the June shower – need to gather items and order items and such. I will work on knocking some OTHER things off my list besides creating movies. lol

So I DID go ahead and create a NEW channel with a new email and I created a new Twitter account and a new instagram account. So over time I will build those up and also I will connect everything here. I also need to add some other things to the blog as well.

My first goal is to get 100 subscribers. That is when I get my own YouTube URL where it makes it searchable. So if you like it at all, please SUBSCRIBE! And give me a thumbs up on the video.

I’ll be ordering a gimbal or some kind of selfie stick thing so I can film better from a distance. And probably need to invest in one of those little iphone microphones. I have already decided that I will be buying myself a Cannon EOS camera. I have the stimulus money and blow money already saved up to do it now. But I’m not allowing myself to do it yet. I want it to be a reward for reaching milestones. I’ve not decided how many subscribers that will be but – I’ll decide as I map and plan. And then I want to get out and use it. Which means I’ll need that raccoon looking thing they have on top to block out wind and probably some other tools. And we’ll need to be able to get out and explore. I’m looking forward to all of it.

Here is the video! Don’t forget to subscribe if you like it at all and give me a thumbs up. Thank you Thank you.

It’s me in Vlog form for sure.

I learned how to do Thumbnails through Canva. I need to go in Paint Shop Pro and make my logo round so the square background is not there.

Anyway, off to work we go after a beautiful 4 day weekend. And I have a lot to do in a short work week. Minus a day to get PR done.

Take care! See you in a couple of days!

Best Lasagna I Ever Made and My iMovie Processes

While taking Roger out yesterday, I noticed how pretty the lavender had become. I love it. It has been a great thing to plant in the flower bed and it comes back every year. I think that might be thyme behind it. I depend on George to remind me of which herbs are which.

He has worked very hard in the yard. And the house looks good amidst the tree limbs there. That tree was not very big back in 2008 when we moved in. It provides a lot of shade now. I can remember in the hot part of August trying to stand in the small shady spot and now it overtakes the yard and in mid- day instead of late afternoon. It’s really nice.

The day went by so fast. This whole weekend has. My main task for yesterday, besides getting the lasagna made, was to catch up on the ironing. I did that. I ironed I don’t know how many pants – maybe 8? I washed several loads of laundry also as we had our swim suits and towels that we added to the mix and a load of whites to do.

So I had on my list a while back, to make lasagna. It was on my new year’s list. We had such good lasagna at Aunt Gwen’s and then also at Judy’s. And so I decided that I wanted to make it myself. As a girl who has always loved pasta, I can’t believe I never have. It was always something as a teen, that we gals would get excited when someone was making it. It was always “this big thing”. Even today, people will tell you how much trouble it is. So all my life, loving spaghetti as I do, and those long strands of goodness, I just always stuck to that.

George has been mentioning it recently, and I watched a You Tuber make it. And the trick to it not taking so long is to make it in 2 sections. It seemed much easier than a lot of other dishes I’ve attempted to make. But I have to say it’s the best lasagna I’ve ever made. I’ve never made one before, ha!

Pretty much the meat sauce was easy and as normal – kinda like a spaghetti sauce. I followed their instructions though and they used a few different spices than I normally do – like fennel seed and parsley.

Any Italian sauce is recommended to have two meats. I learned that from Restaurant Impossible. So we had ground beef (from the cow we bought) and we had a country sausage (from the pig we bought.)

George had me add a rub to the sausage that made it “Italian sausage”. I couldn’t tell you what was in it. I’d have to ask him. He’s not in the room, lol.

The meat and seasonings had to cook for an hour and half. And then I went ahead and made the cream sauce, which was an egg, Ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese. With fresh parsley added in. I think that was it. I’m trying to recall from memory.

Here is the link:

Then I boiled the noodles up for 8 minutes and ran cold water over them so they would stop cooking.

So we had our Happy Hour Zoom call with friends – in which we kept losing our connection (one time it was their laptop that died though) and we had to switch to Face Time. I can never seem to stay connected on Zoom though. Grr. We did not have a problem with Face Time I noted.

After the call I went and layered up the lasagna while the stove preheated. It was fun! I loved making this. I loved layering it in. You layer in your sliced mozarella. I loved that we bought the kind already sliced. I still pinched apart some though to spread it out across the layers more evenly. It baked 25 min with the foil on and 25 with the foil off.

George said it was really good and if “the house chef” says it’s good, that is a good thing.

George made a wedge salad with fresh made ranch dressing. I love that stuff.

He also made green beans.

I began videoing a few things yesterday for the “next” video. This is just crazy.

I also worked hard on the audio for the video this weekend, a chunk of it done yesterday and I’m almost finished. Gosh I lose time when I am working on these videos. I enjoy this process so much.

Some of my “missing files” in iMovie came back. My sound effects. I wish my music would come back. Once this last video is done, I’ll try to see if I can delete and download. I think I read it was $15? But if it recognizes me it will know I have an account and maybe let me have it. I could contact Apple I guess. I think somehow I deleted the files that came with iMovie when I deleted my own media files from the last project. Geez. I selected “All” and I only meant for it to select the files from my project. I didn’t know it was selecting all files from iMovie. Such a learning curve.

I’m realizing very quickly how hard this is going to be to do it the right way to grow the channel. But after my post yesterday. I’m not going to push myself. That takes the fun out of it. I’m going to create the channel. I will work on it and publish to it. I will learn and dabble and play. And at some point it will become a natural process and I’ll be in a better position to commit to a schedule. If I were to commit to one now it would be 1 video per month. lol. Plus I’m doing fairly complicated videos b/c I’m trying to piece chunks of time together to tell a story and much of it all just non related. I mean going from COVID to new toilet to family visiting, to dinner. There was a lot to cram in and “piece together”. I should have it finished today. If not sometime this week. I need to begin logging my hours on it.

But the process I use of creating an iMovie is something like this:

  • Pulling in the photos and videos to a file on iMac from my photos (shared b/w phone and imac)
  • Pulling in that said file into iMovie
  • Adding the photos and videos into the timeline in the order that I think I will use it.
  • Going through each video clip and clipping out what I don’t want in there.
  • Going through each photo and selecting how I want it to be. Either selecting it to fill the screen or using Ken Burns which makes the photo move. I adjust the “Beginning and End” to the movement so it floats over the right spots.
  • Add in overlays such as titles, text, logos, pictures, pictures within a picture, or a picture that comes in while the video is playing.
  • There are options for using graphics with a transparent background so it shows over the pic also. Have to go outside of iMovie for that.
  • Picking out the music. I seem to use 3 or for songs in mine. I’m not sure if that is normal, but I don’t use the whole songs – just clips of it – usually the beginning.
  • Adding in the music to the timeline.
  • The whole time I’m working with the audio to make sure the clips sound constant at the same levels so those who are watching do not have to turn up and down the volume while they watch. I’m splitting audio clips in order to make some of the music go down lower while we are talking. Sometimes I’m finding these are hard to do.
  • Then I do a final run through and still make tons of changes.
  • Then I do the upload to my iMac and cross fingers.
  • Then I replay it after the upload b/c sometimes files get damaged or the sound ends up being different and I have to go back in and adjust.
  • Then I upload it to YouTube
  • Then I upload it to the blog
  • Then I upload it to the Facebook Group for Less Hustle More Coffee

So…it is quite the process. But I’ve fallen in love with it. I want to do the Next one in Movavi! I DID look at creating Thumbnails. Of course if you don’t create one they will do it for you. (YouTube will). But when you post all the time it’s recommending that you do your own and have consistent font and such. That’s for another day. For the future. I don’t want to get any more overwhelmed. But when I post on a schedule, that will be a good idea. Right now, I just have to have fun with it. Not pushing myself!

I thought about things yesterday and I do have some topics that I can focus on to grow the channel when I’m ready to do so. As I go about the house I can see some things that I would love to talk about. Mainly related to:

Decorating on a budget, setting up a home office space, how to get organized, time management tips, ways to chill out when you are stressed, new apps I like. These are all the things I blog about just not in bullet form. So I will figure this thing out and it’ll be fun. The whole thing is to be fun, but…to have some goals with it. I like to reach goals. I think that is why I have a to do list. It makes me feel I’m worthwhile. 😉 I had been stuck on the niche thing because I’m all over the place on this blog. I will call it a reality lifestyle blog and then mention in the description that I share (the above things I mention). I’ll put those as key words in the description and tags of the YouTube set up. You do this in your settings when describing your channel.

Anyway, once I get the video finished I will start working on setting up the new channel.

Ahhh these weekends go by too fast. Dang it. I can’t believe it’s Monday already. But alas, it’s only a 4 day weeker – a busy one too as I prep for the Holiday payroll the following week and it’s a month end pay date coming up which means that beginning Wednesday I will start paying off the taxes for those that are monthly paid. So a very busy week.

And I’ll end here so I can get a few things done in the house and get this iMovie done. And if it all works out this week I can finally begin to knock some things off my list. I’ve been avoiding the to do list while working on the iMovies. Also feel like I’m shirking my responsibilities because I love the editing process so much, that I often even forget to eat. I do eventually go find crackers to munch on. But I could lose weight doing it, lol.

Ya’ll have a wonderful Memorial Day. And I am thinking of those that fought to protect us today and served. Thank the Lord for such a beautiful weekend. Now I’ve got to check and see how Katy’s ranch cat “Ford” is doing.

Now that Memorial Day is here, for us in the South. Summer has officially arrived. And the heat will begin with it.

And I kinda have an itch to get out and do some things. Do you? What you gonna do this summer?

Making the Tulsa iMovie, Maisy Update, and More

Maisy and I went to the vet yesterday. We sat in the car and waited to be called. I had to walk her to the foyer, hang her leash on a hook, leave my debit card in a tray, and head back to the car as they took her back to examine her, and wait for a call from the doc.

Turns out, they said they could not hear anything in her lungs but that it seemed she had an irritated throat from most likely allergies. They asked if I wanted an x-ray to be sure but suggested it was fine to just try the allergy meds and see if they helped her. They said that if that doesn’t solve the issue then we can bring her back and do an x-ray. The problem DOES come and go. The vet said if it was a heart problem it would not come and go but would be persistent. She said that she still does have the heart murmur but her lungs seemed fine.

So I guess that is good news. I figured we’d be starting heart meds from here out. The vet could be wrong without having the x-ray to be sure, so I guess we wait and see. Here’s what we were given. One has an antihistamine in it and the other is an anti inflammatory. They did not want to put her on steroids as that can enhance the heart murmur into a heart condition.

One is Hydroxyzine and the other is Rimadyl. We have to start the Rimadyl this afternoon – she said to wait a day before beginning it. The rimadyl is also for pain but mainly they wanted her to have it for inflammation. I will give it to her today if she is coughing but if the one med does the trick not sure we’ll need the other. Might do some research on the drugs. Can you tell I’m always picky about these things?

I think the Hydroxyzine helped yesterday. It was about a 2 hour ordeal at the vet. I vow to switch vets, to one that is not quite so busy. However, they seem to do a good job, they have a history of our pets, and are often open til 6 or 7, and they will allow the walk ins although it’s a very long wait to be worked in. I didn’t want to be out of the house for 2 hours yesterday on my vacation day but I love my Maisy so off I went to do it.

When we got through it was waaaaay past lunch and I had a distinct craving for Taco Bell. I almost turned right to go thru the drive thru and get something to take home. However, this big ugly dark cloud was coming and it looked scary. Having not paid a lot of attention to the weather, I decided it best just to go home, plus with Maisy in the car – she’d be wanting my taco, lol.

So home we went where the plumber was there working up a deal with George.

Turns out we are going to be replacing our plumbing pipes. We’ve had issues since we have been here. Most all of our neighbors have also had to redo part or all of theirs over the recent few years. In the last two weeks the issues in our house have worsened. Usually George has been able to remedy it. But we could let the plumber doctor it, and continue to have issues and have to call them or it could break and we really have a problem. I teasingly said I should wait for that to happen so then as the pipes busted I’d eventually get new flooring. I told George I was ok with the upgrade to the pipes to avoid damage issues as long as he agreed I could get my flooring and updates to the kitchen before long (flooring, counter top, stove upgrades). He said we had begun our home improvement season. This is a good thing. I’m even willing to forego our Christmas giving to one another (ok a few little things to open maybe). So we are getting the pipes pretty much a complete overhaul, complete with adding a filter to the tankless water heater which means all taps will have pure and clean water. And I get a new toilet out of the deal. lol I am getting rid of the old gold toilet. We will be going to Lowe’s to pick out the new one. I’m going white. And our water pressure will be better as well.

So the roofer will be here next week to fix the chimney – concreting over the chimney of the fireplace that is never used and probably unsafe to use at this point and will be fixing all around the fireplace so that the roof does not leak in the sunroom anymore.

Here is where I sat most of yesterday creating the next iMovie video of our girls trip to Tulsa. It is true what they say about these videos – that for every minute of video footage, it’s about an hour’s worth of work. The Tulsa video is, I believe, my longest creation to date and I think my best work so far as I’m coming around the learning curve. Of course I bought Movavi and still need to do some things with it. And as I am seeing other do will eventually move toward Final Cut Pro – but we’ll save that for much much later. It’s an iMovie on Steroids with many bells and whistles and for professional video. I want to do a professional video but I’m not a pro! It seems that our vacays have always been when it’s dark and dreary, so most of my footage is just dark and dim.

My goal with the Tulsa girls trip video was to show what we did but to show it with the feelings that we were feeling. I specifically chose music that depicted our anxiousness about the virus as it was unfolding, yet our excitement to be together, to shop, to eat and do the things we love to do together. I feel I did that.

I was better organized with creating this video. I organized my files first as I’ve been trained by these video creators on You Tube. The usual method is just to start dragging files in from my photos directly into the iMovie media file. NO – did NOT do that this time. I created a file on my computer first and then uploaded all of them at one time into my iMovie media folder.

I also picked out songs ahead of time that matched the various moods of the different scenes of the video. I’m loving the use of Epidemic Sound. George thinks it’s hilarious that I downloaded Epidemic Sound during the Pandemic. He actually thought I came across it because of COVID-19, lol. But no – a lot of the video creators are using this one. It has all kinds of music you can use by mood, or genre. And has sound effects too. It’s most awesome. I believe that I can download and use in my iTunes for personal use as well. Unlimited downloads for $15.99 month with a free trial period and the music sounds awesome.

So next I want to learn a few things about adding Text and Graphics and learn tips for simplifying the process. For example, I’m needing to learn all the Mac short cut keys. I’ve tried to avoid this but apparently it’s a good thing with the Mac as it really IS a short cut worth knowing. For example if you shorten all your photos to 3 seconds instead of the 4 that it auto drops into the iMovie, you can hit Control A or something like that – no I’ve not learned them all yet, and it will mimic all the pics to be like the current one you just changed. That saves a LOT of time.

So now that this video is done, I can focus on making some that are just about our week or whatever is going on with the Less Hustle More Coffee household, lol! So I guess I need to move on to getting around THOSE learning curves – and the big one of filming myself and being able to get through that, the confidence, the audio of it and sound quality, the lighting, and perfecting THAT process. These videos will be quite a bit different as they are capture more live video and less photos. And will need to tell a story of sorts as best I can piece it together. But I’m looking forward to trying. My fear of doing this is there will be nothing interesting to capture, especially during the Pandemic where outings are minimal except work and of course work is off the table. There will be no video at work. Even though that would probably the most interesting footage of all. lol lol lol Talk about watching THE OFFICE. lol Version 2! So no – nothing from there – the TROLLERS who TROLL and WATCH need not worry. Place your heart to rest. It’s all gonna be ok.

So it’s looking like tomorrow will be the day I’ll post the YouTube on here. It’ll be posted to YouTube itself in an hour and 24 minutes of which was a 3 hour upload. But I wanted good quality.

I will also have to figure out space as I get more of these under my belt. I guess they will have to be parked on another drive or another website somewhere. As I have found in doing this, one expense leads into another. lol

But like I said I’m easing up on my hair and nails expenses. And may stop my audio book subscription since I’m not getting much of them read. My trip into work is pretty quick these days. And there are always podcasts and I can always buy a book or two when I do have time to listen to them. So we’ll see.

Here’s what I did during our Netflix session of watching the new season of “Dead to Me” last night. I finally got the ends off of the “Dip” that was on my nails. My gosh it tears your nails all up. They are so tender and brittle. As mentioned I’m going to do my own for a while. And going to get some new polish colors too. So obviously “doing nails” is on the list. Hey this is a reality blog so you get the raw real me – well most of the time.

Well it’s 10 a.m. and I need to hop onto getting ready for the upcoming work week as we will be spending time with Mom tomorrow and of course I goofed off (geeked off) lol yesterday so I must get some things done. Here’s a list of to do’s. It doesn’t show everything in each section. I also don’t use the sections like they want you to. I use it like this:

Urgent – in Pink – is Urgent but “This week”

Not Urgent in Green- is really usually fairly Urgent but most likely not til the following week.

Not Important in Blue – is stuff that is important to me but not likely to get to until I have time to! Usually hobby related.

Grey area is stuff that will be postponed til later on in the year. It’s fun to kinda reshuffle this as one week morphs into the next. This is the “Focus Matrix App” and it’s the premium version so it’s on the iMac and my phone. And it syncs.

And I must really go and tackle life before I blink and today is gone too!

Ya’ll take care and hope your weekend is a fantastic one!

iMovie Glitches and a Mostly Wasted Day

Was very happy to get to sleep in yesterday. I mean even George got up first and made coffee and took both dogs out and made their breakfast. It was a rainy and grey day.

I immediately ignored my to do list and dove into working on my video project for Hot Springs. Much to my surprise, 8:30 turned into 12:30 in a blink and I’d not even had breakfast.

I stopped for lunch as I was all through editing, which involves getting the lighting adjusted, cutting out extras in the clips, cropping and adding “Ken Burns” to the videos I’d taken in vertical form (a habit I can’t seem to break), applying Ken Burns to my photos so they zoom over correctly, adding special effects and placing music, adjusting sound, etc. And the last thing I needed to do was add titles and upload.

So I fixed myself a nice little turkey sandwich with olive oil mayo, spinach leaves, cheese, and sourdough bread (Pepperidge Farm – one big slice cut in half). And I added leftover tortilla chips from the night before. I love a good tater chip kinda crunch on a sandwich. I’ve not eaten many sandwiches lately just trying to stay away from bread, but after finding this bread – it is soft, and fresh, doesn’t feel like leather in your esophagus. Here’s a pic of my sandwich. It’s just bellowing with goodness.

Watched some You Tubes yesterday on technical stuff. And then mid afternoon I was hungry again b/c of course this sandwich was my breakfast, lol. So I had a little thing of leftover spaghetti and ate that.

I watched Sister Wives – yes I just threw all my important to do’s out the window, except for laundry. lol. I just did what I wanted to do. Create and watch, create and watch and learn. I’m just inspired by the videos and I want to learn to do them and get better at it. I told George I had a new hobby and I think he sarcastically said “greeeeeat”. I’m not sure if it was sarcastic or not but it didn’t sound like an excited greaaaat. I have a hard time getting in any of my hobbies daily. I only really get to have a stretch of time on the weekends and can get further into them when we are not out running around everywhere – and that is why the Pandemic has been good for me. I get to be home doing some of this stuff.

So I went to watch the next sister wives show on our cable TV – it’s on TLC. We pay booooo coo oodles on our cable bill. And dang if they didn’t want to charge me $2.99 to watch the next episode after that. Well, heck no. Keep your dang show to yourself. I can watch a whole lot of other stuff I’ve already paid for. So I just VOTED NO to that. I’m not going to pay extra just to see a show I watch. I’ll just pick a new show. I hate it. I enjoyed them but “bye bye”. I’m not paying for it. I am not sure if it gives you so much time to watch it before you have to pay? I have Comcast/Xfinity and they are on TLC. Normally it’s free. It let me watch to a certain point and then tried to charge me for the next show. So…!

So I rebooted the laundry and then opened up all our packages from the last weekend’s shopping (vitamins, clearance tops, toilet paper finally came in, and the Target order). And then I came in and decided to finish up the Hot Springs video and upload it to YouTube.

There is some confusion when I go to save and upload. Apparently iMovie saves it as you go along, which is good. And I learned last time to save to the file first instead of just directly uploading to YouTube. So I had created a Hot Springs Weekend file on iMovie and also the project was in a folder called “My Movie”. It’s really confusing me where my movie really is. lol

I think only one clip was in my Hot Springs Weekend folder and the My Movie was what contained my movie. (I think). So I renamed it where it was to Hot Springs Weekend b/c well, that is what the project was. Only I think I was supposed to wait until I exported it to name it. (I think). And then uploaded and got errors in the uploads with references to problems at the first point of error in which I had a clip at :16 right off the bat. So I replayed the video and found that spot and noticed that ALL of my video clips had turned black and would no longer show anything but blackness. I’m not sure if renaming it corrupted anything or not. This did not happen to me last time. At first I thought it was just one that had corrupted itself somehow so I reloaded that clip in. One clip I couldn’t find anymore in my files to drag over to the project so I cut it out completely. And then I realized that ALL the clips had gone bad just as George came and told me dinner was ready. Arghhhhhhhhggggggaaaahhhhhh!

I wanted to cry. I had spent upwards to 5 to 6 hours on this. Yes it was fun hours but you would at least like something to show for it. Have since spent more hours in research. I obviously have learned a lot, but I think I’m at the point that I’m dangerous with it. Going to bed last night having done many searches to figure out how to fix, I only found one or two and it seemed more complicated to resolve than just starting over from scratch. But I just thought if iMovie has glitches then maybe I want another program even if I have to buy it. So I spent some time looking at Movave and Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is mainly a professional video software and an upgrade to iMovie and iMovie is throwing me curve balls, I think Final Cut Pro would send me over the edge. So I just don’t know.

Going to bed I was so disgusted, disappointed, and time is so precious to me that I felt like I’d wasted my time. I’d really like to talk to someone who uses iMovie and get some tips OR talk to someone that has another software that they feel would work better for me. I was loving iMovie but it definitely has some quirks. I also get really confused about the files on iMac. I think I need to watch some YouTubes on that. I was told this would be a problem. I love my iMac but it’s taking some time to get used to. The photo/video files are not “clean” and I struggle looking for the photos and clips I need. I have them in my Hot Springs file, for example, but they are all over each other like a virtual puzzle piece if I need to increase the size of the thumbnail so I can see. So l am not happy about this. I like clean and organized files.

The files that are on my computer versus the cloud is a little confusing. I never know where I’m saving things. It may be both. But I’m loving the big screen and the apps and everything else for the most part.

So this morning, I’ve moved from “disgusted” to just plain “put out”. I feel like iMovie has let me down and my hopes and new hobby has crashed and burned.

Having been through these things before, I know it won’t be long that I will be above the curve again. And will figure this out. I’d really love to get that video finished. I really don’t want to start over. I really need to understand what happened so that never happens again. But today I kinda need to focus on a few other things. But my mind will OBSESS over this video and I’m relentless in that way. I will not be satisfied til I figure it out. So I know it will be only a matter of time. But that is the problem. Time. This new hobby is definitely a time suck. And will likely be an expense, as I know I will be wanting more “tunes” and “sound effects” and will end up joining that program that is about $100 something a year to access. Yeeeeeahhhh. But that will be “my golf”, lol. It’ll be “my concert tickets, my movie tickets, my entertainment” and might even be “my shopping” if it keeps me from thinking about what other clothes I need. Don’t need much if you are sitting in your chair creating videos, lol.

Next comes the added iPhone microphone for talking into video made with iPhone and the gimmel and a Canon camera with the microphone wind protection thingie – but I’ll probably get that for myself as a retirement gift. Then the Go Pro camera with mount – also at retirement – for travel pics. Yes I intend to travel somehow. With or without RV. But we already do a lot of exciting things to video, I just have to get around this learning curve.

So a bit of a set back for sure. A huge disappointment and yet not a lot of information out there on this issue. So I’m not sure what is next.

Will I just try to find the clips and fix? It looks like one I fixed last night has already turned to black again.

Do I just freaking start over? I can’t even….

Or do I put this project on the back burner and start another?….Not this weekend for sure.

Or do I just watch some more videos?

Or do I dive in and just get something like Movavi? Or Final Cut Pro? Need to do more research first.

I will try to be responsible today and do the more urgent things that need to be done though. And play later. I might sneak in a few things I want to do today.

But first more coffee.

I have too many projects. Am I the only busy at home person during COVID? Everyone else seems bored but the more I’m at home (which for me is only on the weekends) well and at night but during the week, the Hubster and I are pretty much doing together time b/w 6:30 and bedtime – so the only self time I get after I get home is during happy hour – maybe 30 minutes after I sneak in laundry rebooting. So the more I get into the projects, the more I create lists of to do’s for myself. Much of which I rarely find time to work on. And they remain on the list for weeks. Eventually get them knocked off though, but you know, I post my to do lists on here all the time and how many times do you see the same ones?

I guess it makes us feel special in life to seem busy. Last weekend I created a to do list on my calendar for this weekend. It has 17 items on it. I’ve done two things on it. Laundry and iMovie. One has created more “to do’s” and sucked about 7 hours of my weekend so far. And it wasn’t laundry.

So in light of that. I should NOT work on the most difficult things first. I need to work on some “low hanging fruit” and some “quick hits”. Otherwise I’ll feel like I’m growing in a technical sea of “I can’t get anything done”. I know I’ll figure this movie thing out. It’s too important to me. But I need to go and see about normal life.

I was going to work on the blog some but was also discouraged there a bit. I’ve gone from like 150 views a day to like half. I try to remember I am mainly writing for me – this need I have to write and vent about my life, my feelings, my frustrations, my desires. When people read it – it just fascinates me. I can’t imagine anyone remotely being interested in my daily shenanigans at attempting life. But it inspires me on I guess. But I DO KNOW that every spring and fall – as the seasons change there is a resurgence of energy where everyone springs into action and does more than just sit and read blogs. lol And also just before holidays. And I know that our country is opening up again all over and that has been exciting for some. But I chose not to work at the blog – making signatures, working on my “About me” section and trying to connect it to the You Tube and integrate that. I need to focus on a few other things I guess.

So I’m gonna work really hard at getting the house blessed, the laundry done, ironing done, and get ready for the work week. The dogs still need that bath they never got and I need to work on the next shower steps, I need to do a devo this morning or on line church service. I gotta look at the date for going to see Mom around Mother’s Day. Need to order a Mother’s Day gift. Gotta see when Katy and Cody are coming so we make sure we are here. Oh and I need to order a vitamin container so I take some of the supplements across the day. I have to figure out which ones will be best taken at what part of the day. Everything turns into a “personal study”. I’m so detailed. I’ll be googling to see which ones are best in the morning or bed time, etc. LOL. Geez, always something that requires research. I need to hire a research person just to live. LOL

Ya’ll take care! Are you going to resurge out into Public yet? I’m really not wanting to do much of that. I already have to work. There is enough risk there. We had an employee at Kroger here to test positive for COVID. It’s not the one we go to. It’s the big one close to the interstate where the mass of our town is. We live further out and there is another one we use. I like Publix though. We go there more often. It’s smaller, less folks in there. But I think everything opens up next week in Nashville and across Tennessee as far as restaurants and retail. AT half capacity.

Roger hung out with me for a bit yesterday. I took his pic. Mainly he’s a Daddy’s boy.

And that is a wrap for today!