Errands, Brunch, Time at Home, and Learning Final Cut Pro

Wow! What a weekend! Just wow! We got Mom’s errands run Saturday and that left yesterday for getting our errands done. We went to the bank (2 of them as one of them wouldn’t take electronic deposits), had some leftover “Christmas Shopping” to do as we still have one more Christmas to go with friends and we had one more stop to make to complete that. We also went to Good Will to drop off some things from our own basement and some old clothes that Mom had not wanted. We went to the grocery to get some more things and to pick up my BP Meds. In the midst of all that we had brunch at Just Love Cafe in Mount Juliet. It was so good. I was bad though. I had coffee with frothy milk in it because I had already had a lot of coffee and I was afraid it would be too much. I think it was some kind of latte. It was good but I could only drink half b/c it was more milky than I wanted. (I had asked for some kind of coffee that had a “little”milk in it. But that’s ok. It was good, just not for me). I got an old fashioned BLT. They put their bread in the waffle maker. They also have waffle light fixtures. lol It was all really good. I could hardly taste the bacon though. One can never have too much bacon is the problem there. And the tomatoes – well it’s just not tomato season, but despite that was still good and the service is awesome. I really wanted waffles but I didn’t want to have the shakes as I can’t have that much sugar. I didn’t need the bread or the chips but I’m vowing to be better this week and that doesn’t give me the shakes.

We came home and I was dismayed that our morning had taken up so much time but I finished the laundry yesterday, got started with videos trying to learn Final Cut Pro, and managed to cut George’s hair, which is hilariously done in the driveway next to the yard and garage for all to see. He really went a weekend or two longer but we have just been so busy and it’s too dark still after work in the evenings. I forget what we did last weekend but we couldn’t get it worked in. Now it’s done. I vacuumed the house and also washed George’s sheets, picked out my clothes for the week, and a few to iron up for next week.

I also figured out where the picture from work will go. This is one I bought at a yard sale and hung in my office at work (George had to hang it). So when our office moved I decided that I was going to use it at home and not wag it to work and have him come out and hang it again. I decided to put it in my bathroom. When we moved in this house and painted, I didn’t really have anything to go on the walls and I made it my “nature bathroom”. I hung up some of the photos I’ve taken and also it has pics from Texas.

But this is perfect for my bathroom here. So George will hang it for me here and I’ll find homes for the other pics. Might take those to work, lol. I can easily hang those. Although I do have a chalkboard and bulletin board that needs to be hung and I am going to need a drill for that. Also George had to go buy a new drill as his died.

My lights in the bathroom had gone dim. I’m not sure why – maybe George changed them out or they were dying, but it was so annoying. I told him I had to have light to see to put make up on. It’s been dim for a while but I’ve not said anything until they just got dimmer and dimmer. Those lights are hard to change in there and very delicate lamps. He usually takes care of that. Maybe he gave me the dim bulbs hoping I wouldn’t notice. Anyway, he fixed those for me and my morale jumped up 40% immediately.

I mainly took this pic so you can see my big rollers though. I found what to do with them. I’ll stick them under the sink when company comes lol. But that works for me on a day to day basis when I’m getting ready.

I also put my mouse pad that Katy made me behind them there. I don’t use a mouse pad as for some reason it slows down my movements with the mouse and it gets in the way, but I found another use for my Nonni mouse pad. I will see it more often here anyway! I’ll get to see Little Roo every morning.

Ok, so, Final Cut Pro. Oh my gosh. I have been terrified in the last 24 hours. And it is good that they didn’t give me free trial as I might have said “no way”. We paid the $299 for it. I can’t say yet that it was worth it, but I hear it is. I will only know that as I start to use it more and see what I can do with it. I’ve not even been able to get into all it’s features, as I couldn’t even get the basics done. I mean I even had trouble dragging a pic into the time line. It wanted to drag only a piece of it and there is an extra step you have to do. In Final Cut, you use more of your short cut commands to do things which are primarily things a Mac person would do, except for me, lol. Even importing files was different and I got strange messages.

And the viewer was throwing me off most of all. Somehow mine was in portrait mode and it took about 8 hours of tutorial and I still had to figure that one out on my own. I bet I pressed and tweaked every button there was. I finally went to the top of the file menus and found an orientation selection that made it right. Once I found that, I was good. As I now know pretty much what icons are what after about 8 hours of instruction. I think I’m ready to do my NEW INTRO now to the videos. However, my confidence is low because I said that yesterday too. I at least have the pics I’m going to use and I will be working on that this week as time allows. I have way too many photos to use for this intro so I won’t use all of them but I could – and just make them snap by really quickly with my voice over.

I hope that this is going to be a good relationship – b/w me and Final Cut. I think it will but it’s definitely something to get used to and learn all the bells and whistles. I was so freaked out about it at first. I had been looking forward to it for so long and then it was akin to trying to learn a new language. It was all Greek or Arabic. But I made a lot of progress in 2 days. And now I’ll try again to get this intro done. I think I know how to do it. But the videos may be worse before they get better ya’ll b/c this is like me trying to figure out how to fly without a pilot license. So look out! lol

Ok so here is the immediate to do list. Just ignore the Sister Wives to do, lol. I have to remind myself to watch it. I like watching it but I forget about it since it’s not on YouTube, so I stick a reminder in there. I think I have one or two more to go to be caught up. But that is not important. I need to make our doc appts for me and for Mom and get sympathy cards done. I put a reminder up for Little Bit b/c when he is outside and now that we don’t have dogs, I’m afraid I’m going to forget to stick food out. Usually George does it but I always want to make sure that we feed him twice a day. Anyway the to do’s are dwindling down *some* and life is starting to get into more of a routine, and more organized, and flowing better. I just really need time to recharge and it was good to get some things done at home.

I’m thinking about doing a new challenge. I don’t want it to be anything complex but it will be multi layered. Oh, I’m sure I’ll make it complex, what am I talking about? But just a push really toward healthier habits again, moving more, less bread, maybe even no bread, more greens. I’m doing pretty good with the fruit. I’ve not been as good with my water. I need to move more. So I’ll fix something up that helps me push toward getting those habits back in a routine. I’m just going for a shorter period of time though and not 55 days. A 30 push or even a 14 day push as it takes 14 days to set a habit (I’ve heard). I’m able to throw it around in my head now that our “impossible” days are over. Things are becoming at least doable now and we can breathe more!

Ok so, off to work I go, and I have mega amounts of stuff to get into the building! Suitcase full of work, my backpack, stocking up for the work week, gotta fix lunch and maybe some snacks up, and get all that in the car and then have to make probably two trips to get into the work building and I’m on 2nd floor (but I take the elevator when I have stuff with me like that).

So on with the week. I’ll probably not post tomorrow but go on in early for payroll. Mom is fixing dinner for us tomorrow night, a roast. That sounds so heavenly too. So we are meeting at her house and I’m stopping to get ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and nutty buddies and milk for her that we didn’t get Saturday.

Meanwhile in Texas……….

Coffee Malfunctions of the Third Degree and George’s Book Reading List

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Thank God for Saturdays! But how hard is it to make a cup of coffee? I’ve made coffee now for 40 years and only a very few mornings did it malfunction. George and I are 0 for 3 this morning!

  1. For whatever reason, I failed to put water in this morning. I know that coffee takes water. So it is Alzheimers? Did the cat distract me? Was I just so excited about having a weekend with no responsibilities so I could get my life together? Am I just too worried about quarter end? Or is it the excitement over the coming snow? Whatever the reason, I failed to put water in and just added coffee, hit the button, and began doing laundry.
  2. George comes in and says “what’s up with the coffee?”. I say “whaddya mean”? He says “it’s cold from yesterday”. Baffled, I realized I had put the coffee in but didn’t put water in so it was huffing and spitting and nothing was squeezing out. So George puts in water, hits the ON button and goes to the back of the house.
  3. I come out of the laundry room with clothes and discover coffee on the counter EVERYWHERE and shout “oh no” and throw the clothes over a chair and race for towels as the coffee reaches the edge. The coffee is squirting horizontally out of the top like someone shooting a water gun filled with coffee instead of going down into the pot! I hit the OFF button to stop the spraying. I realize that George had not put the pot in the proper position so coffee was squirting sideways. George races in and says “Oh good, it’s just the coffee, the cat didn’t poop in the house, so that is good!” We reposition the coffee pot and finish the clean up and each resume our tasks at hand as we await the wonderful hot morning brew. I murmer something about being 0 for 2.
  4. About 10 minutes passes, I’m changing the sheets on the bed when George comes in with a small white cup of coffee for each of us about half filled. He says, “well, I think we are 0 for 3” because we forgot to turn the coffee pot back ON so nothing else brewed. But this much had managed to get in the bottom of the pot from the squirting. So we are enjoying our little cup now. I suppose we will let the restaurant make the next cup when we do brunch today out, lol. Perhaps they will have a better hand at making it today.

All I can say is Wow. We manage to do so much in life. We have 4 degrees between us, have professional positions, have raised a wonderful daughter, consider ourselves to have fairly good noggins most of the time and have accomplished much in our lifetime, but between the two of us have proven today that it is a challenge for us to simply make a cup of coffee.

George’s Reading List

You asked for it and I’m providing! Someone wanted to know what all George is reading. So here is a list of recent books that he has read in the past few weeks OR is reading currently. I’m amazed he could list them off the top of his head. I would have to go look at my stack. However, I don’t have all the authors on these, but shouldn’t be hard to find or google if interested. I believe you will be amused at his eclectic interests. He often has 5 or 6 that he reads at once so that he picks the one that suits his mood.

  • Biography of Jerry West – about a basketball player
  • Talking Guitar
  • The Drinkable Globe (an alcohol book, lol)
  • Amazing Spiderman Omnibus (comic book)
  • Louis Grizzard’s “I haven’t understood Anything Since 1962”
  • A Stephen Coontz spy thriller – sorry no title – it’s in his car and he couldn’t remember

And drum roll…..the best saved for last:

  • “Who Cut the Cheese?: A Cultural History of Farts”

Aren’t you glad you asked? George is. He is thrilled you all wanted to know and doubly thrilled that he happened to be reading the “fart book” at the time!

Forecast Changes

So the forecast has now changed from 5-8 inches to 1-3 inches. lol. I have hauled half my office home to work for Monday. I was going to go ahead and set up the office and be ready to go for Monday. Right now I think I’ll just wait and see. I’d rather go in if I can, to work, because work is easier from there. It’s pain in the butt usually from home and everything takes twice as long. Mainly because I can’t print and partly because a lot of my files are at work.

This morning we are going to take neighbors for brunch and we are looking forward to that. Despite the coffee antics this morning, I have at least changed sheets and rebooted laundry, however, we have created even more laundry now, so coffee soaked towels are next on the laundry queue.


Do you know how excited I am to have this day. I know that everyone that claws at my time would love to have a piece of my weekend, but everyone is going to have to be patient while I pull my life back together from the past month of __________________(fill in the blank here: FT work 9-10 hours a day plus commute, 2 travel trips, 3 sets of family in town, fun, shopping for/preparing for/and hosting Christmas, some surprise virus/flu like illness for both of us :-O, running Mom errands, New Year holiday, burying a family pet (that was so sad for all), work stress, time stress, “drama with ya mama stress”, and five family birthdays). I am sure I could go on, but that’ll do it. So YES, I NEED this mental health weekend. I’ll be able to come on strong, come Monday. When you feel OWNED by the world, it’s time to take a step back because YOU are NO good for NO one if you are not in a good spot yourself.

I don’t think that even our own family realizes the time pressures and stresses we have been under – even though we have had some fun times we have really been moving at lightning speed not getting time to do much more than sleep, eat, and do it all again. I know a lot of people go through this at the holidays. But it seemed to be on steroids this year. We did make it fun but it has been a busy wild ride of a month. We got through it. Not through Quarter End/Year End yet. Still undetermined how that will play out as next week have like zero time to work on it, so some weekend work for me next week. I’m just not set up at all for success next week. I’m busting my butt but even with weekends not quite sure how it will all play out. I will die trying. The January trip thing is just not a good month for me to travel. This job is never good for me to be off but January makes it very hard. We are shooting for Thanksgiving week again this year. It seemed to be perfect the time before. The lesser of evils.

Alright, so I’m off to get some things done in my life: Organization, going through mail, putting up things, cleaning things and getting things back to normal. Doing all these things that have been calling my name as I see them in my house. What a gift of time the Lord has given us in this weekend. Thank you Lord for this little hibernation weekend! Thank you again and again!

Sharing Some Culinary Ideas from the Weekend

The coffee this morning is First Watch’s “Project Sunrise” that we bought at their restaurant Saturday. I normally buy beans so that “fillers” cannot be added, but was actually glad that we had some already ground as yesterday was just as busy as Saturday.

Yesterday, after the blog entry, I got up and worked on the laundry some, fixed myself breakfast, and then George and I went to the store for just a “couple of things” and some things that Mom needed. (I finally found her little Dr. Peppers.) We ended up with a buggy full of stuff. lol. Geez. One of the things we bought was a 24 pack of wine advent calendar box for the days leading up to Christmas. We had always wanted to do this but never could find one. Determining that the price per bottle was not that bad and that they were from France, Chile, Spain and other places, we figure it’s probably going to be pretty good (we shall see – maybe not). I’ll give you reviews. There is even numbered holes in the box where you stick you hand in and pull it out for that day. No pics yet. We left it in the basement, out of the way until Dec 1.

Once we were back, I rebooted the laundry, did the ironing for the week while talking and Facetiming Katy and River. He is pulling up on things already and crawling of course all over the house.

I fixed popcorn for a quick minute and watched a “Traveling Robert” show on YouTube. Then I set about to chopping up my veggies for the week (celery and peppers). And also I set about to making dinner which was Rotel Chicken Spaghetti.

I apologize ya’ll that I have not been taking many pics to share while doing things around the house. I normally do better than this. And take pics of everything but it seems whenever I want to take a pic my phone/camera is either charging or it’s on the opposite ends of the house and these days I’ve just said “forget it”.

But my kitchen endeavors yesterday turned out to be successes. And for the Rotel Chicken Spaghetti, after looking at several recipes and seeing possible ingredients, I decided to toss the recipes out and do my own version and it turned out to be a success. Matter of fact, I think you can use just about any ingredients and any sauces, to come up with a fairly successful version. So why not call it a pasta surprise, lol. No recipe here properly written but giving you the idea.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Pasta Surprise (Rotel Chicken Spaghetti)

I sautéed garlic, onion, and a nice looking fall orange bell pepper in olive oil until soft, and then added Rotel tomatoes (drained) to kinda breakdown the tomatoes a bit. Add any seasonings here – I added mainly salt, pepper, and pepper flakes.

I had already boiled the noodles, and it’s best to do them al dente since you will be cooking them again and don’t forget to rinse them with cold water in the strainer so they don’t continue to cook. I also use vermicelli. It cooks faster and it’s fun to eat the smaller version.

I got a big casserole dish out and sprayed with Pam (Olive Oil version) and put my noodles in, and then put the sautéed mixture on top, then put the diced chicken in (from my Rotisserie chicken we bought yesterday). I didn’t use all of it – it was a whole chicken but I used the rest for chicken salad.

After the layer of diced chicken I added about a half can of little green peas and then added the cream of chicken soup (not made, just the condensed version) and it took 2 cans and spread that out over the chicken, then add the cheese. I used Velveeta as recipes said to use it, but it’s changed somehow and it’s just too yucky for me. I think next time I will use regular cheddar for this dish. I think our tastes have also graduated above this processed cheese version.

That said it was still good but I scooted a lot of my Velveeta to the side. It had a hard time melting in the oven and I was thinking I didn’t want to put that stuff in my body and my arteries. So I’ll be changing that next time.

Everyone went back for seconds! I was happy. And here’s what I’ve been doing for a quick weekend breakfast that gives you energy and lasts long into the day so you can “get stuff done”…lol

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Sonya’s Quick Breakfast Power Bowl for an All Day Feel Good Fix

I start by dicing a small potato and sautéing it – starting out with the oil on high or next to high setting to get the oil good and hot and sizzling, then quickly switch to medium or close to it. But the fun here is reaching into the freezer and throwing in either frozen (plain chopped spinach, not creamed) OR some of the frozen green and red peppers and onions mixture that I keep in the freezer. And then whisk up 2 eggs and pour in and scramble that along with the sautéed mixture til done and pour in a bowl. It makes a bowlful but that is your breakfast for the day! Add a piece of fruit and toast and you would be stuffed and probably not want to eat until dinner. If your spouse wants some, just throw in two more eggs and BAM it is expanded already. This is a very quick fix I’ve found. It takes hardly any time. And it is so filling. And healthy. Again no pics. I’m sorry!

Week Ahead

Looks like we have an eye appointment this week on Wednesday afternoon. They had to move it from Friday. So that is all the appointments that we are aware of anyway.

For the household, I did not get to vacuum and the floors need it so I will try to knock that out in the evenings.

After that I can focus on Christmas items and planning (what to get people) and also on getting through this list below which is hard to get to, but I always try. Plus I’ll be trying to find time to work on the next video.

The challenge is going well. I am making better decisions for myself when I eat alone and doing the best I can when I’m with others. It is hard when others don’t want to eat like you want to eat. lol But I knew this going in and that is why I had not planned for perfection but to just embrace it when I could without impacting others way of life.

The good news is that I went for a 20 minute walk yesterday in the neighborhood. It takes longer than 20 minutes usually as I stopped to talk to neighbors. lol. But I started all over so I could get my non-stop 20 minutes in!

Some of the habits are already sticking as far as drinking water – although I’m usually around 80’s instead of 90’s. I’m accepting that as ok as long as it’s at least over 75. And the not having a 2nd glass of wine unless I have had a glass of water works. When I finish the glass of water, I no longer want (or have time for) the 2nd glass of wine, lol. The difference b/w the 75 and 94 oz of water really boils down to how much water I drink after dinner and before bed. I try and I also have water at bedside and anything counts up to midnight. But I don’t push that last glass unless I really want it/need it.

So the habits are starting to stick. I do have to remember to get my fruit and greens in, so still having to look at my list some but even this is beginning to soak in. Now when I’m at the store I think of “greens and fruits”. Now on Sunday’s I think of “chopping” my veggies to fill up my three little containers for the week. Usually two veggies and a fruit.

So all is good. I find that I was already doing things for people on the “service to others” part of the portal. So I’ve not had to search hard to get that done. This time, I’ve given myself a break if I didn’t purposely set out to do something specific for that day. I just remember things like “oh I took out our bathroom trash this morning” as I have to do it every other day now instead of weekly. Or “I set out Mom’s hand towel for her”. I mean heck I fix coffee every morning so technically that could count for something, lol. But I do try to do some extra things for others. It might be refilling the coffee and silverware in the break room, reaching out to a friend, or simply thinking and looking for things that your Mom would like to eat for the next week and being her eyes at the grocery store. 😉

And that said, it’s time for me to get my hair and make up done and get out of the house and on the road. But that is all I know for now. I will see you all again on Wednesday, Lord Willing. Tomorrow is my early day to make up for the eye appointment afternoons once a month.

Hope you have a groovy week ahead. Wow, “groovy” – haven’t used that word in a long long time. lol