Errands, Brunch, Time at Home, and Learning Final Cut Pro

Wow! What a weekend! Just wow! We got Mom’s errands run Saturday and that left yesterday for getting our errands done. We went to the bank (2 of them as one of them wouldn’t take electronic deposits), had some leftover “Christmas Shopping” to do as we still have one more Christmas to go with friends and we had one more stop to make to complete that. We also went to Good Will to drop off some things from our own basement and some old clothes that Mom had not wanted. We went to the grocery to get some more things and to pick up my BP Meds. In the midst of all that we had brunch at Just Love Cafe in Mount Juliet. It was so good. I was bad though. I had coffee with frothy milk in it because I had already had a lot of coffee and I was afraid it would be too much. I think it was some kind of latte. It was good but I could only drink half b/c it was more milky than I wanted. (I had asked for some kind of coffee that had a “little”milk in it. But that’s ok. It was good, just not for me). I got an old fashioned BLT. They put their bread in the waffle maker. They also have waffle light fixtures. lol It was all really good. I could hardly taste the bacon though. One can never have too much bacon is the problem there. And the tomatoes – well it’s just not tomato season, but despite that was still good and the service is awesome. I really wanted waffles but I didn’t want to have the shakes as I can’t have that much sugar. I didn’t need the bread or the chips but I’m vowing to be better this week and that doesn’t give me the shakes.

We came home and I was dismayed that our morning had taken up so much time but I finished the laundry yesterday, got started with videos trying to learn Final Cut Pro, and managed to cut George’s hair, which is hilariously done in the driveway next to the yard and garage for all to see. He really went a weekend or two longer but we have just been so busy and it’s too dark still after work in the evenings. I forget what we did last weekend but we couldn’t get it worked in. Now it’s done. I vacuumed the house and also washed George’s sheets, picked out my clothes for the week, and a few to iron up for next week.

I also figured out where the picture from work will go. This is one I bought at a yard sale and hung in my office at work (George had to hang it). So when our office moved I decided that I was going to use it at home and not wag it to work and have him come out and hang it again. I decided to put it in my bathroom. When we moved in this house and painted, I didn’t really have anything to go on the walls and I made it my “nature bathroom”. I hung up some of the photos I’ve taken and also it has pics from Texas.

But this is perfect for my bathroom here. So George will hang it for me here and I’ll find homes for the other pics. Might take those to work, lol. I can easily hang those. Although I do have a chalkboard and bulletin board that needs to be hung and I am going to need a drill for that. Also George had to go buy a new drill as his died.

My lights in the bathroom had gone dim. I’m not sure why – maybe George changed them out or they were dying, but it was so annoying. I told him I had to have light to see to put make up on. It’s been dim for a while but I’ve not said anything until they just got dimmer and dimmer. Those lights are hard to change in there and very delicate lamps. He usually takes care of that. Maybe he gave me the dim bulbs hoping I wouldn’t notice. Anyway, he fixed those for me and my morale jumped up 40% immediately.

I mainly took this pic so you can see my big rollers though. I found what to do with them. I’ll stick them under the sink when company comes lol. But that works for me on a day to day basis when I’m getting ready.

I also put my mouse pad that Katy made me behind them there. I don’t use a mouse pad as for some reason it slows down my movements with the mouse and it gets in the way, but I found another use for my Nonni mouse pad. I will see it more often here anyway! I’ll get to see Little Roo every morning.

Ok, so, Final Cut Pro. Oh my gosh. I have been terrified in the last 24 hours. And it is good that they didn’t give me free trial as I might have said “no way”. We paid the $299 for it. I can’t say yet that it was worth it, but I hear it is. I will only know that as I start to use it more and see what I can do with it. I’ve not even been able to get into all it’s features, as I couldn’t even get the basics done. I mean I even had trouble dragging a pic into the time line. It wanted to drag only a piece of it and there is an extra step you have to do. In Final Cut, you use more of your short cut commands to do things which are primarily things a Mac person would do, except for me, lol. Even importing files was different and I got strange messages.

And the viewer was throwing me off most of all. Somehow mine was in portrait mode and it took about 8 hours of tutorial and I still had to figure that one out on my own. I bet I pressed and tweaked every button there was. I finally went to the top of the file menus and found an orientation selection that made it right. Once I found that, I was good. As I now know pretty much what icons are what after about 8 hours of instruction. I think I’m ready to do my NEW INTRO now to the videos. However, my confidence is low because I said that yesterday too. I at least have the pics I’m going to use and I will be working on that this week as time allows. I have way too many photos to use for this intro so I won’t use all of them but I could – and just make them snap by really quickly with my voice over.

I hope that this is going to be a good relationship – b/w me and Final Cut. I think it will but it’s definitely something to get used to and learn all the bells and whistles. I was so freaked out about it at first. I had been looking forward to it for so long and then it was akin to trying to learn a new language. It was all Greek or Arabic. But I made a lot of progress in 2 days. And now I’ll try again to get this intro done. I think I know how to do it. But the videos may be worse before they get better ya’ll b/c this is like me trying to figure out how to fly without a pilot license. So look out! lol

Ok so here is the immediate to do list. Just ignore the Sister Wives to do, lol. I have to remind myself to watch it. I like watching it but I forget about it since it’s not on YouTube, so I stick a reminder in there. I think I have one or two more to go to be caught up. But that is not important. I need to make our doc appts for me and for Mom and get sympathy cards done. I put a reminder up for Little Bit b/c when he is outside and now that we don’t have dogs, I’m afraid I’m going to forget to stick food out. Usually George does it but I always want to make sure that we feed him twice a day. Anyway the to do’s are dwindling down *some* and life is starting to get into more of a routine, and more organized, and flowing better. I just really need time to recharge and it was good to get some things done at home.

I’m thinking about doing a new challenge. I don’t want it to be anything complex but it will be multi layered. Oh, I’m sure I’ll make it complex, what am I talking about? But just a push really toward healthier habits again, moving more, less bread, maybe even no bread, more greens. I’m doing pretty good with the fruit. I’ve not been as good with my water. I need to move more. So I’ll fix something up that helps me push toward getting those habits back in a routine. I’m just going for a shorter period of time though and not 55 days. A 30 push or even a 14 day push as it takes 14 days to set a habit (I’ve heard). I’m able to throw it around in my head now that our “impossible” days are over. Things are becoming at least doable now and we can breathe more!

Ok so, off to work I go, and I have mega amounts of stuff to get into the building! Suitcase full of work, my backpack, stocking up for the work week, gotta fix lunch and maybe some snacks up, and get all that in the car and then have to make probably two trips to get into the work building and I’m on 2nd floor (but I take the elevator when I have stuff with me like that).

So on with the week. I’ll probably not post tomorrow but go on in early for payroll. Mom is fixing dinner for us tomorrow night, a roast. That sounds so heavenly too. So we are meeting at her house and I’m stopping to get ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and nutty buddies and milk for her that we didn’t get Saturday.

Meanwhile in Texas……….

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’ve decided you really don’t have enough to do,,…I’m going to save my money and send your air fare and employ you over here to show me lots of things on this IPad,..for instance for some reason any photos you include in your blog for so,e reason don’t show, same for some recipes the photos don’t show up, or in fact anything that comes included in a message….That’s number one complaint …for the moment,…there’s lots of other things but they can wait !! Ok ?? I’m so pleased that you can now at least “see” your way forward and there’s light at the end of the tunnel….I’m amazed how well you’ve got on with your latest project and can hardly wait to see your new intro…and other ways your Vlog may be developing…..Hope you have a nice time at Mums tonight and enjoy her roast, it must be nice for her also to be able to have you over. Hope you can get your Drs appointments fixed as well. It would better nice if I could fathom out how to show your photos on the office wall once you get them up……Take Care, Drive safely

    • It sounds like you have a low bandwidth on your internet. Anything with photos will take a while to load or maybe not at all. It could be settings on your iPad but that usually is a bandwidth or internet strength problem. An old router might cause similar problems too. Others seem to be accessing them so I think it might be on your end with the internet download speeds or something like that. I’m sorry you are having issues!

  2. You’ll be a pro at Final Cut Pro. You just need some time to piddle with it. If you guys like your house & location you should make it a forever home. We need some appliance upgrades. There’s always something no matter where you live that needs attention but better than selling & moving.
    I like your bathroom mirror. Maybe you just need new bulbs.
    It’s Monday so let’s be cool!

    • Thanks for the FCP encouragement. A lot has gone into this house lately and I do enjoy being here. So much space with basement and storage. I really don’t see us moving now at this point as long as we can keep it up and get along with stairs- our garage is downstairs.

  3. I don’t blame you for wanting to keep your house. You have a big pretty yard. . I had this same conversation with my daughter this weekend. We both are keeping the houses we have and just updating when needed. I am shocked at how much a 3 bedroom house is going for. And the rent is more than a house payment would be. The housing market is crazy right now and no signs of it going down anytime soon.
    I can’t wait to see what you figure out Final cut pro can do.
    Little Roo is so cute. He is always smiling. He must be a happy baby.

    • I know the prices have gone up and since we did redid flooring, plumbing, and soon roofing- I’d hate to have to do all that over. Insurance covering most of roof but we recently had some work done on it! Yes I’m excited to get things going on Final Cut Pro. I woke up today putting the Intro and words and music together in my head. I think that was God helping me out! I’ve asked for help with everything including that. He knows I’m trying to meet all demands from everyone and He rewards me with a little help and time to self here and there! 🙂

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