Oversleeping, Hamster-ing, and Other Mid Week Updates

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Wow! I overslept this morning! I’m sure I needed it. Got 8 hours in, instead of the usual 6.5 to 7. I’m still getting in my self time as the morning hour is about all I get to myself in a day’s time. And…So be it. Here I am blogging. I recouped some time as George made the coffee and I took a quick shower.

So here’s the Wednesday Mid-Week update.

First of all I just spent 45 minute blogging my heart out but erased it. Partly out of fear and partly because I guess I should just keep some things to myself. I just started typing and my feelings came out. Not everyone can deal with seeing your feelings in black and white so I just scrubbed it. I will try again later. If I’d not overslept and I’d had time to go back and refine/revise my wording carefully, I’d have left it. So let me just give the basics here in bullet points without all the feelings and muddling. lol

Payroll going well but it is “a needy week” let’s just say so it’s taking more time than usual. Still not through entering w-2’s. Still have the two big states to go but that is what we get for not having automated files like other companies. I will be making some suggestions once I get time to do so. It’s month end again and I am also having to give that some time now.

George fixed that awesome Moroccan meal in the Tagine and I’ve eaten the leftovers quickly at my desk the last two days. Yum.

Mom fixed an awesome meal for us last night after work. I dropped by the store to get her a few groceries we didn’t get Saturday. The roast beef meal was awesome. It was so good.

Tonight I have to drop by UPS and return the order of the shower bars that were not suction cups but screws. Darn it. I had searched for suction on Amazon and she wanted metal ones so I ordered the metal ones I saw when I scrolled. They looked like suction and were among others that were so it through me off but I had ordered them quickly one day as we were in the car and doing other things. So it’s my fault. But I need to get those taken to UPS and get her money back for her as we have already ordered the correct ones.

So anyway, I’ve overslept and running late. Not the way I like to start a day. But notice I still blogged anyway. George made the coffee and I rushed through my shower and now I’m sort of rushing through this blog. Not the way I wanted the entry to be today but at least there is one.

I am trying to be calm as it seems like I’m a hamster on a wheel this week, losing ground or at least not getting anywhere. I know that is not true. We have made progress. I even got my sympathy cards done that I’ve needed to do for a while now for all the people that lost people from January til now. We are somewhat prepped for this weekend’s company and next weekend’s company. The house is fairly clean. I’m on the road to getting some of my list done. But during the work week I get so flabbergasted at trying to find some “time”. I know it’s the age old problem everyone has and then I have to go and oversleep. I’m rebelling by still being here sipping my coffee and continuing to blog. Fleshing out what I set out to do: Less Hustle, More Coffee….Seems I’ve heard that phrase somewhere before.

More tomorrow. Chin’s up (trying anyway), sun’s up (I think – I’ve not had time to look outside). So let’s go do this day and it’s many to do’s and see if we can make ANY progress at all or if we are still hamster-ing!

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6 responses to “Oversleeping, Hamster-ing, and Other Mid Week Updates”

  1. Oh love, I can just feel your frustration at work of it all having built up and up. Serious words must be exchanged with the TOP GUY of the company. You really should almost have had someone shadowing you this last month by the time it comes round at the end of this year you should be almost seriously looking at retiring and if they only then think of finding someone to do all you do they will find that very hard if not impossible to do..if they haven’t been shadowing you.
    Glad dinner with Mum went so well, it looked delicious….Hope rest of day goes well and you are not going to be exhausted when you get home. God Bless

  2. The food looked delicious. You can only do so much. I started to develop the idea of not caring so much the last couple of years I worked for my company. I knew they wouldn’t think of replacing me until after I was gone. i had to not worry about what was behind as much as what my next move would be after retirement.

  3. Please forgive me but from my profile one can tell hamsters are one of my weird passions lol and you posted a picture of a guinea pig lol. That aside I really appreciate this.you kinda made me feel human & not near as isolated with the overwhelming feeling I have dealt with lately. Just nice to know I’m not the only one. My battle with depression only adds to that layer of pressure and bullshit . it’s so infuriating how the easiest things I can somehow turn them into the most overwhelming task. Lol just thank u for the share seriously. ☺

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