Year in Review and the New Year Arrives

Arrived home from work on New Year’s Eve and George had a surprise of shrimp and sushi. We were so excited to begin our three day weekend. He fixed a lamb roast and we’ve enjoyed that for a couple of days now. Here it came out of the stove and the temp was not hot enough, you can see the blood dripping, so it had to go back in.

I think we may have just started a new New Year’s tradition. It cracks me up lately that while dinner is being served, Roger lines himself up like he gets a plate too. Yeah he gets a bite later, but he thinks he’s getting his own plate, I promise you.

Yikes. don’t look at my kitchen floor, but now that I called your attention to it. It needs mopping again since Christmas, but I have better things to do – like blog and do videos! I know I know. I’ll get to it – eventually. I can tell you, George cares not what the floor looks like – I can assure you. lol. Do we still have blue linoleum? Point made. But not for long!

Here was our New Year’s Eve meal and of course there was enough to go for two nights.

I loved it. George really went to a lot of trouble with this one. Twice baked potatoes and he creamed the spinach and also had a special glaze for the carrots. It was all so good. I may want this exact meal next New Year’s Eve!

We have gotten into the Flight Attendant! And also watching Virgin River and from way back, Northern Exposure. George doesn’t like Virgin River for some reason as he says it’s too Hallmarkey! But he loves Northern Exposure. To me that one is just as Hallmarkey, lol.

So we went to bed around 10:30 and I don’t remember feeling as good on New Year’s Day getting up. I really liked that. I always felt obligated to stay up. No more! We had our champagne when I got home from work.

I guess this pic was from about 10:00. I think we watched a bit of the news before hitting the bed. Here is George mid yawn, and Roger was pretty much out and did pretty good the last couple of nights.

Yes, I was over there yawning and nodding off long before I took this pic. I texted Katy before bed and asked her if she was getting snow. It sure looked like it. I often check their radar when I check ours, just to see what is going on down there. She texted back that YES it was snowing.

Much to my surprise, George mad me TWO egg and Bacon McMuffin Biscuits with cheese. They were really good, made with real country bacon. The he had the cruelty to ask me to weigh in with him! ha.

So we weighed in and it was probably the most we have both weighed ever. The pandemic sent all rules out the window. So we’ve really got to start eating better. I try but my efforts are thwarted as we end up eating fattening foods at night. ::sigh:: It’s a good sigh though, b/c it’s been some good eating. Which honestly is one of the things we love about living! Good cuisine. We just have to find the goodness in healthier foods and less of it.

Here is my new Winter background on the phone. The trees are blurry but you can’t tell behind all those apps. Feel free to snag it if you want.

Here’s the pic I’m using for the lock screen if you want to snag it.

Next YouTube Video is Live

So I spent some time in my office getting the video done. This one is the longest one. It goes by fast though. But I had to wrap up fall and Maisy getting us up to Christmas. I just needed to wrap up and bring closure with Maisy. I couldn’t split it up in two. It took that much to tell the whole story. I wanted to bring everyone up to date. Not that there are that many watching yet! ha. But this was something I needed to do, to wrap it all up. I’ve already had a complaint that it was too long. But I did what I needed to do. It will be rare when they are this long. I realize no one has 30 minutes of their life to donate to me. lol. So if only my family watches, then I’m fine with it. But I was happy with this video and it was uplifting in many parts. I did not want a sobbing messy video, so I left out all that. It has truly been an adjustment without her. I boohoo’d through some of this video though. It was tough and as I say I needed to get this one done or I might would never do another one. I’d be dreading it.

That said, if you like my videos I’d love to get some likes and please subscribe. I’m trying to reach 100 subscribers. Things start to get better and easy from there and there are some perks as far as reaching my goals. YouTube, the free version. I’m searchable under Less Hustle More Coffee. Then you will be notified when the next one comes out. I appreciate your support always. The link is in the previous blog post.

I was able to do some vlogging with the new wide angle lens.

If you noticed the paper clip – I put that there to add my notes to it for my filming. That way I don’t have to look down for the next point and it “helps” my rambling so I don’t have to edit so much. Good gosh I can ramble! Getting further down the curve here.

It’s Snowing in Texas!

Stealing Katebugs photos. It’s just gorgeous out there on the ranch.

GrandDog Findlay

Pretty card also from my Sister in Law, that I came across again while cleaning and organizing my desk yesterday. My office was a complete mess by the time New Year’s arrived. I spent a LOT of time in my office this weekend.

I am keeping this in my iphone photos to use as a lock screen photo soon. I had so much to share today. I know it’s a long post. Life happens so fast before I can get it posted. Well it was that last video I spent probably more than 30 hours on. It’s about 1 hour per minute and that was over 30 minutes. But here is the Year in Review….

Year in Review

The year started off fairly normal and went weird and wacky past March but lots of wonderful things happened in the year anyway.

  • Went to a wonderful Giovanni’s Italian dinner for my birthday and also went to Bar Taco with Kevin and Susan for my Birthday (BIL and SIL)
  • Went to see Little Women with my neighbor Christy. I guess that was the last time I was in a movie theatre.
  • Went to dinner with Kevin and Susan at Nicky’s Coal Fired pizza and a brewery before that. I think this might have been Kevin’s birthday.
  • Went to spend the night with Mom in February and spent time with her.
  • Scheduled a trip to see my Aunt and Uncle in Amelia Island but had to cancel it by May due to the virus.
  • In March we had a wonderful get together with Don and Lisa. I think this was the last time I’ve seen them this year. I’ve actually shed tears over missing them. They are family to us.
  • Also in March Katy and I went to Tulsa for a girls weekend, right as the nation began shutting down with the virus. It was a strange, sad, scary, but yet fun as we could make it weekend.
  • In May we went to see Mom for Mother’s Day and kept our distance. It was a beautiful day.
  • Also attended the first of many virtual showers over the year including some of Katy’s.
  • In May Katy and Cody came home and made their wonderful announcement about our grandchild coming soon.
  • I gave a virtual shower myself in June for my niece and nephew.
  • Went to some private pool parties with friends in mid May and also in the summer.
  • Rescheduled our vacation to Texas to attend the Gender Reveal party.
  • Spent Father’s Day with friends who also did not get to see their family on Father’s Day.
  • Celebrated with Mom on her birthday in July.
  • August came and we went to the Gender Reveal party in Texas and stopped in Hot Springs, Arkansas on the way back.
  • George and I went out quite a few times to eat and shop during August up until Halloween. Virus cases began to build and it was more risky to go out.
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving alone at home as the virus had spread to the families of coworkers and we didn’t want to chance it.
  • We lost our Maisy early in December. It was tough to get ready for Christmas but in a way it was best we had so much to do. Because this was hard. It still hurts so much and I miss her.
  • We celebrated Christmas by having Mom and Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken over. They decided to chance it and we had a lovely time.
  • Nashville’s 2nd Ave was bombed on Christmas day.

Books in Review

I’m cheating a bit to do this. I’m tired of typing and you are probably LONG PAST reading. So I’ve taken photos of the books I’ve read this year. The lighting was not very good on this so I apologize.

Goals and Bucket Lists Have To Wait

I was going to share my bucket list and Goals for the new year, but….I’ve typed way too much already. So I’ll save something for tomorrow.

I need to get some lunch and work on things in the house some. But I’m pleased the new video is up and I’m pleased as punch to have today and tomorrow left to get Christmas stuff up. I’ve already started but just stopped to do video once I had George’s segment filmed.

Ya’ll take care and let me know what you think of the video. Link on the previous post’s entry!

Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mid-Week Update, Reading, and Future Plans

Photo by Marina Sirazetdinova on

Good morning! I really have absolutely nothing to say here today. But poppin’ in so we’ll see what comes out.

It’s been busy since we’ve been back from Mom’s. Checking off lists and getting things done. Laundry done so that George has his shirts and I have my pants, LOL. Payroll done and month end moving along at a nice pace. Trying to clean and organize in my path as I go along. Grocery lists being made and little plans for the weekend to hit Aldi and I want to go to Hobby Lobby as well.

Looking forward to the weekend a bit for some free time to clean, organize the house, and organize my life as I call it – mainly just planning and getting things done I want to do. Like perhaps the next video. The next video I think will be of our trip to Columbia (not the last one but the one before) where I had the camera with me. This past trip I took the camera but just really wasn’t in the mood to video anything. Sometimes that happens. I mainly just wanted to “be” so I that is what I did. But I will have some extra things to go on that one. I may have enough to do another video after that. Something has to inspire me to video – like travel or something interesting going on at the house. Not many things have happened lately. I think I video’d some things about fall decor and getting that out. I’ll have to see what I have in my collection. And I’ll have to video some more as I get comfortable doing it on a whim.

Of course we have Thanksgiving coming up and I’ll likely video our getting ready for that. And getting ready for Christmas and such. That’ll be fun. And I’ll video our surprise trip to TX in January when the baby comes. All of that will be a mystery – traveling with two dogs to Texas on a whim with no reservations and no places to stay. You can come along for the journey.

The next thing on my learning list is to watch the videos about my camera itself, more about the care of it and learning what all it will do. Then I want to learn more about vlogging and how to use it when vlogging yourself. I find it awkward and too upclose. I mean I even need to know how to hold the thing on the tripod. I can’t even figure out how to get the camera on the tripod that came with it. I have been using a different one.

We decided to do the flooring in the house after the baby is born and after our January trip. The pace picks up for the months of Nov and Dec. And January is the wild card month, so we can’t make plans for having it put down really until February at least. Who knows how backed up they are since COVID and people are upgrading their homes – plus the factor that no one wants to work anymore and no one can find help. I kinda figured that since we hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon – it would have to be next year. I was fine with that. There will be a lot we will have to do moving a few things for it to happen. And we’ll be wanting time to redo and redecorate a few things – that always happens when you start moving and shaking things around. So that’ll all be next years project -but there went my Christmas present so George is buying me some extra things for my camera – filter lenses, wide angle lens. I might ask for a ring light for videoing and perhaps a few more little things to go with that.

I told ya there wasn’t much to tell. Just me thinking about the future plans and ideas.

I’m wanting to have some reading time but that is hard to come by. I do get Audio books in. I’m listening to Jen Hatmaker’s new book right now. It has some really good points in it. She’s basically saying that God made us each unique and special and that we should be who we are and say what we need to say and not apologize for who we are but to embrace ourselves to be the women God wants us to be. I can’t put it like she does – otherwise I’d be writing these books myself. But I’m glad I bought it. She is funny and interesting to listen to. The audio book has a few extras.

One thing for sure is that I’m enjoying sipping my coffee this morning. I guess I’ll go on and get ready and go on in.

Keeping an eye on the Hurricane as it heads to the gulf. I have family in Destin. They are saying it will be headed towards New Orleans. Seems too far away to tell, but just praying as this one is a CAT 4 did I hear. Likely a CAT 5 before reaching and this is not going to be one to be around. This will be a deadly and disastrous storm, I’m afraid.

Ya’ll take care.

My Experience Buying from Amazon Third Party Sellers, and Reading the Time Bandit

The sunsets have been wonderful on the drive to work in the mornings. And the deer greet us home in the evenings.

Third Party Amazon Sellers

I guess I had my first experience returning something from a third party seller via Amazon. It opened my eyes to be more careful of what I buy through Amazon. I had my normal expectations of having the assurance that you can return something whatever it is. I return a very small percentage of what I buy through Amazon. Mostly due to the faults of not being able to see or feel in person what you are buying. Usually it is something that does not fit, does not work, or product damaged via shipment. And I buy a lot on Amazon. So I have high expectations that if something goes wrong that is not my fault, I have Amazon to back me. In all these years I have had quick and easy returns. But that is a false sense of security. As it is not always so.

I bought a picture that looked like this:

It came in rolled up in a tube and looked like this.

So, yeah it’s just so muted (and curly) with lines in it. See below.

So I thought no problem, I’ll just go to Amazon and return it – click of a button- get my label and off it’ll go and we’ll get a return for it.

Not that easy. To my surprise I had to submit a request for approval to return. What? No.

So I did. The sellers were in China, of all things. I should and did know that once my order was placed and I saw the ship date go from “Thursday to some date in November” LOL. However, I guess that put it on a fast boat and it got here in about 2.5 weeks.

So I waited and got a response back from seller to send photos of the item. What???? So I did. I was nice and said I appreciated them letting me return the item as it just was not going to work. (Letting them know my expectations nicely- if they read b/w the lines they’d know someone was going to have a fight before the week was over if the answer was no – so I let them know I was expecting a return. But I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had been HooDoo’d. (We’ll come back around to that one later.)

So…the 3rd party seller in China said “Since this involves international shipping, how about we compromise with 50% dollars?”

While this is not ideal, I realize the shipping costs on their side has now probably surpassed the value of the item. I discussed with George and because (I guess) we get to keep the item (I’m not sending it back without a label anyway.) So George says he likes it and it will take it and so now he has it for half price.

But I have learned a lesson.

I‘m not ordering from 3rd party sellers from overseas unless I’m certain it’s something that will work or I’m willing to EAT the $money over.

I’ll be likely to change my selection when my order turns from arriving Thursday to a month from now. That is trickery in my opinion.

Something that does not have reviews, could likely be suspect. Just order something with reviews. Previous customers can give you great insight.

I will be more selective and yes, quite picky now. As if I weren’t before.

Getting HooDoo’d

So…..I guess I’ve heard my family say this over and over. “I guess I got HooDoo’d”. I took it to mean that someone pulled one over you. And well yeah, it pretty much does. After looking it up on line. Sometimes I use words and because I’m typing them out for the public to see (and make fun of as some like to do) so I thought I’d make sure it really does mean what I thought it did. After all in my 20’s at work I repeated a phrase my grandfather used and found out it was something someone took offense to and I had to say I was sorry as I was repeating verbiage and didn’t really know what it meant. Goes to show you – not to say bad things as it will be repeated even innocently. Like we have people out there today that worry about such things, what am I saying? Well I do worry about such things.

So, yeah, it means bad luck and it kinda comes from the VooDoo phrase which I didn’t know. I thought it was spelled “Who Do’ed” as in Who Did it – as in Someone – Who ever it was – Done Did it to me”. lol lol lol. But it’s Hoo Doo as in Bad luck or bad charms or bad spells, to bewitch. So yeah, bottom line….

Sonya got HooDoo’d by Amazon and this Third Party Seller. So scrutiny will follow every purchase now. I’m not viciously angry over this situation but I’m enlightened and miffed. And no longer as trusting. So there you have it.

So I had tuna for lunch. Trying to lose some belly fat! ha. Our recent outings of late has done some backward damage! Scaling it back some. I’d not had tuna in a while and it was really good. Back to using a honey dijon mustard instead of mayo. But as always on the home front, there is something good cooking up!

George made a potato omelette that was out of this world! Oh my gosh it was so good. Lately his dishes – I’ve been saying “oh this is a keeper” or “We should have this at Christmas” or “fix this for Katy” or “Let’s eat this one with the Irelands (long time friends)”!

Wow, it’s 49 degrees F this morning. Fall is here!

It’s Wednesday and the payroll went smoothly, well almost, I was a little late getting started as I had some last minute intakes that I had to stop and figure on before I could get started, but I was able to finish in time so that I had time to do my “after payroll shakedown” instead of throwing it all in a drawer and going home and dealing with it til Wednesday. Now all the payroll stuff is put up and reports sent that everyone needs from it. Now I will sort our local plant’s checks, do “dummy checks” or manual checks, and get reconciled for my garnishment check run in the morning. And will get our 941 taxes paid and weekly withholding taxes paid for the week.

Reading, My Way of Being on the Water

Last night I read more in my book, TIME BANDIT. I’ve not really given myself much time for reading, just audio books in the car. But it was nice to let everything go and just plain read. I love reading books about being on the ocean. Being on the Bering Sea would scare the life out of me. The book is interesting. The cost of running these fishing trips is insane. The crew makes a lot of money though in a short amount of time and it’s hard to get “the crazy” people who will be able to endure it and can take it to work on the boat.

A little Google research showed the Hillstrand’s sold the boat for 3 million – if that is accurate research. Why not sell at that rate? lol.

I watched Deadliest Catch a lot. Most of the episodes were about the same. I found that it was relaxing of all things to watch (not sure why- maybe the sound of the sea?) and I’d fall asleep. George seemed to only endure it and didn’t prefer to watch it, it seemed so we didn’t keep up with it season to season. But I do like reading about the business aspect of the fishing industry and all about running the boat itself. I’m not sure why I’m always about everything “ocean” and “boats”. I guess it is in my blood somehow. I DID have an uncle that was a captain on a ship for years. But I wasn’t around him much and didn’t hear about his experiences. If I were going to be on the boat, I’d be the cook – lol. That is about all I could do on that boat. But I’d be too sea sick and scared. I’d be a weini! No way. Just reading about the wave size in unreal!

Anyway, that is all the news I have. I need to get kicking here as I’m about 15 minutes late and have to make up the time somehow.

Since I stopped to read last night I didn’t finish the iMovie. I want to look up how to do the end of the movie – and see how to link prior videos to it. I always try to learn something new with each imovie if I can – in these early days! I think I have enough for another movie after that. Then I’ll need to start videoing some more. Not a lot going on to video! But I can always step up the game and just video something I’m doing around the house. About every 3 weeks seems to be about how I’m getting them out. I’d love to be able to do one a week but I think that is likely impossible with working Full time. Two I may be able to do once I’m in the groove. But it depends on how busy we are and such. I’m afraid to commit to certain dates like every third Thursday, lol. I think that would take the fun out of it for me.

Ok off to work we go!