Late Spring Blooms, More Closet Moves, and Hand Rail added to Front Porch

The Asian Lilies bloomed and they are so pretty. The peonies have also been blooming and I almost missed getting a picture. The weather turned really hot and it just kills them off when that happens.

Moving over closets

I spent the day yesterday moving my things out of the guest bedroom closet and into the office closet. It was quite the task. But really made more sense than having Mom put her things in the office closet, lol. I had to move things around anyway. That way she has her own space for the months she is here. She has closet space, closet shelves, and chest of drawer space. In previous weekends I worked on the bathroom giving her half of the drawer space.

The process made me go through some things. I have a storage bag of “too small” clothes and also of “extra clothes”. I couldn’t fit all of the clothes into the office space I have. It was no big deal. I have a lot of tee shirts I have collected when we visited places and I have way more than I need. I also have way too many socks! So I pulled out the favorites and put the others back. Also had some shoes I put back. And some PJ’s. I have a note in my calendar to get out the “extra” clothes after Mom leaves when I move my stuff back into the 2nd bedroom.

I also cleared out my shoe bin. It’s a nice cubby hole of shelves behind the door in the 2nd bedroom. Mom will love that for her shoes. I placed mine in these two baskets so I can pull them out and they won’t get lost on the bottom. I’m in no mood to be crawling around on the closet floor looking for shoes! I go down I can’t get back up as these bones are feeling a bit older and helpless.

It’s a tight fit but I moved my personal files over to this spot. It had just enough room. I’m glad. I didn’t want this eye sore out anywhere else in the house. It’s fine for my office area though and now my records will be where I can file and retrieve. Mainly file. lol

So I brought these plastic “chest of drawers” from the basement. Previously I had used it for my office but had moved it out when I put the office journaling chair in. I’ve changed this office around so much it’s pitiful.

But this holds my undies and PJ’s. I didn’t want clothes showing through as sometimes I film in this room. So I took place mats and put in there and flipped up the place mat on the edges to cover it. It’s magic. I like it.

Sadly I will have to keep the little plastic drawer right here in front of the closet. And yes, I’ll be keeping my closet open. It’s just functional like that it seems. I always kept it open in the other room too as I am in and out of it so much.It’s not a permanent solution but I’ve made everything work. I have socks and office supplies in baskets under the twin bed frame. I waited to take pics of that for after George cuts the foam.

I also put back some of my least favorite pairs of jeans (also a bit snug) and some of my less favorite sweats/gym pants. It actually felt good “letting go” or “putting back” some of these things. I know when people are moving into their RV’s for the first time (I watch their You Tube shows), they go through a similar but more harrowing process. I was imagining what it would be like picking out your favorite clothes for the road! lol. I kept way more tee shirts out than I should have though and of course the hanging clothes were not scaled back I just moved those over. I even had extra space! Just enough room for my camera. And I’m enjoying the “blessed” sign. It just works.

Now Mom has her own closet. I left stuff in the very top shelf. I figure she wouldn’t be needing that one up that hight. It has overnight bags and all kinds of “bags”, purses, etc.

George’s Productive Day

George put in the railing for Mom and I will enjoy it too as I often need extra support for my right knee. He has studied on this for some time now. I think he had to buy a tool or two but he did it. He was pouring sweat. I felt so bad for him. It was near 90 yesterday I think. If not well into the upper eighties.

He also rehung my “Home” sign by drilling a nail into the brick so the wind wouldn’t take it off.

So I think we have pretty much got everything ready for Mom’s moving in with us for a few months. There’s not much else on the list as far as our house.

Are ya’ll tired of me talking about this move yet? It has been our life since the Easter visit from Mom where excitedly we found her a place! I still cannot believe all this. I am excited. We are a bit tired and looking forward to the summer months and into fall while we get a little break and get to enjoy life a bit.

I was thinking this morning that once Mom is here, I want to cook up some good meals. George does most of the cooking but I want to fix my meatloaf for her and a few other things. We can also plan her birthday which will include a trip to Paula Deen’s.

This Week’s To Do List

So I have some things I need to do that I didn’t get done on the weekend. I have to redo my vitamins for the week, Roger needs some care – we need to trim him and get him to the vet as he has a toenail that is too long and bothering him. We don’t get him groomed anymore as he just can’t endure it and it unsettles him so. Also have some ironing to do, order some vitamins, resetting my Isagenix auto ship, ordering another Thred Up bag. Marking up the new family calendar I bought for Mom, mainly. And I can work some on the iMovie.

I have added our Texas winter trip to the timeline now and it’s 41 minutes long so will edit it down to about 17 or so, if possible. Excited to work on this for you guys! I’ve already put in the intro! I want to squeal with excitement over getting to work on these.

Soon I hope we will be able to get out more and get something more interesting to blog about. We’ve all been at home for sooooo long now. George and I are ready to get out and do a few things. We want to explore and we are already talking up a “trip to Maine”. I think when Roger passes, we will find us another long weekend to fly up that way. Perhaps we could take a whole week and hit several spots. But at this point, I’d settle for a long weekend. I love George for saying he wanted to travel up that way again. He’s talking my language. It doesn’t have to be in an RV. Let’s just go travel anyway we can! I suggested we take a sail boat ride this time. I’ve never sailed.

Meanwhile in Texas

Off to work and to get started on this week! Ya’ll have a good one! No one commented on yesterday’s post. Am I being blockaded my the social media hosts for some reason? It seems if I mention certain words, it is not picked up by the algorithms. It’s a good thing I like doing these blogs for myself. At least if no one is reading, I have enjoyed myself and recapping what we did. LOL Could be everyone is just busy for Memorial Day. I noticed though that I did have the same number of viewers as normal though. I guess no one commented. And that makes me wonder if it went live or not. Or if we are just losing our ability to say what we need to say and slanted the way the hosts want to slant it. It’s sad really.

But I still do what I want whether anyone reads it or not. As long as I’m having fun it really matters not. The blog and the videos are there for the taking, but certainly if I am the only one that ever sees them, I decided when I started all of it years ago – that would be just fine with me! 😉 I DID try to share my blog link on FB yesterday and I don’t think anyone saw it at ALL. lol. Links are just not in their algorithm. So I have no way to really share like we used to. It just sinks to the bottom when you do. So no bother. I’ll sit here all alone with my words. lol lol lol

Iris Blooms, Moringa Superfood Supplements, and Life’s Getting Busy

The Iris are blooming! They look so pretty against a backdrop of a freshly mowed yard! George worked hard in the yard this weekend and even washed and cleaned all 3 cars! Coming home yesterday after working all day and a trip to the store, these were a sight for sore eyes and soothing to a tired soul.

And no problem with the Rosemary surviving! Plenty of it!

The Moringa came in. I invite you to do your own research on this. You may be ordering it too when you read about it. I have only been taking it a week. They say it takes about a month to begin seeing the efforts. Two capsules a day. Safe. And when you read about it- it seems like a wonder drug. But you can do your own research on it. I mainly bought it for blood pressure reduction, but it has many other good functional qualities including helping metabolism. It said to be careful while taking with blood pressure meds as it may go too low. Well if it does then maybe I can get off my meds, lol. I will let you know what happens.

I went for a walk yesterday in our complex. And Sunday I also did a 20 minute work out that including “fighter lunges” – that’s what I call it. It’s boxing as you do squats, lol. Oh my gosh I could hardly move yesterday and getting up and down out of a chair was killer. I was kinda taken by the shadows and trees in the breeze. It reminded me of the eclipse.

I was so tired after my walk and lunch yesterday. And sleepy too. I wanted to nap so bad. I have been incredibly tired. Like…..tired on steroids tired! For the last 3 days. I think it’s for about four reasons: 1) the exercise taxing my muscles 2) moving Mom and lifting moderately heavy boxes – nothing major -but still heavier than what I do on a daily basis, lol 3) The lack of good sleep – meaning instead of 8 I’ve had six the last few nights – except last night was 8, thank goodness! 4) Possibly the COVID shot with my body trying to react to what has happened to it with that COVID injection shot.

I do feel better this morning after an 8 hour sleep.

Mom’s Move and the Video Update

Things are progressing. Mom’s realtor sent in the paperwork. He said he forgot. We’ll forgive him. lol And they are going to come video her house Thursday. Wooops! I totally forgot about the fact we’d need the house to be cleaned before the videographer comes in. We were thinking about having it ready by the time it was listed. Mom said no worries – she’s getting it ready. I feel bad but I think they probably won’t be able to see the dust. lol. They will be viewing the room from afar. She is getting the boxes we left for her to pack in – out of the way.

Thursday night I’ll go get her and then Friday she and George will go to her Low Voltage meeting. I’m anxious to see how that goes.

Made a LOT of progress on the video Saturday and Sunday. It was fun to work on and close to being finished. George is in it and he is going to make you laugh. I laughed out so hard when editing! I just need to continue editing it some. Need to get the length down to keep it around 17 to 19 minutes. It’ll probably be ready for upload in the next week or so. I would guarantee it over the weekend but we are going to be busy both days of the weekend with back to back trips moving Mom’s stuff. This will continue for weekends to come as we slowly migrate her stuff here by car. All of this is because we just won’t have the time to pack it all and move it all at once. That would take about 2 weeks I think, lol. We don’t have that kind of time when you work Full Time.

The house date to list has been moved to May 5th which is Mom’s Design Studio meeting day where she picks out everything for the new place. So that way they can list that day and it can start being shown on May 6th. We didn’t want people wanting to see it and Mom being gone. She has to be gone of course anyway, but….Fancy (dog) will be there and Mom has to be around to take her out and leave the house while it’s shown. So this works best.

This is all about to get exciting! We keep progressing from one step to the next. But there’s a lot to go!

Meanwhile in Texas

Dates are coming together for some special days with River and Katy and Cody. We have a zoo day planned but we also are taking another day with some PTO time and getting off work to hang with them. This makes my heart happy. And Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken will be coming the week before that.

Lots of things going on! The calendar is filling up. And this was a cute Instagram story post that Katy posted about our Little Roo!

Ok, I will check in with you guys probably Thursday morning! I’m doing the video editing every other day sharing blog time and that seems to satisfy my soul and give me a scheduled time to work on it – even if it is only an hour every other day. I’ve hesitated to do this in the past as I was learning iMovie because it was frustrating to have to leave it. It still is a little frustrating and I have to pull myself away but as I learn it becomes less frustrating to tear away in the middle of it. If that makes sense. I know what I mean but hard to put in words.

ok…over and out!

Thank You to my Readers and Supporters and Our Yard’s Spring Blooms

Photo by Gratisography on

Well, THANK YOU – each one of you that commented either here or my Facebook or Instagram. I appreciate you so much. I felt your support yesterday. We were all so tired. I think our nerves had built up over the past 2 weeks as we realized how possible and how quick the ball would start rolling. It was a lot to think about at once. Poor Mom’s head must be exhausted. She was praised for her fervor and inquisitiveness in our meetings. She is a sharp one and she thinks of a lot of things and wants to be prepared for everything and very careful. It’s kinda neat that we all have our “roles” we can play in this to make it happen. Each of our talents bouncing off each other as a team to “get her done”. And I appreciate your support. As I mentioned we have a long way to go before this actually happens, but it seems very probable and if something were to change there are options and minimal losses. But we are all rolling forward. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support and comments after the contract was signed yesterday.

We have a little more energy today. A few more plans! I took Mom home mid day and made the trek back in. I have video’d some today from a spring aspect. Got me some “B Roll” activity. Bees and flowers! ;-). Here’s a shot of our blooms this weekend. We loved seeing the dogwoods!

George worked in the yard some while I took Mom home. I was supposed to start my weigh in numbers today but Mom was here and we were busy this morning. I reserve the right to do this any day of this week. Sunday was going to be my weigh in day. I’m too tired at days end now. So I’ll put it off. I’d rather relax and blog as the sun is low in the sky, George has fixed me a “sun downer” and my rest and planning mode is beginning.

I’ve much to do personally. I also have some other things to share on some things I’ve done research on as time allows.

I’ll probably not post again until Tues morning or Wed morning. George just said dinner was ready so I gotta run.