Our “Sweet” Suite Hotel in Hot Springs and Flea Market Fun!

My Current Plan on YouVersion

I started this new plan on YouVersion and it’s very good, just reminding me to make sure my goals and God’s are aligned. With my Nov challenge I’m trying to make sure I get some Bible or spiritual lessons (podcasts/YouTube) daily. I’ve succeeded most days.

Here’s a revisit of my monthly challenge.

My November “Nudge” Challenge

I’m doing ok but not perfect. However the purpose of the challenge which I call “a nudge” challenge is to nudge me into the right habits. I find the water intake challenging for that last 20 to 30 oz. And last week I ignored housework completely other than laundry. But I’m trying and I gave myself a break since we we’re trying to get ready for a trip, get Mom taken care of, get mani/Pedi done and work all week, pack, and get Mom to her appointment and do my therapy! Whew.

Christmas Tree at the Pet Spa

We dropped Dexter off yesterday and I hated to say goodbye. He went in easily – better than times before, along with them to the doggie play area. I’ve checked on him. Yesterday he was clingy to the humans but today I saw him playing more and happy wagging tails. They must have just fed him this morning when I saw him poop lol! So it warms my heart to see him happy. It would have broken my heart to leave our other previous smaller dogs like that. But this is easier as he is a big dog. But we miss him. We look at it like he is on vacation too.

We had a nice kitchenette in our suite. We stayed at Towne Place Suites by Marriot. It even had a stove and dishwasher.

I particularly reserved the suite hotel so we could have a sofa for reading. It had a full size pull out desk too which I wanted to blog from but I chose to sleep.

The walk-in shower was nice. We took a shower before bed to relax and wash off the travel cooties. It was wonderful!

Our view. The ridge in the background. And fire pit below.

We checked in and headed to the flea market booths next door. The Central Avenue Market Place!

Wow that was fun. That place was huge! So many books and crannies and a maze of rooms. A shopping paradise! A home decorating spot for sure!

Here’s some pics.

I would have loved this clock necklace as much as I worry over having time! I would always have time! lol

Something about this odd shaped bowl I loved. Better to take pics than to buy.

Some booths had clothes and they were very reasonable! I even bought River some (my grandson) from a booth that had like new clothes 2nd hand.

Look at that old typewriter.

We also went to Tuesday morning and bought some Christmas gifts. It was in the same shopping center.

Then we went to a pizza 🍕 place for an early dinner. The Squeezebox! Aka, SQZBX! It was also a brewery. And it was awesome and a good vibe inside playing 70-80’s rock/pop. Talking Heads, Lou Reed, etc.

So we ordered two pizzas so we’d have leftovers.

Our pizza 🍕

We went to Kroger for water. I forgot to throw some water bottles in the car before we left. Since cokes at the hotel were $3 a can we also bought little cokes to have rum and cokes in the room. We stopped and bought Myers dark rum. So I took a shower and read my book and drank a rum and coke and headed for bed. George watched TN and SC. I slept! I went to sleep around 8 lol. Slept until about 5 am but slept good despite waking up 4 times briefly.

I felt like I was getting sick last night I was so exhausted.

The previous week nearly did me in, trying to get everything done and forcing my way to get my own things done too and having to lose so much sleep last week. This morning the circles and bags under my eyes made me look very ill. Make up has helped.

I must begin some self care. I know last week was exceptional. But maybe I’ll get some longer sleep this week.

We are about to get to Texarkana. We are on the road as I type this. We had a nice hot breakfast at the hotel and good coffee with it. I put too much water in the pot in our room for the packet of coffee they gave us so our start coffee while we got ready was weak. lol

We’ve had a tire issue but George used a fix a flat and says it should hold us til we get it fixed in Breckenridge. But we will take your prayer blessings if you’ll pray for us! We are crossing over into Texas right now! Yee ha!

Still a long way to go. Gotta go through Dallas and on west to Breckenridge.

Til tomorrow.. or whenever I can pop in! Hope you are having a great weekend! What you doing?

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  1. I’m pleased you’ve taken time to let us know you’re well on your way glad that Dexter has settled in well, that’s something less for you to worry about. Well open up…..you asked what I was doing at the moment….it is now 2.10am !! So I should be asleep but I woke up and can’t seem to get back to sleep, so put some music on the Alexa opened the IPad and saw you’d left a blog so just had to open up….so there that’s what I’m doing. Hope to nod off again soon. We’ve had a nice day church this morning we had a new minister he was quite nice …then when we got home Beth and Max were waiting for us to go out for Sunday Lunch…that was good as usual….So now I think I might try to shut my eyes again. Prayers said for a safe journey in Texas….When do you expect to get as the farm ? Night night. God Bless

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