A Warm Breckenridge Welcome, Seeing our Grandson, Happy Times!

We drove through Dallas yesterday and headed west toward Breckenridge. Our day seemed long. We had a few laughs on the way and traffic was bad in a couple of spots. The interstate was shut down at one point.

We stopped at In/Out Burger and it was busy as always.

That was in Arlington, TX. Then it seemed to take forever to get to the ranch.

We arrived just an hour before sundown. Katy has worked hard getting the guest room ready for us. They are so inviting and we had a great night sleep!

Katy had made Sangria and also had a salmon, cream cheese board for our welcome arrival!

It felt so unreal to be able to hold our grandson and see him in person. I may not ever leave! Ha!

Today is zoo day! And shopping for Thanksgiving. It is such a blessing to be here!

Katy’s house is so cute.

Cody is on a hunting trip with his Dad and brothers but coming home soon!

Almost to the zoo! Gotta go! 🙂

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  1. So pleased you arrived safely after that long drive. Your room looks lovely, bet you will sleep like a log the few nights that you are there. It’s great that River was not shy meeting you it’s obvious that Katy speaks to him about you and George…..Hope your time at the Zoo has been enjoyed.,,,River is old enough now to be able to identify some of the animals. It’s amazing how quickly they grow up isn’t it….Enjoy every moment with both Katy River and Cody if. He is home before you leave…night night. God Bless…..❤️❤️❤️

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