Donuts, Fort Worth Zoo, HEB Grocery, and Pasta Dinner

Yesterday we took River for a donut and then on to the Fort Worth Zoo for a day of fun.

My kolache and cinnamon donut.

We had a chilly start but bundled up.

Green Mamba

We ate at the Rodeo Goat yesterday after the zoo. Appropriate title huh? My salad was good! We kept River at the table lol! See sign below.

For not getting a nap yesterday River was really good! He was never fussy or ill but we kept him entertained!

After eating out we went to a grocery store we had never been to called HEB. We had fun in there.

Then we hit Starbucks and headed back to ranch, an hour and a half home.

I sat in the back and played with River. My view.

Cody came home from hunting trip and George fixed us a cuddle fish ink pasta dish and Caesar salad and bread and dipping sauce (olive oil and vinegar).

As you might expect the bed was so nice. I did not wake up until most of the night was done. At this age I think you always wake up a time or two. But sleep was good.

Today we plan to go to a nearby town and do the Thanksgiving shopping. Yesterday the grocery store was just for fun! 🙂 And for last nights dinner.

The rest of our trip is relaxing and low key!

Hope you all are having a great week!

7 responses to “Donuts, Fort Worth Zoo, HEB Grocery, and Pasta Dinner”

  1. Looks like a fun time. Little River has really grown up fast. I am getting house ready for guest. Have a good Thanksgiving. I am hoping my turkey thaws out in time.

  2. What a lovely day you sure had, such great photos….River is a proper boy now isn’t he….Kate is looking well. Please remember to give her my love,. Glad you had such a good nights sleep, hope tonight will be likewise. I have had a lovely old collie dog for last two days, ( she belongs to my friend Helen ). It’s been lovely she is very deaf and has arthritis but at 13 she is ever so good…it was so nice having a dog lying at my feet again…..Enjoy the rest of today and your thanksgiving shopping tomorrow…Take care not to do to much……God Bless

  3. What a great day. So glad you are getting to enjoy the day with Katie and River. He looks like he is enjoying himself. And of course, your little boy George was also. Have a great time with the kids

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