Relaxing and Walking on the Ranch, Shopping in Graham, Time with Family

Shopping with Nonni and Poppy

We had a relaxing morning and then went shopping in Graham, TX. We stopped at a couple of shops and then went grocery shopping for the Thanksgiving meal.

We ran into Santa.

Back at ranch after River took a nap, we went for a walk on the ranch. It was 67 degrees and nice and sunny.

The landscape so very different than home.

There were cattle grates on the road and I had some issues getting across without fear of my foot falling through. Everything is bigger in TX they say, including the cattle and cattle grates. lol

I made it around in the edges holding a post. My knees are unsure these days. They are weak and untrustworthy.

We went into Breckenridge and got a steak dinner for each of us. A bargain from The Pit Stop on Tuesday nights. Steak, baked tater, salad, fried okra (that was my extra side), and they thru in dessert as we waited- even though we were early for our pick up time. All for $20 each! In today’s world for steak and that many sides, that was great! Steaks were huge, taters were huge, and salads filled with lots of cheese. We couldn’t eat it all and had steak this morning with the other half of my roll – oh yeah we had rolls too!

Sleep was great last night! George and I slept ten hours.

I’ve checked on Mom nightly by text but will probably call her tomorrow. The main thing is to know she’s ok.

Dexter checks done about 3 times a day where we watch him on cam! He’s having the time of his life with other dogs. I hope he won’t be depressed when coming home. So we will probably have to get him all scheduled for weekly play dates. We can’t wait to see him though and pick him up!

Ok today we are hanging around the ranch and working a puzzle, playing, and relaxing.

I have my to do list still-for today- just a few things to reach for getting done. Christmas shopping on Amazon blocked to protect Christmas surprises! lol

See it’s not too much! But will shoot to get anything done ✔️ I can. It’s all fun stuff including some learning I’ve not had time to do. I want to plan Blogmas too for you all for 20 days of fun at least!

I won’t be able to do Vlogmas until I retire!

Ok over and out. About to start a puzzle and take a shower!

Leaving you with some fun from the morning!

Guess who?

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  1. Oh Sonya, what a great day you’ve had….the photos of the wee one are just a delight, I laughed at the idea of Santa being around already….although thinking about it Christmas will be upon us before we realise. Today I actually wrote my US cards having seen I’m much to late to send them surface Mail so despite the astronomical costs by air they must go…I’ll get a friend to go to the PO to post them tomorrow. We are having trouble with postmen strikes at the moment so we are having to try to get everything posted early …just in case they don’t arrive at all…..Anyway love glad to see that Mum is fine and Dexter is enjoying his holiday. If it’s not to expensive it will be good to give him a days play away from the confines of the house…..Looks like you’re having some reasonable weather which is nice. It’s been very wet here the last few days but think tomorrow it’s to be better, fingers crossed. It’s Thursday and so the day the church is open for tea/ coffee etc etc it’s also open as a warm centre for anyone to come in from the cold if they are finding there homes to expensive to heat.
    Love the last photo of our George playing the fool !!! God Bless .

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