Looking Back, Seeing God’s Leading, Relaxing Days, Happy Thanksgiving!

I love this picture of my daughter and her hubby. I was with them and believe I took the pic. They were not married yet and Katy and I came out to stay for a few days so she could see Cody and the ranch where he worked. At the time he was getting experience so he could join the Wildlife Protection Agency.

He made his dream, came home, got married, went thru police academy, got the job, and they lived in Franklin for a while. But the ranch literally kept calling him to come back.

They prayed over the decision and made the tough call to go live in Texas and Cody back on the ranch. So much seemed to lean this way. Katy was able to easily move her teaching.

So the pic means a lot, as if they looked out over the ranch land contemplating their future together. Little did they know they would be back here.

God has blessed their paths here. They’re putting down roots and they have made friends and they are heavily into Gods work here.

For these reasons it’s easier to accept they are so far away from us. It’s challenging to get to see them due to work, the distance, the costs, and restraints of life. But we do the best we can.

Even a flight requires a car rental as it’s two hours west of Dallas. And doggie daycare is $60 per day.

So it’s few and far between. and they come home some. And face time a lot.

Yesterday we started a puzzle. We have about a fourth worked as I type this.

It was a relaxing day on the ranch! River is making sentences- kinda. More words together. He says Nonni and Poppy a lot. He loves it when we come get him out of bed.

We didn’t do much yesterday but had a low key day and that was heaven sent. We don’t get those days much.

I researched some things I am working on, one of which is a proper disclaimer for the blog, which will need to be updated as things change. I’ve been trying to do that for a year now. I also ordered some Christmas items on Amazon.

Today has its own list. Getting ready for Thanksgiving meal today, and I have a list of things I can work on if I get time, such as getting Christmas cards done. But relaxation and family is first and we will do what we want.

So wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been fun to blog each day! Like old times!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I think your trip came just in the knick of time. 🙂 Enjoy!


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