Soup Cookbook, Thanksgiving Meal, and Diverticulitis Ruining My Plans

I was excited to buy this soup cookbook at the store earlier this week. It has some really good recipes. All the favorites plus some that are different but NOT way out there. I’ve bought soup books before and then not made any of them as they ended up being weird. These are crock pot soups and stews.

I usually make mine from scratch in a Dutch oven. I’m sure you could do either. I thought this would be good during the winter on the weekends or my days off in December.

Here’s our little Thanksgiving Roo! He’s ready to help with the cooking. He enjoyed seeing Bluey and Mickey in the parade on TV.

The cooking went well yesterday. I made the mashed potatoes and cranberry salad. We had both whole berry cranberry salad and just the sliced jelly version. George made the stuffing and carved the turkey that the ranch provided. Katy made the pickle tray and an appetizer dip which we munched on while cooking. The guys had football on TV. Katy made green bean casserole and Mac n cheese, and dressed eggs. I hope I’m not forgetting anything but probably am. We had rolls, wine, and tea, and beer during football before the dinner if anyone wanted any. Oh yeah Katy made two pies.

I also got half of my Christmas cards addressed. All that was the good news!

Mid afternoon my stomach began cramping. I wasn’t sure what was happening. It intensified after dinner. I wondered if I was appendicitis. My right side hurt and so did my back. I took an Aleve that Cody gave me and went to bed at 7:00 as pain was pretty intense.

Overnight pain came back but not as intense. I’ve discovered that it is likely a bout of diverticulitis. I suppose as the day wears on I can tell.

I’ve prayed and asked God for healing and relief. He says to trust Him. In my human way though I want to say “why during this time with family, would you allow this to happen” but I will trust.

This means I’ll miss out on the shopping we were going to do today. I can’t be out and be miserable and back and forth to the bathroom. And it means I’ll miss out on leftovers as I have to completely turn to liquids only til this is resolved.

So how did this happen? In travel I have been eating less fruit and vegetables, more fast food, pizza, bread, burgers, and starches. I’ve not been eating the right things that keep me from this.

I’ve tried to drink water but probably failed in that too. So I’ve got a situation and hoping it resolves itself without trip to ER or causing problems with our plans.

I also hate to ruin others plans- and missing out on activities we’ve planned. It’s made me sad and a little scared. If there is an infection or blockage in the colon sometimes surgery is required.

So far no vomiting or fever. Just pain, constipation, and misery and sadness. So please pray for me that I can pull out of this without issue! It’s already an issue as I can’t eat and it’s spoiling my plans.

Sorry for TMI but this is the situation.

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  1. I can see by Roo’s happy face how glad he is you guys are there. He sure is cute.
    I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I know how long you have looked forward to this trip. I hope the ER is not too far from where you are at. In case you need to be checked out. We had our big dinner on Wednesday. Husband did the Turkey. Daughter did the dressing and a green bean casserole. I made mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. And we had pie for dessert. It was a good day. But I was really tired that night. I told my husband tonight is going to be a pizza night, I am not cooking.
    Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.

    • Feeling a bit of relief- been on liquids all day- still not right but hopefully no ER – at least not yet. Pain subsided. For the most part. Dreading the 6 hour drive tomorrow and unsure of our Italian reservations tomorrow night. I think ER is an hour away. I am hoping to ease out of this by changing to liquids and sleep.

  2. Oh dear poor you Sonya, you’re my second US friend with the same thing my friend in NORCO CA had her family down from Utah and she landed having to spend Thanksgiving day in bed. Thankfully she has a daughter living fairly near so everybody went there leaving Grammy in bed. Like you she has been so miserable. However I’m sure you will both feel better in a couple of days. You have both been burning the candle at both ends and as we get older our bodies react to us differently. I’m sure it’s Gods way of slowing us down as we haven’t done it ourselves…..once we go back to relying on him we will start to feel better. Take care and I’m sure with our prayers surrounding you you will soon feel much better. Night night. God Bless

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