Taking a Break, Leaving Texas

Leaving Texas this morning in this rain. I think it’s letting up, as it’s lifting north but we may run back into some of it since we are heading northeast.

Goodbyes are easier when you have something else planned. We will get to see our family again in December.

I ended up having a fever last night, but I think it broke this morning with sweats. I ate a tiny dinner last night of 2 dressed eggs, a small yeast roll, and some mashed potatoes. All pinched in to the tiniest of bites. It’s a test to see how that goes. For now I’m back to liquids. Coffee, green tea, and Gatorade should get me to Hot Springs. I imagine we will have to cancel our Italian reservations tonight, unless they have a broth like soup.

Surprise I got a video out before we left! Here you go!

Video covers the fact that we’re taking a break and also shares some more puppy hood of Dexter. As well as our trip to Buc-ees. Hope you enjoy!

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I’ll definitely come back to the blog daily as I will be doing Blogmas for you guys DEC 1-20. Blogmas is where you share Christmas related content for twenty day’s leading up to it!

As for the videos. I’m going to try to get a couple up in December but I think I’ll have to put it last so I can pull Christmas together.

I feel so much better than yesterday but still not out of woods yet. A little pain going on right now. So I covet your prayers for wellness and for travel blessings!

Love y’all and will post again tomorrow Lord Willing!

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  1. I like your new intro but I liked the original one also. Both comical.
    Dexter is a mess. An adorable mess.
    I hope you feel better. That’s a bummer.
    December is almost here. The days are going fast!
    Take care

  2. I too have diverticulitis and I have learned well that *for me* protein is key and carbs slash white foods are very bad and should be steered clear of especially in the event of everything slowing down. Bread is a no, potatoes are a no, pasta would be a no. If I had to go to liquids only it would be protein shakes with almond milk and a large coffee icecube.

    Our trick which really works is the other half makes me a protein coffee every morning. 30-35 grams of pure raw unflavoured protein. No sweeteners, no added stuff, just two shots of espresso, hot milk and then he whizzes in the protein with a frothing tool. Since we started doing that I’ve never had another incident of diverticulitis.

    Everyone is different but I think each of us learns what foods cause these flare ups and what foods help us. 🙂

    • Yeah everyone’s gut biome and colon situation is different, with different triggers. But the perfect storm brews, and hits me every time, this time of year when it happens through winter. Protein helps me too, more fruits, greens, less carbs, less processed meats especially kielbasa and sausages- although I can tolerate a lot if I have enough protein, veggies and fruits. We have eaten hardly no fruit or greens and increased our starchy and fats and sweets this week and it was my perfect bio storm! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just watched the latest Vlog it was great. Your new intro is very good, you have come on so much since you started. Do love the way Dexter watches your face when you’re telling him something he has such lovely eyes. You and George and Dexter make a good trio. You live in such a lovely area, just amazed at how close the deer come to your house, love seeing them. Look forward to your next Vlog….

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