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Clouds and mist turned into moderate and consistent rainfall from Breckenridge to Dallas to Hot Springs yesterday.

Midway George asked me to drive. It was then I knew he really didn’t feel good. His symptoms sore throat and earache. He insists a sinus infection due to allergies from the ranch which have bothered him before. But he is considering a walk in center back home as his symptoms continue. We checked into hotel on Hot Springs and found a grocery store named Harps, which was a nice little store.

He bought OTC meds and I bought Hot Tea and some really cheap but cute Christmas decor. Prices much cheaper than home.

Back at hotel we both drank hot tea and enjoyed the fall, lake view, and the rain from our 4th floor as well as world cup soccer. Guess who watched what. lol 😂

Our hotel was nice at Staybridge which is an IG (holiday inn hotel) but I like the last suites (Towne Suites) by Marriot we stayed in last weekend better. Nicer and cleaner. This was nice enough though but I noticed curtains had coffee stains and were dirty and vents not on good etc. Layout better at other place, and more modern.

But as you see it was still quite nice.

We hung out at hotel until our reservations for dinner. We kept them. I am shocked but I felt like eating and felt it would help me. I was a little worried. I knew I’d either be sick or it would turn me around the corner.

We ate at our Italian restaurant choice, Luna Bella.

The wall was quite vivid with the moon and the vibes were very nice. I’m glad we didn’t have to miss out. The place filled up shortly after.

We were so hungry that I didn’t take pics of food, lol. Also I had a Caesar salad which strangely enough sounded good to my tummy. I only ate half. I had a small spaghetti plate and asked for plain marinara sauce. It was very basic but I know the bolognese sauce would have been incredible. I wasn’t ready to put meat in my belly yet. Their bread was soft so I had a small piece of it.

I didn’t eat all of it, but almost and my tummy is almost normal this morning. Not quite but it’s better. The real test comes later I guess.

Lemon ginger tea, turmeric supplements, lots of liquids hot and cold, have been my friends the last couple of days.

We miss these folks below who got out on the ranch yesterday. And I know some of you aren’t into deer hunting. I myself would prefer them to be alive, but at least these are processed for food. So Vody got the deer he was hoping for.

So we are waiting on breakfast at 7:30 and then we can head out. George wants to drive but says we can change up later.

At least it won’t be raining- if so not much. But I’m anticipating that the interstates will be packed as everyone will be headed home.

So George is making his appointment now – with our Care Now at “4 or after” is when he goes. We pick up DEX at 6:00.

Anyway continue to pray for travel blessings/safety. And that we can both be healed and feel better. We have a busy week with lots of responsibilities ahead.

That said, here’s my view this morning.

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  1. So glad that your feeling better today and pray that George to will feel better as the days goes by…..The hotel looks very nice plenty room to move around….I’m pleased you were able to go out for your evening meal. Hope you are having a nice drive home with no hold ups. Drive safe. God Bless. Xx

  2. I am sorry you both are sick. There is a lot of stuff going around. It rained here all night. I was so stiff when I got out of bed this morning. I think husband I both just plan on staying home today. We are tired.. I know you two must be exhausted. That is a long drive. But I know you will glad to be home snug and comfy with your Dexter. Try and get some rest.
    Hope you both get well soon.

    • Home. Finally and George is at urgent care. Going to get Dexter soon! Yes we are so glad to be here. I’m a little tired but have had to be strong for G to get him home. I’m a little hyped up and still going for coffee. Even 6 hrs is too long to drive.

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