Home Sweet Home, George Still Sick, Dexter Dog Seems Mad But He’s Tired

We are home. George likely has a viral infection, they told him. The “C” word was never mentioned or discussed. They prescribed antibiotics “just in case”. The meds they gave him are some he’s allergic to ::sigh:: so he has to call back this morning and get something different. If he will. All they were certain about is that is not strep but they took a culture “just in case”. lol Oh well. I was hoping he’d have some antibiotics in him and feeling better but nahhhh, he’s still sounding and acting pretty miserable. Pretty worried about him being on the road for an hour since he fell asleep yesterday driving as we were passing an 18 wheeler. I didn’t know it but he nodded off and we veered and he suddenly woke up in a panic and yanked us over just inches before we were to collide. The whole time I’m sitting there making my “to do lists”, lol.

Anyway we are alive due to God’s protection but George is still sick.

Dexter shows his feelings much like I do. He is so incredibly tired and just wanted to sleep. He looks mad that I called his name and wanted to take a pic.

More later. I’m barely unpacked. Have to go to work this morning. Much to do this week.

I DO PLAN on doing BLOGMAS for you guys daily through. Purely for your entertainment. Not sure how but if I can’t do VLOGMAS, I’m at least doing BLOGMAS, lol. More later. Have a good week everyone! Continue keeping George in your prayers. He’s pretty miserable. Can’t hardly eat, nor sleep, but still going regardless to meet responsibilities.

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  1. That is scary about George nodding off. Thankful you guys made it home safe and sound. He better call about his antibiotics being changed. I saw on the news last night that Rsv the flu and are unusually high in Texas. There is a shortage of beds in Hospitals. I hope your husband doesn’t have that.
    Dexter must have played his heart out at the doggy daycare. He does look tired.
    I am searching online sales today for cyber Monday.
    Have a good week at work.

  2. Welcome home! It’s wonderful going but home… ah…. nothing beats your own home and bed! 🙂 I’m sorry George is sick. I got it too. Started and I thought.. “I got this! It’s almost gone! Boy did I luck out!” To having to go to my uncles wake and funeral and BAM! I got it two fold! Cough, throat, sniffles…. Vicks to the rescue! lol Didn’t work. I took a Covid test, negative. So I just waited it out. One full week of a symptom every day, but finally yesterday I was feeling better! So I hope George gets the meds he needs. Thank God he looked at what they gave him before taking it being allergic. Do you ever just scratch your head and say “Now why didn’t they catch that he was allergic to this med?” I think it’s just our world and that no one wants to take accountability for anything ! Biggest pet peeve! lol Sorry I went off there on a tangent!
    Great little Vlogs! I finally was able to catch up and they’re very good! I like the new intro too. I liked that you had the camera in the fridge and then cupboard! I’ll be watching more!
    I can not believe how big Dexter got over the week! Holy moly! He looks mad at you for sure!! lol Damn animals! Why do they make us feel guilty for having a life? LOL

    Here’s to sending get well wishes for George and you, too!
    Onto Christmas!
    Rose 🙂

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