Eating Healthier, Unpacking, Clearing Out Fall Decor, and Planning Ahead for the Rest of December

It’s nice to get back into the regular way of eating. This was turkey, vegetable, couscous bowl by Hello Fresh. I think it was a creamy dill sauce on top. My tummy continues to improve. I went very light on everything yesterday. And “hot tea” is going to be part of my daily regimen now. I’ll share my new December challenge soon. Five nudges toward better habits. I’m going to do a challenge each month with a new 5-layered focus for whatever I’m trying to accomplish that month. Will share when I get it looking nice on Canva made photo, lol. One of my challenge prongs will be to work on “something” for Christmas each day. More on this challenge later.

Have worked hard the last two nights unpacking suitcases, cosmetic kits, our weekender hotel stay bag, and any shopping we did – mainly at Grocery stores (lol) and General Stores. Walmart did not have any clothes for me this time. I was disappointed. I have enough to get me through Winter but you know you like to have those fresh pieces to liven your soul. I’m into these comforting oversize tunics. I think if the styles change (they have several times), I will remain with my oversize tunics – much like Hepburn with her turtle neck and button down shirts, lol. Anywho it’s good to at least be unpacked and most of the laundry finished last night, including ironing a couple of pants – well pressing them mainly.

My fall stuff has been put in the sunroom (away from Dexter dog). I’ll stuff them down in a Christmas box when the Christmas stuff comes upstairs, and an empty box will then be available. Time to turn the house into a Christmas Santa Workshop. But first I need to dust. We have company coming over Saturday and it won’t be ready. My house will be in turmoil and transition but it’ll just have to be what it is. I’m not ready for the holidays and festivities yet. It seems it all starts earlier every year. I’m behind due to travel. But I can’t do anything about it and I’ve decided to just let it go because it’s my nature to try to have everything perfect and nice for everyone. But it’s just going to be what it is because I can’t keep up with life anymore with all the responsibilities, while working FT. I can barely keep care of me. And I refuse to give up blogging and vlogging because that is the one thing that consistently brings me joy. I love creating. So yep, I’ll be trying to work in some of that this week too. I am working on a gift giving guide video.

Dexter has still been lazy and depressed but at least last night he was loving and wanted tummy rubs and slept with me for parts of the night and snuggled some. This morning he felt like playing a bit. They told us at boarding he would be tired for several days. We knew this because even ONE day wears him out for two days. I was thinking of it like a runner running a marathon for 9 days in a row. He was running around in high gear for 9 days with the other dogs. He is a hungry fellow too. He ate extra this morning.

Here he is playing. He knows I’ll play for a few minutes but when set into typing that I’m done. lol

I hear an owl outside my window! I love to hear the owl. It’s rare, maybe one or two nights a year I’ll hear him.

So George says he feels better. I’ve not seen evidence of it. But he says the congestion is leaving his nose and throat but that he has a headache. So he’s at a different stage of the game. He’s coughing some stuff out. TMI but that is where he is. He never did get the antibiotics as they were penicillin like and he is allergic to that or had an extended reaction to it. He never called and got anything different. They said it was probably viral anyway. So he decided to go without.

I hope I don’t get it.

So there’s a lot to do: decorate for Christmas, wrap some Christmas gifts for what we need on Saturday – if we are all still well and can get together. I have to finish my Christmas cards and get them in the mail. I have to finish my puzzle or at least just put it up. I want to get the gift guide video out for this Saturday if I can push through it, so it will be useful and on time. Need to clean the house some and get to the store as I’m out of stuff at work.

I need to be leaving for work right about now but still have to put on makeup. I think I may opt for more the 7 to 3:30 or 7:30 to 4 schedule these days. I just need some morning time again I think. Especially if I’m going to be doing BLOGMAS. It’s starts DEC 1. My best creative time is in the morning and I need to be doing other things at night. Here I am trying to crunch all the time to get things in. My life. SMH.

Things are somewhat organized at work – at least in control TO BE caught up. But no where near caught up yet. It was a lot to wrap my head around yesterday trying to get organized instead of sitting in chaos. Mainly just had to “plug back in”.

I enjoyed the planning time in the car until I had to drive and some time at Kate’s house and the hotel. I planned Blogmas’ daily themes, and was able to get some planning done. I loved every minute of it. It’s part of the creativity. I also worked on the gift giving guide video and recorded phone clips of some of the favorite gift items I’ve given in the past to put on the video as overlays.

I hate having to work, I just want to bang on my drums all day like that song – only I want to work on video creation and Less Hustle More Coffee stuff all day.

And that is all for now. But tell me, do you have your Christmas items up yet?

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    • We have two sets of family coming in from different parts of the country- but will not be staying with us. But we are hosting the main Christmas event. And we have friend’s Saturday we are doing the gift swap with. My house won’t be ready and will look terrible as we’ve been gone and work all week. No time to get much Christmas up and I’ll be good to get gifts wrapped. It’s just hard to find time on the calendar to fit everything in with everyone’s schedules. We enjoy it but I will be sick by Christmas or NY. Happens every year.

  1. Hi Sonya….Things up for Christmas yet ?!!!! Not even had a thought about Christmas. Other than getting my abroad cards posted last week…’s just to soon, people seem to be all rushing ahead I’m sure we have never started so early, I wonder if it’s a kind of escapism from the woes of our world. Maybe I will feel more like Christmas in a couple of weeks….around the 10/12 th. Will be soon enough…..We are going out for dinner on nd Christmas Day this year, will be the very first Christmas Day that we will be out, just Mary Peter and me. I managed to get the last booking at a local Inn called the George at Bathampton it’s a very very old Inn on the canal on the way into Bath I think I’m quite looking forward to it, but still it’s going to be strange……Well love I’m going now I’m extremely tired tonight so hope to have an early night.. God Bless

    • That sounds fun for your Christmas Day plans. I guess you have to have reservations for that. Around here everyone is rushing to get the tree up. I used to do it the week before Thanksgiving since we never had Thanksgiving at the house. That way I’d be ahead as you get behind so easily. But with our travel that was hard to do. Recently we’ve had Thanksgiving at home too. Or at Moms. Christmas is just a major thing over here I guess. We are all in an upheaval to get it done!

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