Blogmas Day 1: December “Nudge” Challenge Focusing on Self-Care While Getting Ready for the Holidays

Welcome to Blogmas. What is Blogmas? It’s where you share Christmas related content from Dec 1 up to Christmas Day (some cut it off at the 20th) but I decided to keep going! This is a stretch for me with all that is going on but I am determined to do it, even if it is short. I hope you will follow along. Give me a “follow” if you want to be sure and not miss a post. Don’t worry, I’ll still include our daily lives update at the end! 🙂

So today I’m sharing a December challenge. This is mine above. I created a blank one for you.

The goal of my “nudge” challenge is to create healthy habits. And it gives a push toward doing things you want to do daily or for that month.

December gets pretty stressful, even though it’s a fun month. So while we get ready to make a special Christmas for our family, let’s be sure to take care of ourselves too. Put a little green and red in your life this month by eating your greens and fruit. Ok it doesn’t have to be a red fruit, but I threw that in to make it sort of Christmas-y!

Been a quick work week. Slowly catching up – but not really because it’s month-end so extra work there. But at least by the end of today I will have caught up from vacation.

We are unpacked fully from vacation and laundry done from last week. Soon will need to start on this week’s, lol. I got my sheets changed last night and will try to get to George’s tonight.

Our house is a mess with company coming Saturday. I’m hoping to have time Saturday morning to clean and straighten. If not it is what it is.

We have Christmas workshop going on the dining table and we’ll have to move all that out somewhere. I’m not sure where. I guess back in the closets from whence it came b/c we have no other horizontal space anywhere. Was hoping to get things wrapped and out of the way but not sure that will happen by Saturday.

I’m not ready for celebrating Christmas yet. It’s too early. I should be decorating this weekend but I guess we will try to get to it Sunday. I’ve at least removed most of the fall stuff.

Yes I feel slung around like on the end of a whip lash.

But I’m determined to get in blog/vlog time because that is what makes me happy in a tunnel of chaos. You don’t want to be around me when I don’t get to make time for that at least a bit in every day. lol

So there will be a gift idea guide coming to the vlog Saturday and that will be posted here as a Blogmas day.

Dexter is a little under the weather. He has had a bit of diarrhea. Well, it’s more like a “cow pile”, sorry TMI. He has something going on. I hope he is ok. George has an appointment at another day care on Friday. He’s taking a PTO day to get him signed up. This is the original one we wanted to go with. That will give us two options for boarding as well as some other doggie perks. But we’ll see if he is better by Friday.

Gotta go. I will be working a later schedule today I think. I really don’t like leaving the house until the sun comes up. I hate being on the road so early in the morning in the dark, when I have to go to some sketchy and lonely stretches. Sometimes it is hard to see and deer “season” with bucks crossing the road in a surprise in front of you. Plus I wanted to get this done today.

Oh, George is feeling better. I am also better, tummy wise. About 90% ok.

Mom, has a friend that took her out to eat. I called to see if she wanted to get out but she already had plans. That is a good thing. I told her I would fail as her social director but would try to take care of her needs as best as I could as far as grocery and medical appointments. But as for things to do, she is pretty much on her own unless she wants assisted living. A lot to do there. She chose to buy the house and it was her decision to move here so we could be closer to help her with her needs. She says “you promised to take me to do things together when I moved up here”. (As if to say I was not holding to my word. Well I did tell her that, but she can’t walk far and doesn’t want to shop or go anywhere. All she wants to do is go out to eat and go get hamburgers and every now and then a pedi and we’ve done plenty of all that since she has been up here. But after talking with therapist, I realize what is happening. I don’t have to be shamed or guilted into doing things. We have done plenty as it is. Oh let us look back and count the ways if one dares to do so.

Yeah I have another therapy session at lunch tomorrow. Well I guess it’s the therapists lunch time. On my calendar it shows up at 10 instead of the 11, I agreed upon. I guess she is in a different time zone. I just discussed with my boss and told her I’d take an early lunch. ::sigh:: But all is ok. I looked for a different time at lunch and didn’t see one on her schedule to change it to.

My main goal is to not let others control my emotions or push my buttons. So I’m having to disconnect from years worth of “stuff” and learn to breathe and one of my favorites is “unhooking” – which I learned on my own and used for work. But I need to do that in this situation too. I just don’t want to be mind twisted and being manipulated into living someone else’s life instead of my own. I’m all ok with helping someone out but it’s not going to define my life, change my life, nor define my way of living and when and what I do.

Ya’ll have a great day and let me know if you like the challenge above. I just needed to focus on those things so I remember to do them and I wonder what your challenge points would be?

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