Life with a New Puppy: Challenges and Adjustments

Below is the link to the latest video. I hope you enjoy it. I also left a post late late late last night. Been a busy week. But next week’s video is also scheduled. Whew!

Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more of our videos and of Dexter! I thank you so much. Any likes and comments on YouTube help the channel and I appreciate you for watching. These are fun to do and I’m doing them for you (and me because it’s a good hobby, lol, most of the time!). CLICK ON “WATCH ON YOUTUBE” below for the best experience.

So enjoy and we are off now to the trip as soon as this posts. I’m so thankful for a patient (most of the time spouse).

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  1. That was a great intro to Mr Dexter..(sorry I misnamed him yesterday !). He sure is cute and going to be very clever. It’s great he already brings things back when you throw them. Most of the time !!…’s such good exercise for him ….I’m praying he is ok on holiday. Also that you are well on your way to your first stop…No doubt you are getting more excited with every mile that passes….Hope traffic has been reasonable with not too many holdups …..Take care, drive safely. God Bless. Be back soon xx

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