It’s Been an Insanely Busy Week for Me, but I’m Ready for Vacation

Wow, I would have really liked to have had a little bit more time at home this week. It’s quite pitiful to be running from “thing” to “thing” all week. So much going on. I meant to get here sooner. But the work week is done, all the side activities are done, all the doc appts are done, the grocery shopping done, the caretaker responsibilities done and TWO videos done and scheduled, and all packed to head out on our trip.

This blog entry is being brought to you by iced tea, coffee, and coke. lol. I suppose I’ll crash and burn shortly.

So I know you are all hanging by a thread to know how therapy went – my first appt. I pulled into a “secret” parking lot and did the video call. It went well. She asked a lot of questions and gave me a lot of tools and reading to do. We talked about childhood. She said that I have some post traumatic syndrome things going on and that I had been traumatized as a child by the conflicts with my mother, the yelling, raised voices, and sometimes the slaps across the face (but that part was rare). I don’t really want to discuss everything here, and am too tired to get into it. But she says I need to be more bossy and look out for me to get sleep and exercise. I need to walk 10+ minutes a day at least, preferably in fresh air. She asked if I ate 3 meals a day and ate well. I laughed. Oh too well on that point.

We talked about a whole lot more about lots of things and she gave me breathing exercises and all. I have another appt scheduled when we get back. It was over quickly – I think within 35 minutes. My goal is to not allow anyone to control my emotions but me! Anyway here I am at almost 11 p.m. trying to get some personal time and I needed to have been in bed by 9.

Thursday night we took Mom out to eat Mexican. It was nice to eat fajitas. Got a margarita and it was good too. Love that salt on the rim. And then on to Kroger for her groceries for the next week and a half, while we are gone. It was 10 something last night when I got in bed. I was very tired today.

It was the day to leave work early and take her for her eye injection in Hendersonville. And then I took her out to eat afterward at Double Dogs in Gallatin. And then took her home in Lebanon and then got me back home in Mount Juliet, took the dog for a walk and then worked on the videos getting them scheduled. I have two videos scheduled. One for this Saturday and one for next. I cannot believe I got an entire video uploaded in one night. Lots of Dexter footage.

I also did a load of laundry – as we needed to wash our jeans. George and I watched the two scheduled videos just a few minutes ago. And I’ve packed everything but my cosmetics bag and blow dryer hair curling thingie.

Anyway I need to get to bed. I will try to post when I can. We are off to Hot Springs in the morning and will get to see our Texas family Sunday night.

It’s been so busy at work and so busy at home and so much going on getting Mom’s things done, and then my appointment, and the videos, that I haven’t even had time to think about the fact that we are actually about to leave tomorrow.

I’m about to fade fast. I’m not sure I can keep the pace with so much happening. I have exclaimed in the 2nd video that I’ll have to cut back on the videos during the holidays – unless a miracle happens. I’ve got to focus on Christmas and family time and decorating and wrapping and all that.

Anyway, I’ll post some pics of our trip on the blog here and I’ll be on Instagram @lesshustlemorecoffee if you want to see some stories.

Gotta go to bed and get some zzzz’s. I actually have some organizational stuff and some work on the videos/blog planning in the car tomorrow. I’ll be doing a little rolling office doing stuff I can never get to. While I am sitting there with nothing going on – I can be doing all that stuff. It’ll thrill me to death. I also want to just play a computer game and I want to read in the hotel.

Can we please have your travel prayers? It’s such a long drive, but we’ll be on the road breaking it up doing 6 hours tomorrow and 6 on Sunday.

Nite Nite

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  1. Morning from Box Sonya, I hope you are still sound asleep and can at last relax. Once you’re in your way. I pray that you will have a lovely drive with no traffic worries. Whilst you’re being driven I want to hear that you’ve relaxed more by every mile and that you can just play your game listen to a book etc everything to relax you. Do you drop Roger off at his ….holiday home…..when you leave before you get properly on the road. Praying he will be a good boy and not miss you to much…..I expect you’ll can phone to ask how he is ? If I don’t get back to you before you arrive at Kate and Cody’s don’t forget to give them my love. Take care. God Bless. Xxx

    • We are taking DEX to boarding now. I’m gonna miss him. I hope he is happy and won’t miss us. I suspect he will be tired from playing and might wonder where we are. But we will have a joyous reunion when we return.

  2. Prayers for a safe journey. Dexter will be fine. As he will have other dogs to run and play with. I know your grandson is going to be so excited to see you guys. Have fun.

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