Finished Puzzle, Flooring Costs, Stomach Issues, and Good Deed Failure

It is finished! I enjoyed working it. I’ve decided we shouldn’t try to work another until after flooring is done. One less thing to put up on a whim. I think Mom would enjoy it more if she a comfy place to sit. But it’s hard to work a puzzle from a recliner chair! Anyway I will get another puzzle after flooring is done.

Flooring Update

So the estimates came in. Whew! Had we done this a year ago or more I imagine it would have been a few thousand cheaper. The price of waiting definitely has its price. So a 14K upgrade it is! That is with labor and everything. It is not scheduled yet. George just got the email with the details. We will look at scheduling it next. We do have a lot of SQ FT in the house so I knew it would be bad. I was thinking 10K or more and George was thinking 12K.

George is thinking we need to go ahead and prep for “the moving of the rooms around” for the carpet. I’m thinking we need to buy some rubber tubs – one for each room – to set things in. All the Nic Nacs and such. So I don’t have to try to remember where it all goes. We can use the tubs later for moving Mom’s things that she is using now, and then we can keep them for our own storage items for the basement. We can use them. But I need to get a good deal on the tubs.

Tummy Issues

Mom and I both have had tummy issues. She has had upper issues and I’ve had lower issues. We cannot narrow it down really. We have all eaten so much lately. George is fine.

I have a box of Life cereal in my office and enjoy that with Vanilla Almond Milk about once a week. I love the Cinnamon flavored Life.

Despite not feeling too good, I ate quesadillas from Santa Fe. I forgot to say beef instead of chicken. And had memories of the chicken enchilada from Oscar’s the other night. I ended up picking the chicken out to inspect it, LOL. It was good but I wish I had gotten the steak or beef version, considering how Taco Tues turned out.

We did not go to the Trivia night as our neighbor had to work late. I was not feeling it anyway and neither was Mom so was relieved in a way. I just needed to relax and take it easy.

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So the beloved coffee pot would NOT work this morning. It almost seems like we have some kind of evil spirit after us, trying to bring us down. First my car, the kitchen sink clogged, the washer leaked and that pipe clogged, the new lights fell, the lamp fell, the shrimp bowl broke, and now the coffee pot. Really, taking away our beloved nectar? Don’t NOBODY touch the wine! lol

Remember how Maisy used to stare at me? Now Fancy is doing it. She is trying to read my face somehow. We finished watching Ten Commandments. She stared at me nearly the whole time. It was funny.

Good Intentions Quickly Goes South

Something happened yesterday that made me very sad and kinda ruined my day. We had a retirement party last week for a coworker and had sandwiches from Panera. We had a lot of leftover boxes. I put them in the fridge. That was a week ago. Yesterday I reached in the fridge to get water, the first time in over a week and I noticed boxes still in there. So I tossed them out so no one would get sick.

Then, about an hour or two later, I was told that those were not from last week but from yesterday at an event off site. I was told not to bother anything in the break room again unless I asked first.

I felt soooo bad.

I threw away 6 boxes. That is 6 lunches. I had saved the chips. Even the cookies were hard as rocks so I tossed them. Maybe I saved someone a tooth. lol Who’d have thought though?

So lessons learned. Leave the fridge cleaning to someone else and stay out of it. It’s unlikely that I will go and ask if I can clean the fridge, lol. I kept thinking yesterday I can’t win for losing. I mean what were the chances? It kinda ruined my day yesterday. I try so hard to do good things, to help, only to do the wrong thing. Naturally I offered to go buy more or to pay for them.

Of course it’s foolish to give up doing great things, even if there is a little humor in the cartoon there. God REALLY DOES see the good we TRY to do in the world. Even if others don’t or even if we misinterpret the scene. About 2:30 I kept thinking that if we had fresh sandwiches no one had sent a note about it so how would I have known. And then I felt better. And plenty of others might have thought the same about those boxes not knowing they were fresh so how would anyone have known they WERE fresher boxes and edible. About that time an email came as if I had spoken the thought out loud. Of course it was after lunch by then and most had eaten. I guess someone else thought the same thought about no one knowing, thus the email lol. So I guess there were more boxes that came from somewhere that were saved from my “good intentions”.

Still it kinda ruined my day. But again, lessons learned. I’ll clean my own fridge at home and keep out of everyone else’s. I’ll stick to cleaning the fridge front finger prints and perhaps cleaning the microwave – when I can find time.

I won’t give up on good deeds, but some days you want to.

Everything’s gonna be OK! We just have to focus on making it a good day, continuing to be good people and helping others, but yes, perhaps be a little more persnickety about what deeds we choose to do! OK? Ohhhhh Kayyyy!

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Now on with the day, and to seek more coffee. Because my outlook might not be as bright if I don’t find it. 😉

Oh – taking Mom for the eye injection today. Then will focus on laundry and this next video! I may have to ignore the world around here for a few moments. But I’m hip on getting it done so I can move on to a few other things!

Have a lovely Friday!

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  1. Hi Sonya, Wonder if this will….go….it’s not my usual page as I can see everything I’m typing, so I’m going to be short. Hope Mums hair appointment goes well 🤞 fingers crossed…..I’m so sorry your good deed turned a bit sour after you trying to clean the fridge. It’s a funny thing that often that does happen. However I’m sure that at our end we will be judged on what we have done for the good of others not how it turned out ! Well love it’s a gloriously warm day same as yesterday temp around 88 + and forecast shows little change in the coming days. I’m stopping now just in case this does not reach you. Take care taking Mum to they eye Dr today. Did I tell you that when I went to have my eyes tested on Tuesday the ex ray they took showed that I may have the start of glaucoma next I will get an appointment at the hospital in Bath for further investigation…that might take three months !! So I’m not worrying about it…..take care. God Bless

  2. I had no idea how much new floors would cost. That does sound like a lot. But you got to have new floors after a length of time. I know I am glad we had our new deck built when we did. Lumber has really gone up. I wonder if the cost of things will ever go back down.
    It is exciting getting new things for the house. I can’t wait to see how yours look.

  3. Ah… good deeds seem to backfire quite a bit. Its sad that someone didn’t put a note on them to not move or throw them out. I say “their fault!” for not being responsible ! lol Don’t lose sleep over it! And if you still feel horrible get them a couple pizzas one day at lunch… everyone shuts up to free food! lol

    That is a hefty bill for floors but you have a some good square feet, so to be expected. But I feel you’re right about the cost. Everything is crazy! And in my neck of the woods in Mass in the Berkshires there is a shortage of pools! You can order them but it will take a year or more to to get them in never mind installed! And if you want a deck to go with your pool , you can’t ! Lumber is so expensive ! Crazy times !

    Cheers to the weekend!

  4. Oh no. The Panera dinners. Who would have thought. I know you felt bad. Sorry.
    I love that puzzle. Nice picture. It’s still in my Amazon cart.
    I hope your mom’s appt went smoothly.
    I’ve said PITA forever. I truly think I originated that. I think most don’t get it. I say it more than I write it. There are PITAS everywhere. LoL
    Yeah the flooring would have been less expensive if you had done it sooner, but that’s life. I always say, “you can’t take it with you”. That’s my excuse. 😋
    I hope you have a good weekend with some down time for just you. You can do it!!

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