The Night of the “Falling Lights”

Trying to be good but have eaten too many sweets lately. Had my oatmeal going but I can’t resist a cup cake (a little bundt carrot cake with cream cheese icing). I ate “good”. I just ate “bad” too. But it had carrots in it?

In an effort to post more often, I’m here this morning. I want to make a bit of time for the movie/video. Done with it but just need a few tweaks, graphics and maybe a sound effect or two. Still hoping for a Sun morning upload, Lord willing and I get some kind of down time on Saturday. But I’m making it a priority. After I get done with this video I’ll need to do a little organizing from files/photos since May 1. I need to delete old photos, transfer new files from my camera and so forth. I’m also going to have to begin “scheduling some time with myself” to be able to do my online Canon classes and to be able to do a few things that have been cemented on my to do list.

I was able to get Mom’s hair appointment made for next week. We celebrate her birthday on Tuesday after work and do hair on Wednesday after work. I’ll go in 30 min early and leave 30 min early. I have to leave at 4, pick her up real quick and get her there by 5. The hair salon owner will work late to accommodate us. She is so nice. It’s a small business, but she is incredibly sweet and very talented. I hope Mom likes her but what I like, Mom doesn’t always like so we’ll see. We have opposite taste in most everything. If not we’ll take her somewhere else next time. This is convenient as it is close. It’s also calm, and quiet and we’ll likely be the only ones there.

Mom got her lights up yesterday. She was so excited. There were three long bars of LED lighting cases that had a sticky strip that held a magnet. Then the light with a magnet on it would stick on the other magnet b/c you have to charge these lights. There is a remote that turns them on. I will admit it was very impressive light, as if the heavens had opened up and shone through. Is shone a word? It’s what I used anyway. lol I should say that even the most blindest of blind folk should be able to see anything in our kitchen now. I told Mom we have to keep the counter really clean as you can see EVERY CRUMB. This will drive me nuts and I will go bizurk trying to keep the counter spotless now.

So as George was fixing dinner ——-KERPLUNK ——-followed by a yell from the kitchen “the light fell”.

And a few minutes later——-KERPLUNK——–followed by another yell from the kitchen “another light fell”. Only one light held but we took it down because we didn’t want them to break when odds were good it would fall too. The lights are too heavy for the magnet. So, “FAIL” but we will go get the Velcro when we get time.


The magnets are not going to hold. Mom wants to go to Lowe’s to get Velcro now. She says she has some in a black bag somewhere. But where the black bag is – could be downstairs in the basement or it could be in one of the storage areas. I’ll look for the black bag before we go to Lowe’s. But I told her we can’t go to Lowe’s today as we are going to meet the neighbors for trivia night. Mom is going to. I think she will be good at the trivia game. We’ll eat dinner there and talk with the neighbors.

But before I move on. I have to tell you that before the lights in the kitchen fell – mom’s light in the living room – a floor lamp fell and the bulb fell out on the floor —hot as hades itself. I picked it up afraid it would catch the carpet on fire. Or smolder. I think her blanket caught the pole and it came crashing down.

Anyway out of the blue, I told Mom that if she were Indian, I’d call her “FALLING LIGHTS” as her Indian Name.

There is never an end to the excitement. LOL I said there must be an evil spirit in the house knocking things around! I always blame things on evil spirits. Because……why not?

We did have a relaxing 45 minutes of watching Traveling Robert on YouTube as he adventured into the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Flagstaff. You get a really good feel for the area. I enjoyed that episode so much. He does a great job of “taking you with him” on the trip. It was nice to “get away” for a few minutes.

George mowed last night and I fixed chicken salad and he fixed a ramen soup and we called it all dinner! It was good.

And George successfully unclogged the washing machine area pipes and washed a couple of loads of clothes last night. It looks like he washed some of my capris so I should have jeans for tomorrow. If not I’ll have to wash a load tonight/and in the early a.m. dry them. But I think I saw them in the load he washed which is in the basket to be folded.

Life has been a bit challenging. I am ready for things to settle just a bit more. I am extremely tired. I had not slept well the night before. I think I went to bed at 8:15 last night though and slept great – so I feel better. It was still a bit light out as I turned the lights off in the bedroom.

However, it’s just been challenging especially with the plumbing, excitement of the flooring, and trying to keep Mom happy and her needs met. My stomach has been hurting the last couple of days too. So trying to work through that. I’ve just had about all the fun I can have this week, LOL LOL.

Somedays I just want to stay in bed and sleep for 3 weeks and then get up and work on videos until the end of time. Or just someone send me an RV and I will head west into the sunset like Traveling Robert and explore! lol

Anyway fun to dream. I will embrace the life I have and try to make it the best I can for me and those around me and God centered as well. I’m working on it. And we’ll pretend we have a bright future ahead. Because we do, even if it is in our own minds. It’s a mindset. And we have to try to love and embrace each day – even if we are not happy with it or we would have it a different way. Or in a different place and time. Also once we have Velcro the future will be even brighter!

I’m not going to have time to work on this movie am I? I have blogged too long, lol.

Anyway, ya’ll have a fun day. I’ll be working and then attempting to have fun at trivia tonight. I hope I am friend worthy. I just really want to go back to bed and sleep for 3 days. So I’m praying for a clear mind and maybe some fun will do me some good. Yeahhhhh – I think we might be heading into a depression of some kind. I am working really hard to pull out of it. I am my own therapist and usually do pretty good. I just have to have something fun to look forward to, usually. I’m trying! It’ll get better.

I think the entire problem is just trying to fit EVERYTHING INTO ONE DAY and or in ONE WEEKEND and it’s just not working anymore. I had a pretty well oiled machine and now there is to much trying to go into the machine and it’s all getting jammed. I mean it’s even fleshing out into the plumbing, LOL LOL LOL. Oh my gosh. We are just all stopped up or leaking – one or the other! Ya’ll have a good day. I’m outta here!

4 responses to “The Night of the “Falling Lights””

  1. Hi love, wonder if this will arrive as you just go off to work, it’s 12.15 here….
    I’m sorry that the lights fell down after working so well, but I’m sure George will fathom out something to make sure they stay up next time. I’m glad you have the trivia game to look forward to tonight. Also that you stay awake.,,..must go visitors have arrived….God Bless

  2. The falling lights. Yikes! I’m sure you guys had some good laughs. I can’t figure out the velcro but it sounds like a plan. Or your mom’s plan. I think she’s done this before.
    Well it’s Friday on the east coast. This has been one crazy week. Hot. Rain. Storms. Is it September yet?
    Plumbing issues are a PITA. They can really ruin your day or week or however long it takes . The necessities of life. We’re spoiled.
    Enjoy your Friday! 🤗

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