Moving Continues, Antique Revolving Bookshelf, and Cedar Tap Brewery Visit in Lebanon, TN

Mom’s Antique Revolving Bookcase, aka “The Beast”

Yesterday, instead of doing Christmas decor, I decided it best to go on and get Mom over to the new place and do the Christmas decor Saturday. I’ll be a day behind on the decorating and I might have to short cut some of it, but it is what it is. I can decorate better when there is less going on in the house, so it sounded like a better plan.

So much to my surprise we had two full car loads of Mom’s stuff and could have used a 3rd and 4th if we had included the remnants of the basement too, with the fragile lamps and clocks. We also were not able to get all of her clothes. We plan a 2nd double run to her house today to take things and unload, further disrupting my Christmas decorating. Mom said not to come, but we forgot to send Thanksgiving leftovers and quite honestly I need the closet space as I’m also moving bedrooms this weekend. And George is just going to have to help decorate the tree while I get the other stuff going. I’m not going to have time to do it all this weekend. I don’t even need to be writing this blog but – old habits die hard and I like to do something enjoyable while waking up and drinking coffee.

So for the pic above, George is working on Mom’s revolving Antique book case. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I end up getting involved in having to move this darn beast. If this house sells, the book case sells with it. lol. I’m just kidding. But it hasn’t stopped me from nicknaming it “the beast”. It’s too fragile to hold books but Mom puts crystal bowls on it for display – you know – she loves her glassware.

George was able to get it on the dolly – only one wheel was on it properly but somehow we managed to balance and toggle through her house to the farthest corner (of course) of the house and I was leading. The dolly wanted to slide away so and the bookshelf fall back onto George. I had to have the dolly slide into my foot to stop it continually and every time I did it hit George in the head, lol. Mom had to go hide and couldn’t watch. I don’t blame her. I didn’t want to be there either. I had begged for us to get help – someone other than me. There was not much lifting involved but there was some when things would start to go awry, I would put more weight on me and we had to move it further back into the corner once we set it down.

I tried to help Mom do things but I don’t know where she wants anything to go and she didn’t either. She said she wanted to figure it out on her own little by little. I would be the same way I guess. She is functional with kitchen, pantry, fridge and appliances, washer, dryer, clothes, and finally bed set up. She has all of her day to day items there now moved from here. So it’ll be pieced together over time and we’ll bring in more boxes and such week to week.

We went and did her huge “move in” grocery run. She is well stocked. The store was out of her frozen corn she likes but we’ll get it next time. Since we had forgotten the Turkey and dressing – I felt bad and it wasn’t near as good of a dinner but we brought in Fried Chicken and Baked Beans and Potato Salad for her dinner – already cooked so she would have something good and not have to cook anything.

We surprised her on her store run by throwing in a few treats for her sweet tooth – butter pecan ice cream, nutty buddies, and ice cream sandwiches. George threw in a few things he knew she liked. Mom was paying for it, but she still seems to like the surprises when we throw them in. She had wanted to go to the store but decided against it after packing her immediate day to day things. She had to stop several times – she just can’t move much without overworking her heart.

George had been wanting to try out Lebanon’s new tap room “Cedar Tap” near the square. So we went there at my suggestion beforehand. We often like to catch a brewery and tap rooms are ok too that have the local favorites from around and also even some from other cities craft breweries to try.

They had a Czann’s on tap and even though it was dark I liked it. It didn’t taste stout but tasted like a medium brewed beer as I call it. I like one large on taste and have kinda left behind the pilsners and lighter beers for the kolsch, hoppier, and even IPA’s – east or west coast, and also the hazy too. My taste is evolving over time. It was a nice and fun much needed break in between our little work day there at Mom’s.

We then did all the grocery shopping, and put all that up and George worked some on her “flex room”. And then headed home.

Tired as I was, I moved Mom’s hanging clothes to the sofa until we load the car today. And I made my bed up with sheets and pillows and moved my night things over – I take a probiotic at night and have some sleep spray I use, Vicks under the nose if my nose is stuffy, and iPhone charger. I will say that the bed felt good and was more supportive of my back and frame – especially if I sleep in the middle where the old mattress has not worn down. The mattress in my office served me well and was quite supportive for what I needed as well as soft, but it felt good to sleep on a more firm mattress. I think I like a soft top but firm underneath. It felt good to be back in my own bed.

I’ll eventually get all my clothes moved over to the other closet. Not sure how much time I’ll have today and tomorrow to do so. But I am going to go get another cup of coffee and see if I can rustle up George to bring up the Christmas boxes. I don’t think I can do it this year getting them from the basement all the way up here. My body has taken a beating this year and I’ve aged tremendously from the last, my muscles are deteriorating for some reason. I may have to go back on the wellness company’s vitamins that I do only periodically now, and make myself to do the shakes, because I felt the best when I put the nutrition in my body. My muscles were the main reason I joined the company in the first place.

Anyway, I’m going to get off of here and go get the 2nd cup of coffee. Here are some of Mom’s lamps and clocks we will be taking to her. They are in the basement downstairs which is a storage area of sorts where the previous owners took the upstairs cabinets and installed them downstairs when the remodeled and we are glad to have the extra storage space. I didn’t want you to think this was my kitchen, lol.

The lamp on the left is an old lamp from George’s parents. A nice lamp but needs new shades. We just don’t need it upstairs right now. But Mom’s lamp is the white one. And below in the pic, the pretty beige one is hers.

I’m hoping these are the missing TV remotes. I had texted Mom to ask but she just said “ok” so I’m not sure if these are the ones or not. But there might be some cords in there that they need for her Roku. So the TV is not set up yet.

Oh and Fancy dog, the statue – we gotta get it over to her.

Ya’ll have a great weekend. It’s going by too fast. But I did get my Christmas cards in the mail. Wooooo Hoo. Something accomplished. And we are waiting on Lowe’s to see when our dishwasher will arrive and be installed. They were supposed to call yesterday but we heard from no one. So hopefully they will call today. Might not be delivered until next week though. We shall see.

I am going to go work on Christmas decor or swapping my closets if I can’t get help.

Ya’ll take care. What you doing this weekend? And are you getting alerts? Or just having to remember to come by and see me? Trying to figure out what is going on.

All Moved In and It’s a Bottlenecked Gridlock

Half Salad/Half Sandwich at First Watch

Before I get into today’s entry about Friday and the final move, I want to say “thank you” for watching my latest YouTube video – in the previous entry. Your comments mean so much to me on it and I’m glad you enjoyed it. It wasn’t my favorite as far as “fun videos go” but I felt I needed to get it out there as George has worked so hard to make this all happen. I discovered later I had footage from my camera to add – after I’d done the video. I use my phone so much I forgot to check the camera files (it’s puts it in a different spot on my Mac). I thought I had looked already but I guess that was for the previous video. This is the err of having to come and go so much when working on a project and having to do things over several sittings – you forget where you are. Dang I should have made a list! I was so disappointed as the footage was good. But I’m moving on in time. I’ve made good ground and I want to keep going. Because I’ll end up getting behind during this crunch time I’m afraid. We have done so many videos on Mom’s move that I know everyone is probably tired of hearing about it, but it was indeed what our year has been about. I do have some more fun ones coming up soon though- I think. I hope. And eventually a Roger tribute. So much to do and no time. I have had to put much of my life and goals and spare time on the back burner. And that is ok for a time. I barely have had any room left to show that I have a persona, lol. There really is a ME in there somewhere that has likes, feelings, goals, emotions, hobbies. She’s in there somewhere and we only get a peek of her here and there. The rest of the time she is a robot and just does what she is slated in life to do I guess. And that is ok. For now.

Mom and I had a great time Friday. I worked for a few hours and then when all of our team left to go see the new plant and where our corporate offices were moving, I left and took Mom to lunch and to the doctor. Since it was reported that the offices would be shut down, I just left when they did and it gave us time to have lunch. It made for a more pleasant doc appt day. We had lunch at First Watch in Hendersonville. Mom loved it and would like to go back. I had a hard time eating my sandwich as my mouth would not fit over but half of it due to the lockjaw/TMJ thing. It’s not resolved. I’m going to have to go see a doctor when I get time. I just can’t open my mouth all the way, it’s stuck. I’m trying to accept it and go on because I don’t have time to go to the doc and I keep hoping it will resolve itself. It got better, but is still not right. At least I can eat. Just have to use fork most of the time or take smaller bites.

We went to get her eye injection after lunch and then Mom said she wanted me to be able to get some things done. She asked what all was on my list as far as shopping and errands. So we went to AT&T store and I dropped off my used phone to get my $350 credit. And then we went to JC Penny’s where I bought some Christmas gifts that I’d been waiting for items to come into stock. She wanted to wait in the car. But she did go into Bath and Body Works with me and enjoyed that until it got crowded. I used my “get an item free” coupon so she could get a perfume for herself. I used my other coupon to get 20% off of my purchase. So yay! More Christmas presents bought. Then we took KFC home for dinner.

So Fancy was dropped off for her trim yesterday. And then we went to the donut place to get breakfast for the moving crew, which was George and our neighbor Chip. We are so thankful for him helping us out. He was a God send! Here’s my sausage and egg breakfast sandwich from the donut shop.

There is nothing much for Mom and I to do until things are moved around and set into place where we can begin setting up things. Right now it is in “Gridlock”. It’s kinda like those sliding puzzles on a track where you have to move things around to get things in place accordingly to get the design. So George is working today at her house to get her bed ready for the mattress adjustable bed she bought and it will fit into her antique four poster bed. He had to go and uninstall the slats and make changes to the bed today so it will work and allow the bed system to fit down in there. The adjustable bed frame/mattress will be delivered Tuesday.

Since I’m a planner, yesterday I was trying to discuss today and what Mom and I could possibly work on while there. But after some words between all of us, and such a bottleneck on George, he determined it would be best for us just not to go today. So much of it falls on him to move. And it is very clear to anyone just how tired and deflated he is and I think we have only aggravated him more, which has upset me very much. However, I cannot control his thoughts and feelings nor Mom’s. I get to be the lucky charm in the middle. And neither of them can control me or my emotions, nor do they probably even care what they are as they have their own selves to tend to and nurture.

So back to the house – everything is chaos and you can’t get to anything without moving something. We can’t empty boxes when we don’t have access to where to put them. So it’s just a chaotic mess. I have looked the last few times for something I can possibly do but we are at an impasse until things are moved into place, out of the way and we get some kind of game plan going.

I think we are so close and I think we thought yesterday with all the furniture in, we’d be able to make progress and realized, disappointedly so, that was not the case. My desire was to get as much done this weekend since we will have limited time next weekend. Next weekend is the only time we can get the Christmas decorating done before Christmas. All the weekends are taken. So things haven’t gone exactly as planned I don’t think. And it is very obvious to anyone and everyone that George is beyond tired. Mom’s thinking was to move in Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe we can make it happen, if she can stand to live in a mess for while – if we can get her to the point of being able to sleep and bathe and get her recliner going for periods of day rest. Her kitchen is a mess but at least functional. I just have to be able to get our Christmas decor out when my grandson is coming to Christmas for the first time. It would be ashamed not to have the house decorated. I just cannot accept that.

I know why George is feeling overwhelmed. There is a lot of pressure and he realizes too, I’m sure, that by ending the big furniture move and getting it all in the new place, is indeed NOT the end of the line. So much to move around, set up, and things to help her, being a senior, to function. TV has to be set up and eventually installed to wall. The bar has come in for her back porch for the step there so she can step down without falling on to the back porch. It has to be installed into the brick. A bar for each of the bathrooms will be installed. And things moved around, furniture set up, glass put back into the china cabinets (I can help with that I think). The chimes put back in the grandfather clock, I think. But some of that is not urgent. Some of it is. The work seems never ending I’m sure for him.

So in light of the turtle mode fashion in how slow this is going, and to hide my disappointment at not being able to be efficient and helpful right now, I’m turning my focus on getting some personal things done today that I had not anticipated getting to do unless it was on the fly. And I’ve decided since I can’t control others feelings about the move and I can only control what I can do, that I’m letting it go and it’s not going to control my mood. I had gone to bed upset trying to figure out what it was I’ve done wrong or said wrong and came to no conclusion than my planning of today had put pressure on George and Mom got involved and tried to explain my side as well. But my own fault seems to be that I was planning work for us to do and that only involved more work for George.

So the best thing for him is for me to give up on today over there and just focus on being here, being happy and in getting some things done here. Here’s my lists from the Reminders App on iPhone, which I’m loving now that I know what it will do and how to use it. It’s a little bit different from what I am used to but it’s working for me. I mainly need to get ready for the work week, do some ordering for Christmas and check my list, make a few more, shower, go to the store, and plan next week.

So I’ll probably not be back until Wednesday. I’ll work on the next video tomorrow morning in my one guaranteed free hour of the day I give myself, have to work extra long on Tuesday to get check stubs and overnight packs out in a short week this week. And Wed will be long too but I’ll at least try to blog Wed morning. Thursday is cooking day. Maybe even Wed night.

So pray for us please. We are all exhausted, low in spirits, but at least I’m trying to keep positive and upbeat by accepting it is what it is, I can only do what I can do, and I will make the most of the day I have and make alternate plans! It’s kindof a nice pleasant surprise actually since I’m not needed and at an impasse anywhere else. Ahhhhh deep breath!

Where are the White Plates? And Watching a Girl’s Vlog from the North Pole

Just a quick weee word this morning as I am giving myself the gift of sipping a full cup – maybe two – of coffee before we set into the day. George had announced he is going “yard sailing” first this morning. So that buys me more time. I went to bed at 8 and woke up around 2:30 and was awake for an hour. Then back to sleep until 7. Seems to be a habit sometimes. I played with widgets on the iPhone checking to see if there were new ones and rearranged my apps so I could get to my “tasks” on the first Home Screen much easier and played around with my watch face and settings so it shows up there. Eventually my eyes got heavy and I laid down again. I was cold. The front moved through so I reached for the extra throws at the bottom of my bed and went into a warm cocoon and sleep found me again until almost 7.

Yesterday, when I woke up, I think I mentioned that Mom was on overdrive. She must have been up in the wee morning hours herself planning and thinking and released loads of her plans and ideas upon us before we could hardly even wake up. There’s no problem with having plans and ideas. I have a few of my own as does George. I had lists upon lists to try not to forget anything.

I put a few items we needed for the day in the car. I was told to get the vacuum. I did. I got the Swiffer mop so we could get the dust off Mom’s floors from last weekend when we moved things in and had construction dust from the road on our feet with no welcome mat to rub feet on. And a few other things I tossed in the car for the day at Mom’s.

So we went to Chic Filet first b/c it was bout 9:30 and I needed food. Mom was game. The line was long but went by pretty fast. We had to back track to Lowe’s. I knew it was going to take a while because 1) We had a return 2) We had to see the appliance department for a 4 prong plug. 3) Lowe’s is a huge place and we had a few items we needed 4) Mom can’t walk fast nor far so it would be a slow go with her using a buggy as a walker.

And a long time it took and we bought two outside welcome mats and 3 inside rugs by the doors. So that is two layers of mats before entrance. The “wipe your paws” is cute and she immediately found rugs that she liked for the inside ones so that was a success. We had to wave someone down for a price. Not one anywhere.

The appliance guy was always busy or gone whenever we came through each time. About out of patience I called Lowe’s on my phone and told them we needed help in appliances. lol. They guy came pretty quickly. Mom asked for the plug and then we checked into what seemed like a line at Walmart on a Black Friday, complete with idiots who come in from the front and sneak in front of others to pay. One cashier and a line forming down through the store.

We get in the car to go, storms threatening, and begin to head to Mom’s. We didn’t get very far when Mom announced she got the wrong plug. She said she had asked for three prong instead. So I turned around and waited at some red light that seemed to be about 8 minutes long. I’m sure it was more like 4 or 5. I got back to Lowe’s and Mom locked the car before I could open the back. lol. I had to dig my keys back out and unlock – I’m not even sure what all she was rattling off about locking the car back or something in the front but I ignored it til I could check the prongs. I checked and it was correct. She got the right thing. So that delayed us about 15 minutes but we got back in the car and then I had gooooooooo! You know. We were supposed to stop at the model house to pick up her mail box keys. But knowing that NOTHING is quick these days I told Mom we’d have to go back to the model house after I went potty! lol So we went to Mom’s and then went back to the model house to pick up the mail box keys and then to her mail box and YES the keys worked. We can get her mail now.

Then back to her house where Mom did the Swiffer Mop across the floors and I put down all her rugs we bought. I finished putting up the utensils and washed the silverware. Mom had decided she wanted the shelving spacing changed in the kitchen cabinets so everything I did the other day had to come back out. But it will help her to be able to reach another shelf – we think. So I redid all that. George arrived and helped with the corner cabinet as it was deep and even on the ladder, I could not reach the peg with enough force to be able to pull and push on it. Got that done and dishes back in.

So we cannot find Mom’s white every day dishes. There are still some boxes we have not been able to get to. So all we can find are boxes and boxes that say “china”, lol. Anyway. George set up her bedroom areas with furniture in them and it works. Mom was excited it would fit. But she has to do some fancy footwork figuring to get queen beds on reg frames, by extenders or something like that. I may work for a mattress company but that is not my forte. And I don’t want to be blamed if something goes wrong so I’m staying out of it. And George bless his heart, has just tried to follow her orders and ends up right in the middle of it. She told him to give away her good mattress not realizing it. Somehow things got switched or she couldn’t see. He reminded her that he had asked her every time and followed her directions when she tried to place blame on him. Soon this will all be over.

We have most of her dishes set for every day but the plates themselves. George devised a plan to put all the bubble wrapped pics in the guest room and we could move boxes against the wall for retrieval as we went through each one. We found the dessert plates and a few coffee cups but there should be another box in there somewhere of white plates.

Mid day I had stopped to eat the fruit that came with my chicken mini’s. It was lunch. We got there around 10 or so and pushed through lunch. The cooler air felt good. The rain had arrived just as we got in there. Mom said God was watching over us as it rained REALLY hard at times. I said “yeah I can hear the rain” and she said “no that’s the fan”, lol. You couldn’t hear the rain at all from the inside. The rain had gone by the time I ate the fruit.

You can see the beginnings of construction to the houses behind her. We met a couple named Mark and Lisa from Indiana I think or was it Illinois? Not sure. They are one of the houses or villas to the left. We’ve met several neighbors and have heard of some we haven’t met yet – like the two sisters that live one in one villa and one on the other villa next to each other. Everyone is really nice and most are around Mom’s age. I think the people next to Mom are younger. But not sure. So far so good.

Eventually I suggested that we go and eat an early Cracker Barrel. It was less crowded than usual but still pretty busy. We had to wait in line but not long for a table and it took a while for the food to come out, but it was so good. We must have looked like we’d not eaten in months. lol I ordered the “steak and 3”. I’ve never ordered steak at Cracker Barrel. But it sounded good and it was. I had pintos, potatoes, and fried okra for my veggie sides. It came with muffin and a biscuit. I was so hungry I ate every bite except I gave Mom a couple of bites of steak for Fancy dog.

Anyway, we came home and watched what I keep calling as the North Pole Girl. I’ve shared an embed before, but I’ve decided to watch her YouTube’s from start to current. So it was fun to grab a blanket and sit on the sofa all cozy and watch what life is like at the North Pole. A perfect end to a very busy move set up day.

Today George and I are dropping Mom off to work in the new house – she has clothes to work on. And he and I are going to get my new iPhone ordered (one of my Christmas gifts) and the police report (finally). And I told him we could have sushi for lunch if he wanted since Mom is taking her lunch today to the house. So his eyes got big at that. And then we will head over and help Mom some and then head home. At some point this weekend I’ll need to be here long enough to get some laundry done. But anyway we will see what we get done today.

I decided to blog instead of work on vlogging. The vlog sucks me in – the blogs do too but I think the blogging takes less time. My family may argue that point but wouldn’t dare, lol.

Ya’ll have a good day today. Hope your Friday is a good one.