Healthy Grocery Shopping, Eating Out Splurges, Work Out Channel, and To Do List

Yesterday was an errand running day as Saturday was busy packing Mom and cleaning basement. And so we put gas in the car, got my oil changed, went to drop off GoodWill, went the liquor store/beer store. (I needed lo-cal beer and George wanted more gin). And then we went to the store. I had to say that our grocery buggy had the most healthiest cart I’ve seen in a while. I tried to get a pic of the rest of the cart but George had it emptied before I could get there. You would have seen my Totino’s pizza. I always keep a little pizza in the freezer. I don’t think I can give that up! lol It was about the only unhealthy thing in the cart. I bought some HALO top ice cream. I needed to wear my HALO – I love that stuff! I like the mint chocolate chip. Notice the ice cream is hidden among the yogurt, lol. It’s really not too bad on the calories and sugar though.

Before going to grocery, I realized it was 2 p.m. and I had not had anything to eat since early morning and it wasn’t much. I asked if we could go get a salad. George said I could eat at the store. lol. I said no I don’t want to eat at the store, there are no tables, no where to sit and eat. I told him I would try to find a drive thru so it wouldn’t take up any time in his day for me to eat. He can go all day without eating but I have a blood/sugar issue and if I don’t eat I can get really shaky. So I was trying to avoid that. That is probably one major reason why I overeat.

Suddenly George had a change of heart. I don’t know what did it, but he said out of kindness “pick where you want to eat”. Yes there was a little annoyance in the tone, because it really wasn’t what he wanted to do but he was giving of himself to let me eat. Where did I pick?

Martin’s BBQ.

Time Out at Martin’s BBQ, Mount Juliet.

George was quiet and probably didn’t want to be there, but I enjoyed getting some patio time, sipping a cold beer, and eating a couple of brisket tacos. It was just what I needed. The potato salad was good. The tacos were great, but the green beans were so salty I couldn’t eat them. George got the ribs below. I think his meal was more filling. Then we just had a bowl of soup for a late dinner while watching “Thunderboldt” which we only got half way thru before I fell asleep and had to go to bed.

So, it’s just been a kinda crazy week. I just had notes everywhere across my planner last week! My life’s an open book anyway, go ahead and take a peek.

Our Crazy But Productive Week

It was a bit crazy last week for sure. We had two dinners – with family and friends, a trip to Columbia to start packing Mom, a nail appointment, a COVID Vaccine appt, lots of research, lots of lists of things to remember, boxes to collect, oil change, shopping (several stops at several places), and lots of phone calls to make. All that on top of working FT! We definitely get things done!

Here’s some things I’m going to focus on this week. I am laughing because “French diets/how do they stay so slim?” is still on my list. I mean sometimes I should just reach for the low hanging fruit and just stop and look it up. And that darn Nest device. I just don’t want to fool with it. It keeps getting pushed down the list. I don’t even know what it’s supposed to do. George gave it to me for Christmas so I could control the temp from wherever I wanted to put this, but we control it from the hall and my phone. I’m not even sure we need it. But I’ll try to get it hooked up and put it at the other end of the house. It just didn’t want to work the first time and I don’t have time to fool with it. It may just go in a closet! But I’ll try one more time. I’m not sure if he can return it at this point. He didn’t seem interested in wanting to fix it either. I just really don’t think we need it. I can control the temp from my phone and my phone is usually with me. But it might be good for Mom.

I never get far down this list. But I usually get a few things done from it. I did work on the iTunes a bit yesterday. I just needed a fun project and music was just the thing. I still have lots to look up and download to my iTunes – I have the monthly paid iTunes so I can put any song I want in the library. I did not get finished so I left it on the list.

I will look up songs I hear that I like, when I’m out or in the car on the radio. I click on Sound Hound to identify the song (it hears the songs and saves it to your history on Sound Hound). Then I go into Sound Hound’s history later when I have time and look it up on iTunes and download it and then erase it from my history. A neat little way to remember to do that. I love Sound Hound.

OH and this is big news…..


I wanted low impact to start with. I can’t do high impact cardio stuff right now, but this got my blood flowing and I was able to keep up. I love this YouTube channel! It’s called IMPROVED HEALTH! if you want to do it too!

This made it so much fun. It was about 30 minutes.

Oh, and if you can believe it…I also cut George’s hair yesterday too. I think I need to go back to work to get some rest!

Meanwhile in Texas

Cody and Katy have booked their trip to see us. They will be here in June. They fly in on June 5th and fly out on June 12th. I think we are picking them up at the airport on June 5th and have plans with them on June 6th and then we have a party we are going to on the 12th so we have to see what time and all but I think Cody’s parents may take them to the airport when they leave. So we can’t plan anything around Mom’s house on those two dates. lol

Oh and I lost two pounds!

That is all I have for today.

6 responses to “Healthy Grocery Shopping, Eating Out Splurges, Work Out Channel, and To Do List”

  1. Hi Sonya from another lovely spring day in Box. I’m glad you got your shopping done sounds as if it was a worthwhile visit. It was good that George relented and you both had a nice lunch, it certainly looked good. It’s exciting that Kate Cody and River are definitely coming now in June. Are they staying with you for half the time and half the time with Cody’s parents ? I can’t remember if they stay far from you ? It’s always difficult when family live far from one another especially if it’s far and they can only visit for a week or two, when they do come they are drawn in lots of ways cause everybody wants to see them and if they don’t visit people get quite narky. I know when we went back up to Scotland we stayed with friends but tried to visit cousins etc but it’s not possible to see everybody. Eventually after a couple of years of trying to keep everybody happy we decided we never had any holiday at all. So next time before we went I wrote to various relations and friends and said sorry if we missed seeing them this time we would try to see them next time we went up home. That seemed to work better. Well love hope work is going to plan today and you have time tonight to rest some before bed time. God Bless

    • They will be staying with his parents. I think they have a nicer and more updated situation there. We have an older house and out dated everything. So I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to stay with us. I get it. I’m not happy with it myself as it’s below my own standards. It will change things when flooring and kitchen is updated. And y’all say I need to be more patient? Think again lol! I have been extra ordinarily patient!

  2. Exciting the grandbaby will be coming to visit. something to look forward to for sure. your meal out looked delish and those drinks quite refreshing. sitting on a patio would be nice but weare expecting 3 inches of snow tomorrow. seriously cray cray.

  3. Congrats on your weight loss. And I know you are happy Little Roo is coming for a visit. He will love you and your husband,
    Children add so much life to a home.

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