Healthy Grocery Shopping, Eating Out Splurges, Work Out Channel, and To Do List

Yesterday was an errand running day as Saturday was busy packing Mom and cleaning basement. And so we put gas in the car, got my oil changed, went to drop off GoodWill, went the liquor store/beer store. (I needed lo-cal beer and George wanted more gin). And then we went to the store. I had to say that our grocery buggy had the most healthiest cart I’ve seen in a while. I tried to get a pic of the rest of the cart but George had it emptied before I could get there. You would have seen my Totino’s pizza. I always keep a little pizza in the freezer. I don’t think I can give that up! lol It was about the only unhealthy thing in the cart. I bought some HALO top ice cream. I needed to wear my HALO – I love that stuff! I like the mint chocolate chip. Notice the ice cream is hidden among the yogurt, lol. It’s really not too bad on the calories and sugar though.

Before going to grocery, I realized it was 2 p.m. and I had not had anything to eat since early morning and it wasn’t much. I asked if we could go get a salad. George said I could eat at the store. lol. I said no I don’t want to eat at the store, there are no tables, no where to sit and eat. I told him I would try to find a drive thru so it wouldn’t take up any time in his day for me to eat. He can go all day without eating but I have a blood/sugar issue and if I don’t eat I can get really shaky. So I was trying to avoid that. That is probably one major reason why I overeat.

Suddenly George had a change of heart. I don’t know what did it, but he said out of kindness “pick where you want to eat”. Yes there was a little annoyance in the tone, because it really wasn’t what he wanted to do but he was giving of himself to let me eat. Where did I pick?

Martin’s BBQ.

Time Out at Martin’s BBQ, Mount Juliet.

George was quiet and probably didn’t want to be there, but I enjoyed getting some patio time, sipping a cold beer, and eating a couple of brisket tacos. It was just what I needed. The potato salad was good. The tacos were great, but the green beans were so salty I couldn’t eat them. George got the ribs below. I think his meal was more filling. Then we just had a bowl of soup for a late dinner while watching “Thunderboldt” which we only got half way thru before I fell asleep and had to go to bed.

So, it’s just been a kinda crazy week. I just had notes everywhere across my planner last week! My life’s an open book anyway, go ahead and take a peek.

Our Crazy But Productive Week

It was a bit crazy last week for sure. We had two dinners – with family and friends, a trip to Columbia to start packing Mom, a nail appointment, a COVID Vaccine appt, lots of research, lots of lists of things to remember, boxes to collect, oil change, shopping (several stops at several places), and lots of phone calls to make. All that on top of working FT! We definitely get things done!

Here’s some things I’m going to focus on this week. I am laughing because “French diets/how do they stay so slim?” is still on my list. I mean sometimes I should just reach for the low hanging fruit and just stop and look it up. And that darn Nest device. I just don’t want to fool with it. It keeps getting pushed down the list. I don’t even know what it’s supposed to do. George gave it to me for Christmas so I could control the temp from wherever I wanted to put this, but we control it from the hall and my phone. I’m not even sure we need it. But I’ll try to get it hooked up and put it at the other end of the house. It just didn’t want to work the first time and I don’t have time to fool with it. It may just go in a closet! But I’ll try one more time. I’m not sure if he can return it at this point. He didn’t seem interested in wanting to fix it either. I just really don’t think we need it. I can control the temp from my phone and my phone is usually with me. But it might be good for Mom.

I never get far down this list. But I usually get a few things done from it. I did work on the iTunes a bit yesterday. I just needed a fun project and music was just the thing. I still have lots to look up and download to my iTunes – I have the monthly paid iTunes so I can put any song I want in the library. I did not get finished so I left it on the list.

I will look up songs I hear that I like, when I’m out or in the car on the radio. I click on Sound Hound to identify the song (it hears the songs and saves it to your history on Sound Hound). Then I go into Sound Hound’s history later when I have time and look it up on iTunes and download it and then erase it from my history. A neat little way to remember to do that. I love Sound Hound.

OH and this is big news…..


I wanted low impact to start with. I can’t do high impact cardio stuff right now, but this got my blood flowing and I was able to keep up. I love this YouTube channel! It’s called IMPROVED HEALTH! if you want to do it too!

This made it so much fun. It was about 30 minutes.

Oh, and if you can believe it…I also cut George’s hair yesterday too. I think I need to go back to work to get some rest!

Meanwhile in Texas

Cody and Katy have booked their trip to see us. They will be here in June. They fly in on June 5th and fly out on June 12th. I think we are picking them up at the airport on June 5th and have plans with them on June 6th and then we have a party we are going to on the 12th so we have to see what time and all but I think Cody’s parents may take them to the airport when they leave. So we can’t plan anything around Mom’s house on those two dates. lol

Oh and I lost two pounds!

That is all I have for today.

What’s Gonna Happen After the Election?

Well a trip to the store brought memories of lock down. I don’t hover over the news and I’m even fairly disconnected from social media except to pop in here and there. So I’ve not really heard a lot. I also don’t talk a lot about current events except with those I trust, because most conversations are really just opinion based, is heated quickly, and no one REALLY knows what is going on. I find it next to pointless. Everything communicates “spin talk” these days and frankly I’d rather just keep myself busy with things I want to do and ignore all smogwash. Yes, that is my term for blurry smoky hazy hogwash – my term for all the spins, opinions, questionable news media, rioting, racial stir ups, etc!

That said, I’ve heard that after the election, it has a chance of “not being pretty” if certain ones win or lose. Some family members think there will be a civil war eventually and most certainly civil outrage in many places. If certain parties win and tries to remove the rights that our founding fathers set, that our countrymen fought and died for, that there will be a civil war to bring it back. There is a huge section of our country wanting change. The change they are wanting, they do not realize the impact it will have and how limiting and controlling life will become, and with less choices. How fitting that Yellowstone has been so popular. Imagine a Yellowstone on a grander scale.

So by saying all that, I’m guessing that these are the reasons the shelves are bare – especially the toilet paper and paper items. Why this is the first to go I have no idea. I guess because this has been a real sh** storm and so we just need it to wipe up the mess? LOL The rest of the store seemed very stocked with little or no holes – just the toilet paper and paper towels. The produce seemed a bit sketchy, and not as fresh. But otherwise after a long busy day, the shelves were packed elsewhere.

The parking lot was busy. It was as if it was the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving or the day before July 4 – everyone hustling about to get that last few items. Some had buggies full and others just popping in for a few items. So did I get anything extra because of the hoopla? Yes, but not much.

I bought a couple of things of rice and a couple of things of dried beans and an extra pack of water, and three rolls of paper towels as I thought we were out (later realized we had two others already and we usually buy by the six pack anyway) but that was it as far as extras for me.

I also noticed that it looked like a Friday night in town. The restaurants and bars were PACKED. I was confused. I’ve never seen a Monday night so active. George said that it was probably people fearing “whatever” and having a last hoo rah before COVID shuts everything down again or before the election brings whatever doom and gloom it is going to bring. I mean the way 2020 has been so far, people don’t expect good things after this election. As for me, I am always ready for election day so the dang adds and hoopla will go away. Sadly this year, I don’t really think any hoopla will go away.

I have also noticed a LOT of foreigners in our town this weekend. In the grocery stores and in the shops at Providence. Now, it may not be a weekend thing anymore. I just don’t shop much out anymore. But it has certainly changed as to the clientele I saw out this weekend shopping. I thought that I was in a foreign country myself as not many were speaking English. This area used to be an old country boy redneck, updated by a few families from Nashville relocating to suburbia. Now it may as well be some mall area in _________(pick your country).

Our borders have allowed so many people in that it seems like we are another country entirely. And sadly as the older generation slowly passes, we are becoming something different here in America. The values are changing, the outlook is changing, what people want is changing, but many are being deceived.

And yes, I know, I know, as I type this I realize that “foreigner” is not a proper or politically correct term. I realize that all of us came here from somewhere else, our families of the past. I don’t mind new people being here, but if we have a greater number of immigrants than we do people who actually live here – then in a democracy our land WILL become something differently defined. I’m just not sure that some of us like that. So it will be interesting. But it is sad to watch our country die as it is now, with values deteriorating as fast as the statues of the fathers that built our lands. And that is what it feels like. A slow, dying, death.

And there is NOT a dang thing wrong with Aunt Jemima’s syrup. The only thing that stands for is a good dang syrup poured over a pancake. Aunt Jemima could run for president if she wanted to. No one thinks bad of her. She does not stand for anything other than a good breakfast meal. Why make something bad out of that? What is there not to cherish there? Smogwash I tell ya. How pitiful. Things have gone way to far. By saying that, I am not racist. I just know a good pancake syrup. It was never making fun or being mean to anyone anytime I bought it. I loved it. I mean it was a good thing! Don’t be telling me I’m something when I’m not. Just because I like a good syrup. Naw! That is a pet peeve and will make me madder than a murder hornet on a hot July day. I will without reserve tell you that you are wrong! Don’t be messing with good food people! lol

So I didn’t mean to go there today. But that is where I went. It is election day. We won’t know the results today I don’t think. I could be wrong. But certainly will be an interesting week for sure. We have to wait for all the mail in votes and for the debates of who cheated and why and where and investigations and lawsuits and all that smogwash. Then we will know.

Did you stock up? I think we have all already stocked up on things so that this never happens again. It used to be you stocked up for an emergency – ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes – now it’s elections, social unrest, and a likely manufactured corona virus that has been spinning out of control. No pun intended. Or was it? So wonder what is going to happen after the Election? I guess we are about to find out. What fears do you have? I really have chosen to just trust God in this one. I have voted. As most of you, I hope the voting is fair and that there is no corruption or vote tampering. Accusations are being widely thrown between parties on every level of course. But I guess grab your favorite drink, stuff a few packs of toilet paper back, grab a seat, say a prayer, and hang on! So what are your thoughts? Fears? What is your spin?

Making Hopeful Plans and Keeping High Spirits

We received this by text this week. I scratched out the last name for privacy and cropped the dates and info. I am hoping that we get to go. The nation is blowing up with COVID and particularly in TN and in TX and if they shut borders, shut restrooms and such it will be very hard to get there and when we do will we have anything to do for a week while Katy works? Maybe she won’t be working, but then again she may also be working from home and we’d be a distraction. I’m hoping we can go. Every time I say I’m excited George says “if we get to go”. I’m usually the one considered the “Debbie Downer” due to my training of looking for things to go wrong in advance and trying to pre-empt them for years and years in my career and being brought up under Mom that liked to be prepared for anything. Normally George says “it’s all gonna work out just fine” but with this every time he says “if we get to go”. So……I’m just not sure. I hope we can. But one thing is for sure, we are excited to know what the baby will be!

I’ve tried hard to take my vitamins, drink my greens, and get in as much nutrition as I can. With all of this COVID going on and how it has DULLED our life, any plans we ever try to make, along with retreating in doors due to the heat and less VIT D – it has really made me SAD. I think I mentioned recently that much like winter there is a period of summer that we retreat indoors when it gets so HOT as it is right now in the 90’s and earlier in the week near 100.

God provides the summer thundershowers although this week they have missed our area. So I think I’ll try taking an extra D until we get out more. But I’ve been sad on some days and some days not even wanting to do anything. And that is not me. I like to make lists, and do things on the lists, and check off boxes on the list, and feel good about getting things done. That has been the essence of most of my life is checking off boxes. It’s what excites me and motivates me usually. But when I don’t get enough nutrients and sunlight I start to think less, do less, and quite frankly just feel like a deflated squash! lol

Do you all ever do that? But I notice I can usually control that with nutrients. Particularly for me needing greens, orange and yellow veggies, making sure I take my vitamin pack and supplements, and exercise helps even inside with toe touches, sky reaches, windmills, leg lifts, side swipes – lol lol – all those things you did growing up in school when they tried to wake you up or had you stretch in gym class. Sometimes I have Alexa play disco or dance music and then dance like no one is watching and get a bit of cardio in. All of these things help when the “blues, stagnancy of winter, and muggy indoor dog days of summer”. It helps keep the spirits high it seems and the mind active. It also might help one’s immune system to fight better.

On the flip side of that, you can allow yourself a treat every now and then. When your coworker wins ice cream for the office, you get to enjoy a Nutty Buddy! And take a moment and view the cool air of the snowy mountain tops on your computer screen.

That reminds me…I should change my entire desktop theme to a winter themed pic. lol

Yesterday George and I went to the store. As we went in our county was getting weather alerts but it was to our east. God provided us with a pretty rainbow on our end.

We filled our buggy full yesterday, having been out of a lot. I will say that Kroger disappointed. Still we filled the cart full of other things we needed and wanted. I figured they would have most everything we needed, but now I’m going to have to go somewhere else to get the rest. While there is enough for survival, it’s still kinda unsettling to not be able to get cleaning supplies, rubbing alcohol, my organic oatmeal that has no sugar additives, and they never have my Stouffers spinach souffle!

There are less cleaning supplies than there were the last time we went. There are more sanitizers and toilet paper though. And meat is going way up in cost. And 9% of employees at meat factories getting the COVID according to an article George sent yesterday. Why are the people in meat factories getting it? I don’t get the connection but isn’t that kinda where it started in China – the meat factories? Is it being planted? It’s all suspicious to me. I know people are getting the disease everywhere. But in particular there are certain places where it’s been more prevalent.

I looked at cameras yesterday and actually had one in my cart in Amazon, but I took it out. The more information I look at, the more confused I am. One person says this one is the best, another one the next one is the best. So I will wait til the weekend and see what I think. I remember that I have some stimulus money George set back and said you can use it or save it. I may have used some of it buying maternity clothes for Katy as a surprise, but I still have some left. I have enough to cover all but about $100 in blow money so I think I will go ahead and get it and be learning on it. I also think we can plan some mini hikes that are not too strenuous. Or take a drive to some lake front views and let me capture some photos. I can also go to some downtown areas and get some shots of buildings and things – not Nashville though – too much COVID in the air around there. But I can begin to learn how to use the camera and go out on excursions for that. It would give us something to do. And I’ll be good at using it by the time the baby is here. So someone commented on the last post saying “go ahead and get it!” That is all the push I needed. Well, also George said I could get it too that $100 wouldn’t break us. So I think I will do more research this weekend and make my decision from there.

I also have to order George’s bday gifts! And wrap Mom’s. We are going to get to go see Mom. She invited us to spend the night. I know it’s been lonely for her – just her and Fancy, her poodle. So we are going to spend the night so we have more time together. We will be celebrating her birthday too. I have her gifts but need to wrap them. So we have that to look forward to. As long as they don’t shut us down b/w counties, we should be good. That would be harder for them to do.

I have lots of ideas for the next video for my “providing value” section – if that is what you want to call it. It’ll be interesting using the new camera to film from my home set up and I think whatever I get I’m getting the wide angle lens camera. I can’t wait to get it and learn how to use it. I’ve always been intimidated by them but I realize now that you get so much info on YouTube, I’ll have the help I need to learn how to use it! I NOW have a lot of reasons to use it. The grand baby coming, the new vlog, and it will make me want to get out more and go walking and go on excursions where we can.

It takes about two weeks to have enough collected to do a video. I do have some cooking scenes done. But it’ll be a little bit before enough things happen to even try to slap a video together. I also have to be in the mood! lol

My coffee is good this morning. Time to get a 2nd cup, get ready for work and pack lunch. Strong storms coming today and a LOT of payroll related work and then need to work on Quarter End. It has been busy crazy. It went from quiet to chaos in a heartbeat it seemed. And now I have to step it up to even have time to work on Quarter End. Will likely have to work over some to get it done but maybe not. Maybe I’ll have more time Friday to work on it. Just crazy times.

Looking forward to the weekend. As always! Feeling a lot better today after working hard the last few days to get the right things (and a few treats – like ice cream) in my body. Ya’ll take care! How are you coping? Sources say this COVID thing will last about 2 years? Hang in there.