Poop Saves the Day, Buying Casual Clothes during Pandemic, and My To Do List

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I’ve kept calling this a roller coaster ride. I knew it would be. Life is like that. Forrest got it wrong. It’s not a box of chocolates. But I have good news and I don’t know what to say but just to say it outright. Maisy POOPED! Well, maybe life IS like a box of chocolates!

Since “THE MOMENT” she has been a bit more perky, walked more, felt like moving around, jumped on the sofa by herself. She has had more of an appetite. She has eaten more. We bought two rotisserie chickens – one for the dogs and one for us. They were 2 for $10. It will last a few days for them I think and likely this is even cheaper than the Fresh Pet. Roger doesn’t even want fresh pet anymore either, much like Maisy. I’m wondering if we had a tainted batch or if there is just such preservative or something in them that is impacting them. So I’m not buying any more of it. I have a feeling these two will be eating steak and chicken – sometimes from a can. That is way too salty but we’ll probably be keeping Kroger’s in business with rotisserie chickens.

So yeah, a turnaround. Also the meds are almost all finished except for the liver pill. We are cancelling tomorrow’s vet appointment as she is not “suffering” now. The simple act of a POOP can literally spare one’s life. That made all the difference. I think the perkiness is coming back because the meds are ceasing. However, she has yet to bark and the cough she had has ceased which is a good thing. When she barks and stands on her hind legs again, we’ll know she is a LOT better.

So for now, we are happy that we have her for a bit longer. Let’s hope she keeps up the eating and the poopin’ and that is her sustenance. My spirits are lifted. I rested a lot yesterday despite laundry, kitchen cleaning, refitting the bed with fresh sheets, and shopping online. I played a lot on that game, just dreading the inevitable.

When I took my shower yesterday and went to get dressed, I wanted to wear sweats and a warm but comfy tunic of some sort – all in the laundry which I was in the middle of doing. We are just home so much now I’m needing more clothes for “home”. All of my pants are cropped for summer wear around the house. I guess I’ve always just stayed in jammies until I shower and we go out somewhere – but now I’m wanting to hang in the day time with sweats and a long comfy shirt. I couldn’t find anything in my closet to meet the criteria. We had a couple of places where some $$ came our way recently so I decided “what the heck” – order something for once to wear around the house. Here’s what I ended up with.

Who doesn’t need some GOOD VIBES?

I debated about “was I getting too much grey?” And decided “yeah I probably was”. I went back to change colors and ended up with the grey again. I just liked the grey better. It goes good with jeans or black legging/gym pants, or the grey sweats I ordered. And it matches my persona which is mostly just boring and working on to do items, or pondering some mission, or using up my energy with grey matter. It’s the color of rain. It blends in. How perfect. And the 2nd two on a cold day with my dress pants I could likely add a necklace and call it work clothes too. Other colors would have certainly spelled out “sweatshirt”. So I went with my first pick in the colors. Now to see if they fit.

I’m hoping these work ok in size. I will disappointed if they do not. But they seem perfect for the house and to grocery shop in. I normally didn’t wear sweats to the store or gym pants – but guess what, I do now!

Yesterday I decided I was not going to dress up much for the world anymore. I mean I don’t really have a job that I see people anymore but those around me. I’ll honor our dress code, but I have already been changing my wardrobe this past year. So this is not a new thing. I have starting ordering more casual and picking out things to wear that are more casual. Those dressier items – unless they are uber comfy – they are going into the office closet where I keep my off season clothes. I don’t want to completely strip of them. You never know when you might need them. Of course in the COVID world – we can’t even go to a funeral without a huge risk.

Speaking of risks. We have a party we are invited to next Saturday. I’m not sure we should go. I’m not even sure what the rules are for parties. I’ve not heard that it is cancelled. And it makes me sad to think of it, but I’m wondering if we should go. We have really been laying low other than groceries since about Thanksgiving – maybe even a week or two before that. I had hoped the virus would be less cases by now but the numbers of someone having the virus at a gathering is a much higher percent than it ever was. This makes me sad. I’m so ready to see people. I heard there was a no gathering rule of 8 or more but not sure whether it was Nashville proper, or Nashville’s county (Davidson) or a Tennessee rule itself. I wasn’t paying much attention. But we’ll have to decide that in the next week and how much risk we are willing to take. And the decision may come for us if the host cancels. These things just make me sad b/c I’m ready to see people and enjoy the holiday festivities. But so many events have become virtual or none at all. We certainly don’t want the virus for Christmas and we want to be able to go see our newborn grandson in January or sooner if he comes early.

We’ve all slept good even though we had a overnight outing to “do pp business” with Roger and Maisy, we were able to sleep in this morning. And so far this morning I’ve used up my games energy and have probably just finished up Christmas online.

So today’s agenda?

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I need to go to the dollar tree or the dollar store and get some more Christmas cards. I was sure I had enough and was trying to be frugal, but I’m about five short. What happened to sending a few? lol I worked on them yesterday and realized I’m running out. So I’ll dash out for that.

I need to sort through all the Amazon boxes and start the wrapping process. We need to prep a shipment to Katy and Cody. I can pick out my new Audio book as the month has turned again. That one is not urgent as I have plenty.

I need to change my autoship in the system I use to include Strawberry shake. I was trying not to order more shakes til I finished the canisters but I have an aversion to the canister shakes now. I think too much air gets in them and tarnishes the flavor over time. I’ve held on to the ones that have not expired to soothe my guilt. I bought every flavor when it came out and just didn’t finish them fast enough. I will not ever do that again. But back then I was making some money off the business and getting a lot of product free. But I miss my strawberry flavor so I’ll add that into the next auto ship.

And if I get through with all that or get tired of wrapping, lol, I will take some pics of the Christmas decor. I’ve not done that yet. I also need to video a segment of it. I think I’ll wait til closer til Christmas. But I could also work on the next video some since I’m ready to do that. And we will see where that leads.

My mood is so much better today with Maisy’s turn around. Her ability to poop had become crucial. So let’s hope her digestive system continues to work. Thank you for your prayers and comments everyone. I could feel your support. I knew you could feel my sadness and hurt. That means so much to know that people connect even through web pages. To be honest I could feel people’s support that never even said a word. I appreciate those “thoughts” too.

So off be with the day and it will fun to see what all I get done. Right now, I’m gonna go eat! I’m on the 3rd cup of coffee but it’s kindof a little cup so that is ok. 😉

What are you doing today?

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  1. Yay, Maisy, way to GOOOOO! I never thought I’d be so happy to hear that a dog pooped!! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Praying this good trend continues!

    I understand your hesitation about going to the party. My opinion, and this is only my opinion and I would never lecture anyone or tell them what to do, would be not to go. You’ve come this far without catching the virus so why risk it now so close to meeting your new grandson and so close to having a vaccine to beat this thing. I’m really having social withdrawel too and miss all the friends, family and parties we usually have so I know what you mean about that too. It is very sad. It’s been a ROUGH year. I’m just hoping we can get back to some sort of normalcy in 2021!

    I love the comfy clothes you picked out. I hope they work out for you. I love comfy clothes!

    Enjoy your day today! Love ya!

    • Yes I know. Twenty four hours makes a difference. I know I’m leaning towards not going. It would be awful to go and get exposed if someone turned out to have it. It would impact work even if I didn’t get it b/c of testing and quarantine- although that said I’m not sure people have been quarantining properly. All quite the hassle really. We’d also have to cancel Christmas if we had Covid or exposure in the house. Family coming I hope!

  2. Way to go Maisy girl!!! What a relief. She has to feel better. I know I do.
    Your comfy clothes are just my style.
    I really like the grey. I could use a couple pair of the pants. It’s hard to find the ones with the banded bottom. I’ve been been looking myself for them & the drawstring waist.
    I would skip the party, mainly because of your trip to Texas. Even with a small gathering you only need one infected person who might not even know it. Big risk. I’d be surprised if they don’t cancel it.
    Today- I have too much to do. Order some Christmas gifts. Laundry. Christmas cards. Wrapping. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Ok, time to put on my big girl panties. lol
    Give Maisy some suga’ 🥰

  3. What good news that maisey is doing better and It has made you feel better too! We do worry about our pets just like family

  4. Hi Sonya, today has been my day to do some Christmas decorating….I have a nice young lady who comes do clean things I can’t do like washing floors and hovering….well I could do that but I hate doing it…due to the sound of the dyson hoover, so she does that she also takes away any washing needing done for both Mary and me. Last year she remembered helping take down the Xmas stuff so was able to get it down from the top of the wardrobe …Once she had gone Mary and I started to take down things that are up during the usual periods…Once they were all down she brought them into the sitting room…
    Once she left and we had a quick sandwich for lunch we set too to get things unpacked. I don’t have a traditional Christmas Tree but something called a Blossom Tree….I love it and decorate it with all my favourite decorations…some dating back 40/50 years. One that must be put on the tree is a tiny little girl made from I’m not very sure, looks like rolled paper like legs a wee round face similar arms then clothed in yellow fine felt.the face is again a round piece of paper with face drawn on it and brown wool for hair, I think it is probably my most precious possession it was made for me by my Darling Jacqueline who had she lived would be 58 now this “ baby” was made at nursery school when she was just 3 so it is now 55 and every ear I shed a tear as she gets put on the tree…after 12 years I miss her just as much as I did these years ago….
    I am so pleased to see that your dear Masie has pooped and continue to pray that it is Gods will to let you have her for a little while longer….unlike my little Masy, it is so hard Sonya, I know you now know how awful it is….I still miss my darling Masy so very much. Only today I found myself leaving her a bit of chicken after I had my lunch….it was awful…it IS awful…
    Enjoy what’s left of your weekend…take care. Hope Kate takes the advice of the Dr. And stops work ASAP. Over here maternity benefits start 6 weeks before baby is due….
    Night night. God Bless xxx

    • Oh Sybil did you know I’m 57 myself, to be 58 in January! Almost exact age. It sounds like a great day there decorating and definitely better when more than one can do it! We are thankful for Maisy to stay with us a bit longer. It’s been such an up and down. We take it one day at a time.

  5. I am so happy Maisy is feeling better. I too wonder if the dogfood was tainted. Once there was a recall on some brands for that very reason. I think something similar happened to our dog.
    I wonder if your dogs might like liver. It’s cheap and you could add some rice and carrots. I never knew dogs like carrots until recently.
    Your clothes look nice and very comfy. I bought some jogging pants to wear around the house at Walmart for 10.00 myself and they are so comfy and warm. Wish I would have bought a couple more pairs. It seems like we all have the same idea. Make our homes cozy and comfortable and our clothes as well since we all are staying home much more.
    I have so many books to read. I am working on organizing my kitchen and buying a few things to make cooking easier. We still get takeout and bring home but not as often.
    So I am digging out recipes and trying new recipes. Husband loves to eat, he is my taste tester.
    I think Katy needs the rest and time before the baby comes. I know teaching with what is going on has to be hard. She needs to sleep as much as she can because once the baby is here she won’t be getting much. I can’t believe the Schools are still open there.
    These are strange times we are living in.

  6. Wow! I had to come and read to see if Maisy was going to be ok! So , so happy for you all! Now thats a good Merry Christmas ! 🙂

  7. Awesome news!!!!!! I am right there with you on the rotisserie chicken. Kingsley prefers that over everything. He never liked dog food and only tolerates other meat. Chicken is his favorite!!!!

    Miss seeing you.

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