Vet Appt is On Again

I’m so tired of this roller coaster. Hope and then nope! After being so happy that she was able to poop, but now she won’t eat again. Not yesterday and not this morning. The poop is also not proper but the same gel like substance. I think her digestive system and liver are not able to work for her anymore. I was soooo hoping that her eating and pooping was a sign she could get well. I want to ask God why He is allowing these games to be played. But I don’t dare, because I know in my heart that HE knows what He is doing. If anything perhaps He just needed to help me get used to the idea of what is happening with periods of rest/resolve in between sorrows.

George and I have talked this morning and we are not cancelling our vet visit today. We will go, talk with the vet, and see if this is something that can ever get better. It’s not a good way of life for her and not for us either quite frankly. I was up twice in the night walking her as she had the issues going and walking and pacing in the front yard trying to go. The carpets have been a mess yesterday with much carpet cleaning. And all that is fine if she can get through this. So we will go to the Vet today and see what happens. Keep us in your prayers.

I got out yesterday and bought more Christmas cards and finished those up and went for a salad thru the drive through. I was in such a good mood because I thought Maisy had turned a corner. Life seemed right again. I enjoyed my time out.

I began wrapping gifts and George set in to cook us an awesome meal.

Here is my world right now in my office. Christmas paper and dog beds, camera near by and my Maisy who watches over me and regardless of her situation just wants to be in the room with me.

George’s meal was fine! Cornish hen with the honey glaze, carrots and potatoes. It was so tasty.

We tried a different type of squash. I thought I had liked them before but they were a little off tasting from what I was hoping. I ate quite a bit of it for the vitamins but couldn’t eat it all.

The surprise which I spoiled by discovering it in the fridge was pistachio pudding. (He was going to surprise me.) Bad lighting but it was either that or not at all. I have found I love pistachio pudding.

I hated to get on here today and give you the news that things were back where they started. It was going so well. And they could yet again. It seems to be an every other day thing. So we just have to know what the vet thinks. If she can’t get better…..there is no point to continue to drag her though this if she can’t have her quality life back. She must be able to both eat and poop to live. If her system can’t do that, I don’t want her to suffer. And honestly my heart can’t take this back and forth. I just need to know from the vet what the outcome is. Ahhhh. This is so hard. At least I’m not a soppin’ mess this morning.

So off to work we go and I’ll hear later what time we’ll go in. I’m so glad this is a 4 day work week for me. I’m off Friday. I’ll probably work early and long days until then – to make up for missing whatever I miss today and then to get everything I can done I would do on Friday too.

Keep us in your prayers. As we know anything can change back and forth. What a ride.

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  1. Dearest Sonya, I pray that the vet will do what’s best for Maisie and you and George (and not for lining his own pocket). I think the Lord has given you these extra days with the lovely Maisie to prepare you for the awful day when she has to be given her freedom to romp about once more….
    Thinking of you as I sit here praying that the correct decision will be taken…God Bless dear friends

  2. So sorry to hear that Maisy did not completely turn the corner. Hoping the vet can give you some good news this afternoon

  3. I’m glad you are going to the vet. She should be able to assess the situation & help you deal. No one wants Maisy to suffer.
    Praying for you, George & pretty girl, Maisy.

  4. Oh goodness . 🙁 Life is certainly a rollercoaster, isn’t it? I’m sorry Maisy is not well again. I don’t have to much that I can say that will comfort you except I will say a prayer that the vet will tell you what you need to hear today.
    When ours lost usage of her back legs and couldn’t go poop, we were told to put a match that had been lit and then you blow it out and they tell you it makes the animal poop. Well I for one do not believe that is any good for any animal let alone my pup! That is no way to live and they do have to have their dignity ! Anyway, I am babbling again! Sorry, I talk a lot when I am nervous for people and their situations.

    Praying ….

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