Eye Doc, The Dark Side, and Friday Nite Fun

Had an eye appointment yesterday and I was ready to be checked over. I noticed in Texas that while driving I was having problems seeing the road signs. I had on my sunglasses at the time. I really didn’t think anything more of it other than my vision must have changed. My sunglasses and regular glasses are the same prescription.

So I was checked out. It occurred to me to have them to check my vision while wearing my sunglasses so they did. It stumped the doctor because I could see better with my regular glasses than my sunglasses. So he figured it was probably something about the progressive lenses with the glasses. And he was right. My bifocals go too far up into the distance part of the sunglasses. So he sent me over to the optical folks after my visit and they fixed me up. It’s been within a year and so they are replacing them free.

I was quizzed as to why I hadn’t noticed this in the 11 months or so – my answer was very simple. “I know where I’m going around here and don’t have to try to read the road signs down the road but in Texas where we just traveled, I was having some issues being able to make the signs out – I needed to see where I was going!” Otherwise, I’d probably not have noticed. I’m usually a passenger or know where I am going. So that is good to know. I told her I didn’t want to pay for it as I’d already paid once. But this fell under a 1 time “scratch” warranty or something within the first year. Oh he also said my sharp pain headaches were likely from dry eyes. He said that it would do that. So I have to keep eye drops available. Also he said cataracts were forming and that likely I’d have to have to have them earlier than most people do. I think that kinda runs in my family. But otherwise the eyes were good.

In the meantime I had to wear these much needed temporary sunglasses above as I had to leave those there for repair. My eyes had been dilated. While there I played around with the tissue they gave me to dab my eyes with. I was going for a teddy bear, lol.

George said he was scared that I was making a voo doo doll. Funny – I did wonder one time what would come up if you googled how to put a spell on someone. I would never do that because I don’t believe in witchcraft or voo doo and we pray for our enemies and don’t try to put spells on them. But I was listening to some story on audio that made me want to google it. I googled it and some weird message came up that scared me and I got rid of it real quick. I then felt bad for even wanting to look it up. The Spirit (of God) told me to stay away from reading such. So I did. I still wonder though, just for fun. Do they mix up a potion? Or have a doll and poke a pin in it? lol. Sometimes it is just intriguing to try to understand such a thing but then why would you? I guess b/c it’s so weird. I know I’m weird but I never even wanted to watch Harry Potter b/c it seemed dark and mysterious and “from the other side” where magic and potions and voo doo and such exist. I have not really ever talked or written about any of these things before. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t think of it. lol. I know Harry Potter is not really bad, but I never found that I wanted to be involved with any of that. I did allow myself the opportunity to watch the Twilight Series though, so there’s that. Edward was just cool. I’d have fallen for him myself. lol.

Geez the subjects, the alley ways, the rabbit holes, and the pot holes I find myself in – here on the blog. Gotta love it.

I headed to Chic Fil A for a breakfast burrito after my eye appointment. It wasn’t very good. I think it was the fried potatoes in there – perhaps the oil they had been fried in. I didn’t even know that fried potatoes would be in there. I need to NOT order that again. But I enjoyed the fruit later at my desk as I didn’t really get a lunch since I was late getting to work because of my appointment. And I really enjoyed the unsweet ice tea with lemon and the refill of the styrofoam cup afterwards with ice water. I also had a toasted peanut butter English Muffin late afternoon to hold me over til dinner. We have a toaster in the kitchen and I came back to my office and spread peanut butter on it. mmmm.

Home again last night it was time for me to cook spaghetti. I had failed at that the night before as I was so exhausted from not much sleep all week, but I was determined and got it done. I also felt better yesterday too. I had a lot of energy and could bounce up the stairs. Days before I was really having to just pull myself up the stairs. Now that I think of it maybe that’s why my muscles in my arms were hurting so bad. But I’ve had a couple of good night’s sleep now and feeling much more normal, muscles working better. I’ve doubled up on the Vit D as well.

We enjoyed our spaghetti. George opened a bottle of Rosso from Coppola and we watched some silly movie called Beach Bum. I can’t say that I would recommend it. It was very silly, had a lot of uncalled for sex scenes and just didn’t really make sense other than I guess that is what Beach Bums do. Nevertheless it still held our attention. lol. I was glad when it was over. I didn’t really like the way it ended. I’d have gone another direction with the movie and have made the story lines deeper, but what? I’m a payroll person and not a screen writer, director or producer, ha! But I am a movie viewer and I have expertise at what I like to see. This was a movie that George brought home from McKaye’s – from the cheap bin I suppose. However, I have picked some real Dud’s too over the years.

Photo by Jaymantri on Pexels.com

Sleep was wonderful last night. There was a blip though. Roger decided he wanted to get up at 1:30 in the morning. He was headed to the bottom of the bed to jump off. I guess Maisy woke me up as she does. She alerts me when he gets near the edge. So I took him out and led him to the water. He was rather dazed and confused, as was I at that time of the morning. So dazed and confused that I wasn’t too scared of burglars creeping around. I did think about it, but thought more of wondering where Mr. Pepe LePew was (skunk).

Then Maisy was waiting at the door wanting a go of it. So I took her out. Once back in bed and everyone watered up we slept another 5 hours. I think I had about 9 total. Good deal!

Mr. Roger took to Maisy’s pink blanket, formerly Katy’s. He likes the softness and it makes for a great tongue holder while you sleep!

This morning I’ve done two loads of laundry, started the dishwasher, washed remaining dinner dishes as I was too tired and sleepy after the movie. I’ve swept the kitchen and now blogging before having to go drop my car off to have the a/c (freon) situation looked it. The a/c still works but only when it wants to. It’d significantly dropping in performance, especially on really hot afternoons. We have an appointment this morning and will be heading out soon.

I made this for breakfast with leftover noodles that I had no sauce for. I made a big batch and had 4 lunches out of it. But this morning I had noodles and bell peppers and tomatoes, with olive oil and balsamic glaze and lots of parmesan cheese.

This afternoon I have to work on addresses and the list for Katy’s shower in November. My SIL has offered to do one for her on line. So I will put that list together. Only a few to add from my side of the family.

George has to run some parts to his work today and so I plan to stay home and work on the next imovie.

I am so glad the weekend is here! Supposed to be a bit rainy this weekend too but I don’t think the temps dip into anything fall like for a week or two. I didn’t see 50’s yet for the evening temps. But the weather week next week will be interesting in the US with the hurricanes happening.

I also talked with someone at work at our Oregon plant yesterday and they said the smoke was horrible. They are outside of Portland. I saw a pic from one of our sales folks out there and the orange glow was in the distance and they were having to evacuate. So prayers for ALL having to go through all that, from losing homes to the breathing discomforts. May the Lord send rains and just dampen it all really good. Please join me in prayers for all those folks on the west coast and the ones in the path of these hurricanes coming in. Tis the approach of fall and the time of year for such.

Meanwhile around here we contemplate things like making White Chili, will there be a football season, and when can we try on things in the dressing room, and when can we get rid of these dang masks.

What are you doing this weekend? Are you in the path of any wild weather, fires, or storms? Take care my friends.

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  1. Hi Sonya, good to hear your eyes are ok. Pity about the cataracts, I had both done some years ago, it was an easy procedure and it certainly did make a difference, not so much in the distance but in the reading dept. I was disappointed at first cause I thought I wouldn’t need glasses after that but I still needed reading glasses. I’ve laughed a bit reading some of your comments today especially about the film you just watched, and the fact that George was thinking you’d made a voodoo doll !! Then the idea of not watching Harry Potter ( not that I’ve ever seen it either ! Nor have I read the books to my shame ). I’m so so glad that you got a good sleep last night, hope you do it again tonight. I’m quite excited today with the thought for the first time since early March we can go to church and have communion. It will seem very strange though and different. We must wear masks all the time, we can’t sing, and for Methodists especially not singing, is a real disappointment , apparently we can read the words whilst the organist plays ! Or we can hum to ourselves. Communion will be different as well as our minister cannot hand out the bread and the wine, we had a leadership meeting with her and had lots of ideas of how she could do it….we were laughing at the daft ideas,such as having long tongs to put the bread in our mouths!!! Couldn’t come up with an idea for the wine!! But Elizabeth went home to think something out. (Elizabeth is our minister) We are not having tea/coffee afterwards nor are we allowed to stand about and chat ….Ah well we will see how it works. Will let you know. Till then Good Night for you when it comes…sleep well

  2. S~
    I always wonder when I order glasses if they will get the RX correct. Especially how they divide the RX in the lens. I’m glad you questioned your eyesight. I have RX sunglasses also. The only way to go if you wear glasses full time. I also bought a pair of transitional lens. I mainly wear them inside the house. They’re handy if I run out to the deck or porch, outside or driving I use the sunglasses. I would have lasik surgery if I wasn’t such a chicken.
    Anywho…you have some nice masks. Do you get them mainly on Etsy?
    This day has turned hazy & foggy. I can barely see past our property to the farm behind us. Also a bit chilly in the 60’s without sunshine. Ain’t no sunshine…
    I don’t know what’s for dinner. Maybe some frozen shrimp?
    I like how Roger took over the pink blanket. That’s adorable. I wonder if Maisy will get another chance at it? lol
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  3. Great to get the glasses under the warranty/ Glad you got some rest and feel better. So sad that the west coast is burning so badly and not even the fire season there. So much is going on in naure and our nation. We all need some relief from all the confusion going on in our society.

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