Fondue Dinner and Saturday’s Escapades

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Dropped off the car yesterday to get the a/c checked out. Got a call that they could not find anything wrong. I knew that was going to happen. I even warned them that the a/c was still working, just not as powerful. But it was a much cooler and rainy day at the time they would be checking it out. I knew they would not be able to tell and I was right they couldn’t. It really is noticeable when reaching 90 plus degrees. But I’ve had it several summers and it just quits blowing cold air at times this summer only but worked fine in the past at the high temps. So…at least they did not charge us. But it was a waste of time. I was trying to head off a problem and get it fixed before it just completely dies. I wonder how many times in life a woman says there is a problem with her car and no one can find it until the ugly reveal later when the inevitable finally unfolds itself.

I worked a lot of hours on the video yesterday capturing the gender reveal and our initial arrival in Texas. I’m finished and it’s uploading now to my computer from the iMovie. I have been able to learn a few things using CANVA with iMovie. I’m using it more and more and am liking what I see. I want to get more ideas.

You can REALLY tell that the new camera works well. There is such a BIG difference in quality from the iPhone to the Cannon EOS M50. The clarity of the video and also the stabilization factor (steadiness of the video).

So hopefully I’ll be posting this one up tomorrow for you guys. It takes hours to upload from my PC to YouTube and then also after that I create the thumbnail. Anyway in the next couple of days, it should be up. It’s shorter than I expected and it just seemed appropriate to end it where I ended it.

Here was our Fondue last night. It was so good.

Yes, it’s raw meat. It has to be cooked with the fondue fork. The broth is boiling!

After we ate the meat, George added some Asian noodles to the broth.

Believe it or not it’s one chicken breast, one small steak and a section of a kielbasa that we split. It makes it look like a lot when you cut it up. We had veggies in there too. So good and good for ya. Well maybe not the kielbasa. I’m not sure what the noodles were made of either. They were good, but regular flour not too good for you.

This morning I made an egg scramble with left over pepper and kielbasa. George is using some of the chicken from the pack he bought to do a stir fry tonight and with other left over veggies we have. I think we’ll have to do a fresh veggie run mid week if not sooner. We are nearly out of everything including onions and potatoes. I really like having fresh veggies to throw in things. Love bell peppers. They are so flavor filled.

The weekend has been nice and relaxing. And to be able to get a video done in a day is amazing. Today I just proofed it and checked with Katy that the shots I was using was ok. She has asked that we not show their faces, houses, structures, and to be careful with the various shots as the ranch has rules too. So I previewed with a fine tooth comb and got my permissions and explanations of what is ok and what is not.

Several things to finish up today. It has rained so much. A great lazy day. Have watched and caught up on all my favorite YouTube shows and even watched some new ones. But I need to take care of doggies, clean up my office a bit, finish the uploads on the video, put sheets on the bed, and do my nails and reload the vitamins for next week and also look at our week next week. Fun times ahead and I’ll start the NEXT video in the upcoming weeks. I had a lot of material so I’ve not vlogged much recently and I’m going to catch up with myself here soon. But truth be known there often is just not anything interesting to capture or I’m not in the mood or just busy. But I think we’ll have some more interesting things coming up – hopefully. If not….we’ll try to create SOMETHING from nothing again! 😉

Have a great week ahead.

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  1. Sorry I just accidentally deleted all I’d written….just to make my comment much shorter I was saying I’m glad you got the vlog finished and look forward to seeing it hopefully tomorrow….wonder if that’s my tomorrow Tuesday or yours monday !! It’s a pity you have to be so particular when using your great photos. I find it strange that people are so afraid to allow anyone to see where they live. It’s so easy on google to view anywhere in the world by just putting there address in on google earth. I did that a couple of days ago to check if my cousin in California was anywhere near the awful fires, I could even view her garden !! Thankfully she has not been affected….yet…..
    As I write this you will still be sound asleep I hope and I also pray that the doggies have not needed to wake you up. Have a good day when you start another week. I had a lovely day yesterday I was able to get to church for first time in six months. It was exactly six months to the day since we met. It was strange not to be able to greet our friends with a hug or just a smile. Which we could only do behind our masks…not being able to sing was really odd…however it was nice to be together although only 16 members arrived, others don’t want to come over until we don’t have to wear masks etc….Praying you have a good week ahead and have had a good nights sleep…God Bless..

    • Well I think several things are at play 1) the fear of someone being able to see the location and break in 2) protection of baby 3)the ranch has certain rules and of course I don’t have the reasons for them 4) need for privacy and protection overall. We live in a weird world where people have not proven to behave themselves – glad church went well!

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