Gender Reveal Party Video Texas Style

Here the next video. A bit of Flair from the Breckenridge Texas area, gender reveal baby party and decor, cute fur babies, and a LOT of Texas sunsets set to beautiful music! And most of all – the GENDER REVEAL! Girl or Boy? Most of you already know! We are so happy to be grandparents and to be able to share this moment with you!

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6 responses to “Gender Reveal Party Video Texas Style”

  1. Just watched the latest vlog. It was nice and lots of lovely colour in it. Just a pity there was not more narrative rather than mostly music nice though the music was.Very Good. I know that it’s difficult when people don’t want to be seen in a film even if it’s just a private one. I can never understand that as we are filmed every day by street surveillance cameras..well I suppose they are not seen by most folks…but I think you understand why I think they way I do. I like your new grandparent names I’ve never heard them before but so nice and different. I wonder if the baby will call you that. My sister spent years and years waiting to be a Grannie….only for the first grandson to start calling her LaLa. And so it stuck all four grandchildren called her LaLa…
    Look forwRd to next vlog..I’m not even sure if this is the correct place to leave one !!

  2. I hope your daughter will let you post a picture of your new grandbaby when he gets here.
    I know you are excited. Nothing more precious than a new baby.
    I love the cactus with the flowers on top. The sunsets are beautiful. The party looks like it was a success.
    You are getting really good at the videos.

  3. That’s a beautiful video of the gender reveal. Very nice.
    The landscape looks so pretty. I had to remind myself of the temperatures
    you had while you were there.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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