Grateful Sign, Tingling Finger, and a Bat

Good morning! Here is a “sign” I ordered for my bathroom. Really like it and it’s inspired by the one Katy has in her bathroom. I wish it was bigger. But I was afraid it wouldn’t fit so I got the little one. But it looks great and should be “grateful” to have it. ;-). I enjoyed seeing Katy’s sign every morning. I hung it on the nail already there, but it really needs to be repositioned. Not through with the walls in the bathroom yet anyway so I’ll wait til I figure it all out.

Surprise surprise surprise! The night before last, George told me to look at the frog in the corner while we took the dogs out the other night. I peered at it and said “that’s not a frog, it looks like a bat”. He got up on the porch and looked closer and said, “yep, you’re right, it’s a bat!” He’s gone now and wasn’t there last night.

Sorry I wish I’d had my good camera on me at the time but I grabbed my iphone and with the dim light and on zoom it didn’t come out to well.

So payroll is over and went well. As far as I know. I can’t believe it is Wednesday already.

I also have a tingling in my left ring finger. I believe it is a compressed nerve in my left arm. But I got up at 3:30 this morning and drank hot tea and it comes and goes. It’s a little concerning. But having discovered that it’s likely a compressed nerve and can fix itself makes me feel better. I am at the computer all the time so it’s hard to straighten out the elbow and I’m always leaning against it I guess. If it’s not one thing it’s another. But I hope it is fixed soon because “it gets on my nerves” LITERALLY! ha! There are some little exercises that helps. If it doesn’t go away permanently I’ll be going to the doc I guess. My muscles have been weird lately anyway and now the nerves are acting up it seems. The tingling started last night after leaning on my left arm for a long time to do my nails. It’s still that way this morning. So prayers please for healing for this. I do have moments when it is gone or at least it seems gone, or maybe I just don’t notice, but then it comes back.

Prayers for all impacted by the hurricanes and fires. Ya’ll have a good day. Lots of hurricanes out there it seems.

OK off to work. I wrote a lot more but erased it. I guess it’s just some thoughts I decided not to share here.

More later. Just feel like we are busy all the time. Work and home. Always a list of stuff to accomplish.

4 responses to “Grateful Sign, Tingling Finger, and a Bat”

  1. That is wild about the bat. One got into my daughters house once. Scared her to death. Somehow it had got into her attic then made its way into the house.
    Sounds like a pinched nerve. I had to have carpal tunnel surgery years ago. It was so painful unbearable before the surgery. I had keyed and worked on computers for many years.
    I hope you have a good week. Two more days and it will be the weekend. Hang in there.

  2. Oh dear Sonya, I hope your nerve tingling eases off soon and that you can get to the bottom of why your muscles etc are playing up. It’s not good…Please. Don’t let it go on and on.
    Hope you’ve got your camera on hand next time the “thing” is seen above your head LOL….I keep praying that the terrible fires in California and onwards up to Washington etc could please die down with no extra fatalities…’s so very sad. I am very thankful that we don’t have to worry about such things…at any time of the year….I feel we are really blessed to be living here…
    Hope work has gone well today and your drive home will be a good one..
    Night night God Bless drive home safely. Xxx

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